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5 Best Magnifying Makeup Glasses

by Gabbi

Over time, and as we get older, it can become more and more difficult to see how we are applying our makeup in, what would be, our regular distance from the mirror.

Even without the progression of time, those of us who wear glasses or contacts may also struggle with applying our makeup accurately without our full strength of vision. Most of us can attest to getting as close as possible to the mirror in order to complete simple beauty tasks like applying eyeliner or a coat of mascara.

If not getting closer to the mirror, then using a magnifying makeup mirror instead has been the solution up until now.

While magnifying mirrors are helpful, often times they focus in on the specific part of the face, like the eyes, without including the rest of the face to determine if the makeup is being applying properly and symmetrically.

Magnifying makeup glasses, on the other hand, combine the strength of a magnifying mirror, without the need to get closer to the mirror, in order for you to see the full range of your face when going through your daily beauty routine.

What are the best magnifying makeup glasses for an easy and flawless makeup routine? The best magnifying glasses are going to be available in a range of strengths to suit your magnifying needs, while also having a frame that can easily accommodate applying the most intricate of eye makeup at close range.

Rather than using a magnifying mirror, wearing glasses with magnified lenses could help make your daily beauty routine be applied effortlessly.

Below, you will find a detailed buyer’s guide that details the key features to look for in magnified makeup glasses, along with a product guide to the best ones available!

What To Look For In Magnifying Makeup Glasses – Buyer’s Guide

Just like with regular glasses, there are a couple key factors you want to keep in mind when looking for magnification lenses to help with your makeup application.

Because these glasses are meant to be magnifiers, rather than prescription, and are meant to be used in your makeup routine, they will not be worn for an extended length of time. Below is a buyer’s guide for some key components to look for in your next pair of magnifying makeup glasses!


The strength of the lenses refers to the magnification intensity. Depending on your eyesight and needs, the strength of the lenses will vary. If you are someone who already uses magnifying readers, the same level of strength is able to be used for the magnifying makeup glasses.

If you are using magnifying lenses for the first time, finding the right strength may take a few attempts to find the level that works best for you.

A good rule of thumb to go by when determining the strength needed for the lenses, is to go off of the standard distance used for reading, which can range between twelve to eighteen inches away from the face.

Keep that distance in mind when you gauge how close or far you need to be from the mirror when applying your makeup. The further away from the mirror you need to be the lower the strength level needs to be, while the closer to the mirror you need to be the higher the strength level should be.


The next factor to keep in mind when looking for magnifying makeup glasses is the frame itself. As opposed to traditional magnifying readers, these frames that are meant to help with makeup application need to be user-friendly for applying eye makeup, false lashes, mascara, or to help with tweezing.

In order for the glasses to help effectively, the frame with the lenses should be movable and adjustable.

Most commonly, eye makeup is the area in the beauty routine most people need the magnifying glasses to help with. While regular magnifying readers will have the standard glasses frame with two lenses, makeup glasses require a different frame and lens style.

Often, makeup glasses have one lens that can swivel from the right to left side, to assist the makeup application on either side.

There are also makeup glasses that have both lenses, like standard glasses, but the frame allows them to flip up or down to allow the wearer to apply their makeup on each eye effortlessly.

Best Magnifying Makeup Glasses

Below are the best magnifying glasses to help you with your beauty routine!

RankProductKey Features
1.EYEGUARD Readers 2 Pack Magnifying Glasses2 pack of magnifying glasses; magnifying strength up to 4.0; acrylic and anti-scratch frame; swivel lens
2.JM 2 Pairs Makeup Glasses2 pack of magnifying glasses; strength up to 5.0; single lens with swivel; adjustable to fit most face shapes
3.JM 2 Pair Flip Down Makeup Glasses2 pack of magnifying glasses; available up to 5.0 strength; two lenses that flip down for access; adjustable for most face shapes
4.Soarea Makeup Glasses Flip Up Lens2 pack of magnifying glasses; available in fun pops of color; up to 4.0 magnification; two lenses that flip up
5.Tete Makeup Glasses Swivel Single LensSingle pair of magnifying glasses; magnifying strength starts at 1.5 up to 4.0; comes with protective case

1. EYEGUARD Readers 2 Pack Magnifying Glasses

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This two-pack of magnifying makeup glasses from EYEGUARD come with a daring, patterned frame and a classic, clear frame.

The strength level for the lens is available up to 4.0 magnification, with the lowest power being 1.5 magnification. It is created with an acrylic, anti-scratch frame to hold up with all your other beauty tools.

The frame consists of one lens, that swivels from left to right. The glasses will help with general makeup application, allowing you to create symmetrical and flawless beauty looks every time. 

2. JM 2 Pairs Makeup Glasses

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This JM two-pack of magnifying glasses contains two frames that each contain a single, swivel lens.

The frames are lightweight and have strong spring hinges to help adjust the glasses to fit on most face shapes.

There is a wide range of magnification strength available in these lenses, starting with 1.0 magnification and going up to 5.0, with a variety of levels in between.

3. JM 2 Pairs Flip Down Makeup Glasses

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Much like the above JM glasses, the frames are lightweight and can easily fit comfortably on most face shapes. The level of magnification strength is also available from 1.0 up to 5.0.

However, these glasses differ from the ones mentioned above because the frame contains two lenses, like a standard pair of eyeglasses.

However, each lens is able to easily flip down to allow makeup to be applied to either eye.

When working on the left eye, you can flip down the left lens and use the right lens for magnification, and vice versa.

4. Soarea Makeup Glasses Flip Up Lens

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The Soarea magnifying makeup glasses also come in a two-pack, with the frame colors being fun pops of color to brighten up your beauty routine.

The frames are a lightweight acrylic, with a comfortable nose grip and anti-skid arms to keep them sitting properly on the face. The level of magnification is available from a 1.0 strength up to a 4.0 strength.

There are two lenses in the frames that flip up, allowing you easy access to whichever eye you are applying makeup to.

5. Tete Makeup Glasses Swivel Single Lens

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This is a single pair of magnifying makeup glasses that have a magnifying strength starting at a 1.5 level and goes up to 4.0.

The swivel lens easily glides from side to side to allow for a symmetrical and mess-free makeup application.

Along with a protective carrying case, the glasses have a lightweight frame that comes in a soft, flattering purple shade.


Once you find the correct magnification strength, selecting the right pair of magnifying glasses will be an easy process.

Over time the level of magnification may increase, and a new pair with increased strength may be needed. Unlike magnifying readers, the standard shape of the glasses has been modified with these makeup glasses to ensure a flawless and symmetrical makeup routine every time.

By having either a single swivel lens, or two lenses with either side flipping down, you are able to easily access whatever eye you are working on to apply the makeup to.

Without the need to lift up or take off the glasses throughout the application process, as you would with standard magnifying readers or a close-up makeup mirror, the overall look of your makeup is kept in full range of your vision, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

Not only do these magnifying makeup glasses help with applying makeup in general, but they also assist with tasks like tweezing your eyebrows, applying lip liner, and other detailed tasks that require a close range of vision. Magnifying makeup glasses can be your vision’s solution to flawless, even makeup every day!

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