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7 Best Nail Primers Of 2023

by Gabbi

Nail primers will be your secret weapon to achieving a long-lasting set of nails. Acrylics, Gel, Nail Polish, Press-ons, Tips, you name it! Every type of nail set can benefit from a primer to prevent chipping, lifting, and even breakage. 

What is the purpose of a nail primer? Primers are formulated to prep the nail for a particular service. Their main goal is to create a smooth, dry base for the following nail products to adhere to the nail beds and prolong your nail service. 

Primers and Dehydrators work to remove excess oil or moisture from the skin that could potentially disrupt the application of other products like nail polish, gel, acrylics, etc. It’s a significant step in any nail prep routine to ensure your set will last forever. 

So, what are the best nail primers? The best nail primers will be compatible with your polish, such as gel or acrylic. If you also need a dehydrator to get rid of oils that affect the adhesion of polish to your nails, there are primers that double as dehydrators as well.

Breaking or chipping a nail or having your color lift can be annoying to deal with. In most cases, ruining your nails can also be quite painful. However, with the proper nail preparation, you can lower the risk of these annoyances occurring. 

We’ll talk all about that and introduce you to our favorite primers available to buy below, so stick with us!

Choosing The Right Primer 

How do you determine what primer will suit your needs best? First, decide what problem you want to solve (like lifting) or what type of nail set you love to apply (like acrylic). Still feeling overwhelmed? We’ll explain why this is important below.

Address Your Concern

What problem are you looking to solve regarding your nails? Maybe you love to get gel nails, but you can’t understand why you have bubbles appearing on the surface. This can be an indicator that your nail prep routine needs an adjustment.

Primers are made to create an even and smooth base. They are supposed to protect gel from shrinking or getting textured bumps. Let’s say you love acrylic nails; you may be dealing with your nails lifting right after a fresh set. What primer should you go for?

In this scenario, it’s recommended to opt for a primer that will create a tacky or sticky surface for other acrylic products to adhere to. A primer that will stick to your natural nail and any additional nail products on top would be the most ideal. 

Primers can also cater to general problems and even make regular nail polish much more long-lasting. For example, primers can prevent premature chipping of nail color. They can also help prevent your nails from breaking. 

A suitable primer can completely change the longevity and strength of your nails, so it’s important to choose the correct one. 

Address Your Preferred Nail Set 

What type of nail service is your favorite? Unfortunately, not all primers are universal. While there are universal primers on the market, sometimes it’s advantageous to use a primer formulated for your favorite nail service. 

If you love gel nails, there is a primer made explicitly for gel nails. Maybe you love acrylic nails the most – then it would make the most sense to choose a primer crafted to work with acrylic powder. This can offer more benefits for your nails. 

Beware of purchasing dehydrator and primer sets if you are into acrylic nails. In some cases, the dehydrator is universal no matter what nail service you would like to perform. However, the majority of the time, the primer is only for UV gel polishes.

This is why it’s important to purchase the correct primer for your nail service. Your results will be seamless, and the application will be simplified. 

Dehydrator Vs. Primer 

As you begin your search for the ideal primer, you may come across a product called a dehydrator. Surprisingly enough, these are two different products. While it is very easy to confuse the two, they each have their purpose. 

A dehydrator does precisely that; it dehydrates the nails. Unfortunately, if your nails have oils or moisture on the nail beds, this won’t allow the nail polish to adhere to the nail. Instead, it will increase the chances of lifting, peeling, or chipping. 

A dehydrator will remove any excess oils that may have been invisible for the naked eye to catch. A dry, oil-free base will allow the following products to stick on the nail instead of slipping away. It’s usually the first step when starting a nail prep routine. 

Primer will prep for your base coats, nail colors, and topcoats to adhere without imperfections. A primer’s job is to create a smooth, even base on the nail bed so the following products can also be applied easily. It will create a crisp and clean finish.

A primer will usually follow the dehydrator in your nail prep routine. Primers should create a sticky surface for other products to latch onto quickly. When applied correctly, primers will stick to your natural nails and lock in products on top

Primers and dehydrators are two drastically different products; they don’t give you the same result. However, they are two products that complement each other very well within a nail prep routine. They work hand in hand to create a smooth finish. 

You can’t go wrong with implementing a primer and dehydrator into your nail service next time you get them done. They will prevent lifting and unwanted texture, and they will increase the lifespan of your fresh nail set. 

The Best Nail Primers

RankProductKey Features
1.Young Nails Protein Bond Nail PrimerUniversal, prevents lifting, noncorrosive
2.Gelish Basix Polish pH Bond PrimerGel compatible, prevents shrinking
3.Tachibelle Professional Nail PrimerPrimer + base coat, no-burn, acid-free
4.Modelones Professional Natural Nail PrimerDehydrator + primer set, prevents lifting
5.Azure Beauty Professional Nail PrimerDehydrator + primer set, disinfectant
6.Mia Secret Nail Prep Xtrabond Primer Acrylic compatible, dehydrator + primer
7.Aimeili Nail Prep Bond PrimerGel compatible, prevents breakage

1. Young Nails Protein Bond Nail Primer

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Young Nails has crafted the ultimate primer to prevent disruptions from taking place on the nails like lifting. It’s a universal primer that can be used for multiple nail applications like gel and acrylic, and it’s even great for your natural nails. 

YN describes this primer as “corrosive-free with a proprietary polymer that bonds to the keratin structure.” This is how the Protein Bond creates a tacky base on the nail so gels, polishes, and acrylics can adhere without imperfections. 

How do you achieve the best results? Young Nails recommends prepping your nails before applying the Protein Bond. First, file and cleanse the nails. Acrylics and Polish need two coats of the Protein Bond, and Gel only needs a small amount on the tips. 

This Protein Bond Nail Primer is a beautiful product to bring salon-quality nails to the comfort of your own home. Young Nails guarantees that this primer will create a sticky base to lock in any nail product you apply.

Lifting will become a problem of the past. A considerable advantage of this nail primer is how versatile it is with various nail applications. However, you can’t go wrong with pairing this Protein Bond with other Young Nails products. 

2. Gelish Basix Polish pH Bond Primer

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Gelish has been a leading brand for every gel nail-related issue. So, it only makes sense that their pH Bond Nail Prep is a product you need in your nail routine. It’s simple to apply, and Gelish claims your polish will last for up to 21 days!

This pH Bond Nail Prep is ideal to use on your natural nails. The name speaks for itself, and this product will balance the pH of your nails. It will also remove excess surface oils from the nail beds, creating a dry and smooth base. 

Gelish’s pH Bond will also prevent chips and peeling from taking place. It will provide a solid and tacky base for other gel products to be layered on top. This product will also ensure there is no shrinking or bubbles that can disrupt a smooth finish. 

For even better results, pair with other gel products from Gelish’s line. They are formulated to go hand in hand and provide long-lasting nails for up to three weeks. Say hello to beautifully prepped and primed nails for each gel application. 

3. Tachibelle Professional Nail Primer

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Allow your fresh set to stick to your nails until it’s time for a new one. Tachibelle knows it’s all about the base application regarding lifting or chipping the nails. Their Primer Bond will act like double-sided tape to ensure long-lasting, beautiful nails. 

This primer can even act as your base coat for your manicure or nail application. Tachibelle states that this product is the most compatible with gel, acrylic powder, artificial nail art, and liquid systems. If there is one thing to invest in, it’s this primer. 

Tachibelle’s Nail Primer Bond will help reduce oil and is a must for anyone dealing with premature lifting. It’s an acid-free formula that will stick to your natural nail and the products you apply on top. It’s also a no-burn formulation.

First, buff the nails and push back the cuticles. Next, apply a dehydrator or prep product to ensure no oils are present. Finally, use the Nail Primer Bond. Once it’s dry, you can go in with your regular base coat, polish, top coat, etc. 

4. Modelones Professional Natural Nail Primer

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What is the difference between a dehydrator and a nail primer? A dehydrator will work to soak up excess oils or moisture from the nail bed that can disrupt the longevity of your nails. A primer acts as a tacky surface for other products to adhere to.

This duo will ensure your nail set won’t lift, crack, or budge until it’s time for removal. These two products from Modelones are specifically formulated to work with gel, acrylic, and artificial nail art. However, working with UV gel will offer the best results.

The dehydrator is excellent for all of these systems, but the primer is recommended only for gel polish and natural nails. The Dehydrator and Bond Primer are meant to be used underneath your base coat and nail polishes. 

Apply the Dehydrator first to soak up stubborn oils and follow it with the Bond Primer to create a sticky base. The Dehydrator has a quick-dry formula that allows for fast and easy application. The Bond Primer is ideal for preventing bubbles and lifting. 

5. Azure Beauty Professional Nail Primer

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Azure Beauty’s Professional Nail Prep Dehydrator and Bond Primer guarantee you will have a fresh set of nails for up to 14 days. Their nail prep duo will handle everything from removing moisture to creating a bubble-free and tacky base. 

The Nail Prep Dehydrator will work beautifully on the natural nails to prepare for acrylic or gel applications. It’s a Non-Acid formula that also dries quickly, making it the perfect tool to have at home or in the salon.

Meanwhile, the Nail Bond Primer will prevent lifting and warping to ensure the nail polish or gel can be applied smoothly without imperfections. Like most primer and dehydrator sets, the dehydrator is universal, and the primer is for UV gel only. 

The Nail Prep Dehydrator will reduce bacteria by providing dry disinfectant and removing grease to minimize the chances of shrinkage. The Nail Bond Primer will provide immaculate adhesion and increase the saturation of the nail color.

6. Mia Secret Nail Prep Xtrabond Primer 

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If you prefer acrylic nails over any other nail system or application, this duo from Mia Secret will be your new best friend. Both the Nail Prep Dehydrator and the Xtrabond Primer are formulated to work with acrylics.

Just like any Dehydrator, this one from Mia Secret will reduce stubborn oil and bacteria to ensure the following products can adequately adhere to the nail bed without a hassle. It’s formulated for the natural nail and has a quick-dry formula. 

The Xtrabond Nail Primer is where all the magic happens. Mia Secret curated this primer to have a no-burn and acid-free formula so that the surrounding skin will not become irritated. It will also ensure superior adhesion for your acrylic powders. 

This duo from Mia Secret can bring the salon right in the comfort of your own home. Working with acrylics can be difficult, but having the right nail prep products can make the process care-free. So say goodbye to nails that lift, crack, or break. 

7. Aimeili Nail Prep Bond Primer

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Without the correct nail preparation, gel can easily peel off the nail beds. Gel nails are also susceptible to moisture and oils that are present on the nail beds. Aimeili’s pH Bonder will ensure your gels will last as long as you need them to. 

This Nail Prep Bond Primer doesn’t need a UV/LED nail lamp. However, your UV/LED gel polishes will need the light to cure correctly. The main goal of this primer is to prevent lifting or breakage from taking place. 

While this primer is ideal for gel, it can easily pair with builder gels, acrylic powder, and dipping powder. It’s recommended to follow the directions on the bottle for a smooth application and the best results. Thankfully, they are easy and direct to follow.

First, prep the nail with a buffer and gently push back the cuticle. Next, apply an even, thin layer of the Nail Bond Primer. Aimeili recommends waiting 30-60 seconds after the primer application to dry before applying the rest of your nail products. 

Once the primer is applied, feel free to go in with your base coat and favorite nail color. Whether you work in a salon or at home, this product will make gel nails easy to apply. You’ll never have to worry about peeling or lifting again. 

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