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MAC Ruby Woo Vs Russian Red

by Gabbi

MAC Cosmetics was initially created for artists and intricate editorial and professional looks. Some individuals may even remember when you needed a cosmetic license to purchase MAC products before they became more accessible to the public. 

However, MAC Cosmetics has had numerous iconic campaigns like Viva Glam with celebrities like Madonna or Nicki Minaj. They are high-performing and unmatched in comparison to drugstore items, which helped expand the brand. 

In addition, MAC is known for their iconic products like the Studio Fix line, MAC Pro, and lipsticks. Lipsticks are the most beginner-friendly makeup item, especially at a professional cosmetic store like Mac. 

Ruby Woo and Russian Red are two shades of red lipstick that have gained immense hype from MAC Cosmetic’s fan base. They are both rich, pigmented, and eerily similar in shade. While they provide similar results, they are still different products. 

What is the difference between MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red? Both of these lipsticks are classic reds that compliment a wide range of skin tones. However, Russian Red has a creamier, glossier formula and deeper tone.

It can be challenging to tell these cool-toned lipsticks apart, but they do vary by texture and tone, so we’ll explain all you need to know below to decide which one is the tone for you.

MAC Ruby Woo 

MAC Cosmetics’ Ruby Woo lipstick is one of the many famous names in their lip lines.

It’s a generally well-loved shade because it flatters most skin tones, and it’s been worn by artists, celebrities, and consumers. 

One thing to know about MAC’s lipstick is that they provide a long-lasting formula, including Ruby Woo.

MAC describes this shade as blue-red, and it’s from the Retro Matte collection. So, you can expect intensity and a bold pout.

Color And Undertone 

We know that Ruby Woo is a red lipstick, but what undertones does it have?

Red lipsticks can be warm or cool in tone, and Ruby Woo has a blue-red hue. This undertone leans cooler and offers brighter color saturation on the lips. 

It’s a classic bullet lipstick that is designed to flatter all skin tones. So, Ruby Woo is the ultimate timeless red lipstick that brings a pop to your makeup looks. 


MAC Cosmetics has multiple lipstick lines that vary by texture, finish, and feel.

We’ve mentioned that Ruby Woo is a part of the Retro Matte collection. You can expect Ruby Woo to have a buildable but firm texture upon application. 

Ruby Woo can feel a little dry at first, so it’s ideal to prep with lip balm and liner.

Also, the texture may not be as creamy or malleable as other lipsticks, so you may need a few swipes to build up your lip. 


Another feature of Ruby Woo is its finish. You may have guessed that Ruby Woo offers a very matte finish as it’s a part of the Retro Matte collection. Thanks to this matte formula, it will leave the lips looking opaque without any shine or creaminess.

Ruby Woo’s matte finish ensures comfort and longevity upon application. It’s also fade-proof so that it can last throughout the day, and this matte lipstick looks natural for daytime wear. 

How Intense Is Ruby Woo? 

Another thing to consider before purchasing lipstick is its intensity or color payoff. The MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo lipstick is not for the faint of heart. While it’s a classic and timeless red lipstick, it is bold and bright when applied. 

MAC claims Ruby Woo is the shade that skyrocketed the brand into fame, and it’s known for its vibrancy and long-wear formula.

Is Ruby Woo Easy To Apply? 

Red lipstick can be challenging to apply as a beginner. First, you’ll need to practice lining your lips and applying lipstick for a clean finish. However, we’ve mentioned that Ruby Woo has a firm, stiffer texture, making it difficult to use at first. 

It can help to warm up the lipstick on the back of your hand before applying it, so it has a more malleable texture. However, Ruby Woo won’t feather or fade once it’s on.

How Wearable Is Ruby Woo?

Have you ever bought a top without having the occasion to wear it? Well, how wearable is Ruby Woo? Thankfully, red lipstick is the makeup equivalent of a little black dress. It can be worn for any occasion, day or night. 

Red is a classic shade that can liven your daytime makeup or add a sultry element for a night out. Regardless, the shade Ruby Woo can be customized to your liking, and its versatile formula allows you to wear it anytime.

Makeup To Pair With Ruby Woo

We’ve mentioned how wearable Ruby Woo is, and it pairs well with almost any makeup look. So, you can keep the eyes bare and let your lips become the focal element of your makeup for the daytime. 

You can also create a smokey eye and add more drama with Ruby Woo on the lips. Another unique technique is to blot Ruby Woo on the lips and blend it with your fingers for a stained effect.

Clothing To Pair With Ruby Woo 

Likewise, red lipstick can pair well with almost any outfit. Because a shade like Ruby Woo is so bold, it can easily dress up a regular or grungy outfit. However, it can also accompany formal or business wear to make a statement. 

Regardless of what clothing you decide to pair Ruby Woo with, you can rest assured it’s a timeless and show-stopping shade.

MAC Russian Red 

Now that we’ve covered the iconic Ruby Woo lipstick, it’s time to get to know Russian Red.

When you understand the characteristics of these lipsticks, it can be easier to tell them apart. Russian Red is another iconic and timeless red lipstick from MAC. 

It shares many similarities with Ruby Woo but can vary by tone, intensity, and texture.

In addition, it offers a deeper alternative to Ruby Woo. Russian Red is available in MAC’s Matte collection and has a cool toned hue that doesn’t look bright against the skin.

Color And Undertone

MAC describes Russian Red as an intense bluish-red. It is more of a cool-toned red lipstick that is formulated to flatter all skin tones.

However, this red lipstick is much richer and deeper, which makes it a more sultry red lipstick. 

Russian Red is still timeless and can be more wearable for beginners who don’t want their red lipstick to be neon.


One unique feature of Russian Red is its texture.

This shade of red can be more user-friendly because it’s creamy and easily glides onto the lips. This rich and malleable texture can feel comfortable on the lips while lasting all day long. 

It won’t feel overly dry, and you can customize its finish by pairing it with other lip liners or glosses. However, Russian Red looks prominent and flattering alone. 


What finish can you expect to receive from Russian Red? This blue-toned red lipstick will offer a comfortable matte finish that is just a bit more dimensional and creamier than Ruby Woo. While this product will glide on easily, it will dry down seamlessly and provide a no-shine finish. 

However, Russian Red isn’t a typical, drying matte formula. Instead, its creamy texture will provide a more satin-matte finish that can still look natural on your pout. 

How Intense Is Russian Red? 

MAC doesn’t want you to be fooled by this red lipstick’s rich hue because it still offers a high color-payoff. Russian Red will quickly saturate the lips in a bold shade within one or two swipes. It looks like a deep but vivid red that is universally flattering. 

Russian Red also has a highly long-wear formula that won’t budge once applied, thanks to its comfortable matte finish. This shade will still make an impact and be the focal point of any makeup look.

Is Russian Red Easy To Apply? 

Almost any red lipstick will be challenging to use at first. Because reds are such bold lip colors, mistakes or messy lines will be extremely visible. So, it will take some practice to apply Russian Red, but its creamy texture is more forgiving. 

Russian Red will easily glide onto the lips, so you’ll only need to swipe it once or twice for an opaque finish. It has more grip and glide than other matte red lipsticks.

How Wearable Is Russian Red?

Red lipsticks are usually appropriate for any occasion, including a shade like Russian Red. In addition, Russian Red is wearable thanks to its rich hue that isn’t too jarring upon application. It can also be suitable for daytime and nighttime wear. 

For example, swipe on Russian Red with minimal eye and skin makeup for a fresh finish, or pair it with a sultry eye look for a night out or a special occasion.

Makeup To Pair With Russian Red 

Red is timeless, classic, and wearable. You can pair Russian Red with almost any makeup look, regardless of how minimal or dramatic you like to rock it. However, it can significantly flatter cool-toned makeup or looks that are more sultry.

Russian Red is slightly bluer and richer than other red lipsticks, so you may want to pair it with complimentary makeup hues. You can also experiment with mixing Russian Red with various lip liners and glosses to customize the shade/finish.

Clothing To Pair With Russian Red 

What clothing can you pair with Russian Red? Red lipstick can elevate or enhance any outfit regardless if you like to wear something more posh or casual. Also, Russian Red can look phenomenal in colder months or with evening wear.

This blue-toned red lipstick offers versatility, and there are multiple ways to apply it to match the energy of your outfit.

Russian Red Vs Ruby Woo

So what are the main factors that separate Ruby Woo from Russian Red? While they may look the same at first glance, they look different in tone when on the lips. In addition, these lipsticks have opposing textures and slightly different finishes.


Russian Red and Ruby Woo vary by texture. For example, Ruby Woo is drier to the touch and doesn’t glide as easily on the lips. It’s included in the Retro Matte collection, which explains why it’s not as user-friendly as other red lipsticks. 

Meanwhile, Russian Red is much creamier. It also swipes on the lips with ease and is more forgiving upon application. So, Russian Red may feel less drying than Ruby Woo.


Aren’t Ruby Woo and Russian Red both matte lipsticks? The answer is yes, but even matte lipstick can vary by finish or texture. For example, Russian Red is a creamy matte because it’s a part of the regular Matte lipstick line.

However, Ruby Woo has a flatter appearance on the lips because it’s drier in texture. While they both look natural on the mouth, Russian Red has a more satin-matte finish that is slightly more hydrating.


Finally, Ruby Woo and Russian Red look completely different when it’s actually on the lips. You can expect both lipsticks to look opaque and provide a high color payoff. 

So what makes these two shades different? 

Ruby Woo is a bright, almost neon red. It is loud and bold while still giving a timeless appearance. Meanwhile, Russian Red is slightly darker and richer than Ruby Woo. It’s somewhat muted but still cool in tone and offers a classic finish.

Which Red Lipstick Is Best For You? 

How can you decide which blue-toned red lipstick is for you? 

Russian Red is ideal for those who want a modern and slightly sultry red lipstick. It’s also more user-friendly thanks to its creamy and rich formula. In addition, it offers a matte but hydrating finish that is forgiving upon application. 

Ruby Woo is ideal for those wanting bright and bold lips. It’s great for more experienced makeup wearers who can apply it with ease or aren’t bothered by its slightly drying texture. Both are long-wearing and show-stopping.

Consult A MAC Artist 

MAC’s artists that work in stores are trained and well-versed in all MAC products, including lipstick. So, you can have an in-depth consultation with your local artists and try on both shades before making your purchase. 

A MAC artist can recommend other items that suit your features the best. In addition, they can give you tips on the best ways to apply Ruby Woo or Russian Red.


Ruby Woo and Russian Red are just a few iconic MAC shades. They’re flattering on all skin tones and ideal for creating timeless or editorial makeup looks. Both lipsticks lean cooler in tone and offer a matte, natural finish. 

However, Ruby Woo can appear more neon, while Russian Red is rich and slightly darker. Also, makeup artists and collectors have both shades in their kit because they are such staple products. So which lipstick are you most excited to try?

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