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5 Best Curved Flat Irons

by Gabbi

Hot styling tools in the haircare world seem to be ever evolving. Most of us all have that one drawer or cabinet in our bathroom that houses all of our styling tools jumbled together, tangled cords and all.

Finding tools that can create multiple styles easily is a helpful way to reduce the clutter in those drawers by one or two items.

Flat irons, commonly referred to as hair straighteners, have been one of the most popular heat tools for decades, along with its counterpart, the curling iron. The different sizes and shapes of both flat irons and curling irons work to achieve different styles and work on various hair types and lengths accordingly.

However, with all the hair tool innovation, the development of the curved flat iron has been discovered as a way to provide your strands with straight, wavy, or curly locks all with the use of one tool!

But, how do you find the best curved flat iron for your hair? When shopping for a new flat iron, you want to look at the plate material, as well as the heat settings, as the two main factors. Based on your hair type and preference, it will determine which plates and temperatures will be best for you.

With curved flat irons specifically, it is important for the plates to wrap around the sides of the iron in order to give the tool a curved edge to achieve wavy and curly styles, as well as straight.

Below we discuss the difference between regular and curved flat irons, along with a guide for the best curved flat irons for various hair types and textures!

Regular Vs. Curved Flat Irons

Most are familiar with the regular style of flat irons for the hair, the straight edges with flat plates to give you sleek, shiny locks. Although standard shaped flat irons serve their purpose, curved flat irons are a popular choice for those who want to option to straighten, curl, and wave the hair easily with one tool.

The curved edges of this style of flat iron works as a multi-purpose tool to deliver many different hairstyle choices, add volume at the root, and prevent unnecessary dents or bends in the hair that can occur when using a flat iron at hard-to-reach angles.

A curved edged flat iron will have plates that curve around the edges of the straightener, giving the tool “side plates” to offer continuous styling with minimal tugging.

With the plates that curve around the edges, it helps to curl or wave the hair, while the flat part of the plates can straighten the hair. The curved edges of the plates also allow the straightener to get close to the root to add extra volume.

What To Look For In A Curved Flat Iron

As with all hair tools, there are a few key features you want to look for to ensure it will work properly for your hair type and desired styles.

With curved flat irons, there are many similarities to regular flat irons in terms of what features you want to look for. Below are some factors to consider when shopping around for a curved flat iron.

Plate Material

The material that the flat iron plates are made out of are an important feature of your styling tool, because different materials offer different benefits, and you may find that one type works better for your specific hair texture.

There are three main materials that are used to make the plates for most flat irons, both curved and regular: ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline.

  • Ceramic plates are the most common material found in heat styling tools, especially flat irons, due to the even distribution of heat throughout the plates. Ceramic plates create a smooth, frizz-free finish for the hair and work well for most hair types, especially fine or thin hair.
  • Titanium plates are also very popular, as they work to emit negative ions throughout the plates as the material is heated. The negative ions help to counteract any frizz, texture, or dryness in the hair, making this an ideal option for those with dry, curly, coarse, or textured hair.
  • Tourmaline is a newer material to be used in heat styling tools, but has quickly increased in popularity. Often times, tourmaline and ceramic materials are used together, with the tourmaline coating the ceramic plates. The material is also meant to deliver negative ions and combat frizz, and works for most hair textures, especially when combined with ceramic.

While you can find flat irons with one of these specific materials, there are also many options that have a combination of material to deliver optimal results.

Heat Settings

Heat, or temperature, setting is another important element to finding the right flat iron for your needs.

Looking for an iron that will provide enough heat to style as desired, but not too much that will cause unnecessary damage. Depending on your hair type will inform how much heat your hair can and should be exposed to. 

Generally, most heat styling tools reach up to at least 400°F, however you might not need to use the tool at its maximum heat setting.

Thinner hair can benefit from lower temperature settings, while thicker hair may need more heat to achieve a sleeker appearance. Having adjustable heat settings, with a wide range of temperature options, helps to use the correct setting each time. 

Using a heat protecting spray on your hair before using any heat styling tool will protect your strands from extra damage, while still providing the proper distribution of heat to achieve your desired style.

Plate Size

Based on the style of your hair, its texture, and the style you are after, will help determine what plate size is best for you. Most flat irons, even curved ones, are available in larger and smaller plate sizes to best style different hair lengths and textures.

Smaller plate sizes work well for specific areas, such as bangs or pixie cuts, larger sizes work for longer hair lengths, and the standard one-inch plate size is versatile for most hair lengths and desired styles.

The Best Curved Flat Irons

Below is a product guide for the best curved flat irons for a variety of hair needs.

RankProductKey Features
1.T3 Micro Lucea 1” Professional Straightening IronCeramic plates, 9 heat settings, works for any hair type and texture, smooth and frizz-free with one pass
2.FURIDEN Professional Hair StraightenerCeramic plates, 15 second heat up, floating, curved plates to eliminate snagging hair, heats up to 450°, ideal for straightening or curling
3.Remington Pro 1” Multi-StylerCeramic titanium plates, 5 heat settings and Heat Control Sensor, twisted design helps achieve different styles of waves and curls, 30 second heat up
4.Hot Tools Pro Artist Ionic Salon Flat IronCeramic titanium plates, up to 455°, LED digital temperature reading with audio tone when temperature is reached, automatic 2-hour shut off, MicroShine Technology to reduce friction and damage
5.NITION Professional Salon Hair StraightenerCeramic-coated heating plate, infused with tourmaline and titanium, 10 second heat up, 6 heat temperatures ranging from 265-450°, 60-minute automatic shut off

1. T3 Micro Lucea 1” Professional Straightening Iron

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T3 styling tools have become salon professionals go-to favorites, as well as a consumer must-have. The heat styling tool allows you to have salon-quality tools from the comfort of your own home, and delivers healthy, shiny results.

The Micro Lucea 1” Professional Straightening Iron is formulated with ceramic plates to ensure smooth and frizz-free locks, while the typical one-inch plate size works for many hair lengths.

The curved flat iron allows you to straighten, wave, or curl your hair with easy styling, not having to worry about tugs or snags.

The extended plates also help to reduce styling speed, and the adjustable heat temperature comes with 9 settings to provide a temperature for every hair texture. The signature CeraSync Heaters ensure even distribution of heat throughout the plates for sleek and effortless styling.

2. FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

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The FURIDEN Professional Straightener is a ceramic, curved, and floating plated flat iron that can be used for hair types ranging from thick and curly to fine and straight.

The floating and curved design of the plates mean they will move with you and your hair, no matter the angle, to provide smooth results without uncomfortable tugging or snagging.

The floating plates come in handy particularly when using the tool for curling or waving the hair.

The heat settings of this styler range from 250-450°F, making it suitable for all different hair types, and heats up within 15 seconds to get you styling your strands in no time! The ceramic plates work to eliminate frizz and leave a silky appearance.

3. Remington Pro 1” Multi-Styler

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This twisted styler is a unique shape that glides effortlessly over the hair to deliver straightened locks, while also being able to provide different styles of curls and waves.

The curved and twisted design of this Remington tool enables you to style your hair into casual beach waves or defined curls with ease.

The ceramic titanium plates mean the results will be sleek and frizz-free, with evenly distributed heat throughout for seamless styling.

The five heat settings, along with the 30 second heat up, ensure many hair textures can be accommodated, while also delivering the desired temperature quickly.

This iron is also created with a Heat Control Sensor, that monitors the hair to prevent overheating, protecting color treated hair against color fading. The popular plate size makes it ideal for most hair lengths and textures.

4. Hot Tools Pro Artist Ionic Salon Flat Iron

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Much like T3, Hot Tools is another brand that has been in the industry for decades and is loved by consumers and professionals alike.

This flat iron has curved edges for a comfortable grip while executing straight, curly, or wavy styles effortlessly.

The ceramic titanium plates ensure a smooth, frizz- and damage- free result, while delivering evenly distributed temperatures up to 455°F and a styling glove to protect your fingers from the heat.

The straightener is also developed with the brand’s signature MicroShine Technology, which reduces friction and damage to your strands while styling.

With a digital, LED screen that displays the temperature, along with an audible tune to alert you the desired heat has been reached, the function of the straightener is user-friendly. The straightener also comes with a two-hour automatic shut off, to ensure safety.

5. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

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The NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener is a curved flat iron with ceramic-coated plates that are not only infused with tourmaline and titanium, but argan oil and nano silver ions as well, to eliminate frizz and leave soft, sleek strands behind instead.

The 5-in-1 coated plates help to lock in hair’s natural moisture, while also providing anti-static benefits as well.

The iron has 6 heat settings that range from 265-450°F, making it a suitable option for all hair types. The 10 second heat up saves time, while the 60 minute automatic shut-off feature ensure overall safety.

The iron also includes a Microchip Temperature Sensor to ensure evenly heated plates throughout your styling process. The curved edges and overall style of the iron prevents any unwanted snagging of the strands whether you are using the tool to straighten or curl your hair.


It may take some adjusting, but once you are familiar with using a curved flat iron you will be able to achieve your desired style with ease. The curved shape of the tool helps to style your hair from sleek and straight, to casual and curly with just one different swipe through your strands.

The versatility and multi-functionality of a curved flat iron saves you time and space, while still delivering a range of hair styles based on your preference.

The ability to use one tool to straighten the hair one day, and curl the hair the next is combining the best of both of the most popular hair tools. Even if you mainly prefer to keep your hair straightened, a curved flat iron can still work wonders for your hair based on its shape and design alone.

Because the plates curve towards the outer edge, it eliminates the chance of any unnecessary snagging or tugging of the delicate hair strands.

The curved nature of the iron can also add volume at the root, especially for thin or fine hair, by being able to curve and fit closely to the root without issue.

We have all had to try to straighten a section of our hair at an unnatural angle, and with a regular flat iron that can often cause the hair to be dented from the straight plates.

A curved flat iron allows you to straighten the hard to reach areas without leaving any distracting dents or bends in the hair because of the continuous side of the plates that allows the hair to easily glide through the iron.

The options above run the range of heat settings, sizes, and plate materials to ensure each hair type and texture can find a tool that works for them.

No matter what hair style you are after, the innovative shape of a curved flat iron can help you achieve your desired look, while also helping to clear some space in your hair tools drawer as a bonus!

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