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7 Best Toenail Polish That Goes With Everything

by Gabbi

Having a freshly applied pedicure works as an accessory like your favorite high heeled shoe. No matter what the occasion or the season, a pedicure can complete your look and provide an overall finish to your appearance.

Knowing what polish to choose for a pedicure can be tricky. You can match your manicure with the same shade or do a mix-match style for a fun twist. However, it is smart to have a few staple shades that can work for a range of occasions and during any season. 

What are the perfect nail polishes for a pedicure that can go with everything? Before choosing a color of nail polish, you want to think about the type of formula and application process. Once you find the perfect polish that will apply smoothly and will be long-lasting, then you can decide on a color choice.

There are so many colors in the nail polish world to choose from, but there are several different staple colors we are going to list below that work for any reason. 

What To Look For In Nail Polish

If you are investing in a nail polish, you want to make sure the product is going to apply well and last for several days.

While it might seem like an easy run to the drugstore to pick up a polish in your desired shade, knowing what to look for in a nail polish will have your manicures and pedicures looking shiny and fresh, until you’re ready to switch shades.

Here are a few features to keep in mind when searching for your next polish shade:


We are all becoming more mindful of the ingredients we look for in our favorite beauty products. Nail polish formulas have developed over the years to be more conscious of the ingredients that are being used to be less toxic, without compromising the colors or the wear.

Most polishes on the market are omitting potentially harmful chemicals from their formulas, such as formaldehyde, and are known as being “3-free.” There are some brands that have gone from 3-free to 5-free, or even 13-free. The more “-free” a product claims to be, the more harmful ingredients are avoided in their formula.

Having a non-toxic or “-free” formula will not compromise the integrity of the polish, especially as more brands are striving to create cleaner products. You will still be able to find a range of polishes that are long-wearing and streak-free to suit whatever color you desire.


The applicator on your nail polish is important, especially if you plan to do at-home manicures and pedicures. Whether you are a novice at nail painting and want to practice or you are a polishing expert, the brush can help the application process be more efficient and cleaner.

By having a brush that is specifically geared towards fitting the shape of the nail, the application of polish will go on more smoothly and guide you in to staying within the nail bed. Brush applicators that are too small can cause you to need to re-dip multiple times as you apply your layers, as well as not offer you as much control.

Applicators that have a thicker brush can also help with a smooth application of the product. A brush that is too thin can cause streaks to appear as you paint on the polish. Thicker brush applicators hold on to enough product to ensure an even application.

Wear Time

Whether you take a trip to the nail salon or apply your polish at home, no one likes it when chips appear seemingly days afterwards. Finding a formula that has a decent wear time is key to finding the perfect polish formula for you.

It is tempting to spend only a few bucks on a polish, but it is important to be mindful that inexpensive nail polishes can be more costly than splurging on a nicer formula.

More inexpensive polishes can often chip sooner, start to fade faster, and generally have a shorter wear time. Investing in a quality polish can end up saving you in the long run, because the formula is more likely to withstand easy chipping and stay shiny for days on end.

If you switch up your polish often or like to try different shades and do not want to splurge every time, a helpful tip is to invest in your signature colors (the shades that can go with everything any time of the year), and opt for inexpensive shades in colors that are more fun, trend-based, or for only a few specific occasions.

Shade Range

Having a wide shade range is important in any beauty product! Nail polish brands having many color options in the line up is especially important because it is a product that can be switched up depending on occasion, outfit, mood, and season.

If you are someone who likes to switch up your polish regularly, looking for a brand that can offer you any color under the sun will be an added bonus when searching for your perfect formula.

If you are someone who likes to stick with specific colors, it is nice to be able to find a brand that can offer different hues within the same color family.

Ultimately, nail polish is an added accessory to your look whether it is applied to the fingers or toes. Having a color for any occasion is a mark of a well-developed nail polish brand.

The Best Toenail Polish That Goes With Everything

Below is a product guide of the best nail polish shades for your pedicure, no matter the season or occasion.

RankProductKey Features
1.Bubble Bath – OPI Infinite Shine 2 Long-Wear LacquerSoft classic nude-pink, high shine finish, chip-resistant, 11 day wear
2.Mum’s the Word – Butter LONDON Glazen Nail LacquerRosy nude, 10-free formula, shock-resistant, 10-day wear, shiny finish
3.OPI by Popular Vote – OPI Nail LacquerClassic apple red, wide brush for easy application; 200+ shades; 1 week wear
4.Ballet Slippers – Essie Nail LacquerSheer light pink, over 200+ shades, easy-glide brush, 8-free formula
5.Mona – ZOYA Nail Polish Deep burgundy, natural 10-free formula, long-wearing, non-toxic
6.Cool Your Jets – Smith and Cult Nail PolishOpaque white, 8-free and vegan, high shine finish, decadent packaging
7.Love Me Lilac – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel PolishLilac mauve, 8-day wear time, gel quality nails at home, 2-step system

1. Nude (Fair-Med) – Bubble Bath

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Having a nude or neutral polish in your collection is important for a host of reasons: if you have several occasions coming up and you need a polish to match multiple outfits, when you want a color that will not show chips or nail grow-out easily, as an emergency back-up polish, and more.

Depending on your skin tone, different depths of nude or neutral will work best for you.

This is a classic, soft pinky-nude that will work on a range of skin tones but will appear more subtle on fair to medium skin tones.

The Infinite Shine 2 formula from OPI is one of the brand’s newer formulas that is set to last for up to 11 days of wear.

It is part of a 3-step system that consists of a topcoat and base coat, and will leave a glossy shine on your nails that won’t fade. It is a gel-like polish that provides easy application and a variety of colors to choose from.

2. Nude (Dark-Deep) – Mum’s The Word

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As mentioned above, nude polishes are a staple for any type of nail polish wearer.

By blending seamlessly with your skin tone, the shade will complement and enhance your fingers or toes and will work for any occasion or reason.

For dark to deep skin tones, a shade like this classic rosy nude will be a perfect subtle everyday shade. Like the nude shade mentioned above, it can also work on a variety of skin tones but may appear darker or rosier.

Butter LONDON is a 10-free brand that excludes harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, camphor, parabens, and toluene from its ingredients list.

This good-for-you polish offers stronger and healthier nails. The polish will look shiny and chip-free for up to 10 days, and with its Shock Resistant Polymer Technology looks and feels similar to a gel polish.

3. Red – OPI by Popular Vote

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Red is a classic pop of color that has become a neutral at this point.

Whether you opt for a classic candy apple red or want a hue that has more of a vivid orange undertone, red is a statement that can go with virtually anything it is paired with.

There are many varieties of red, from blue-toned shades to warm orange-toned, and you might gravitate towards a specific type of red at different times of the year.

This is an apple red that will work for any skin tone and give you the quintessential red pedicure that will add a pop of brightness.

OPI Nail Lacquers are an industry staple based on their high performing formula and their varying shade range. There are over 200 shades in their standard formula line up that promises up to one week of wear.

You can find colors that are fun and trendy, or classic favorites. It has the OPI signature Pro-Wide brush that will give you a flawless application of whatever color you desire.

4. Light Pink – Ballet Slippers

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Much like a nude polish, a light pink is another must-have that can work for any reason, season, or occasion. This sheer, light pink is a beauty industry staple and works on virtually any skin tone.

It is an award-winning shade that has been used in nail salons across the world and on countless red carpets for an effortless, beautiful finish.

As with OPI, Essie is another brand that has dominated the nail polish world for decades.

The standard formula is vegan and 8-free, avoiding many harmful chemicals in their over 200 available shades. Essie polishes offer fun and innovative shades along with must-haves.

They are a thinner formula that has a signature easy-glide brush that is perfect for salon professionals and at-home users alike.

5. Merlot – Mona

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A deep wine-colored shade like a merlot is perfect if you want the classic feel of a red but want to go a little deeper.

It is suitable for a wide range of skin tones and has become such a go-to for pedicures, it transcends to any season. Merlot shades can provide a vampy drama but are not too dark that it feels heavy in warmer weather or brighter seasons.

ZOYA Nail Polish is a brand that 10-free and vegan-friendly. It promises to be a non-toxic, but long-wearing polish that focuses on the health of your nails. The brand offers a wide range of color selection, also including various finishes within their line-up.

6. White – Cool Your Jets

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White is a color that can be tricky to find a good formula in. It can look streaky if not applied properly and can show chips easily.

However, it is a color that works on short, manicured nails in any season whether you want to match the snow outside or highlight your new summer tan.

Smith and Cult Nail Polish is vegan and 8-free. There are a range of colors available, but this white shade is full coverage and opaque.

The packaging of the polishes looks luxurious, and the brush glides on color evenly and consistently. The polish offers a high shine finish, and works well with the matching base and topcoat to extend the wear.

7. Lilac Taupe – Love Me Lilac

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A taupe-lilac is the perfect way to add a feminine twist to a typical nude. It is not a shade that is too dark for summer, nor too bright for winter, and works on any skin tone.

Taupe is a classic neutral that can work with anything but adding a hint of a lilac undertone works as a nail polish to update a classic in a more modern and feminine way without clashing colors for any outfit.

Sally Hansen is a salon and consumer favorite in the nail polish world. The newest Miracle Gel formula will give you a gel-like manicure at home on its own with the matching topcoat.

It is a two-step manicure process, including the polish color of choice and the topcoat, that will leave a glossy finish for up to eight days. There are over 80 shades available in this formula.

Final Thoughts

With an understanding of what makes a nail polish perform its best, you can choose the color and formula for your upcoming manicures and pedicures with ease.

Whether you want to bring your polish with you to your regular salon appointment, or want to pamper yourself at home, looking for a nail polish that is free of harmful chemicals will strengthen and help the health of your nails in the long run.

Looking for products that have an easy applicator while promising a consistent application with a glossy shine is key for a long-lasting pedicure anytime of the year.

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