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11 Best Wet To Dry Flat Irons

by Gabbi

You may read the title of this article and think back to your years in middle school and high school, when using a wet to dry flat iron was one of the only ways to style your strands.

Unfortunately for us, the hair styling technology during our youth was definitely not as forgiving as it is today. We’d sit through the smell of burning strands, only to end up with frizzy (and crispy) locks!

Thankfully, technology has come a long way since then, meaning we can have all the convenience of a wet to dry straightener, without the damage that we put our hair through in our youth! Also unlike those days, there are dozens of high quality choices to shop for, making your job of choosing your best fit just a touch more difficult.

So what are the best wet to dry flat irons? It all depends on how wide the plates are, what temperatures it can reach, whether or not it will snag or tangle your hair, and what type of temperature dial it has.

These are important things to keep in mind. Flat irons can be damaging when handled incorrectly, and this is especially true if they have a wet to dry feature!

While the work of research may seem intimidating to do on your own, we’ve got your back! Here, find out all about our top picks for wet to dry flat irons, and why they make the cut.

How To Pick Your Straightener

Plate Thickness

While you think that purchasing a flat iron is as straight forward as picking up the first one you see on the shelf, the truth is that the process is slightly more complex. One of the most important choices you need to keep in mind being the size of the flat irons plates.

If you have shorter or thinner hair, you may find more comfort using a shorter plated iron, as maneuvering a wide straightener through your hair could prove difficult. 

For those with longer or thicker locks, using a straightener with a larger plate size will not only be more convenient for you comfort wise, but will cut down your styling time tenfold.

Got curls? That’s something to keep in mind too. You could even benefit from purchasing two straighteners, one with a thicker plate size, and one thinner. That way, you could use the large one to get your hair nice and straight, and the thinner one to make more intricate styles (or to touch up any stubborn pieces).

Heating Capability

Some like it hot. But others? Not so much. Making sure you find a flat iron that heats up to the temperatures best for your hair type will be imperative not only for the convenience of styling, but for the safety of your hair as well. 

It’s normal nowadays for you to find flat irons that go up to 450°F, but in reality, only a handful of hair types can withstand temperatures like that without going through some pretty serious damage. The only time it’s okay for the average hair type to be exposed to such temperatures is during a keratin treatment (and you can only get those done in a professional salon).

For those with super thick hair, and we mean the thickest you can get, you can purchase an iron that goes up to 450°F. Hair as thick as this requires some extra attention, and you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference in temperatures like this.

For standard to textured hair, you should opt for a flat iron that range between 330°F (for truly average hair) to 410°F (for those with coarser hair types). Those with average hair types will find that their hair responds well to heat, and doesn’t need a lot of it in order to keep styled all day.

Truly fine or thin hair may only need temperatures of up to 300°F in order to be styled, so look for a straightener that start as low the 250°F range if you can. Exposing your hair to higher temperatures, especially since your locks are so fragile already, is an easy way to fry your locks.

Those who wear wigs on the regular, know that styling them is just as demanding as styling your natural hair is. If you have synthetic wigs that need styling, using a flat iron is a great way to quickly have them looking presentable, but be mindful as to what temperature they start.

Any flat iron starting at temperatures of 200°F are much too hot, and will melt your wig from first touch. Find something that starts at the 140°F range, because you won’t need to go any warmer than 170°F.

Temperature Mechanism

Because it’s extremely important to know what temperature you’re exposing your hair too, it’s just as important to find a flat iron that accurately tells you what heat level your plates are to begin with. 

The most common temperature gauges are light-up mechanisms, or temperature dials. These involve a small bulb that lights up next to a label that tells you what temperature is being reached.

Dials have the desired temperature written on a wheel, and all you have to do is turn it to your desired heating level. Finding a straightener with these type of gauges totally fine, as they’re reliable and easy to read.

Among the newer models of flat irons are the digital temperature gauges, which show the current temperature on a small screen on the top of the iron. Beside the screen are a “-” and “+” symbol, allowing you to customize the temperature of your iron down to the last digit. These are our favorite types of temperature readers.

Then come the temperature mechanisms that we do not recommend. This includes the number dial, which is just the same as the temperature dial, except this one has numbers printed onto it rather than temperatures.

Unless you’ve memorized what number corresponds to what temperature, you’ll be left to guess just what heating level you’re exposing your locks to.

Another poor temperature gauge, is the lack of one. Yes, some flat irons only heat up to one temperature. This is typically found on poor quality straighteners, so for the safety of you and your locks, we suggest staying away from these if you can.

The Best Wet To Dry Flat Irons

RankProductKey Features
1.BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron5" nano titanium plates, one-pass styling
2.Croc Premium Flat IronPatented design, nano titanium, even heat
3.Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener 32 heat settings, reduces damage
4.Remington Pro Wet2style Flat Iron Reduces hair damage, 10 heat settings
5.Parwin Pro Beauty Flat Iron Auto shut-off, ceramic tourmaline
6.Conair Tourmaline Wet/Dry Flat Iron Smoothing, up to 350°, 25 heat settings
7.Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron Wide plates, 4 temp settings
8.Jose Eber Wet And Dry Flat Iron Dual voltage, ideal for dry or thick hair
9.FOXSMZZ Hair Iron Heavy-duty, wide, up to 450°F
10.RoyalCraft Wet And Dry Hair Straightener Ideal for fine or damaged hair
11.Instyler MaxUp to 425°, smooths and adds shine

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron

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This premium quality straightening iron from BaBylissPRO is made with nano titanium that makes it easy for the plates to slide easily over your hair, creating perfectly straight and shiny hair every time.

Other than creating a smooth glide, the corrosion-resistant titanium plates conduct heat evenly for a long-lasting, flawless style.

As it glides over your damp hair, it releases steam through vents in the plates.

Just like every item on this list, it’s designed to be used on damp to dry hair, but it has extended 5″ plates for quicker straightening.

This flat iron is also lightweight and slim. Designed for maximum comfort , it reduces hand fatigue so you can get the job done quick and easy without needing to take a breather!

2. Croc Premium Flat Iron

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This flat iron from Croc is another premium quality product that won’t let you down.

Like the BaBylissPRO above, it includes nano titanium plates for a smooth glide and even heat distribution, but it also has ceramic heaters beneath for instant heat recovery.

Its patented design also includes a comfortable, slipless grip so your hand won’t get tired in the middle of styling. It’s also worth noting that the durable titanium construction will last you years to come.

If you leave this iron on, it will automatically shut off after 30 minutes for safety, and it includes a color changing heat indicator so you know when it’s on and heated.

3. Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener 

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Remington has upgraded their basic wet to dry straightener, and have come out with a wide selection to choose from, among them being the Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener.

The most unique feature this flat iron has are the steam vents. While you straighten your hair from a damp state, this flat iron removes the water from your hair and turns it into steam.

This will allow your hair to dry and straighten consecutively, but at a much less damaging rate. 

Remington had done the research, noting that this flat iron reducing the amount of damage done onto your locks by 60% (when compared to blow drying your hair and then straightening it). 

Another thing we love about this straightener? It has a wet to dry style indicator, a feature that most other straighteners do not have. Depending on the heat being emitted from your iron, this light will tell you what temperature is more suitable for wet hair (a green light) or dry hair (and amber colored light).

This is a 1 inch straightener, and the highest heat is 420°- making this a great pick for normal to coarser hair types. However, there are 32 different heat settings you can choose from with the temperature dial- so if you have finer hair, this is still an available straightener for you!

4. Remington Pro Wet2style Flat Iron 

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Another favorite of ours amongst the Remington series is the Remington Pro Wet2style Flat Iron.

This flat iron also features the steam vents, a feature so rarely found in other irons, that we absolutely love. This removes excess water from your locks, turning it into steam as you style.

This is far unlike other wet to dry straighteners, that leave the dampness in your hair with no place to go, potentially damaging your hair.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like a too long-winded of a styling routine, this is a great pick for you. This iron finishes heating up in 30 seconds, so you can get to getting ready right away. 

As compared to other styling devices in the Remington brand this wet to dry flat iron can cut down styling time by 20%, while offering you 50% more protection against damage to your strands. 

Switching the iron from straightening wet hair to dry hair is easy, as this iron features an on/off feature that takes, quite literally, a press of a button. Just hold down the “+” symbol on the temperature dial to toggle from a normal straightener, to one with “Wet2style” technology.

Armed with 10 digital heat settings, and heating up to a maximum temperature of  450°, we recommend this iron for those with extra thick hair, or for those who have super curly hair! Because it’s wider than your traditional iron, coming in at 1 and ¾ inches, you can style thick hair in a timely manner. 

5. Parwin Pro Beauty Flat Iron 

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Parwin has worked hard to make a flat iron great for everyone, and they’ve undoubtedly succeeded.

Anyone who regularly straightens their hair knows how time consuming it is to have to blow dry their hair before taking an iron to it, and Parwin took it upon themselves to make convenience accessible.

The PTC heating system in this straightener will have the device heated up in 30 seconds max, making it a great pick for those who are looking to cut down the time of their morning routine. 

The forgetful type? We get it. But with this iron, gone are the days of making a u-turn once you’re driving down the road on your way to work. If you have forgotten to turn your iron off, it will turn itself off after 60 minutes without use.

It heats up to a maximum temperature of 450°F, and comes with 4 digital heat settings (starting at 330°F). Coming in at 1.25 inches, this is a iron fit for hair at least a bit longer than shoulder length – but the temperature range makes it suitable for all hair types.

Other features that we love are the 8ft long power cord, so you’re not bound to your bathroom during your routine, and the ceramic and tourmaline infused heating plates (that way, you get a silky smooth finish to your locks, everytime).

6. Conair Tourmaline Wet/Dry Flat Iron 

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Another popular brand name from the old days is trusty Conair. But Conair not only gifted us with the iconic product that is the hair beader, but they’ve also made a wet to dry flat iron – and a great one at that.

This straightener also features these team vents that come on the Remington flat iron, effectively removing the water from your dry hair and converting it into steam, keeping your hair from frying against the hot temperatures of the plates. 

A common misconception that comes with wet to dry flat irons is that it’s impossible to find one that doesn’t damage your hair, but this straightener from Conair will put those rumors to rest. With plates infused with ceramic and tourmaline, you’ll find that your locks will be silky smooth and and shiny.

And if you’re in the market for a straightener that works well on finer hair, look no further. This straightener only gets up to a maximum of 350°F, making it a great choice for most hair types, but not the best pick for those with coily curls or extra thick hair.

But if it works for you, you’ll love how precise of a temperature choice you can get, as this iron comes with 25 different heat settings.

7. Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron 

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We’re a sucker for puns, but Thairapy is definitely not a brand you should be laughing about!

If you love your hair, you may be wary when it comes to purchasing a wet to dry straightening iron – especially if you’ve heard the horror stories about them throughout the years.

But rest assured, the Thairapy wet or dry flat iron was created with those who love their locks in mind. Save some time in the morning, and save your locks from the aggressive temperatures of your blow dryer, by adding this flat iron into your hair routine. 

Just like other flat irons on this list, this straightener was made with steam vents that convert the dampness in your locks to steam. This styling device will preserve the health of your hair and your follicles, and that means you can stay confident that your hair is damage-free with each swipe of your iron.

This flat iron has wider plates, coming in at 1.5 inches- making this a great fit for those with thicker hair, or curlier hair types. It has a light up temperature gauge, the lowest temperature being 320° and the highest being 430°F, and 4 different temperature settings.

8. Jose Eber Wet And Dry Flat Iron 

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Here’s an option for anybody, anywhere! Something that sets the Jose Eber flat iron apart from the rest is that it is dual voltage, meaning it’s compatible worldwide.

That means you can enjoy it’s convenient wet to dry straightening capabilities, no matter where you may be in this world. That’s what we call accessible!

We love Jose Eber’s claim that “whether it’s ‘wet head’ or ‘bed head,’” this flat iron can take your bad hair days and turn them around entirely! While this flat iron is mighty, it’s extremely lightweight and ergonomic, making it a great travel companion.

With tourmaline coated ironing plates and negative ion infused technology, we think this is a great pick for anyone struggling with dry hair.

Because straightening your hair is a procedure that can dry your hair out pretty easily, you want to find a flat iron that’s as least damaging as possible- and this one is steps up to the call by locking in moisture where it’s needed most.

This iron heats up to 450°F, and is 1.5 inches wide – making this iron perfect for those with thicker, more textured tresses. 

One of the only problems we could find with this straightener is that the on and off button seems to be placed in a less than suitable area; some users complaining that they accidentally turn the device off during use.

9. FOXSMZZ Hair Iron 

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At first glance, you may think this straightener looks heavy-duty, and, well, you would be right.

And with that, we must say that this iron shouldn’t be a first choice for those who don’t have experience with straightening tools- it’s definitely for those with more hair styling notches in their belt.

Because it’s so wide, nearly 2 inches, we love this straightener for those with super long locks (or super curly!). But what really sets this flat iron apart from other devices is that it was built with a widened panel, so that more of your hair comes in contact with heat at a time, cutting down your styling time by a significant amount.

Instead of a steaming vent like we’ve seen in the other irons on this list, we actually see a vented hole design that does the same trick, ensuring that instead of boiling your hair, you keep it moisturized instead.

For those of us who may be a bit clumsy, you can rest easy with the finger guard on the end of the iron, so you can keep the straightener tight against your hair without risking your fingertips. 

And when it comes to range, this straightener has it. Starting at 330°F and going up to 450°F, most every hair type (sans those with finer or damaged hair) will find that this flat iron can get the job done. 

10. RoyalCraft Wet And Dry Hair Straightener 

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Crafted with ceramic and tourmaline coated plates, this flat iron will glide through your hair regardless of whether it’s wet or dry.

This is a great pick for those with finer, or more damaged hair. But, be forewarned, this straightener may only be an inch wide, but things can get hot fast.

Boasting a 30 second heat up time, and reaching a maximum temperature of 450°F, you may think that this flat iron is a fried hair day waiting to happen.

But, because it emits negative ions throughout the straightening process, you may actually find your hair feeling softer and more moisturized than it did before use.

Other features we love about this iron is the 360 swivel cord; you can style your hair with flips and curls without compromising the position of your iron, and the locking mechanism, so you can stow this iron away for travel or organization without it taking up too much space. 

11. InStyler Max 

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And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the famous InStyler. We watched the commercials on TV for years, and frankly, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t amazed!

It just seemed to good to be true. A hair tool that could curl, straighten, and volumize without compromising the health or shine of the hair? It’s almost too good to be true!

But cheesy infomercial aside, this hair tool is anything but a joke. It gets the job done, and you can trust us when we say it gets the job done right. 

Because this iron has so many different styling capabilities, including curling, it isn’t built in the same manner as a flat iron. You won’t see the sandwich like clamps that other straighteners have, but instead a rotating barrel, clamped with frizz reducing brush.

It’s a unique design, and one so effective that it’s patented. The secret is that one layer of the brush straightens your hair (and allows each strand to be evenly exposed to heat), and the second layer makes sure each lock is nice and shiny. 

There are a wide range for barrel sizes with this brand – the one we have linked is a 1.25” barrel, making it a good fit for the average to coarse hair type, but trust us when we say you’ll be able to find an InStyler suitable for just about anyone!

Instylers heat up to a maximum temperature of 425°F, so unless you’ve got the thickest hair type possible, you’ll be happy camper with this tool in your hair care arsenal.

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