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Acrylic And Press-On Nails For Men – Complete Guide

by Gabbi

With shows like HBO’s Euphoria on the up and up, it’s no wonder why there’s been a notable popularity surge in lengthy, intricately designed nails. It should be noted that we have zero complaints about it – using nails as an extension of self expression should only be celebrated.

Along with the rise of nail designs in general, there’s been a huge spike in men painting their nails as well. While it may have started off with edgy, all-black manicures, the male nail care world has grown into something beautiful and incredibly inclusive.

But for men branching away from the basic manicures and wading the waters into more complex techniques, like acrylics and press-ons, there may be some confusion as to what they should be looking for.

So, can men get acrylic and press-on nails done? Absolutely. Getting your nails done is a genderless experience, regardless of method or application technique. But, male hands have their differences from female hands, so there are some details about your options you need to keep in mind.

Trying out new nail methods can be a confusing experience for anyone, but if your concern is finding the best fit for manlier hands, consider this your personalized manual on everything acrylic and press on nails – specifically for guys!

What Are Press-On Nails?

Press-on nails are just about the easiest nail application method on the market. They’re so simple, in fact, that they are almost always done in the comfort of your own home.

They’re affordable, can be as intricate or basic as you’d like, and can even be reused with proper care. When you find them in store, they come with everything you’ll need already in the kit, including: the nails, nail glue, and a mini nail file. 

Press-on nails, simply put, are artificially made nails that simply need to be glued onto your natural nail. They can come in various lengths and designs, and we find them to be a great choice for men just starting out on their nail journey because of how low maintenance they are. 

Picking Out A Press-On

Wide Nail Shape

Men tend to have wider nail beds than women, and this is can be cause for frustration when you’re trying to pick out press-on nails. Thankfully, there are brands out there that have more universal nail shapes so you can wear this manicure option with confidence.

Multiple Sizes

Instead of buying a press-on nail kit that only contain the 10 nails for each of your fingers, you can consider buying a nail set that contains multiple different sizes. These typically come in more basic colors, but we love this option so you don’t need to make any compromises when it comes to the size of the press-on.

Clear Nail Tips

If you’re a pro at painting your nails, or if you want more freedom to personalize your nail designs, purchasing clear nail tips is also a fantastic option. 

We like this option for those who work with their hands more, as clear nail tips tend to be a bit thicker than the traditional press-on nails. It’s unlikely that your clear nail tip set will come with a nail glue, so we suggest buying one separately.

Our favorite no-budge nail glue is this one by Nailbond.

Nail Wraps

If you’re okay with a bit more elaborate of an application technique, nail wraps are another incredible option when it comes to your manicures.

Like press-on nails, they stick right to the surface of your natural nail and can be as detailed or classic as you’d like them.

Nail wraps are typically wide, as they can be used on your toenails as well, making them the closest to “one size fits all” as you can find the nail realm! You can even cut and file them for a better fit.

Our Favorite Press-On Nails For Men

RankProductKey Features
1.Glamnetic Press-On NailsColorful designs, break and chip resistant =
2.Maitys Short Matte Press-OnsMatte colors, 8 sets, 10 sizes, short
3.Maitys Nail WrapsWraps, 16 sheets, 2 mini nail files
4.720 Piece Press-On Nails30 color sets, wide size range, durable
5.TIPHULAN Clear Coffin False Nail TipsFor creating your own designs, clear

1. Glamnetic Press-On Nails

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Want something colorful that will make you stand out from the crowd? Glamnetic is a brand that places a lot of care into their products, and it’s extremely apparent with their press-on nail line.

Not only do they come in a multitude of designs, they also come with various different sizes in a single box, ensuring an entirely custom fit for every single buyer.

These nails are salon comparable and UV treated – meaning they won’t break or chip like some of the options you’ll find in your local grocery store.

With proper care, each set can last you up to three weeks. In a box, you’ll find your nails (in multiple sizes, with extras), a storage box, nail glue, a cuticle stick, and alcohol pad. To remove, simply soak your nails in warm water for 10 minutes, and the nails will pop right off – no need for acetone or harsh buffing!

2. Maitys Short Matte Press-Ons

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If you’re a fan of basic manicures, then you’ll love everything about this press-on nail set. You’ll receive 8 boxes of short, square, matte press on-nails.

Each box contains 24 nails, ranging in size from about 14.5mm in width (widest) to 7mm in width (smallest) – there are 10 different sizes in between, meaning you’ll be hard pressed to not find your perfect fit.

This kit also comes with 8 sheets of nail glue stickers in place of the traditional bottle of nail glue.

To use, simply clean your nail, place the adhesive sticker onto the surface of your nail, and press the acrylic nail on top- holding it down to give it ample time to adhere. These press-on nails are reusable, so a single box can last you months with proper care.

3. Maitys Nail Wraps

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These are a perfect pick if you’re looking for a nail design that’s subtle, with just a touch of glitter. In this nail set, you’ll find 16 sheets of nail wraps in different colors, and two mini nail files. 

If you’re worried about the effects that strong nail glue can have on the surface of your nails, or if your natural nails are particularly brittle to begin with – we recommend this option above a traditional press-on nail.

To use, gently peel the adhesive nail wrap from the sheet, and carefully press it onto the surface of your nail. Take care not to leave any bubbles by carefully smoothing it on. Then, using the nail files in the kit (or from your personal manicure arsenal) file away the the excess from the tip of your nail.

Style Tip: If you want your nail wraps to last longer, lock in the style with a layer of clear top coat

4. 720 Piece Press-On Nails

Check Current Price on Amazon

Do you like customizing your nails to a certain color palette? Or maybe you rarely keep the same color polish on for more than a week at a time?

If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with buying this press-on nail set that contains 720 press-ons in 30 different colors. 

These nails are a little longer than your typical press-on, but can be easily clipped and filed down into your desired length. These nails are extremely durable, yet light enough that you won’t feel a difference between them and your natural nail. 

They range in width from about 18mm to 9mm meaning that those with wider nail beds can find their perfect fit, and are applied with a dot of nail glue (which is not included).

5. TIPHULAN Clear Coffin False Nail Tips

Check Current Price on Amazon

Polish savvy? We love that, and would never want to limit your creative spirit by having you choose from pre-designed press-ons! 

These nail tips are clear, lengthy, and range in size from .7 cm across to 1.3 cm. The 10 available sizes are numbered 0-9, so once you find your custom fit, you won’t need to search through each nail again next time you’re ready for a new set.

Clear, acrylic tips like this are typically paired with gel polishes, so if you have experience with using gel, even better!

However, they will work just as well with a traditional nail polish and top coat. Because of the strength of the base, you’ll be able to have a chip-free, long-lasting manicure for longer than on your natural nails (up to a month).

These nail tips are quite long and coffin-shaped, and can be clipped and filed down to whatever style you like. The set comes with salon-quality nail-glue, so you won’t need to purchase adhesive separately.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are among the most popular nail styles that you can get done, especially for those looking for extremely lengthy styles, but they’re also an option for those looking for something a little more natural. 

Acrylic nails were, surprisingly, invented by a male dentist looking for a solution that could fix his broken nail. That’s right – this technique is male-made!

While it may seem like witchcraft, the application process is simple. A powder and liquid monomer are mixed together and form a sort of dough-y substance. This dough is then shaped onto your nail, air-dried, and painted with nail polish.

If you’d like to see the process in action, take a look at this video from Kiara Sky Nails on YouTube.

Why Would You Get Acrylic Nails?

Making the assumption that acrylic nails are only for those looking for flamboyant styles would be an incorrect one – as men and women alike love acrylic nails for even more basic designs.

You can get acrylic nails done because simply because you’re looking for long lasting style, but did you know there are more practical reasons why a man might opt to get acrylics done over a basic polish?

Brittle Nails

It’s easy to fall under the guise that men have strong, thick nails, but that’s unfortunately untrue. Nails are as unique as the human who grows them, so there are a number of men who can find themselves with thin or brittle fingernails. These can chip, rip, or break off easily, causing unnecessary pain. 

Getting acrylics done protects the brittle nail, shielding it with a thick, polymer layer that keeps it away from the potentially damaging environment. When done correctly, your nail artist can shape your acrylic to make it look completely indiscernible from your natural nail-giving you the extra confidence to work with your hands without worry. 

You may be scared of the rumor that acrylic nails can weaken your natural nails, but this is simply untrue. How healthy your natural nails stay relies entirely on you, and your nail artist.

We recommend you do thorough research on the nail stylist you go to to get your acrylics done. Don’t be afraid to ask your nail-savvy friends for suggestions on where they go, and always trust your gut!

If your technician is careless and messy with their technique, or if you feel pain or see blood at any point during your appointment, head towards the door.

Being careful with your acrylics is a necessity. While they may be strong, you shouldn’t be exposing them to pressure for extended periods of time, nor should you be soaking them in water. When it comes time for removal, soak your nails in acetone for 15 minutes and simply pop the acrylic off. 

If you’re apprehensive about doing it on your own, you can always get them professionally soaked and removed at your technicians salon!


Men and women alike suffer from nail biting. It’s a habit that can truly overtake your life, and finally finding the courage to kick it can be a difficult journey.

So if you’ve searched for every possible solution, or have tried out a dozen techniques, and still can’t find a fix for your bad habit- then getting acrylic nails done may be your saving grace.

Since acrylics form a sort of shell around your natural nails, the chances of your teeth being able to bite through and cause further damage is slim to none. This makes acrylic a fantastic option for those looking to prohibit themselves from biting in the first place.

Or maybe you’ve grown insecure of the state your biting habits have left your nails in, and are looking for a way to have them looking natural and lengthy again. Because press-on nails require a fair amount of surface area to adhere to, using them on bitten nails is not an option.

But since acrylic is made to add length to your nails , you don’t need a lot to begin with. This method also allows your natural nail to grow to a healthier length underneath the acrylic. Once removed, and once you see how nice your nails look again, it could be inspiration enough for you to kick nail-biting entirely.

Related Questions

Can I get press-on nails custom sized?

If you have extra wide nails, or want a more snug fit than store-bought press-on nails have to offer, you can definitely look for custom shaped nail tips!

You can find these on Etsy at varying price ranges. They’re not just size customizable either, you can actually ask for various designs to be painted on. Custom nails are typically on the pricier end of press-ons, but they’re high enough quality to be reused a number of times.

Can men get gel nails done?

Absolutely! Gel nails are totally an option for men looking to shield their natural nails, but aren’t quite sure if they’re ready for the industrial strength of acrylics.

We especially recommend them to those who are fans of rich, pigmented color. Gel nails are known for their high shine, and can be dressed up or down- so they’re a great choice for men looking for basic or high fashion designs. 

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