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How To Make Black Lipstick

by Gabbi

You could be channeling your inner goth, putting together a costume, or wanting to make a statement- but whatever your reason is for wanting to rock black lipstick, you can rest assured that you’re going to turn some heads.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but we have to support the idea that everyone should rock a black lip at least once in their lives!

There are a ton of different options of black lipstick on the market. You can get a classic bullet lipstick or even a liquid lipstick, and you can get them in a bunch of different shades and undertones as well.

However, it’s a big commitment to make, especially if you aren’t planning on donning a midnight lip on a regular basis. Thankfully, DIY options exist!

So, how do you make black lipstick? You can make or DIY black lipstick using products that you probably have in your own makeup bag, including eyeliners of different consistencies, and even eyeshadow. You can also make a lipstick pot that contains your own formula.

The best part about making your own black lipstick is that you can customize your own shade for the perfect compliment to your look, and you can make just the amount you need so nothing goes to waste! Ready to learn how to make the perfect dark lip? Let’s dive in!

Black Lips With Eyeshadow And Dark Lipstick

If you have your hands on a dark-colored lipstick (bullet or liquid), whether it’s a deep brown, a berry, or even a wine-red, you’re already super close to having your perfect shade of black lipstick. The best part about this method isn’t just it’s ease, but how customizable it is!

Black lipsticks aren’t one size fits all. Even though they’re super dark, they still come in varying “shades” that may be more complimentary to a certain skin tone than the other. Finding your undertone (warm/cool/neutral) is key to choosing your ideal shade. 

Start off with a dark lipstick with your ideal undertone (cool undertones=cool toned lipsticks, vice versa) and apply it as normal. Depending on how dark and pigmented the shade is, you can choose to apply more than one layer to build up intensity.

After your product is applied, use a clean finger or clean makeup sponge to pick up your favorite black eyeshadow. Make sure it’s opaque so it can cover the shade of your lipstick, and carefully press it onto your lips. This works best if the base lipstick is still a bit tacky and hasn’t entirely dried down.

If you still want some of the base color peeking through, use a lighter hand (we think this looks best with berry to red tones – it makes the black a little more vampy rather than flat).

Black Lips With Gel Eyeliner

This is an easy way to get a pigmented, perfectly shaped black lip in no time flat! This method has been around for a while (it was one of the methods of choice for emo kids back in the day), so it has a history of being trustworthy. Though you won’t have a choice in under shade, you do have in the formula you work with.

You can do a matte or shiny finish, depending on the pot of gel eyeliner you pick up. For more lasting power, we recommend a matte formula.

Another plus side of choosing this method is that it’s portable! You can carry around your gel liner and a brush with you in your makeup bag and touch it up as necessary for a fresh-looking pout all night.

It’s likely your gel liner came with a brush of its own. However, you can use a lip brush for ease of application. Simply pick up some eyeliner on the end of the brush and wipe the excess on the edge of the pot, or warm it on the back of your hand. 

Line your lips with the liner to get a clean edge. Take your time on this part to ensure the cleanest finish possible. Once you have the shape that you want, simply pick up some more liner and fill in any sparse areas. 

Use a concealer brush and your matching foundation or concealer to clean up the edges if you made any mistakes, and to keep the edges of your lip looking nice and sharp!

Black Lips With Pencil Liner

Here’s another method you can use in a pinch, as it’s likely you already have this product on hand as well! Most of us have some form of eyeliner in our bag, and thankfully they can all work as lipstick when you’re in a rush, and that includes pencil liner!

This method works only as good as the formula of your pencil liner is. A drier formula may be more difficult to work with, and might not have as much color payoff as a creamier formula.

It may be in your favor to opt for a waterproof formula as well for your color to stay on as long as possible. Some of our pencil liner recommendations are:

Once you have your eyeliner of choice ready, you basically do the same application method as you would when applying a lip liner. For this reason, it may be easier to find the finest tip possible to keep your lines sharp.

Outline the edges of your mouth and fill in the negative space with color afterward. If you’re worried about transfer, you can set the color with a black eyeshadow for longevity.

Black Lips With Eyeshadow And Lip Balm

This method isn’t the best, but if you have no other products on hand, it can be an option for a last-minute costume party, photo taking, or if you’re in a jam. We wouldn’t recommend it if you need a look that’s going to last you for hours on end without transfer or smudging as it definitely isn’t transfer-proof.

For this method, you’ll need lip balm and black eyeshadow. This is very similar to the first application technique we talked about, except the chapstick doesn’t do much in terms of base color.

Instead, it acts as a tacky foundation for the black eyeshadow to adhere to. Because of this, we recommend a lip balm in a tube rather than one applied with a finger. 

Use a light layer of lip balm, just enough to get your lips sticky, and quickly follow up with black eyeshadow. You can press it in with a clean finger or a sponge tip applicator.

Because you may need a little more shadow to cover your lips, try to find the most opaque color possible. Something on the creamier end may blend into the lips easier as well! 

DIY Lipstick Pot

If you need something to carry around with you all night, look no further than this DIY lipstick pot! 

What You’ll Need:

  • A container for the lipstick pot. Any cylindrical container will do, but we like an unused contact lens case the best
  • Liquid lip balm (like Glossier’s Balm Dot Com)
  • Black eyeshadow
  • The end of a makeup brush

What To Do:

  1. Squeeze some of your lip balm into your lipstick pot or receptacle. You can use a tinted color for a base, but even a transparent one will work fine.
  2. Scrape some black eyeshadow into the contact lens case. The more powder you use, the more pigmented the final shadow will be. You can use the end of a makeup brush for this step (just make sure it’s clean).
  3. Using the end of the same makeup brush, mix the lip balm and powder together to reveal your new black lipstick! Apply with a makeup brush for the cleanest possible edge.

Related Questions

How do you remove black lipstick?

If you’ve ever removed dark makeup before, you know how messy it can get! 

Using a dedicated makeup remover, rather than something like petroleum jelly or coconut oil, can breakdown makeup (including black lipstick) much more effectively. An oil-based product will work best. 

Thankfully, if you’re removing a DIY black lipstick, it usually doesn’t have the lasting power of a professional formula, so it can come off easily!

How do you make black lipstick work?

Matching black lipstick to the rest of your makeup and ensemble is simple: let it be the star! Whether you want it to be or not, donning a dark pout will be the central focus of any look you wear!

How do you make dark lipstick stay?

Black lipstick isn’t one of those “apply it and forget about it” type of makeup products. It requires a bit of maintenance throughout the day/night to keep it looking sharp. You may not want to eat or drink anything (especially greasy/oily foods) to keep your lipstick opaque.

For some extra lasting power, make sure to use an extra-strength setting or finishing spray once your lipstick is applied. Another trick would be to gently blot some translucent powder onto your pout and brush it away with a clean powder brush. It’ll give you a matte finish and is less likely to budge!

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