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9 Best Permanent Pink Hair Dyes

by Gabbi

If there’s one thing that everyone should try out at least once in their lives, it’s rocking a completely unnatural hair color! From bright blues to deep and rich reds, technicolor tresses bring an unparalleled level of confidence to a person that can truly bring new life to a mundane mane.

One of the most sought after, and tricky shades you can go for is pink. This glamorous color is multidimensional, and can be reworked to be complimentary for all skin tones. Though it can be done in a salon, this color can easily be achieved at home with the help of a good quality dye.

So, what are the best permanent pink hair dyes? The best permanent pink hair dyes will be a harmonious shade for your skin tone, have nourishing ingredients (due to how aggressive the coloring process can be), and be fade-resistant. 

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to nine of our all time favorite permanent pink hair dyes, why they made the cut, and some tips to ensure your color looks it’s very best. Let’s dive in!

Qualities Of The Best Permanent Pink Hair Dyes

Shade Of Pink

Though you could dive head-first into the first shade of pink that you see, you may be left with a color that looks less than complimentary on your skin tone! The last thing you want is to be washed out by a color so hard to achieve. 

First things first – we need to mention that pink isn’t just a shade that works well on a singular skin tone, and that’s because there are so many different variations of the color that makes it so universal. The best way to discern what shade of pink will work best for you is by understanding your personal undertones.

For those with cool to neutral undertones, pastel and lighter shades of pink will work swimmingly with your skin. It’ll enhance your natural features without washing you out. 

For deeper neutral to warm toned skin, pinks that mimic that richness will look stunning. Think jewel-toned pinks and rose golds. For those bold enough, hot pinks look especially striking!

Nourishing Ingredients

Going pink can be quite a process, especially if you’re starting off as a brunette. You may need to undergo multiple rounds of bleaching to get enough lift for a pink dye to show, and even more chemical treatments to preserve your shade once it’s achieved.

Even those who are starting off blonde don’t want to risk the health of their hair with a low-quality pink dye (especially due to the amount of pigment in the formula).

Take a look at the type of dye you’re using. Since permanent dyes tend to be more damaging, try and opt for a creme-based formula. They’re far more nourishing to the hair and can hold softening and health-preserving properties. If a formula labels itself as nourishing, it’s likely to be kinder to your locks.

In spite of labels, always take precautionary measures before you apply your dye to your head. If anything looks or feels out of place, it’s probably not safe to use.

Signs that your dye isn’t in a good state are:

  • A foul, ammonia-like odor
  • Liquid separation
  • Lumpy looking texture
  • Looks “used”


Permanent hair colors are made to be fade-resistant, but it’s important that your hair dye labels itself as fade-resistant to begin with.

Fade-resistant formulas lock in the color of your hair and ensure that it stays looking vibrant throughout your wash schedule, any heat styling you do, etc. A good, lasting hair color won’t need touch-ups until your roots start showing (if you’re doing your part in helping your color last, that is).

For your reference, note that deeper colors (hot pinks, magenta-toned pinks) hold more pigment and will take longer to fade, whereas lighter, pastel tones may need more frequent touch-ups regardless of your shampoo schedule, etc. 

Best Permanent Pink Hair Dyes

RankProductKey Features
1.L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-faceted Color in Smokey PinkCreme-based dye, shimmering tone, nourishing
2.Clairol Professional Flare Me Permanent Hair Color6 weeks of color, adds dimension to hair, professional-grade
3.Beyond the Zone Permanent Creme Hair ColorOne-step, lasts weeks, bright hues
4.Got2B Metallics Sakura PinkBrightens dark blonde hair, metallic tones
5.IGK Permanent Color KitProfessional grade, smoothing, reduced breakage
6.Ion Permanent Brights in MagentaVegan, cruelty-free, fade-resistant
7.Garnier Olia Hair Color in Medium-RoseAmmonia-free, gentle, hydrating
8.Chromasilk Vivids in Pink3x more color per tube, long-lasting, good for all hair types
9.Schwarzkopf Permanent Hair Color in Brushed BerryFade-resistant, UV filter, 9-week vibrancy

1. L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-faceted Color in Smokey Pink

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L’Oreal is a brand that’s been in the beauty game for a while, so you can trust that their products are definitely of a professional caliber- from their lipsticks to their smokey pink hair dye.

The L’Oreal Paris Feria hair dye line is well-loved in the beauty world, and when it comes to home coloring jobs, it’s perhaps one of the most effective (and gentlest) formulas you can get your hands on. 

Their smokey pastels line is notable for their multifaceted shades, so instead of having a plain pink color on each of your locks, you’ll have a super dimensional, professional-looking color that’s as unique as you are. 

With 3x the highlights of a traditional box of hair dye and a shimmering finish that looks absolutely stellar in any lighting, one use of this at-home color is all it takes for you to realize why people keep coming back for more. 

2. Clairol Professional Flare Me Permanent Hair Color

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If you’re ready to level up from a box dye, which typically comes with a developer in the set, you’ll want to find a brand that focuses all of their attention on formulating the most pigmented, rich color they can put in a tube!

Clairol’s Professional Hair Colors are a great choice for both hair coloring pros and beginning colorists, and this beautiful pink shade called “Make’em Blush” is a perfect way to get acquainted with the line.

These dyes will last up to 6 weeks with regular care, but even if you let it fade, you’ll still be left with a pinky tone that looks like it was purposeful, making the growing out process especially easy. 

3. Beyond the Zone Permanent Creme Hair Color

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Here’s another pigment that’ll have heads turning! The Beyond the Zone permanent dye line is such a great pick if you’re looking for that deep, rich color that lasts.

This shade in particular is called “Bubble Head” pink- and that’s exactly what your mane will look like once you rinse this formula out!

The super bright shade you’ll be left with is perfect for neutral to warm skin tones, and with this formula revered as one of the longest lasting pink dyes on the market, you’ll be able to share your sweet shade for weeks and weeks to come. 

For best results, use a 10v developer if you have pre-lightened or already blonde hair. Virgin locks? Go with a 40v for more lift! And, if you have dark tresses, you’ll probably want to bleach your hair for the best results. 

4. Göt2B Metallics Sakura Pink

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Now here’s a color that’ll keep you coming back for more and more! Göt2b is a subsidiary haircare brand of Schwarzkopf, and is loved by the beauty community for helping people lean into eccentric, loud styles rather than playing it safe!

Their Metallics haircare line is a particularly noteworthy addition to their collection, especially with shades like Sakura Pink being part of the family!

This permanent hair color is so much more than your traditional pink dye, as it has a shimmering, metallic finish that looks particularly striking on cool-toned skin.

What’s awesome about this color is that it works well on a super light mane to medium blonde hair, so those with darker blonde tresses don’t need to deal with bleach to get their perfect pink. However, you should know that the lighter your hair- the more metallic the finish (if you’re into that kind of thing!). 

5. IGK Permanent Color Kit

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Looking for something a touch more natural? This permanent color kit from IGK may be exactly what you’re looking for!

And yes, we know it sounds weird for us to describe this shade as a “natural looking” pink, but that’s exactly what IGK had in mind when they formulated this color.

It’s called French Rose, and it’s that perfect kiss of pink that compliments naturally blonde or light colored locks. 

If we had to pick a favorite feature of these color kits, it would have to be how nourishing the formulas are to the hair.

Clinically proven results show that post-dye, it leaves hair 15x shinier, 88% smoother, and less prone to breakage (we know, we can’t believe it either!). 

6. Ion Permanent Brights in Magenta

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Ion Pernanent Hair Colors are highly revered in the hair world, so you can trust that their magenta shade will leave your hair looking great without compromising its health!

This is a brand that’s used in professional settings, and is a great choice if you know your way around a mixing bowl and developer!

One thing to note is that this color (and line) was formulated to work on super light, pre-bleached hair, so don’t expect super rich results on natural locks unless you’re an ultra platinum blonde.

The magenta pink shade this tube promises is gorgeous for dark, warm skin tones, and it works well on all hair types- from straight to curly, and everything in between. 

7. Garnier Olia Hair Color in Medium-Rose

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Garnier Olia is a hair dye line that should be the top of your list if you’re dealing with particularly damaged, newly processed, or mature hair types. Why? Because it’s super gentle and equally nourishing. 

This velvety cream formula can be applied like a dream, and the no-drip spout makes it so you don’t waste a lick of product.

Not only that, but it’s ammonia free and contains none of those yucky ingredients that leave your hair feeling fried. 

Made up of 60% oils, so that it sits in your hair like a deep-conditioner rather than a hair dye, this permanent color will cover up 100% of your greys, so that you can rinse out the color and be greeted with a seemingly new head of hair and a younger you!

8. Chromasilk Vivids in Pink

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This next dye is ammonia-free, paraben-free, contains no phthalates, and involved no animal testing from the moment of manufacturing to the second it hit the shelves.

It’s a good for you dye, something your hair and the environment will love, and the color payoff is something that’ll have everybody talking!

Pravana Chromosilk Vivid Pastels has a 25 shades (that you can mix and match), but their pinky shade called “Too Cute Coral” definitely struck our hearts.

This pink has orange-y undertones, and was enriched with silk and keratin amino acids to drive pigment into the hair shaft while strengthening each strand to optimum health. 

9. Schwarzkopf Permanent Hair Color in Brushed Berry

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Another metallic-toned dream, the Schwarzkopf Permanent Hair Color in the shade Brushed Berry definitely had to make our list. 

Not only is this shade of pink stunning, but it’s multifaceted, and can lean towards an almost lilac shade in the sunlight. This multidimensional color will have people wondering how much you spent on the salon, especially since the final result has highlights and lowlights.

But what really makes this color stand out, and we mean stand out, is the diamond brilliance serum it was infused with. Not only does it add UV protection to shield against fading, but it adds an almost glossy, iridescent finish that other box dyes just can’t replicate.

How To Keep Your Pink Hair Dye From Fading

With it being an unnatural hair color, pink hair requires a touch more upkeep to keep it looking fresh- especially if you have darker hair. 

Root Touch-Ups

If you’re well-versed in mixing and applying bleach, touching up your roots should be on your schedule every 4-6 weeks. By then, the pink in your hair has likely faded enough to warrant an all over retouch. Be mindful to only bleach new growth, as bleaching over compromised hair can lead to some pretty serious damage.

For blondes, or those who don’t need to bleach their roots, you can apply the pink dye directly to your new growth, let it set for a bit, and then apply the rest of your dye to the remainder of your hair. 

Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

Over-washing your hair is the biggest culprit for color loss, even if you got your hair professionally dyed. With colors like pinks, pigment loss is more noticeable, so the longer you go in between washes, the better!

Washing your hair everyday will definitely lead to a faded hair color (amongst other things, like breakage), so try to keep your shampoo schedule down to 3x a week at maximum. If you can deal with having greasy locks for a while, you can even train your hair to go a week between washes!

Use The Right Products

Color aficionados know that using the wrong products can be detrimental to your dyed hair! Color safe formulas are a must once you dye your hair, and can preserve the longevity of your pigment to last far longer than 6 weeks.

Shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks are one thing, but color-safe heat protectants, mousses, and hairsprays need to be put into account as well. 

Go Heatless

Heat styling can be effective, and a great way to show off the complexities in your color, however, regularly whipping out your heating tools is also a great way to force pigment from your strands. 

Be mindful of your heat use. Let your wash days be the only time heat is allowed on your hair, and find ways to preserve that style until your next shampoo (and don’t forget to be liberal with the heat protection!).

There are tons of different ways to style your hair without heat, so consider this the best time to experiment with overnight curls, waves, etc. Your locks, and your pinky hue, will thank you!

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