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11 Best Magnifying Mirrors For Tweezing

by Gabbi
Woman Tweezing Eyebrows In Front Of Mirror

There is little more satisfying than finally plucking a finicky hair that’s been bothering you. Whether it be on your brows, chin, lip, or anywhere in between – unwanted hairs are some of the most annoying pests out there.

Once you find your holy grail tweezer, you may think you’ve had it made. And you definitely do, to an extent. But, if you really want a flawless plucking routine, we can’t recommend a good magnifying mirror enough.

It’ll take the guesswork out of tweezing tiny hairs, and could save you from some painful nicks from accidentally plucking skin!

But what makes a magnifying mirror the best? Finding a mirror that magnifies between 10-20x is crucial for a good tweeze. You may find your plucking routine going by easier with the assistance of LED lights as well. And of course, if you want a mirror you can take with you anywhere, finding one that offers portability is also a must. 

We’ve found the best magnifying mirrors for tweezing, and have broken down why they make the cut. Sit back, relax, and read on to find your next magic mirror.

Features Of The Best Magnifying Mirrors

Magnification Ability

Do you have baby fine hairs that you can barely see? Or maybe you have thick, dark hairs that are easier to spot.

Should your hairs be on the finer or lighter end, we suggest finding a mirror with higher magnification so you can spot your hairs easier. Instead of settling for 10x magnifying power, try and search for a mirror that has a strength of 20x. 

If your hairs are darker, you can likely use a mirror with 10x magnification with no issues.

LED Lights

Getting a mirror with LED lights makes the job of plucking stray hairs that much easier. Not only will it illuminate each one of your hairs, making it easy to discern which ones need to be plucked, but it can reduce strain on your eyes – which is a must if you find yourself plucking multiple times a week!


Having a makeup kit in your purse or backpack can come in handy during cosmetic emergencies, and having a mirror in that pouch can be seen as a necessity. Finding one that you can keep handy is easy, but finding one that has good quality magnifying power may be a little more tricky.

For those who do all their plucking at home, or aren’t too worried about touch-ups throughout the day, you may appreciate the size of a larger magnifying mirror to tweeze in. 

The Best Magnifying Mirrors For Tweezing

RankProductKey Features
1.Kinton Magnifying Makeup MirrorCan be wall mounted, 39 LED lights, detachable magnification
2.Gospire Lighted Makeup Mirror10x magnification, 3 LED light settings, cordless
3.Beauty Planet Magnifying MirrorSuction cups, 20x magnification, comes with extra tools
4.Deweisn Trifold MirrorMultiple magnification settings, free adjustment, 21 led lights
5.Joyoeikon Dual-sided MirrorStorage, 360° swivel, 5x magnification
6.Fuhuim Handheld MirrorPortable, 15x magnification, can be hanged in bathroom
7.Omiro Suction Mirrors10x and 25x magnification, removable suction cups, comes with tweezers
8.Fancii Flexible Magnifying Mirror12 inch long reach, natural daylight LEDs, perfect for travel
9.Wobsion LED Travel Mirror3.5 inch compact, illuminated, 10x magnification
10.Venigo Lighted MirrorAttaches to any flat surface, adjustable brightness, 360° rotation
11.Fabuday Magnifying MirrorHD reflection, double sided 1x and 10x magnification, sleek design

1. Kinton Magnifying Makeup Mirror

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Shield your eyes! Equipped with 39 super bright LED lights, this mirror will illuminate every inch of your face, making it easy to spot every single hair on your face.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about exposing your eyes to too bright of a light for too long. If you want to turn the light on or off, simply short press the ON/OFF button.

But if you want to adjust the brightness of the LED’s, long press it. The mirror comes with a battery, and is completely rechargeable with an included wire.

This mirror has non-slip rubber on the bottom, so you can place it on any surface with complete confidence that it won’t slip or move around. It has 360° rotation, and it will fix itself every 45° so you can have the perfect angle to pluck in. 

The mirror itself has 1x magnification, and comes with a 10x magnifying mirror that can be attached to the large mirror using suction cups. Or, you can simply suction the smaller mirror to your shower wall for your convenience. 

We love this mirror for those who travel, as the design can easily be hung in the bathroom of your hotel, in the car, etc. It’s super lightweight, and can easily fit in your luggage. Since the magnifying mirror is compact and separate, you have the option of bringing it with you wherever you may go. 

2. Gospire Lighted Makeup Mirror

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This mirror may look basic, but there’s so many incredible features that put it far above the rest!

If you’re looking for light, look no further. This mirror has 54 LED light beads, making for an illuminating plucking experience.

Not only that, but you have 3 different lighting modes to choose from: warm light, white light, and natural light – so you have a perfect lighting option regardless of your environment.

The forgetful type? That’s okay! This mirror automatically turns off after 30 minutes, so you can preserve each charge for as long as possible.

This mirror is double sided. One side is perfect for every day use at 1x magnification, while the other side is fit for tweezing, and doing more precise tasks like applying eyeliner and putting in contact lenses at 10x magnification.

If you like seeing every inch of what you’re doing, you’ll be a fan of the 8 inch width and 360 degree rotation this mirrors design has. It’s larger than the average tabletop mirror, and can easily be used whether you’re standing up or sitting down.

While it has LED lights, this mirror is completely cordless. After you’ve allowed it to fully charge, you can have the mirror up to it’s brightest setting for 3 hours of total use before you need to charge it again.

It comes with a USB cable, and can seriously reduce your carbon footprint since you don’t have to replace batteries on a monthly basis.

3. Beauty Planet Magnifying Mirror

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If you’re constantly on the go, you’ll need a mirror that can keep up with your fabulous lifestyle.

Most of the time, compact and handheld mirrors can leave you with a distorted looking reflection, or aren’t built to handle being shaken around in your purse or backpack.

You don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your mirror just so you can carry it around, and Beauty Planet seems to have found the perfect solution.

This mirror, which has a 20x magnification, is made of optical quality glass- not plastic, that means you don’t have to worry about a low quality, blurry reflection. 

It comes with 3 suction cups on the back (one with a little “Don’t Forget Me” tag, so you don’t leave it behind while you travel), a storage back, a dust cloth for cleaning, as well as a stainless steel tweezer.

The suctions are super strong, so you can place the mirror on basically any flat surface regardless of the texture (windows, mirrors, ceramic, etc). 

We’ve linked the 4 inch mirror, which we consider the best for travel, but they have varying sizes (going up to 6 inches). 

4. Dewesin Trifold Mirror

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A little bit of drama can keep life interesting, but instead of finding it in your social life, why don’t you get a dramatic mirror instead?

This mirror, or mirrors should we say, are such a statement piece, and would fit in perfectly on an old Hollywood-esque vanity. 

The first feature about this mirror that we love is the tri-fold design. Because you can open and close the doors to your mirror at will, you won’t eave the delicate glass exposed to dust or possible scratches (not that you would have to worry about it anyway, the surface of the mirror is dustproof and anti-scratch).

In the center and right panel of the trifold are the traditional mirrors with 0 magnification, while the left panel features a mirror with 2x magnification on the top, and 3x on the bottom (equivalent to 10x and 15x magnification).

The leftmost mirrors are extremely magnifying, and your reflection may look distorted until you get close enough to focus. Simply come within 11 inches of the mirror to see your true reflection.

The center mirror has 21 LED lights around the perimeter. The lights come in natural light, so you can have an accurate reflection of what you look like in soft lighting. 

Another plus about this mirror is the storage. The entire base of the design has grooves where you can keep your tweezers, razors, and other plucking products. 

5. JOYOEIKON Dual-Sided Mirror

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Finding mirrors that fit into the certain aesthetic of your bathroom or vanity can be difficult, but we have to admit that this mirror can fit a multitude of color schemes and themes your room may have. With a chrome finish, and a bamboo base, this mirror will look stunning on your vanity or bathroom counter.

This mirror is double sided, one with 1x magnification and the other with 5x magnification, and has a 360° swivel so you can adjust it to whatever angle you need.

This mirror does not come with a light, nor does it magnify very strongly, so while it is gorgeous- we would recommend it more to those with darker hairs who only need a bit of magnification to tweeze with. 

The mirror itself is 5×7 inches, so it’s a standard size, but cannot fold into itself- meaning it has to live on your vanity or bathroom counter.

Our favorite feature of this mirror, aside from its minimalist design, is the bamboo storage tray that can hold all of your hair necessities.

6. Fuhuim Handheld Mirror

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Now here’s a mirror that can keep up with the busiest lifestyle! Not only does it come in 5 gorgeous colors (green, teal, pink, purple, and white), but you can store it a ton of different ways.

You can hang it on a hook to save space, fold it at an angle so it can stand on any flat surface, or even use it as a handheld mirror. It has a 360° joint so you can adjust it to whatever view you need.

This mirror is double-sided, one with a 1x magnification, and the other a 15x magnification, so it can come in handy whether you need to pluck a stray hair, or to simply check on your eyeshadow. The convenient size of the mirror also makes it perfect for placing in your luggage, suitcase, or even purse or backpack. 

As for durability, this mirror is made out of non-toxic, ABS plastic. It’s extremely flexible plastic, without compromising your reflection and leaving you looking distorted. Because the surface is so pliable, this mirror will last you for years.

However, if you do notice some problems with the quality of your mirror within the first 3 months of buying it, the company will work with you to find the best solution – whether it’s refund or replacement. 

7. Omiro Suction Mirror

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If portability is of utmost importance to you, you’ll love how easy it is for these two magnifying mirrors to travel with you wherever you may go.

One mirror comes in 10x magnification, and the other in 25x magnification, making this mirror set the most magnifying in this list!

Because of the strength of the magnification, you likely need to get super close for your reflection to be upright – but there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to see even the lightest, finest hairs you have. 

Coming in at only 3.5 inches tall, this mirror is super handheld and compact enough to fit in your pocket. It’s also only .4” thick, making it thin enough to fit into even the most packed makeup bag. 

Both mirrors come with removable suction cups, so you can stick the mirror to any height and surface. From the shower, the bathroom mirror, smooth surfaces to rigged surfaces, or even outdoors – this gadget will fit right in no matter where life takes it.

It also comes with two different tweezers, one with a slanted tip and one with a pointed tip, so you can take the whole set with you wherever you may go. 

8. Fancii Flexible Magnifying Mirror

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While this mirror may look super fancy, it comes at quite the affordable price point, and can be taken with you just about anywhere thanks to its travel pouch!

The mirror itself is 5 inches wide, and is made of high quality clear glass, so your reflection won’t be distorted, nor will you have to worry about superficial scratches ruining the surface of the glass. 

It has 10x magnification, so you can get close to every crevice of your face. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about eye strain, because the mirror also comes with 16 LED lights to illuminate your reflection.

The lights mimic natural daylight, which also makes this mirror perfect for makeup lovers. The lights are bright enough to illuminate hard-to-reach hairs, but not strong enough to cause damage to sensitive eyes.

The real star of the show, however, is the 12 inch long gooseneck stand that can be swiveled in whatever direction you need it to be in. It’s entirely flexible, and has a suction cup at the base so that it can stick to a multitude of surfaces.

The suction at the bottom of the mechanism provides a lockable, airtight seal, so you don’t have to worry about your mirror slipping and sliding around- even if you use a little force to maneuver the gooseneck into the correct position.

With how complex the contraption is, you may think that it has to take up permanent residence in your home, but this mirror can be folded up to take up less than ½ square foot of space in your suitcase. It’s ready to go when you are, that way you can pluck from the comfort of your bathroom, or in a hotel room 3000 miles away.

9. Wobsion LED Travel Mirror

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There is something so elegant about pulling out a compact from your beauty arsenal.

Whether you’re in a restaurant, riding the bus, or just needing to do an eyebrow check at work – checking your face for stray hairs doesn’t need to be a styleless task!

We absolutely love this travel mirror for its sleek design. It reminds us of the compacts used in old Hollywood movies- with a twist, of course!

This compact is double sided, one being 1x magnification, and the other side being 10x magnification. While that’s fantastic, and makes the product absolutely perfect for tweezing, there’s another feature that earned it a place on this list.

And that is the genius LED ring that works its way around the perimeter of the base mirror. It provides just the right amount of light for you to catch any unruly hairs, while being gentle enough to not bother anyone around you.

This compact is not rechargeable, and requires two button batteries to provide light. But, if you’re looking for something a little more eco-friendly, the store also offers a rechargeable version with the classic circular look, as well as a rechargeable square shaped version.

10. Venigo Lighted Mirror

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This mirror is so elegant, and so sleekly designed, that you’ll forget it didn’t come already installed on your bathroom mirror. 

This mirror by the brand, Venigo, was made for you to see every inch of your face in illumination, with an accurate reflection.

It allows for 10x magnification, and was created to perfectly reflect the real colors of your face with accuracy – so you can pluck the exact hairs that would show up most in natural light.

The brightness from the LED ring around the mirror is completely adjustable thanks to the ultra sensitive button in the front of the mirror. 

Gone are they days of awkwardly crouching your neck to get close enough to your bathroom mirror to spot stray hairs – now you have the power of a mirror with 360° rotation, and an incredibly strong suction cup that can firmly stick to your bathroom mirror, or any other surface you may need it to hold onto.

It is weight bearing up to 25 pounds, and Venigo is confident enough to claim it will never fall off. 

This mirror is 6.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall, making it large enough for you to pluck with ease, but not bulky enough to prohibit it from stowing away easily in your suitcase. 

You may have to keep some batteries handy, though, as this mirror isn’t rechargeable, and requires 4 AAA batteries to illuminate it (not included).

11. Fabuday Magnifying Mirror

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping things basic! We recommend this mirror to those with dark or thicker hairs, as it comes with no illumination and only magnifies up to 10x strength.

It’s double sided, and stands on a thick base so that it stays stable on a flat surface when you’re tweezing.

The mirror rests on a 360° joint, so you can easily switch between 1x and 10x magnification, and you can rest it at the exact angle you need to get your tweezing job done with no worries.

The transparent finish to this mirror makes it easy to match to any bathroom theme or color scheme, and it has a glossy finish so the surface of the enamel won’t be compromised by constant use or wear. 

While a tabletop mirror, it stands at only 6 inches tall- making it compact enough for you to bring on any trip. 

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