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9 Best Magnetic Eyeshadow Palettes

by Gabbi

Eyeshadow palettes are great, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize them? You can! 

Magnetic eyeshadow palettes were created to help you do just that. They’re super popular among professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike.

What magnetic eyeshadow palettes are empty palettes with a magnetic lining that allow you to insert any of your favorite standard magnetic eyeshadow pans to create your own custom palette.

The magnetic lining in the palette keeps your treasured eyeshadows from moving around, falling out, and getting damaged. They all stay in the palette in their correct order so you can bring them with you on the go.

Never waste eyeshadow again by purchasing pre-made palettes with half of the eyeshadows being colors you’d never use.

These magnetic palettes are also re-fillable! This means you can use the same case for years, and just swap out the eyeshadows as they run out. 

So, what are the best magnetic eyeshadow palettes? The best magnetic eyeshadow palettes are made with durable materials, are the right size for your vanity, makeup drawer, or makeup bag, and have useful design features like a mirror.

Magnetic eyeshadow palettes come in many different shapes and sizes, so we’ve put together this guide of the best palettes that are cute, sturdy, easy to use, and will keep your eyeshadow pans safe from damage.

Empty Magnetic Eyeshadow Palettes – Buyer’s Guide

With so many great magnetic eyeshadow palettes on the market, you might be wondering how to pick the right one. 

It really depends on you and your preferences – do you want a large palette that you can keep all your eyeshadows in?

If so, you’ll need to pay attention to the materials and sturdiness of the eyeshadow palette so that it can safely hold all your eyeshadow pans.

Are you looking for a way to keep your favorite shadows on hand when you go out? Look for smaller palettes that are built for people on the go. Pay attention to small details like a mirror or a cute design to go with your outfit.

We’ve put together the guide below of some of the most important features of magnetic eyeshadow palettes for you to pay attention to when choosing the right palette for you:


The first thing you should decide is what size magnetic eyeshadow palette you need. As mentioned, there are some sizes that are suitable for people who are on the go, and others that are best for people who want to access a large selection of eyeshadows in one place.

Most eyeshadow palettes are measured in inches and the approximate number of single round eyeshadow pans they can hold. A single round eyeshadow palette is 26mm in diameter. 

Many magnetic eyeshadow palettes can fit a surprising number of individual eyeshadow pans. For example, a 9×7-inch double-sided palette can fold out to fit over 100 individual eyeshadows!

If you’re looking for something smaller, there are compact eyeshadow palettes that fit around 15 pieces of eyeshadow and fit nicely into clutches and small handbags.


One thing you should consider if you want to get a larger palette is that the larger your palette is the sturdier it needs to be.

When your palette is holding over 100 eyeshadows, things get heavy. You need a palette that is made with thick, high-quality plastic or metal. 

On the other hand, smaller magnetic shadow palettes don’t need to carry so much weight. A great material of choice for a small eyeshadow palette is cardboard. 

Not only is cardboard better for the planet, but it is also lightweight and easier to carry around in your bag.


Appearances matter, and your magnetic eyeshadow palette is no exception. Of course, we’re not just talking about the outward design of your palette – is it cute or bland? 

This may matter to you, and if that’s the case, there are lots of cute eyeshadow palettes for you that have nice designs on the cover.

However, we also think it’s important to pay attention to the functional design features that eyeshadow palettes can have:

  • Mirror: some eyeshadow palettes come with a mirror on one side. This can be great if you’re planning to use your eyeshadow palette on the go, but it can be a total waste of space in a large eyeshadow palette. Large shadow palettes are too heavy to lift to your eye level, and most of them aren’t going to be used in a room without a mirror anyways.
  • Divider: if your palette is double-sided or there is a mirror on one side of it, it can be really useful to have a divider between the two planes. Dividers can be made out of thin, flexible sheets or sturdy pieces of acrylic. Depending on your needs, you may find it helpful to have a divider, otherwise, your palette can become a mess quickly.

Magnet Strength

This goes without saying, but the strength of the magnetic liner is very important in an eyeshadow palette.

That’s the piece of dark material that is lining the bottom of your palette when it’s laying flat. This is where your eyeshadow palettes will attach to, because their pans are made out of metal.

A good sign of magnetic strength is a magnetic lining that is at least an eighth of an inch thick. For larger palettes or heavier eyeshadow pans, you might want a thicker lining.

Always pay attention to the manufacturer of your eyeshadow palette and its reputation. If the materials are cheap and low-quality, the magnets can be weak even if the lining has a thick appearance.

Best Magnetic Eyeshadow Palettes

After comparing a slew of different magnetic eyeshadow palettes for their design features, quality, and reviews, we’ve put together this list of our top favorites:

RankProductKey Features
1.Trish McEvoy Refillable Magnetic Dual-Level CompactGreat for travel or purse - fits 8 eyeshadows, high-quality construction
2.The Adept PaletteLarge palette that holds over 100 eyeshadow pans. Can hold a lot of weight.
3.Allwon Magnetic Palette - MermaidMed-sized, sturdy, and has a stunning design
4.Z Palette Large Magnetic Makeup PaletteMid-sized palette that fits 28 eyeshadow palettes and has a window on the front
5.MAC Pro Colour Empty Cosmetic CompactTiny compact that safely holds 2 eyeshadow pans for your nights out
6.Coosei Book Shaped Magnetic Eyeshadow PaletteGreat for pros - holds up to 112 eyeshadow pans and fold out like a book
7.Beauty Junkees Large Make Up PaletteGreat mid-size options that comes with extra perks like a dual-tip makeup brush
8.Adept Extra Large Marble PaletteUnique design with a built-in mirror and two palettes that fit 70 eyeshadows
9.Teensery Empty Eyeshadow PaletteSolid construction, built-in mirror, clear window, and a compact design for 5 eyeshadow pans

1. Trish McEvoy Makeup Wardrobing Refillable Magnetic Dual-Level Compact

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This eco-friendly and customizable magnetic two-tier makeup compact is perfect for the woman who likes to bring her makeup on the go. 

It opens up to two page-like tiers, with each tier being able to hold 4 eyeshadows. You can also put other makeup products in it, like blush, bronzer, and lipsticks, as long as they come in metal pans.

This is a great solution for someone who travels a lot and wants to be able to bring all of their go-to makeup options in one sturdy container.

The construction of the palette is extremely strong – it’s made out of plastic and metal and has a lovely matte finish. 

2. The Adept Palette

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This Adept magnetic eyeshadow palette case is ideal for those looking for a large and sturdy palette to keep all their eyeshadow pans in one place.

This palette can fit just over 100 single round eyeshadows or 96 1-inch square shadows.

It measures 9×7 inches when closed and opens up to a double-sided case with a thick acrylic divider to keep your product protected.

The case is made out of a thick plastic material and weighs about a pound when empty. We find it to be incredible sturdy – it won’t break or bend even when you fill it up with eyeshadow pans.

This is a great product for makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts who like to have all their eyeshadow colors at their fingertips. We would call this case heavy-duty – don’t expect it to be lightweight!

3. Allwon Magnetic Palette – Mermaid

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Looking for an eyeshadow palette that can add a little pizzazz to your life? Look no further than this Allwon Magnetic Palette in Mermaid.

The palette is a perfect size for someone who likes a lot of eyeshadow options but wants to keep it lightweight and portable.

The case measures 7×4 inches and fits 18 single round eyeshadow pans. It has a stunning chrome mermaid design on the outside and comes with a built-in mirror.

It’s great for home use, travel, weekends, and special events.

The materials that go into this palette are high-quality. One reviewer says, “The palette actually feels very thick and sturdy. I’m actually very impressed by the quality.”

We love that, especially considering how affordable this palette is! For those looking for a medium-sized, sturdy, and cute palette – this Allwon product is a perfect choice.

4. Z Palette Large Magnetic Makeup Palette

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If you’re looking for a medium-size palette that has a window in the case, so that you can see all of your eyeshadow colors without opening it, this Z Palette is an excellent choice for you!

This palette is about 8×4 inches and comes in a solid plastic body with a clear window in the front. 

Because there is a window, there is no mirror, but it’s a fair trade-off for those who prefer seeing their palettes without having to open them up. 

This is great for organizational purposes especially if you have multiple magnetic eyeshadow palettes you’re working with.

The palette can fit 28 standard round eyeshadow pans. It also comes with 20 magnetic stickers that you can attach to non-metal eyeshadow pans to make them stick! 

This magnetic palette is made with mixed materials including some cardboard and some plastic. Most reviewers find that it’s sturdy enough to keep all contents protected while lightweight enough to use in their daily life.

5. MAC Pro Colour Empty Cosmetic Compact

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If you’re looking for something truly compact – something you can slip into your clutch and bring with you on your evening out, look no further than this MAC Pro compact.

It fits just two eyeshadow pans – perfect for touch-ups! You can change up the eyeshadows each time you go out so you can always have your current colors on hand.

The body of the palette is made with high-quality plastic, which is thick and sturdy. The front of the palette has a clear window so that you can see the eyeshadow colors through it. 

It’s simple and sleek black design will go well with any look and color combination. 

6. Coosei Book Shaped Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

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For a real makeup pro, there is this Coosei book-shaped palette that holds up to 112 standard-sized eyeshadow pieces!

Measuring 5.5”x8.25” inches and only 1.5” inches thick, this baby fits a lot for it’s relatively small size.

The palette is shaped like a book, with the front and back “covers” serving as single-sided magnetic palettes, and each of the three “pages” service as double-sided palettes.

With so many eyeshadows, this palette can get really heavy! But fear not, it’s made with really hard cardboard material that gives it enough sturdiness while keeping it as lightweight as possible.

On the outside, the palette has an elegant black matte finish with a small logo on the front that looks high-end.

Great for those makeup enthusiasts who need a good solution to save up space while keeping all of their eyeshadows secure.

7. Beauty Junkees Large Make Up Pallete

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Another great brand that recently came onto the market with a solid mid-size palette option is Beauty Junkees.

This palette is made to fit 28 eyeshadow pans and measures 8.25 x 5.75 inches in size. In that regard, it’s comparable to the Z Palette we mentioned earlier.

Unlike the Z Palette, however, this one has a built-in mirror and comes with a dual-ended cosmetic brush that fits into its own little holder inside of the palette.

In addition, it comes with 10 magnetic stickers you can use to magnetize some of your eyeshadow pans that aren’t made with the right material.

Speaking of materials, this palette is built to last! It’s made with high-quality cardboard and aluminum, making it study but lightweight. 

This magnetic eyeshadow palette comes with a lot of perks for a relatively low price.

8. Adept Extra Large Marble Palette

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For those who need a little more than a mid-size capacity without going overboard, this Adept palette in marble is the perfect choice. 

This unique palette comes in a gorgeous white marble style skin to add some flair to your makeup storage. 

It measures about 8”x6” inches when closed but unrolls to include a built-in mirror and two magnetic palettes.

The mirror also works as a divider because it’s attached to a thick cardboard sheet that falls between the two palette panels and separates your products from each other.

With its compact yet surprisingly spacious design, this palette all of your makeup and is perfect for the organized beauty enthusiast.

9. Teensery Empty Eyeshadow Palette

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This teensery eyeshadow palette is designed to fit 5 standard round eyeshadow pans.

It has the spaces for each pan carved out, so you’re limited when it comes to shapes and sizes of products that you can use with this case.

It’s fairly small at 5.8”x2” inches and comes with a wide built-in mirror, that’s the perfect shape for doing eye makeup on the go.

Below the mirror there is a small clear window so that you can see all your eyeshadow colors without opening the container – super convenient feature!

The container is made out of a durable plastic material, so you never have to worry about it going flimsy or damaging your eyeshadows.

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