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9 Best Setting Powders With No Flashback

by Gabbi

Setting powders are the ultimate products to seal your makeup and ensure that it lasts. If you’re looking to prolong the wear of your makeup, investing in a setting powder will make a significant difference. However, not all powders are ready for the camera.

One fear that many makeup enthusiasts share is taking a picture with the flash on. Most of us can agree that we want to be photogenic and candid in front of the camera. However, the wrong setting powder can flashback and give you a ghostly look.

Taking a picture with flash is an extreme sport, and nobody needs the stress of wondering if they will look washed out in a photo. Thankfully, with the right setting powder, you can avoid flashback in pictures, and you’ll always be camera-ready.

What are the best setting powders with no flashback? The best setting powders that don’t flashback are from brands that create products for tv or film. Translucent powder won’t add colors, and yellow powders can brighten the face.

Setting powders can be expensive, but there are many affordable options on the market. Another helpful tip is to take photos of yourself on flash to see how your powder works with the light. So what are some setting powders that love the camera?

5 Things To Look For In A Setting Powder 

Finely-Milled Texture

The texture of your setting powder is an essential component if you want a flawless, airbrushed, and lightweight look. 

Finely-milled setting powders are ideal for the camera and real life because they blend seamlessly into the skin and are undetectable.


Translucent or no-color powders are great for flash photos because they don’t add color to your makeup. Translucent powder won’t alter your makeup or oxidize weirdly because they act as a matte veil on the skin.

Banana or Tinted Powders

Banana powders have a slight yellow tint that works perfectly in photos because it brightens the face without creating a white cast in flash photography. Tinted powders are great to add dimension without flashing back in photos.

For deeper complexions, choosing a tinted powder that complements your undertones and brightens the face will help ensure you don’t look flat or washed out in photos. 

Loose or Pressed 

Setting powders can be pressed or loose. It will be up to your personal preference on which one is better for you. Loose powders can be messy, and pressed powders can be a little heavier. Regardless, they both set the face and shouldn’t flashback.

Film Makeup Setting Powders

It never hurts to look for a setting powder that is made by a brand that creates film or tv makeup. These brands know how makeup needs to look on camera, and their powders are full coverage. They won’t flashback in photos.

Best Setting Powders With No Flashback 

RankProductKey Features
1.By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Face Setting PowderBlurring, oil controlling, hyaluronic acid
2.Dermablend Loose Setting PowderMattifying, non-comedogenic, vegan
3.Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder Loose, translucent, smooths and softens
4.Sacha BUTTERCUP Setting Powder Ideal for deep skin tones, blurring
5.Maybelline Banana Powder Loose Face Setting PowderUniversal color, matte finish, lightweight
6.Graftobian HD LuxeCashmere Setting PowderNeutralizes red, matte finish, blendable
7.NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop PowderWide shade range, matte, cruelty-free
8.Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder Smooth and airbrushed finish, vegan
9.RCMA The Original No Color Powder Translucent powder, universal, 3oz
BonusRevlon PhotoReady Candid Setting PowderAirbrushed finish, antioxidants

1. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Face Setting Powder

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Some luxurious and high-end makeup products are worth the money. So, if you’re looking to invest in your setting powder, check out this one from By Terry.

Almost every celebrity makeup artist has fallen in love with By Terry’s powder. 

The Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder will set your makeup in place, and it provides multiple skincare benefits. This colorless powder will ensure it doesn’t flashback when you snap a picture with the flash on. It will blur imperfections and control oil.

By Terry formulated this powder with hyaluronic acid to help your skin stay moisturized and hydrated, even when you’re wearing a lot of powder or makeup. This powder is suitable for all skin types, and it feels lightweight on the skin.

This is one of the only powders that keeps your skin hydrated, provides a natural matte finish, and doesn’t flashback in photos. Say hello to a flawless finish because this powder will blur fine lines and pores, control shine, and even out the complexion.

By Terry recommends shaking a small amount of product from the jar and lightly dusting the face for the best results. Also, you can apply it before or after foundation.

2. Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

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We’re sure you already know that Dermablend produces some of the most well-known face powders on the market, but did you know they’re also the #1 dermatologist recommended coverage brand?

That’s because Dermablend formulates their products with dermatologist standards in mind to make sure their products are safe and non-damaging for all skin types and tones.

This translucent setting powder is no different! It’s been dermatologist-tested (no animal testing) for safety and deemed non-comedogenic, ideal for sensitive skin, and phthalate-free.

Along with being a great choice for camera work and flash-friendly, it’s a vegan and fragrance-free formula that creates a matte finish for up to 16 hours of wear! It’s even smudge and transfer resistant so you don’t have to constantly worry about touching up your face.

That’s quite a long long list of reasons why this is the perfect setting powder for any occasion.

3. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder 

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Setting powders don’t have to be expensive, and you can find a high-quality powder at drugstore prices.

One iconic product that hundreds of people have used to set their makeup is the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder. This powder feels high-end!

The Coty Airspun Powder is a loose, translucent powder that suits many skin tones. It doesn’t skimp on the coverage, and you will achieve an airbrushed look.

Coty Airspun claims this powder will smooth and soften the skin.

This setting powder is fantastic for baking, contouring, and highlighting because it’s translucent. It’s an affordable powder that won’t make you look ghostly in photos. A little product is all you need, and you won’t have to worry about flashback.

Another pro of the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder is its versatility. For example, you can use this product as a powder foundation or a setting powder. This product is ideal for full coverage looks, and you’ll receive a natural matte finish on the skin.

The Coty Airspun Powder is great to try on a glam night out at this affordable price. You won’t shy away from the flash anymore!

4. Sacha BUTTERCUP Setting Powder 

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Finding a suitable setting powder can be a hassle if you have a medium, dark, or deep complexion. 

Many powders can look gray or dull on the skin, and various powders on the market don’t suit darker skin tones. However, Sacha caters to deeper complexions.

Finally, a setting powder that doesn’t flashback on medium to deep skin tones! Sacha ensures that you will never look ashy because their setting powders have a deep yellow undertone that complements medium to deep complexions.

This product is ideal for setting your foundation and concealer or baking and highlighting.

Now you can create a dimensional look without looking gray or ashy. Its long-wear formula keeps your makeup in place all day, and it’s transfer-resistant.

The Sacha BUTTERCUP powder doesn’t flashback in photos, and it will blur all your imperfections like fine lines and pores. Lastly, you’ll be left with a brightened look thanks to this powder’s undertone that is deep, soft, and yellow. 

Sacha even has multiple shades to cater to all skin tones. 

5. Maybelline Banana Powder Loose Face Setting Powder

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Maybelline is a fantastic drugstore brand with a makeup product for your every need, and this time is no different.

Meet their Lasting Fix Banana Loose Setting Powder. This powder will set your face and help you look awakened at a low price.

Banana powders are great to fight against flashback in photos because of the soft yellow tint preventing a ghostly look.

Unfortunately, banana powders can also be quite expensive, so it’s refreshing to see an affordable option from Maybelline.

Maybelline states their Banana Powder is universal and will suit a wide range of skin tones. It will blur imperfections and blemishes, illuminate the skin, and offer a satin-matte finish. So now you can kiss flashback and cake-face goodbye!

This long-wear formula will keep your makeup in place until it’s time to remove it. It’s a versatile product that can be used to set the face, prep the skin, bake, highlight, conceal, and more. This Banana Powder is also lightweight and flattering. 

Now, you’ll be able to perfect your base routine with Maybelline’s Lasting Fix Banana Loose Setting Powder. You’ll be prepared for every photo opt! 

6. Graftobian HD LuxeCashmere Setting Powder

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Graftobian is a brand that makeup artists globally love. This brand caters to film, tv, SFX, performance, and red carpet makeup.

Graftobian formulates their products for you to be camera-ready, no matter if you’re on a set or at the club.

The Graftobian HD LuxeCashmere Setting Powder was created for professional use, but now they are more accessible. 

Gratobian claims there will be absolutely no flashback in photos when you use this powder because of its light-scattering ingredients.

The Banana Cream shade is ideal for medium to dark skin tones to avoid looking gray or dull. This shade is formulated to neutralize red undertones to achieve a brightening effect. It has a slight yellow tint that also works its magic. 

Grafotbian sells this powder in multiple shades so everyone can find their perfect match. This powder is ideal if you want a matte, airbrushed finish that’s perfect for the camera. This loose powder is blendable and feels ultra silky. 

Overall, this is one of the best powders for photography, film, tv, or a special event. Graftobian’s powder will ensure your makeup doesn’t smudge or transfer. 

7. NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Powder

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NYX Cosmetics is a drugstore brand that offers high-quality film makeup at a lower price. NYX formulates every product to be in front of a camera, and they also provide numerous cosmetics for SFX.

The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Powder in Banana is a high-coverage finishing powder designed to be photographed. However, what’s terrific about this line of setting powders is its shade range. 

So, if you don’t like banana powders, there are other options.

NYX states this setting powder acts as a matte veil and is lightweight on the skin. It’s also comfortable to wear. It will keep oil production at bay, and you’ll be left with an airbrushed finish. This cruelty-free product will also make your makeup last.

The Banana powder is ideal for photography because its slight yellow tint will stop you from looking ashy in photos. The NYX Banana shade will suit a wide variety of skin tones looking to achieve a highlighted and brightened makeup look. 

8. Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder 

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The Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder is another high-end powder worth the investment.

This particular product is recommended by makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. It sets your face without flashing back!

The Veil Translucent Powder is ideal for any special event or photo opt. Hourglass has formulated this powder with soft-focus light-reflecting particles to smooth the skin, offer an airbrushed finish, and you won’t have to worry about flashbacks. 

Hourglass’s diamond-infused powder will ensure you don’t look like a ghost in pictures. This powder will seamlessly blur out imperfections like pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. It’s also a versatile powder that can be used for everything!

Hourglass suggests you use a small amount of powder to set the face, or you can bake under the eyes for a bright and awakened finish. Not only does this powder prevent flashback, but it can also ensure your concealer doesn’t crease.

Overall, this powder is excellent to use during the day, night, or for an event. It also has a clean, vegan, and cruelty-free formula!

9. RCMA The Original No Color Powder 

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If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, check out RCMA’s The Original No Color Powder. You’ll receive three ounces of setting powder for an affordable price.

RCMA is a well-known makeup brand that professional makeup artists love.

This No Color Powder will ensure that your makeup is set without the fear of flashing back. Because this powder is translucent, it won’t add to, change, or smudge your makeup. 

However, its stark white color is intimidating but blends seamlessly on the skin.

RCMA’s No Color Powder is ideal for photography, film, and tv use. It can be used for a special event. RCMA, much like Graftobian, is a makeup brand that formulates products for professional use, and it’s meant to be used on camera.

A little bit of this product goes a long way, so there is no need to be heavy-handed. Three ounces of setting powder will last for quite some time. RCMA’s No Color Powder can also be used to set, bake, brighten, and lock in your makeup.

This finely-milled powder will feel lightweight on the skin and help hide texture or imperfections.

Bonus: Revlon PhotoReady Candid Setting Powder

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Revlon has created a setting powder that your skin and the camera will love. Sometimes, powders formulated for photography or film can irritate the skin.

This is why Revlon created a powder that doesn’t flashback and nourishes the skin.

The PhotoReady Candid Setting Powder will instantly blur the skin and provide an airbrushed finish.

This makes it the perfect powder that won’t flashback in photos. It’s also lightweight on the skin, so you won’t even remember that you’re wearing powder.

Revlon created this powder without potentially sensitizing ingredients. For example, you won’t find fragrances, parabens, oils, or synthetic dyes. The PhotoReady Candid Setting Powder is filled with antioxidants that combat pollution.

This powder is available in four universal translucent shades, so everyone will be able to find their ideal match. Revlon states that this powder will keep the skin hydrated while setting the makeup in place. It will also keep oil production at bay.

The PhotoReady Candid Setting Powder is a wonderfully affordable powder for all your photography needs. Revlon is an accessible brand that has been around for decades, so you know you’ll receive a high-quality product!

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