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Can You Sleep With Fake Eyelashes On?

by Gabbi

Fake eyelashes, including strips and magnetic ones, can be challenging to apply. However, once you master applying falsies, it can be tempting to wear them 24/7 or for every makeup look.

Finding the ideal pair of false lashes can help add extra spice to your makeup routine and boost your confidence. In addition, some false eyelashes can feel virtually weightless on the lash line.

False eyelashes are typically worn for special events, but more and more people are applying them as a part of their everyday routine. They are meant to last for hours without budging and are great for making a statement, but how long can you wear eyelashes?

Can you sleep with fake eyelashes on? Most fake eyelashes are not designed to be worn overnight nor withstand constant tossing and turning, so they are bound to peel off while sleeping and rub against your natural lashes, possibly causing lash fall or skin irritation.

Sleeping with fake eyelashes can lead to skin or eye complications down the road. However, accidentally forgetting you’re wearing them and falling asleep once in a while won’t be too harmful, but it shouldn’t become a habit. 

Can You Sleep With Strip/Magnetic Eyelashes On?

While strip eyelashes can transform your lash line and are affordable, it may not be wise to sleep with them. Most fake eyelashes are not designed to be worn overnight or withstand constant tossing or turning and are bound to peel off while sleeping. 

It’s also not beneficial for skin and eye health, as they can pull and rub against your natural lashes while you sleep, causing lash fall or skin irritation.

What about magnetic lashes? While magnetic eyelashes seem more secure and convenient, but they can also pose health risks if you sleep with them overnight. They’re not designed to be worn while sleeping and increase the risk of irritation.

Sleeping with these lashes on long term could also cause damage to the lash line. 

What Are Fake Eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes are temporary lash extensions that are usually made from synthetic fibers. They’re available in various styles and cuts like strips, individuals, or magnetic. Also, you’ll need to apply them with compatible eyelash glue.

Fake lashes instantly transform your lash line and can flatter your eye shape. They add volume, length, and thickness. 

How To Apply Fake Lashes 

Fake eyelashes are tricky to apply, but once you learn how to, it can take seconds to secure them. First, you’ll want to trim the falsies to match your eye shape because an overly long strip lash will be uncomfortable to wear.

Also, it’s crucial to find a suitable glue, especially if you have sensitive eyes or are allergic to latex. You’ll want to apply the lashes when the glue is tacky to prevent them from slipping around your eyelid.

If you’d like to see a visual tutorial, take a look at this helpful one from Kait Nichole on YouTube.

Popular Types Of Fake Eyelashes

Falsies come in a wide range of styles. For example, you can pick strip lashes that are natural or dramatic. Likewise, you can opt for individual lashes to supplement where you want extra volume and lift.

Magnetic eyelashes are new to the scene and provide an extra level of convenience because they may not be as complicated or messy as traditional falsies.


Strip lashes are extremely popular because they allow you to add one extension to the entire lash line without gluing synthetic fibers on individually. They’re available in different shapes like cat eye or even lashes made for the lower lash line. 


Magnetic lashes are relatively new and provide a new twist to falsies. A fake magnetic lash is only compatible with magnetic lash glue. This glue can be applied like eyeliner to the lids, and then you can pop on your magnetic eyelash.

How Long Can Fake Lashes Stay On?

Most fake eyelashes can be worn all day, but the exact time frame can vary by brand or product. For example, some lash glues will claim a 16-hour wear time, depending on the formulation.

However, it may not be a good idea to wear fake eyelashes for more than 24 hours straight because it can be irritating. Most brands will recommend removing and cleaning your falsies nightly.

Risks Of Sleeping With Fake Eyelashes

It may not be the end of the world if you accidentally sleep with fake eyelashes on for one night. However, even one night is enough time to cause some discomfort. Sleeping with falsies on continuously is bound to cause severe irritation. 


One of the primary reasons you should avoid sleeping with fake eyelashes is because it increases the chance of infections. 

The lash glue, falsies, eye makeup, and additional dust or debris can quickly aggravate the eye area, which is already sensitive.

Damage Natural Lashes

Another reason why you’ll want to avoid sleeping in fake lashes is that they can damage your natural eyelashes. You can increase friction and traction while sleeping, and this added pressure can cause natural lashes to break.

Also, some fake eyelashes can weigh down the lid. This added weight puts unnecessary pressure on your natural lashes, harming them or creating discomfort.

Allergic Reaction

Finally, it’s quite possible you can develop an allergic reaction. For example, many individuals are sensitive to eyelash glues because they can contain latex. They’re also formulated with other harsh sensitizing ingredients that can trigger flare-ups.

Can You Protect Fake Lashes Overnight?

As mentioned earlier, sleeping one night in falsies may not be the end of the world. There’s a correct way to sleep in fake lashes to ensure the safety of you and your eyes. However, these techniques shouldn’t be carried out nightly.

These tips are great for once in a blue moon if you somehow need to sleep in fake eyelashes, but always take precautions. 

Sleep On Your Back

Side or stomach sleepers may not be happy about this tip, but sleeping on your back is essential if you want to wear eyelashes overnight. This avoids any friction or pressure that could arise through your sleep.

Sleeping on the side or on the stomach can ruin your lashes and cause irritation. 

Wear An Eye Mask

Another helpful tip is to wear a contoured eye mask to keep your lashes secure in one position. This can also help minimize unnecessary pressure or friction from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Eye masks can shield the lashes, so they don’t peel off overnight. It’s a great way to keep the lashes intact.

Switch To Silk

Lastly, you can switch to a silk sheet or pillowcase. Silk is a comfortable and soft material that won’t harm hair fibers. It will keep your strands frizz-free, but it can also provide a softer landing pad if you sleep with falsies.

This soft material will work wonders your hair, whether on your head or around your eyes.

Alternatives To Sleeping With Falsies

Please avoid sleeping in fake eyelashes every night because they can cause long-term damage around the eye. What if you want to wake up with flawless lashes every day? Thankfully, there are some other fake eyelash alternatives.

You may benefit from investing in a semi-permanent lash service instead of spending time and money applying and carefully protecting strip lashes. 

Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a more permanent form of fake eyelashes. 

Instead of gluing on a strip lash, lash extensions will secure individual lash fibers with a professional-grade adhesive. They’re meant to last for weeks and can easily be retouched. However, eyelash extensions can be expensive and high maintenance. 

Lash Lift

Another semi-permanent lash service is a lash lift. A lift will chemically curl your lashes, so they are long and voluminous. Also, you won’t have to worry about extensions falling out because this service only works with your natural lashes.

Lash lifts are lower maintenance than extensions and still look flawless. They can last a few weeks before you need a retouch. 

How To Remove Fake Eyelashes

So how can you remove fake eyelashes properly? First, you’ll want to soak the eyes with a cotton pad and oil-based cleanser. The oil should break down and loosen the glue, so it easily slips off the eye.

Use this oil-based remover to clean the lash band, so it’s ready to apply in the morning. Then, you can wash your face as you usually would.


It is always wise to remove your lashes before bedtime. This will ensure your lashes stay healthy and don’t undergo unnecessary pressure or friction overnight. However, removing your lashes with care is crucial to maintaining your lash line health.

You’ll want to avoid peeling off your lashes randomly because it can also thin out or weaken your natural lashes. 

While you can technically sleep with fake eyelashes, it will cause more harm than good. Sleeping with falsies one night shouldn’t cause too much damage, but it can still increase the risk of discomfort.

Sleeping with falsies on nightly can increase the chances of infection, allergic reaction, and damage your natural lashes. It may be wise to seek out semi-permanent lash services instead.

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