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11 Best Pomades For Women – Complete Guide

by Gabbi

Pomades are a cream/wax hybrid that gives hair hold, shine, texture, and more. Usually, pomades are popular among men’s products. In addition, pomades are usually applied to short hair lengths. However, they’ve now gotten a modern update. 

Nowadays, pomades have become versatile. They work for all genders, hair lengths, and hair textures. Anyone can find a fantastic pomade that will fit into their routine. In addition, pomade can minimize the need for other styling products. 

The beauty industry is constantly expanding its boundaries, and even women can benefit from all different kinds of pomades, even those marketed for men. A high-quality pomade can completely change the way you style your hair forever. 

So what are the best pomades for women? For starters, the best pomades will leave your hair looking natural. They will provide a flexible hold and add shine or texture. Other factors to consider include your hair texture and length.

Thankfully, choosing a suitable pomade isn’t as tricky as it sounds. While there are thousands of options on the market, we can help you narrow it down to a few highly-rated products. Also, let’s break down what works for your texture and length. 

How To Pick The Best Pomade 

1. Hair Type 

Your hair type and texture will tell you exactly how you take care of your strands. Hair that is most likely to benefit from a pomade is wavy, curly, and coily types. Straight hair can benefit from pomade, but it will work the best on short, straight hair. 

You can find a pomade that works for you regarding texture, whether your hair is fine, medium, or coarse. Short, fine hair can benefit from pomades that add texture and have a matte finish so you can avoid looking greasy and flat. 

Meanwhile, curly, wavy, and coily hair that is medium or coarse in texture can benefit from pomades that offer shine, hydration, and flexible hold. In addition, pomades combat frizz, which can help your hair no matter the texture or hair type. 

2. Hair Length 

Pomades are ideal to use on short to medium hair lengths.

They can be used on long hair, but you won’t reach their maximum potential. In addition, pomade will work the best on long hair when applied to the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. 

Short/medium hair will gain the most benefits from pomade since this product is meant to add volume, separation, texture, and definition. Because the hair is shorter, there is less of a chance the hair will get weighed down by product.

Now is the chance to experiment with pomade and see what works best for your hair!

Best Pomade For Short Hair 

RankProductKey Features
1.Moroccanoil Molding CreamArgan oil, volumizing hold, semi-matte finish
2.American Crew Defining PasteVolumizing, beeswax formula, pliable hold
3.Garnier Fructis Style Power PuttyTexturizing, wave-defining, strong hold
4. Layrite Original Pomade Water-based, for fine hair, use wet or dry
5. OGX Low Shine Bamboo Fiber Pomade Flexible medium hold, texturizing, low-shine
6.TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get PasteFor fine hair, piecey texture, matte finish
7.Kenra Platinum Texturizing TaffySoft and silk finish, defining, hydrating
8.Suavecita Pomade for WomenLightweight non-greasy, water-based
9.Kristin Ess Soft Shine Grooming CreamTangle-free, scentless, light hold, air-dry
10.Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Cream Frizz-free, lightweight, smoothing, air-dry
11.Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Pomade For curly hair types, hydrating, defining

1. Moroccanoil Molding Cream

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Moroccanoil was all the rage about 10 years ago due to its award-winning Moroccan Argan Oil. Since then, they’ve created every hair care product imaginable. Their Molding Cream is a flexible pomade ideal for short hair and various hair types.

Like their iconic Moroccan Oil Treatment, this molding cream is infused with Argan Oil to nourish the hair. In addition, they claim this is a pliable and workable molding pomade that will keep the shape of your hair in place with some added texture.

The Molding Cream is crafted with thickening fibers to create definition and structure, so your short hair doesn’t fall flat. It can be challenging to create volume in short hair, and this hair length needs long-lasting hold to stay in place all day. 

Thankfully, Moroccanoil’s Molding Cream will do just that. This product will offer a medium to strong hold that is flexible and long-lasting. In addition, this cream pomade hybrid will leave you with a natural semi-matte finish to keep your hair looking fresh.

For the best results, scoop a tiny amount of cream into your hands and warm up the product. Next, run your fingers through damp or dry hair and continue styling as desired. The Molding Cream is simple to use and a must-have in your hair routine. 

2. American Crew Defining Paste

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American Crew may be the brand your dad or significant other uses, but who’s to say women can’t benefit from this haircare brand? American Crew knows short hair and styling products, so what better brand to purchase from than the pomade pioneers?

The Defining Paste is the ultimate product to create definition, hold, and structure for short to medium hair lengths. If you have trouble with your hair always falling flat, add this medium hold pomade to keep your strands lifted and voluminous. 

In addition, American Crew’s Defining Paste will offer a low-shine and semi-matte finish to your hair to keep you looking natural. This product is also formulated with beeswax to provide a pliable hold, and so the product won’t weigh your ends down. 

This wax is suitable for all hair types. If you want to amp up your results, you can pair the defining paste with other waxes, pomades, and clays to customize your desired finish. In addition, this defining paste is simple to use; you won’t want to put it down.

The Defining Paste can be worked through both wet and dry hair. All you need to do is warm up the product in your hands and gently glide the pomade through the strands. 

3. Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty

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Garnier, one of the most iconic drugstore hair care brands, also has their own take on pomade. Their Power Putty is affordable and will help all hair types combat frizz and define their natural waves. If you struggle to build texture, this product is for you. 

This putty pomade will amp up the texture in your strands without leaving a white and flaky residue. In addition, your frizzy hair will be tamed, and your waves and curls will become defined and bouncy. You’ll create the ultimate beach waves for short hair.

Don’t underestimate the power of this putty. It will offer a strong-hold to keep your definition in place 24/7. Now you’ll never have to stress about your short hair falling flat. Garnier’s Style Power Putty is easy to use and takes the stress out of hairstyling.

Like most pomades, scoop a tiny amount of product and warm it in your fingertips to allow for smooth application. Then, rake the product through your strands and brush/comb as desired. 

For even stronger results, pair this putty with Garnier’s other products to achieve your dream hairstyle. 

4. Layrite Original Pomade 

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Layrite is known for its men’s grooming products. However, just because it says it’s for men doesn’t mean women can’t find a good use for this product. The Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade is ideal for daily use and suitable for fine hair types. 

Layrite claims that this pomade will “hold like wax, wash out like gel” so you can have the best of both worlds. Fine hair can be challenging to manage because it’s so silky in texture. Hair products either won’t hold, or they will weigh down the strands. 

However, this pomade is water-based so that it will offer impeccable hold, but it will wash out with ease, so your strands don’t take unnecessary damage. This pomade is ideal for short to medium hair lengths for any hairstyling needs.

The Layrite Original Pomade is highly versatile so that you can achieve a wide range of looks. For example, this pomade can be used on both wet and dry hair. In addition, you can create classic styles or go for a daring, messy, wet-hair look.

This pomade offers a medium hold and medium shine. In addition, Layrite’s original pomade also has a mild cream soda/vanilla scent to keep you fresh. So, if you need something that will grab hold of your fine hair, this product is all you need. 

5. OGX Low Shine Bamboo Fiber Pomade 

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If you know anything about fine hair, you’ll understand that scalp oils can easily reach the strands and add shine. However, fine hair is usually silky and smooth but lacks texture. So, this Low Shine Texture Wax Pomade is the ultimate solution for fine hair.

OGX claims this product will give a flexible medium hold, add texture to smooth strands and create volume and body. In addition, you’ll receive a natural finish that looks like there is no product left in the hair.

The Low Shine Bamboo Fiber Wax is formulated with various ingredients to keep the hair in place and feeling fresh. For example, you’ll find a mix of beeswax, bamboo fibers, and sandalwood so you can really feel put together.

This product is ideal for short haircuts and fine hair textures. So if you have a pixie cut or you’ve always dreamed of getting one, now is your chance so you can reap the maximum benefits from OGX’s pomade.

A tiny amount of product goes a long way to transform your strands. So first, take a small amount and rub it in between your palms. Then, finger-comb the product through dry hair, and voila, you’re done!

6. TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get Paste

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Bed Head is a brand that has been around for years and one that most of us were excited to use as teens. Their products have stood the test of time and offer a great selection of unisex items. In addition, the Hard To Get Paste is ideal for fine hair.

Fine hair has trouble holding onto any wave, bend, or texture. This unisex pomade paste will add volume and texture while keeping fine hair looking natural and not like it’s been weighed down with product. It’s great to achieve a piecey look.

The Hard To Get Paste will offer a light hold, a matte finish to keep you looking natural, and it will separate fine or stringy strands to add texture and definition. Even though this paste has a matte finish, Bed Head ensures your hair will stay hydrated.

You don’t have to worry about any questionable residue, and your strands will stay soft and moisturized. Like the OGX pomade, this one is also ideal for short, shaved, and pixie cut styles alike to ensure your fine strands don’t end up falling flat. 

If you’re looking to achieve a chic and piecey finish, the Hard To Get Paste is the ideal match for you. In addition, TIGI states they don’t conduct animal testing, so that you can enjoy your pomade with a clear conscience. 

If you want the best results, run a tiny amount of product through dry hair until you reach your desired texture and definition. Bed Head also recommends pairing the Hard To Get Paste with other products in the line to achieve 24/7 hold. 

7. Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy

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Kenra’s Platinum Texturizing Taffy is all you will need to create salon-quality hair at home with every use. Kenra offers luxury right in the comfort of your own home, so you can always feel like you’re receiving a million-dollar hair treatment. 

The Platinum Texturizing Taffy is a sculpting fiber cream that separates the strands while leaving you with a soft and silky finish. Say goodbye to crunchy ends because this taffy will increase definition and keep your hair hydrated.

Kenra formulated their Texturizing Taffy to be versatile and cater to a wide variety of styles. In addition, its lightweight cream formula is ideal for fine hair types, especially shorter lengths. You can apply this product to wet and dry hair and style as desired.

This product will offer a medium hold without leaving behind any questionable residues or crunchy feelings. Also, you will receive a silky and shiny finish so you can have the glossiest hair of your dreams. 

Finally, the packaging adds a luxurious element to the pomade. The Platinum Texturizing Taffy will allow you to sculpt, blow-dry, style, or even air-dry your hair exactly how you want. 

8. Suavecita Pomade for Women

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Suavecita understands that pomade, gels, and creams aren’t strictly for men, so they crafted their formulations to suit the needs of women.

The Suavecita Pomade is formulated for all hair types and to lay down those frizzy strands with ease. This product is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy, unlike most standard pomades on the market. In addition, their pomade is water-soluble. 

The last thing you want to go through is struggling to wash your hair products out. So, having a water-based pomade will wash out instantaneously without leaving your strands dry and flaky. This pomade will keep frizz at bay until it’s time to wash. 

Suavecita states that this pomade offers a slightly shiny finish but nothing overpowering. The pomade will glide onto the hair effortlessly, especially with the help of a brush or comb. This product is ideal for special events and daily wear. 

Apply the pomade a little at a time to avoid product overload. Instantly tame your frizzy strands and achieve a smooth finish. Because this is a water-based formula, you can experiment using this pomade on wet and dry hair. 

The Suavecita Pomade has a medium to firm hold that doesn’t leave any residue, so you can always feel confident in your strands. Each hair type and texture will fall in love with the power of this product, and its summery scent is a bonus.

9. Kristin Ess Soft Shine Grooming Cream

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Kristin Ess is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite hair care brands that can be found at the drugstore. It’s affordable while also offering luxury formulas, products, and packaging. Their unisex pomade and grooming cream will keep tangles at bay.

Sometimes fragrance can be overwhelming and unnecessary, so Kristin Ess formulated this pomade cream to be scentless. This product will tame your frizzy ends but offers a light hold to keep the hair looking natural and healthy.

Because this pomade has a light hold, it’s all about reducing frizz and increasing shine and separation. In addition, the Soft Shine Grooming Cream is a versatile product that can be applied to heat-styled and air-dried hair as a finishing pomade. 

Kristin Ess recommends using very little product at a time. All you need to do is scoop a small amount into your hands, warm it up in between your palms, and gently comb the products through the ends. Repeat until you’re satisfied. 

In addition, this pomade cream is formulated with sensitive skin and scalps in mind. Therefore, the lightweight hold of this cream will not weigh down the strands, and this cream is suitable for a wide range of hair types. You will have a soft and shiny finish.

This product is safe for color and keratin-treated hair types. In addition, it’s formulated without harsh and sensitizing ingredients like sulfates, fragrance, parabens, silicones, and more. The Soft Shine Grooming Cream is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 

10. Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Cream 

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Garnier Fructis, one the most popular drugstore brands, offers a wide range of products, including their pomade-cream hybrid and the Style Smooth Air Dry Cream. This product will instantly reduce frizz while keeping your strands smooth and lightweight.

If you’re looking for an affordable option to tame your tangles, this is the product for you. Garnier states that this air-dry pomade cream is suitable for all hair types, and more importantly, for frizzy hair, no matter the texture. 

In addition, this air-dry cream is easy to throw into your hair care routine. They recommend using this product on damp hair or hair that will air-dry. You can use this cream on dry hair, but do so sparingly, as a touch-up to smooth wrangled ends. 

The Smooth Air Dry pomade-cream hybrid will offer you a flexible hold that doesn’t leave your ends feeling crunchy. In addition, Garnier claims that this pomade will keep your hair’s natural shape and texture so it can air-dry perfectly without a fault.

This formula is free of parabens, and it’s infused with Moroccan argan oil to keep your strands hydrated and nurtured. The product is extremely lightweight, so that it won’t feel like you applied pomade to your hair in the first place.

Garnier’s Style Smooth Air Dry Cream will fit everyone’s budget, and you’ll achieve smooth strands with every use. 

11. Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Pomade 

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This pomade is all about catering to dry, brittle, and textured hair. So if you’re a coily and curly girl struggling to find a multitasking pomade, look no further. You and your hair will fall in love with this pomade.

Carol’s Daughter is a brand that caters to curly hair types, and their products suit 1c waves to 4c coils. 

Unfortunately, curls can easily be misunderstood, and not all products on the market will bring them to life, which is why the Mimosa Honey Pomade is everything.

In addition, Carol’s Daughter states that this pomade can be used to add hydration to your protective hairstyles and shape your edges. It’s the ideal everyday product to have in your hair care routine for curl maintenance. 

So say goodbye to frizz and dry ends!

The Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade has a revitalizing citrus fragrance that is bound to wake up both you and your hair. It’s formulated to lock in moisture and keep your scalp, strands, and edges hydrated so your curls can remain defined. 

In addition, this product will reduce frizzy hair in a flash. For the best results, scoop out a small amount of pomade and rub your palms together to warm up the product. Next, apply it to dry or wet hair and continue with your styling routine. 

This formula is paraben-free and contains nourishing ingredients like Shea and Cocoa Butter. 

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