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5 Best Face Powders For Men

by Gabbi

The beauty industry is slowly but surely fighting for diversity, including normalizing the fact that many men wear makeup. Face powders are ideal for breaking into the makeup world since they are natural and undetectable on the skin.

What are the best face powders for men? The best face powders for men will offer a soft matte finish to control oil while remaining natural looking. They don’t add color to change the skin tone, and these face powders won’t leave you dry or washed out. 

Face powders aren’t complicated to use, and they can be versatile and remove shine wherever you need it the most. Although you won’t need to add too much product, some powders recommend reapplication when required while others are more long-lasting. 

So if you need an introduction into the makeup world, you came to the right place. Whether you are interested in formulas, packaging, or branding, the top face powder picks are listed below, along with various tips for you to become an educated buyer. 

Choosing A Face Powder For Men

Almost every cosmetic brand has a face powder that works for all genders, skin tones, and skin types. However, due to this new push of diversity, some cosmetics companies precisely formulate their products for the average man to use daily. Here are some things to consider.

1. Loose Or Pressed 

Face powders are usually available in two formulas which are pressed compact powders and loose setting powders. Pressed powders are great for travel and can be easily taken on the go. They typically come with a mirror and an applicator for easy use. 

Loose powders are finely milled and challenging to take on the go. They offer a more natural finish and can be layered on the skin throughout the day without looking cakey. Whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed a flawless soft matte finish. 

2. Color 

Most face powders are transparent or translucent, meaning that they don’t add extra color to the skin. This is ideal for a natural finish without looking like you are wearing makeup. 

In addition, there are options with color to brighten the complexion or conceal blemishes. Translucent powder can be swiped on the skin without a mirror since it mainly improves your skin’s texture and keeps oil at bay. 

In addition, if you do wear base makeup, the translucent powder can set it in place without altering your foundation shade.

Best Face Powders For Men 

RankProductKey Features
1.Dermablend Loose Setting Powder16 hour wear, smudge-resistant, 3 shades
2.Best Face Powders For MenSeveral shades, reduces redness
3.Formen Shine Removal Translucent PowderMatte finish, cruelty-free, translucent
4.Etude House Zero Sebum Drying PowderCombats oily skin, for use all over face
5.Jolie Invisible Pressed Blotting PowderInvisible, universal shade, lightweight
Bonus:W7 Set It Up SFX Face PowderProfessional-grade, cruelty-free

1. Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

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Dermablend has one of the most raved about setting powders. It works exceptionally well for men who deal with acne or have blemish-prone skin.

Dermablend ensures that their loose setting powder can cover up your skin while remaining natural. 

Dermablend also offers their Loose Setting Powder in different colors. The original formula works for all skin types, cool beige enhances cool tones for light to medium skin tones, and warm saffron enhances warm tones for dark to deep skin tones. 

This one, in particular, is the original formula that is translucent and offers a matte finish. So whether you are dealing with acne, working on set, or love a full-coverage finish, this powder will be your best friend! It will blend seamlessly on the face. 

The Loose Setting Powder will offer 16-hour wear while also being transfer/smudge-resistant. In addition, it will control and keep oil at bay without creating a cakey layer of product. It’s wonderful for men with sensitive skin.

Dermablend’s powder is Dermatologist Tested for Safety and is formulated without harsh or irritating ingredients. The Loose Setting Powder is simple to swirl on the face when you need a touch-up. It’s just that easy!

2. Menaji HDPV Anti-Shine Powder

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If you’re not in the market for translucent powder and need something with a little more coverage for redness or blemishes, this powder from Menaji would be a fantastic choice.

Not only does this powder blot and mattify oily skin, but it also smooths rough textures, conceals blemishes, and evens your skin tone. It’s even infused with vitamins E and C for a bright and clear complexion.

While most products on our list come as translucent and invisible powders, this one comes in 5 shades to blend seamlessly into your skin while hiding imperfections.

3. Formen Shine Removal Translucent Powder

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House of Formen is one of the leading cosmetic brands that cater to men.

They offer high-quality products without over-the-top packaging. Formen is creating a community where men can feel comfortable wearing makeup, starting with powder.

The invisible blotting powder will instantly eliminate any trace of oil on the face, leaving the skin with a natural matte finish. It’s a translucent powder so that you won’t be adding any color to the face. In addition, this powder will seamlessly remove shine from the skin.

Formen’s packaging is sleek and discreet. They will ship the translucent powder in an unmarked brown box, and the compact itself has a minimal design. In addition, you’ll receive a sleek, black compact that includes a mirror and a powder puff for easy application.

Foremen is cruelty-free and formulated this powder without any potentially sensitizing ingredients so you can feel comfortable in the product you’re applying on the skin. While it’s an investment, the powder is undetectable and breathable on the skin.

You won’t have to stress about cake-face, and you can achieve a flawless, shine-free complexion with just a few pats of powder. Moreover, it’s portable and lightweight to take on the go whenever you need it the most. So say goodbye to oily, sweaty skin!

4. Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder

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Etude House is a Korean cosmetic brand that has crafted high-performing products with effective ingredients.

They catered to everyone’s needs and created the ultimate multi-tasking powder. The Zero Sebum Drying Powder will remove any excess oils from your face and hair.

It’s formulated especially for individuals who deal with oily skin and scalps. In addition, this powder has minimal packaging and is simple to travel with. 

This powder is formulated with 80% mineral (you won’t find mineral oil) and other beneficial ingredients like sugar polymer and cotton extract. The Zero Sebum Drying Powder will be able to minimize oil while nourishing and soothing the skin.

Sugar Polymer is the main superhero ingredient to control oil, while cotton extract improves your skin barrier. In addition, there are other botanical ingredients to combat oily skin like oregano, willow tree, cassia bark, and fermented soybean.

This is another translucent powder that will apply flawlessly to the skin and remain undetectable. The Zero Sebum Powder is a multi-tasking product that will absorb oil from the skin, the hair/scalp, and the eyelids. A true all-in-one. 

5. Jolie Invisible Pressed Blotting Powder

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The beauty and fashion industries are slowly adapting to become more inclusive and redefining beauty norms.

Jolie created a Unisex powder that men, women, and everyone else will love. This will be the ideal blotting powder that your skin needs!

Whether you wear foundation or not, this setting powder goes on clear with no added color. It won’t alter your foundation shade, and if you choose to wear it alone, it will be invisible on the skin. This one shade is crafted to match and perfect every skin tone. 

Jolie formulated this powder with oil-blockers to minimize sebum whenever you need a touch-up without looking cakey. As a result, this powder will not build up on the skin, and you’ll receive a natural matte finish.

The formula is also long-lasting. It will keep your makeup in place and keep oils at bay all day long. The compact is sleek, black, and has minimal designs similar to Formen’s packaging. Inside, you’ll receive a mirror and a pad for application.

Jolie also ensured this blotting powder is formulated without harsh components like silicones, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, sulfates, and more. The product can easily be tossed into any bag, and it’s lightweight. You won’t even feel it on the skin. 

Bonus: W7 Set It Up SFX Face Powder

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For the dudes out there who want to amp up their skin complexion while still looking natural, opt for the Set It Up Specials FX Loose Face Powder from W7.

The brand W7 has been a leader in professional-grade set cosmetics, including powder.

This powder was made for professional use to create a flawless complexion. W7 is also a brand pushing for diversity in the makeup community, and this loose setting powder is a gentle introduction to a beautiful face. They are also cruelty-free.

The Set It Up Special FX Loose Face Powder is a finely milled powder that will be unnoticeable when applied to the skin. It can be worn on its own, set your foundation, or set your concealer in specific areas. In addition, it will instantly eliminate shine.

Unlike the other powders above pressed in a compact, this powder is in a loose formula. Loose formulas can be more lightweight and fine than pressed powder but pressed powders are more convenient for traveling since there won’t be spills. 

Loose powder will give a natural skin finish while also combating excess oil. It can also work to brighten the under eyes or other areas of the face. While it leaves you with a soft matte finish, you won’t feel dry, and your skin will still have dimension. 

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