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7 Best Mirrors For Self Haircuts In 2022

by Gabbi

A visit to a hair salon every time you need a refreshing touch-up or haircut seems like a daunting task at this time. This is where three-way mirrors kick in.

They’re the perfect solution for your needs. However, with so many options available out there, picking the right one can be a bit difficult.

What are the best mirrors for self haircuts? The best mirrors for self haircuts are three-way mirrors that allow you to see every angle of your head (360-degree visibility). Wall-mounted or compact counter-displayed mirrors are a matter of preference.

In today’s article, you will learn what to consider when shopping for a mirror for self haircuts and review some of the best mirrors for self haircuts.

Buying Guide: Mirrors for Self Haircuts

Although cutting your hair by yourself sounds scary, utilizing a three-way mirror for self haircuts can make it a lot easier and a lot less scary. But how to choose the right three-way mirror?

When shopping for a compact three-way mirror, consider the ease of folding it. This is very essential for storage or small-space maximization purposes. Also, consider the next two features to make a wise choice:

Display Type

A three-way mirror has two most common display types including wall-mounted or displayed (standing) on a surface. It’s a personal preference which type you will choose. It depends on your usage.

For example, if you will reuse it as your daily makeup mirror you may want it on your bathroom counter or high on the wall where you can swiftly transition from slicking back a pony to contouring.

Angle of Visibility

The key part of cutting your hair requires visibility in those out of sight spots where you can’t normally see when using a standard mirror. Thus, a three-way mirror should be angled in just the right way for you to see your own head properly!

Opt for a mirror that provides a 360-degree visibility for perfect haircutting. This will help you prevent any mistakes because of blind spots. Opt for a portable or mountable, sturdy three-way mirror (or one that’s all of the above, when you find it!).

7 Best Mirrors for Self Haircuts

Cutting and styling your hair without a professional hand can prove to be a disaster as not everyone has the ability to cut their hair in the comfort of their home. Many people have tried and failed to style or cut their hair with a traditional mirror.

Why? Well, often they’ve used the wrong type of mirror. A three-way mirror is not a perfect guarantee of hair-cutting success, but it is definitely the tool you’re going to want to use if you’re ready to give self haircuts a try.

Here are some of the best three-way mirrors for self haircuts:

RankProductKey Features
1.Deweisn Lighted Makeup Mirror21 LEDs; 1x, 2x, 3x magnification
2.Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup MirrorLight settings; 1x, 5x magnification
3.Self-Cut System Three-Way MirrorHeight adjustable, mountable, wide
4.Hamilton Hills Full Length Trifold MirrorTall (4 ft), hangs/stands
5.Horm Makeup Mirror VanityLight settings; 1x, 2x, 3x magnification
Self-Cut System PRO KitMountable mirror, clipper, + trimmer
7.Conair Illumina Lighted Makeup MirrorLight settings; 1x, 5x magnification

Let’s look at each of these mirrors in more detail, shall we?

1. Deweisn Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror

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This portable three-way mirror by Deweisn features LED lights that turn on by using a touch sensor switch to customize the brightness of the lights accordingly.

It also has panels with different levels of magnification. This creates a wider view for seamless styling and cutting hair. With this mirror, you can see the back of your hair easily.

But here’s the kicker. This mirror can be powered by four AAA batteries or charged via a USB cable. It’s also super-versatile and budget-friendly.

The best part? You can position the mirror for styling or cutting hair at different angles for a better view. It pivots up and down for a more comfortable angle.

Best Features:

  • It’s a three-way folding mirror that pivots up and down
  • Magnified (2x and 3x) as well as real-size viewing for versatile use
  • Easy to move
  • A lovely rose gold color

2. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

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The Jerdon two-sided lighted mirror is another three-way mirror with a classy and sleek white color design. It can be either used for cutting and styling hair in a bathroom or room.

Made with high-quality materials, this mirror can be rotated to provide a magnified 360-degree view up to 5x true size. You can also utilize this mirror for doing makeup.

However, it’s perfect for cutting hair as the mirror provides a panoramic view of the whole head. It has a stand to place on a countertop or table for a three-way mirror cutting hair.

We like this item because it’s lightweight, compact, and folds easily. These features make it suitable for traveling. The best part? It has built-in, glare-free florescent lights with four settings to adjust for different lighting atmospheres (idealized for daytime, evening, home and office environments).

Best Features:

  • 5x magnifying capability
  • Stylish and travel-friendly
  • Adjustable light settings

3. Self Style System Three-Way Mirror

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If you’re looking for a three-way mirror with adjustable height brackets, look no further than this Self-Style system mountable mirror. It has a compact, useful design to see the hair at all angles with ease.

It includes telescoping brackets that hook onto any door, making for immediate height adjustment for a super easy and enjoyable self-grooming experience. You can hang it up for a hands-free styling or cutting experience and easily dismount it for moving or traveling.

With this mirror, you don’t have to stress about the setup. The nice design of the mirrors enables you to see the back of your hair with ease. We love the lightweight and compact design.

With this mirror, you will get great results every single time. Your hair will look as if it was cut and styled by a professional hairdresser. It’s a lightweight and versatile three-way mirror.

It comes with a free app that provides tutorials on how to cut your hair, so if you’re new to self haircuts you can breathe a little easier. Plus, you can choose from three different colors for a chic, luxurious self-grooming experience, whether you’re trimming away damaged ends or trying to shape the perfect winged eyeliner.

Best Features:

  • You will get a free app with haircutting tutorials
  • You can easily control the height
  • It comes with a free educational app
  • Modern and non-breakable design
  • Available in 3 beautiful colors

4. Hamilton Hills 3-Way Tall Full-Length Trifold Mirror

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The Hamilton Hills is another three-way mirror worth of your time and attention. It has a very appealing and elegant handcrafted design with a nice frame going all around the edges.

If you’re searching for a full-length mirror, then this product is for you. It’s 40 inches wide and 48 inches (4 feet) long. The best part? It’s mounted on solid wood, making it more stable. It is well designed to quickly become your go-to mirror, from self haircuts, to your daily makeup routine, to styling the perfect outfit. This is beyond versatile.

It’s perfect to use as a three-way mirror by setting it on the floor of a changing room or bathroom. It includes the equipment for wall-mounting. Lastly, you can choose from different sizes.

Best Features:

  • Sturdy and full-size three-way mirror
  • Elegant, modern, and brilliant design
  • Made with high-quality materials

5. Horm Makeup Mirror Vanity

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This lighted mirror from Horm is another sleek and chic three-way mirror. With 72 LED lights and three color lighting modes, your every lighting need is pretty much covered.

Plus, this model can be rotated 90 degrees backward or forward to allow for all kinds of angle options.

The sturdy standing display makes this perfect for your vanity table or bathroom counter. When you’re done using it for cutting and styling your hair, it will still be the perfect tool for daily makeup routines, especially thanks to the 2x and 3x magnification panels on the left side panel.

Despite the stand, this mirror is fairly portable. It folds up easily for moving and is not overly large. It’s powered with either four AA batteries or a USB cable, so you have some options there, as well.

Best Features:

  • 72 LED lights and three color lighting modes
  • 2x and 3x magnification options on left side
  • Elegant, modern, and brilliant design

6. Self-Cut System PRO Kit for Self Cutting and Styling Hair

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This self-cut system deserves a spot on this list because it’s a pro kit for haircuts in the comfort of your home. It provides a 360-degree view for a better view and extra cutting tools.

You will get a high-quality set for hanging the mirror over a door so it will be exactly eye-level. It includes over-the-door hooks and a free app with tutorials.

Purchase this pro kit and gain full control over your look every single day. You deserve to look your sharp without wasting time in the hair salon and breaking your bank account. 

Best Features:

  • You will get a free app with tutorials
  • A reasonable investment for saving in the long run
  • Easy installation

7. Illumina by Conair Collection Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Last but not least, we have a lovely accessory that’s suitable for any decor. This triple panel mirror has 4 light settings including home, office, evening, and day.

It features side panels that adjust for custom viewing and folds inward for travel or storage. They deliver a wide-angle viewing and come with two white (20W) and two blue light bulbs.

There are multiple light settings as well as a 5x magnification mode for versatile viewing options. Just be careful not to use a bulb greater than 15 watts. If you’re looking for a simple, but useful, two-sided mirror with adjustable light settings, look no further than this one.

Best Features:

  • 5x/1x magnification
  • Adjustable light settings
  • Wide-angle viewing

Bonus Haircutting Tips

Even with the right mirror, cutting your own hair can be daunting. Here’s an awesome video from professional hairdresser Brad Mondo that will help you can cut your hair the right way – so you don’t end up with a self haircut horror story:

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