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9 Best Peel-Off Nail Polishes (Ultimate Guide)

by Gabbi

There are many different ways you can add colors to your nails nowadays. You could opt for a gel manicure, acrylic tips, traditional nail polish, and more.

Undoubtedly, the easiest of all the nail color techniques to use is peel-off nail polish. Just as the name describes, you paint the nail polish on, enjoy the color for a while, and then peel it off when you want something new!

Peel-off nail polish is perfect for those who like to change their nail color often, and for those who don’t want to use damaging chemicals like acetone to remove color.

But what are the best peel-off nail polishes? The best peel-off nail polish peels off easily but doesn’t come off too soon. It should be easy to peel off but still offer some resistance to chipping easily. It should not contain any harsh chemicals that might cause damage to your nails.

To help you choose the best peel-off nail polish to use on your nails, we have compiled this complete guide, which has everything you need to know about peel-off nail polish, and our recommendations for the best ones on the market!

What Is Peel-Off Nail Polish?

Peel-off nail polishes, just like normal nail polish, come in a variety of colors and styles. Peel-off nail polishes differ from traditional nail polishes because they can be easily peeled off the nail when you want to remove them.

This is so beneficial to many, as traditional nail polish needs to be removed using nail polish remover, such as acetone, which could cause damage to the nails, drying them out and even turning them yellow.

Peel-off nail polishes come in a few different forms. You could choose a peel-off nail paint, a peel-off base coat, or a peel-off cuticle protector. The peel-off polish you use will depend on what you are looking for, but all of these work pretty much the same.

Made with unique ingredients, peel-off nail polish will not damage your nails when removed and instead is designed to care for and nourish your nails. Most peel-off nail polishes are water-based, which is why there are no chemicals needed to remove them.

If you are looking for convenience and ease of use, peel-off nail polish is just what you need! It is ideal for when you want to change your nail color for a night out, or want to remove the color on the go.

The Ultimate Guide To Peel-Off Nail Polish

Not all peel-off nail polishes are made the same, and some take shortcuts and use ingredients that might not be too healthy for your nails, or be as durable and long-lasting as you would have hoped. To ensure you choose the best peel-off nail polish possible, keep the below considerations in mind when making your choice!


While many peel-off nail polishes are water-based, there are quite a few different formulations, which allows a wide range of people to be able to use them. There are peel-off nail polishes that are safe for children to use, and some which are safe for pregnant women to use.

One thing that peel-off nail polishes have in common is that most are free from harsh chemicals which could cause damage and drying to your nails, and which would require acetone to remove.

The type of peel-off nail polish you choose will also determine the ingredients used in the formula. A peel-off gel base coat will contain different ingredients to regular peel-off nail polish, but the formula will still be gentle and kind to your nails.

Stay away from any peel-off nail polishes that contain DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene which are harmful to both your nails and your health!

Color Choices

When choosing a brand of peel-off nail polishes, make sure to look for one that has a wide range of colors, especially if you love to change your nail polish color often, which is what peel-off polishes allow you to do!

With peel-off nail polish colors being so easy to change, it really does help to have a wide range to choose between. There are also many different styles to choose from, such as glitter or matte, so you can enjoy some nail art with ease as well.

Long-Lasting And Durable

Peel-off nail polish will never be as durable as normal nail polish, or gel. This isn’t such a problem though if you are the type of person that likes to change their nail color often.

If you like to go with a different color every few days, a water-based peel-off polish is best, as these are made to last up to 3 days. While this isn’t too long, it is because the polish does not contain harsh chemicals, which is definitely a benefit.

For something a little more long-lasting, up to a few weeks, you could choose a peel-off base coat. Regular nail polish, or gel polish, can be applied over this, which is much more durable. Your nails will still be protected from the regular polish, and you can still peel the base coat off at any point.

Type Of Peel-Off Nail Polish

You can find a few forms of peel-off polish. There is the peel-off nail polish color, which is just the color that you apply to your nail, and then remove when it is time for a change.

Next, there is a peel-off base coat, which is a clear coat painted on the nail first, and then you can paint normal gel or nail polish over it. You can use any nail polish over this, but as the base coat is a peel-off, it will all peel together. This is helpful if you have a favorite gel color that you want to use, but still want to enjoy the peel-off benefit!

Lastly, there is a peel-off cuticle protector. This is a handy product that is painted on your cuticle and the skin around your nails, to protect your skin from any nail polish you are using. This is really great to use when doing nail art, and you know polish might get onto the skin around your nails.

Once done, simply peel the cuticle protector off, and the skin underneath will be left clean and unpolished!

9 Best Peel-Off Nail Polishes

Now that you know what to keep in mind when choosing the best peel-off nail polish to use, here are our top picks on the market at the moment!

RankProductKey Features
1.Butter London Purecure Peel-Off Lacquer10 colors, smooth consistency, 2 week
2.Bontime Non-Toxic Easy Peel Nail Polish6 colors, quick-dry, no UV required, 3 days
3.Abitzon Peel-Off Nail Polish Set10 colors, non-toxic, eco-friendly, quick-dry
4.Oul’isi Easy Peel-Off Nail Polish Set10 colors, quick-dry, no UV required
5.Color Club Nail LacquerWater-based, free from harsh chemicals
6.Liquid Latex For NailsIncludes tweezers, shields cuticles
7.Colorrose Mirror Easy Peel Nail Polish7 colors, organic, water-based, non-toxic
8.UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base CoatFree from harsh chemicals, lasts 3 days
9.Claire’s Peel-Off Nail Polish SetSix rainbow colors, shimmery, skin-safe
Bonus (For Kids)Townley Girl Disney Frozen Peel-Off Nail Polish18 colors, shimmery and opaque, non-toxic

1. Butter London Purecure Peel-Off Lacquer

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If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to peel-off manicures, look no further than the Butter line from London.

This nail polish is aptly names for its smooth consistency that’s easy to apply and gentle on your nails. When you decide it’s time to try a new color and peel off your manicure, you’ll reveal clean and unharmed nails underneath.

This is a quick-drying formula for a fast and easy manicure with a flawless finish. It’s available in 10 colors, so you’ll always have the perfect shade, no matter how often you want to switch it up.

This nail polish is not meant to last longer than a few weeks, but as soon as you spot peeling, you can remove it all without any mess or harsh chemicals and apply a fresh new coat within minutes.

2. Bontime Non-Toxic Easy Peel Nail Polish

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The Bontime Peel-Off Nail Polish is water-based and contains no harsh chemicals that could damage your nails.

There are no chemicals or solvents found in the nail polish, so they are gentle and kind to nails, and easily peel off when you want the color removed.

The nail polish can be painted on easily, and only needs 90 seconds to dry per layer. You do not need to use a UV lamp for the polish to dry, so you can paint them on the go!

The polish will last for up to 3 days once painted, just in time for you to change to the next color!

With 6 different nail colors included in the set, you can really choose a color to suit your mood each day! To make the colors stand out even more, the set comes included with a high-shine base and topcoat, which further protects the color.

The polish brushes are high-quality, and allow you to paint the polish on evenly and smoothly, ensuring your nails look as gorgeous as possible!

3. Abitzon Peel-Off Nail Polish Set

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Non-toxic and eco-friendly, the Abitzon Peel-Off Nail Polish Set contains no harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, DBP, or toluene, so you know they are safe and gentle on your nails, and that they will cause no irritation at all!

The quick-drying formula dries in around 60 seconds, and you need no UV lamp to dry the polish.

When it is time to remove the polish from your nails, you just need to soak your nails in warm water for a little while, and then easily peel away the polish from your nails.

There are 10 different colors included in the kit, all bright and rich pigments that really help your nail color stand out! They can be worn at casual affairs or taken for a night on the town, and easily changed between events too.

To make the colors long-lasting, wash and dry your hands before use and apply 2 layers of peel-off polish, followed by a topcoat for extra durability.

With bright and bold colors and easy removal, these peel-off polishes are an absolute must-have for anyone who loves to be perfectly manicured!

4. Oul’isi Easy Peel-Off Nail Polish Set

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These polishes are straight from the Oul’isi official store, and carry the quality that the brand name has to offer.

The water-based and peelable nail polish is wonderfully easy to use and safe on nails. There is no need to use special polish remover, the colors simply peel away when you want to change the color you are wearing.

Thanks to the unique formulation of the nail polish, it dries within 90 seconds without the use of a UV lamp. This means you can paint and get going, without having to wait for ages for the colors to dry – which also means less smudging!

Easy to apply, the polish is smooth and brushes on well. The colors all keep their bold pigments even when dry, and can be taken from casual occasions to work, and even to special events.

Before applying the polish, make sure to clean your nails well and apply the base coat first. You can then apply 2 layers of color, and apply the base coat as a finishing coat. This will ensure the color is long-lasting and durable until it is time to remove it! 

5. Color Club Nail Lacquer

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Color Club has a wide range of peel-off nail polish colors to choose from, but this Hot Pink is definitely one of our favorites!

These water-based colors are odor-free and are easily removed by peeling. You do not have to give up on bright colors or durability when using these peel-off colors, and you can enjoy bold, long-lasting nail polish, which is easily removed without chemicals!

Achieve full coverage with 2-3 coats of the Color Club Nail Lacquer, which stays in place until you decide it is time for a change in color.

The formula is 18-free, which means it is free from 18 harsh chemicals that are often found in normal nail products.

The water-based nail polish does no damage to your nails, and instead allows you to enjoy bright and bold colors without any of the bad stuff!

6. Liquid Latex For Nails

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This liquid latex kit includes 2 bottles of liquid latex and stainless steel tweezers.

This isn’t a nail polish you would use to paint over your nails, but rather a peel-off protective layer that protects your skin from being painted along with your nails!

You simply paint the latex polish along the edges of your nail, directly onto your skin. Allow it to dry and then get painting.

It is especially helpful when stamping and doing quite messy forms of nail art, and it protects your skin from contact with the polish and with acetone.

Once you have finished painting your nails and the polish has dried, you can use the tweezers to lift the latex up off of your skin, and slowly peel it away. The liquid latex is safe to use on your skin and should not hurt or cause any irritation when applied or removed.

This professional skin barrier is the best way to protect your skin from polish and chemicals, and helps you to achieve a clean, precise finish on your nails, with no mess around the edges!

7. Colorrose Mirror Easy Peel Nail Polish

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The Colorrose Mirror Easy Peel Nail Polish set contains polishes that are organic, water-based, and non-toxic. The colors are all cruelty-free and made with your health and safety in mind.

There is no need to use a UV lamp to dry off the nail polish, and once painted, the polish dries within 90 seconds. Once you decide to change colors, you can simply peel the nail polish off and paint your next favorite color!

All of the colors are long-lasting and vivid. The matte nail polish provides bold and pigmented colors that help to perfect a manicured look. Proper application can see to the colors lasting for 2 weeks at a time!

The set has a good range of colors, and even a more pink and glittery palette, for when you really feel like glamming things up a bit.

8. UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base Coat

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The Peel-Off Base Coat from UNT is perfect for when you have some favorite nail polish colors that aren’t peel-off, but you still want to enjoy all the peel-off benefits and protect your nails from direct contact with harsh chemicals and acetone.

The 10-free formula means that the peel-off base coat is free from chemicals that other base coats might contain, such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, resin, xylene, and more.

Even the hardest to remove polishes, such as glitter coats, can easily be peeled away when you want to remove them.

The base coat dries in a clear protective coating, and will not interfere at all with the color you are painting over it. It is also ideal for when you are wanting to try out new nail art techniques, but do not want these to damage your nails, or be difficult to remove.

Being non-glue-based, you can peel the base coat off every 2 to 3 days, for when you want to try out a new gel color or a new nail art technique. It is important to note that this base coat is not compatible with artificial nails, and works best when applied to natural nails.

9. Claire’s Rainbow Peel-Off Nail Polish Set (For Tweens)

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This all-in-one manicure kit from Claire’s is perfect for any age to use!

The box kit contains 6 shimmery nail polishes in purple, blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink – a rainbow color for almost every day of the week!

The colors are all perfect to mix and match together to create bright and bold designs, and once you want to try something new, you can simply peel the colors away.

Being water-based, the polishes are safe on nails and skin and are easy to remove without the use of acetone. Full of fun colors, and being safe and kind on skin and nails, this set really is a great option!

Bonus Product: Townley Girl Disney Frozen Peel-Off Nail Polish (For Kids)

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The Townley Girl Disney Frozen Peel-Off Nail Polish was made to be safe for children to use to paint their nails, but there is absolutely no reason the polishes can’t be used for adults as well!

This set includes an incredible 18 colors, ranging from glittery and opaque, and including colors such as pink, green, yellow, orange, dark blue, sky blue, red, and more!

Being non-toxic, the polish is safe for children aged 3 years and older to use. The polishes are water-based, and all have a delightful bubble gum scent that makes them such fun to use!

Once painted, the formula dries quickly on nails, so you or your little one do not have to sit around for ages waiting for the polish to dry.

There is no need to use nail polish remover, as the colors easily peel off when it is time to change colors, and do not cause any harm to the nail when removed. 

The colors are bright, fun, and glittery! They can be matched with your outfit and your mood, and you can share them with your little one too.

Final Thoughts

Peel-off nail polishes really are so wonderfully easy to use! You get to choose a different color for each of your moods or outfits, and change the color by simply peeling away the old coat!

As most peel-off nail polishes are water-based, they are kind and gentle on nails, and will not cause any damage or drying.

Peel-off nail polishes come in a few forms, whether it is the actual color polish, the base coat, or a latex cuticle protection, there is a wide range to choose from, and the perfect peel-off nail polish to suit your lifestyle!

Related Questions

Is peel-off nail polish good for your nails?

It is never a good idea to peel off nail polish from your nails, as this can remove the surface layer of your nails and cause ridges and peeling, which is never healthy for nails.

However, peel-off nail polishes are designed to not stick down to the surface of the nail, and when peeled away should not take away much of the surface layer, so they are much safer to use than regular polish.

Is a peel-off base coat good for nails?

A peel-off base coat is much better for your nails than soaking off a base coat in acetone or scraping it away with the rest of the gel nail polish. It simply peels away, along with whatever was painted on top of it, when you want to remove the color you are wearing.

A peel-off base coat is better for your nails than a regular base coat, but it does have limitations and might not be as long-lasting as regular base coats, although your nails will be much healthier for using it!

How long does a peel-off base coat last?

On average, a peel-off base coat lasts for up to 10 days before it will start peeling or chipping. When this happens, remove all the polish from your nails and apply the base coat and color again.

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