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3 Best Slip Solution Alternatives

by Gabbi

Doing your nails at home has become more accessible and convenient than visiting a salon.

PolyGel nails are home-friendly services that can produce similar results to gel nails. Most brands will include all the tools required to perform PolyGel nails if you purchase a complete kit. One of those tools can consist of a slip solution.

Slip solution is an essential part of PolyGel nails because it thins out the consistency of your PolyGel so you can shape your nail enhancement. However, slip solutions may be challenging to find without access to a specialized beauty supply stores. 

So what are the best slip solution alternatives? The best alternative to slip solutions are products with its main active ingredient, isopropyl alcohol. You may also choose everyday nail products like nail polish remover or gel base coats.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these alternatives may not always produce the same high-quality result as slip solutions. You should avoid some products altogether if you plan on replacing slip solutions.

What Is A Slip Solution?

Slip solution is an essential tool used in PolyGel services. It’s often described as an oil-based component that aids in the curing, applying, or removing of PolyGel nails. In addition, you can use a slip solution to sculpt and shape your PolyGel to the nail plate.

However, slip solutions may not always be the most accessible product for some nail enthusiasts.

Benefits Of Slip Solution

Why are slip solutions so beneficial? First, it can help create long-lasting PolyGel enhancements and make the product more manageable. It can also complete a seamless removal process to reduce damage to your natural nail plates. 

Overall, it simplifies the process of applying PolyGel nails at home. Also, knowing the benefits of slip solutions can help you better choose an alternative product.

Thins Out Polygel

Have you ever applied PolyGel? PolyGel is packaged in tubes, and you can easily squeeze out the product whenever it’s time to do your nails. You will notice that the PolyGel has a thick consistency, almost like a tube of toothpaste.

This thick PolyGel needs a slip solution to thin out the product, which helps it mold to the nails. You can also sculpt out your desired shape.

Quickens Removal Process

Slip solutions act as a barrier between the natural nails and your PolyGel. 

Because it’s a moisturizer or oil-based product, it can help quicken the removal process. Removals are intimidating in nail enhancement services because they can cause damage.

However, slip solutions can reduce the pressure of removing PolyGel nails.

No Harsh Scent 

Finally, most slip solutions have little to no scent, which makes them a huge plus in the nail enhancement category. Its more complicated counterparts, like acrylic, can exude harsh fumes that can take a toll on your senses. 

This can make it more convenient for home use, so you don’t have to worry much about your environment.

How To Use Slip Solution

Knowing how to use slip solutions to produce a high-quality set of PolyGel nails is crucial. Knowing how slip solution works and functions will allow you to pick a better alternative product if you can’t get your hands on another bottle of slip solution. 

The process of applying PolyGel may mimic the techniques of acrylic enhancements.

Nail Prep

First, you’ll want to complete all the prep necessary to apply PolyGel nails. This step can include basic manicure tasks like trimming/shaping the nails or pushing back cuticles. You’ll also want to use the correct base products before the slip solution.

The correct nail prep will be able to prolong your set of PolyGel nails.

Apply Polygel To Nails

Next, you’ll want to dispense your PolyGel onto a nail palate or an easy-to-reach area so you can control how much product you apply to the nails. Finally, you can add a dot of PolyGel to your nail plate so it can be ready to sculpt with the slip solution.

Dip Polygel Brush Into Slip Solution

Now it’s time to use your slip solution or alternative product to coat your brush. You can have a small cap filled with slip solution to make it easy to dip your brush into. Gently soak your brush with the slip solution, so it’s ready to help sculpt your PolyGel.

Sculpt The Nail 

You can take your brush and slowly start sculpting your PolyGel. The slip solution or slip solution alternative will thin out the PolyGel and make it more manageable. It will also be easier to shape the PolyGel into your desired length and shape. 

This step can take practice to get a feel for creating your desired PolyGel nail.


Once you’ve sculpted your PolyGel into your desired shape, you can place it into your UV nail lamp and cure. PolyGel also shares some similarities with gel nails because it needs UV light to cure and harden fully, so it’s a long-lasting enhancement. 

You can repeat these steps to the rest of your nails for a complete set.

Best Alternatives To Slip Solution

So, what are the best products to use instead of slip solutions? 

A slip solution may not always be readily available for average consumers to purchase. Some brands will only sell exclusively to beauty supply stores that require you to have a nail tech license.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol will make a great alternative to slip solution. The primary or most potent ingredient of slip solution is isopropyl alcohol. So, you can use this common household object to provide a similar result with PolyGel. 

Isopropyl Alcohol will help thin out the PolyGel, and it shouldn’t alter its ability to cure your PolyGel. 

Non-Acetone Polish Remover

You can also opt for a non-acetone nail polish remover. This product is also highly accessible, and you will probably already have it at home. However, this alternative may not provide the most seamless results like alcohol or slip solution. 

However, it can become a better alternative if you are stuck when applying PolyGel nails.

Gel Base Coat 

Finally, a gel base coat can also act as a slip solution. A helpful tip is to purchase a gel base coat from the same brand as your PolyGel to ensure its compatibility. This will ensure no mishaps, and you still get a clean set of PolyGel nails.

What To Avoid Using As Slip Solution 

Now that we know what products will be a great alternative to slip solution, what products should we avoid? Not all products will provide excellent results when curing or applying PolyGel nails. You’ll want to opt for semi-compatible products.

For example, water, acetone, and hand sanitizer won’t be the best slip solution alternative.


Water may seem like a no-brainer ingredient. It’s liquid, neutral, and can thin out PolyGel. However, using it in place of a slip solution is not recommended. It can potentially impact your PolyGel’s ability to cure correctly and without fault. 

So, while it may be convenient, it won’t offer long-lasting PolyGel nails.


Acetone is the next product you may want to avoid using as a slip solution. Acetone will do the exact opposite of slip solution. Some slip solutions can contain acetone, but it’s usually in small amounts because acetone is made to remove enhancements.

So acetone can eat away at PolyGel, and you won’t be able to cure it under UV light properly. However, it will be helpful when you plan to remove PolyGel.

Hand Sanitizer 

Finally, hand sanitizer should also be avoided as a slip solution. Some people may use hand sanitizer because of its alcohol content. Unfortunately, it won’t provide a clean finish because it’s incompatible with PolyGel.

Are Slip Solution And Acrylic Monomer The Same? 

A monomer is a similar liquid used in acrylic enhancements to sculpt and shape acrylic powder. A slip solution will offer a similar purpose to PolyGel nails. However, monomer and slip solutions aren’t the same and shouldn’t be used interchangeably. 

Slip solution doesn’t have the same active ingredients as monomer, giving monomer its strong fumes. So, it may not be wise to use a monomer as a slip solution.


PolyGel nails are a relatively easy and convenient nail service to perform at home. It requires minimal tools, but getting your hands on a slip solution can still be challenging. Slip solution thins out PolyGel to sculpt the nails and aid in removal.

Some popular alternative benefits of slip solution include Isopropyl alcohol, gel base coat, and non-acetone nail polish remover.

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