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7 Best Nail Art Mats

by Gabbi

Nails are a form of self-expression, and what better way to display your personality than with nail art? The only downside is that nail art can be time-consuming, and more importantly, it can be messy, and nobody wants to deal with that headache.

Investing in a nail mat can save you half the time and trouble next time you do your nails. It will protect your work surface, and it’s lightweight, so you can pack or store them wherever you have space. They are ideal for professionals and beginners. 

What are the best nail art mats? The best nail mats are made of sturdy and washable material like silicone. This will ensure any mess you make can be wiped away with ease. Silicone is also flexible, crease-proof, and foldable. 

How many times have you ruined your favorite desk or coffee table with glitter or polish? It’s time to leave those days in the past. Nail art mats are flexible and lightweight, and there is one for every budget. 

Whether you’re a professional nail technician or you love doing your nails at home, nail art is a form of therapy. It shouldn’t be stressful, and cleaning up should be the last task on your mind. So are you ready to find the nail art mat of your dreams? 

Nail Art Mats – Buyer’s Guide

1. Material 

Nail art mats are usually made from silicone. Silicone is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand all the chemicals and paints that make nail polishes. This material is flexible, washable, foldable; you name it, it will last you a lifetime. 

Some silicone mats are multipurpose, and others are specially manufactured to deal with nail art. Those types of mats can deal with acetone, all kinds of nail polish, gels, acrylic, and more. 

2. Design

This is where nail art mats can vary. Nail art mats can offer various nail icons and printed designs to help you practice polish application and nail design. Some mats can offer built-in rulers, color mixing areas, and directions. In addition, other mats can be completely blank. 

If you are a beginner, opting for a mat with guides and nail icons is the ideal choice to learn how to apply polish and design decals. However, for the pros, a blank nail mat can fit all your needs. 

Silicone Nail Art Mats

RankProductKey Features
1.Anself Nail Art Silicone MatNail shape decals, grid for polish application
2.SegaBeauty DIY Nail Art Stamping Mats2 mats, ruler and test zone, portable
3.Americanails Acrylic Nail Training MatSilicone, practice nail art decals,
4.Bliss Kiss Neat Manicure MatSimple icons, transparent silicone
5.Gartful Silicone Sheets3 pack, several colors, blank, silicone
6.Noverlife Nail Art Silicone Mat4 designs, hand cushion, silicone
7.FRColor Nail Art Stamping MatSeveral colors, practice decals, silicone

1. Anself Nail Art Silicone Mat 

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Anself is a brand dedicated to manufacturing equipment, tools, and products that cater to all beauty professionals.

They have your back covered with nail lamps, gels, mannequin heads, massage guns, and even nail art mats. 

Anself’s nail art mat is made from a durable silicone material and features prints so that any nail enthusiast can master their craft.

This mat is portable and can function at the salon, at home, and even while traveling. It’ll fold up and fit in any bag. 

Even though it’s foldable, the mat is crease-proof, so no matter how long it ends up being stored, it will look as good as new. The mat is also washable, waterproof, and simple to clean. It will allow you to perfect the reverse nail stamping technique too.

This mat is transparent with various nail shapes and outlines to design your nail art. In addition, the mat features a grid to help beginners learn nail applications with different zones and sizes to apply nail polish.

No matter what surface you are working on, this mat will offer a layer of protection. The different nail shapes will allow you to practice and customize nail decals and designs. The dimensions of the mat are 15.5 x 11.6 in to cover most surfaces. 

Now you’ll never struggle to lay polish down without a flaw. It’s great for practicing techniques you aren’t confident with and can help with every professional nail service at your salon. This nail art mat will be able to tag along for all your nail adventures.

2. SegaBeauty DIY Nail Art Stamping Mats 

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SegaBeauty is another supplier that provides everything a professional beautician needs. This is one of their many products that are simple to use, easy to clean, and, more importantly, help you perfect your craft.

In this bundle, SegaBeauty offers you two nail art mats to cater to all your design needs. Both mats have transparent nail shape icons for you to learn how to design and apply polish. In addition, they come with grids for learning sizing and product control.

SegaBeauty states that their mats also include a color and ruler test zone. Their grids are organized by the rule of thirds for each finger and allow you to understand how a design can fit on a specific nail shape. There is also a space to mix color combos. 

The mats also double as table protectors. There is no need to stress if messes take place. They are bound to happen in a creative space. Gel polish or regular polish can easily be cleaned with acetone, a lint roller, and even sticky tape.

In addition, these mats are lightweight and portable. They can be stored away in any space and are foldable or can easily roll-up. They’re also made from a flexible, durable, washable silicone, so you can rest assured it will last forever.

SegaBeauty crafted this mat for professional and at home use. It can work with various nail systems like acrylic, gel, and regular polish. It’s ideal for beginners in training, designing custom decals, and nail art testing. 

3. Americanails Acrylic Nail Training Mat 

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Americanails is a leading brand in all things nails. Every nail tech can find their whole setup within just one store.

In addition to all the nail lamps, mannequin hands, polishes, and fun glitters, they also offer detail-oriented nail art mats. 

This nail mat is also made from a durable silicone material that’s flexible and rolls up with ease. The mat is large enough to protect any desk or table you’re working on, and it’s compact to fit in any storage space. It can be stored right in your nail kit. 

Americanails created this nail mat officially for individuals training with acrylic nails. One of the most challenging techniques to master with acrylics is learning how to place the bead of product properly. Also, the consistency of acrylic is crucial to know. 

The Acrylic Nail Training Mat has multiple zones of all shapes and sizes to perfect the ideal bead of acrylic. There are also icons with different nail shapes to learn how to apply to each form. You can even test various color combinations for creativity. 

Acrylic powder can be highly damaging to the nails when they are misapplied. So having a practice mat will ensure you feel confident in your application before transferring your skills to an actual client. Even the pros can get use from this mat.

In addition, the mat has directions, tips, and tricks that will help you learn as you continue to apply your beads. Clean-up will also be a breeze; just wipe with acetone, and it will be brand new. It’s dimensions are 15.59 x 12.05 x .43 inches.

4. Bliss Kiss Neat Manicure Mat 

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This mat will help improve your stamping techniques in addition to perfecting your nail art.

Bliss Kiss’s nail art mat is ideal for beginners or those experimenting with stamping. The design is simple, and it doesn’t feature too many icons.

Their primary mission is to make nail art accessible. It’s also made from transparent silicone for easy use. 

The mat itself has black and white grids for testing products. In addition, you can create and contain circles, and the mat also holds rhinestones, charms, and beads. The grids allow you to achieve the perfect size and space for custom designs.

Bliss Kiss also ensured that any surface you are working on is protected from any messes. Like the other mats above, this one can be easily cleaned with acetone and a paper towel. This will allow you to design endless creative stamps. 

The dimensions of this mat are 15.8 x 11.8 x .08 inches and weigh only about five ounces making it easily portable. It’s the ultimate tool to simplify nail art for beginners, especially since it can be taken anywhere on the go without a second thought.

5. Gartful Silicone Sheets

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Gartful may not know the beauty industry, but they know arts and crafts; more importantly, they know how to keep your surface clean. These silicone sheet mats are multipurpose to cater to all different projects, including nail art.

Because these mats are multipurpose and not explicitly made for nail art, they don’t have nail icons printed on them. Instead, they are blank with a solid color. This may not be helpful for beginners, but professionals will love the space for creativity. 

In this bundle, you’ll receive three mats, all with dimensions 15.7 x 11.8 inches. In addition, they are available in an array of colors. They have non-skid backings, and the mat is waterproof, heat-resistant, non-staining, and made of durable silicone. 

Grartful’s multipurpose silicone mats will also protect any surface against grease, burns, water, resin, paint, oil, scratches; you name it. Even if this mat is for your little ones at home, you can rest assured that your beautiful surfaces will remain intact. 

Also, these mats are a breeze to clean and store away. They can be cleaned with just water and a dishcloth. When you’re done using it, you can roll it up and store it in any space. It’s also crease-proof and can stay rolled up for days without cracks or marks. 

While they may not be intended for nail art, they are still perfectly designed to let your creativity run wild. Whether you need to practice a new design or create decals, the mat will be your blank canvas. Once you’re done it’ll be a breeze to pack up and take on the go. 

6. Noverlife Nail Art Silicone Mat 

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Noverlife also put a unique twist on their nail art mat. In this set, you’ll receive a silicone nail art mat in addition to a hand cushion pillow. This is the ultimate duo whether you are designing decals or performing a nail service. 

This mat is different because it doesn’t have nail icons to practice with and instead features a lace heart design. It’s fantastic for handling messes, allowing you to mix color combinations, and protecting any surfaces.

This set is available in 4 different colors, and the nail art mat is made from a sturdy silicone material. It’s heat-resistant, waterproof, washable, and portable. In addition, the soft silicone material makes it easy to store and roll up without any creasing.

The hand pillow can be placed on top of the mat. The pad is ergonomically correct, and it can hold the wrist comfortably for both the artist and the client. In addition, it can elevate the manicure service and add a professional look and feel to the mat.

Noverlife’s mat is 11.7 x 15.5 inches, while the hand pillow is 8.7 x 1.8 x 3.2 inches. In addition, it’s easy to clean with just water and a paper towel and will protect any surface you choose to work on. It also doubles as a beautiful background for pictures.

This mat is ideal for any nail enthusiasts and professionals alike. Noverlife’s set is also the ideal gift for kids and events like birthday parties, sleepovers, and Christmas. This set can be easily packed in a nail kit and taken on the go too. 

7. FRColor Nail Art Stamping Mat 

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No matter what event or activity you’re planning, FrColor can supply you with all the tools you need, that includes nail art too.

The FrColor mat is the perfect introduction to nail art for beginners, kids, or nail enthusiasts. Even the pros will love this mat. 

FrColor’s mat is available in a transparent/white color in addition to pink and purple colors. The soft silicone mat can be folded up with ease when you need to store it, and it’s washable, making cleaning up after messes a breeze. 

This nail art mat has various nail icons to help you practice polish applications and design decals. It features different shapes and sizes of fingernail icons, but it also features feet icons to master the art of pedicures. 

FrColor also featured a ruler on the mat, which helps you understand if the size of your art is suitable for your nails. There is also a black accent circle to help with mixing and pairing colors together. The grids also ensure everything is aligned. 

The dimensions of the mat are 28 cm x 21 cm and are large enough to protect any surface you choose to work on. The icons can work with any polish or textures like chunky glitters. Also, you can learn stamping in a flash to transfer your designs. 

You can now let your creativity run wild without the fear of a brutal clean-up session afterward. 

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