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How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

by Gabbi

There are some cosmetic looks that will never go out of style. Among them are the full lip, the groomed brow, and fluttery, curled lashes. These are the classic beauty looks that will always be sought after, and they’ve only gotten more and more attainable over the years.

Of course, it’s very rare that one is born with all of these things, so we have to look to beauty tips, tricks, and hacks to help us attain our desired result. People can buy plumping glosses, get their brows microbladed, and, well…what about lashes?

Is there a way to train your eyelashes to curl naturally? With patience and commitment, yes, there are ways to get even the most stubborn of lashes to curl just right. However, you may obtain faster and more dramatic results through the use of cosmetic treatments and other beauty tools.

Here, you’ll find multiple ways to improve the curl and health of your lashes via natural means, as well as other methods of curling that don’t involve whipping out your eyelash curler!

Can You Train Your Eyelashes To Curl?

Just like the hair on your head, the growth pattern of your eyelashes cannot permanently change. You are born with individually shaped hair follicles that direct your eyelashes to grow a certain way, whether that is straight, downwards, or upwards. 

The more oval shaped your hair follicles are, the more “curly” your hair is. Unfortunately, there’s no procedure available to change the shape of your hair follicle, so your lashes are set to grow in the same way for the span of your life.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t train current growth to curl a certain way. The only downside with this though, is that your eyelashes, like the hair on your head, have a growth cycle. That means that they’ll fall out in a couple of weeks time to make room for new growth, and that new growth will grow as they naturally should. 

While the easy solution may be to try and train your current growth to curl until they fall out, you have to keep in mind that your lashes don’t all share the same growth pattern. Some grow at a slower rate, while some cycle through in a faster manner.

Ultimately, that means you don’t have complete control over which lashes are curled and which aren’t. After a couple of days, or even a week, you’ll probably notice some straight lashes amongst your trained ones. 

Combing Your Lashes

Sure, brushing through your locks is probably one of the first things you do in the morning and one of the last things you do at night, but have you ever thought about showing your eyelashes the same kind of love?

Just like your mane, your eyelashes can get tangled too. When tangled, they’ll droop from the weight of the clumped hairs. So the question stands: do you have straight lashes, or are they just tangled?

There’s no way to find out until you introduce an eyelash comb into your routine. But even if clumps aren’t the culprit, you won’t regret brushing through your lashes anyway, as separating them will only have them looking fluttery and long. 

Old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe utilized this beauty trick with the aid of things like safety pins, but luckily, we have specialized tools that’ll get the job done without the risk of poking your eye out. 

Eyelash combs are safe, affordable, and can easily be found in your local drugstore or even online. You have the option of buying a plastic comb, but if you have the extra money to spend on buying a metal one, we recommend it.

Metal eyelash combs are far more durable, and a lot easier to keep clean, which is essential for anything going near your eye. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when combing through your lashes is to use upward strokes. Maneuvering your lashes with upward strokes will guide them into an eye-opening curl.

Because of this, it’s important to look for an eyelash comb that curls with the natural shape of your eye. That way, you can train your current growth all at once, making for a more even curl throughout your lash line.

Moisturize Your Lashes

Vaseline is one of the most revered beauty products of all time; it’s so loved that you likely have a lineage of women in your family tree that relied on its abilities at least once in their lives. 

Continue the tradition by introducing this miracle jelly into your lash care routine! Because Vaseline is an effective moisturizer, and many people use it as a sealant in their skincare routine, you can actually aid each of your lashes in growing healthier and softer by locking in all the moisture and strength of the cells in each hair. 

Because it has the power to “lock in” any hydration already present in the hairs, we suggest applying petroleum jelly immediately after showering. 

There are multiple ways to apply petroleum jelly to your lashes, but just like eyelash combing, the most important thing to remember is the direction of application.

If you’re using your hands, make sure they’re clean so you don’t accidentally seal any bacteria near your eyes. In the same breath, we also urge you to make sure your eye area is as clean as possible. We want you to be very mindful during this step, as it’s the only way to ensure you’re left with clean lashes and not a stye. 

Pick up some vaseline on a single finger. You don’t need too much product at all; a thin layer is all you need to see results. Distribute the jelly between your two fingers, and, using a gentle hand, work the ointment from root to tip in an upwards motion.

If you worry about accidental contamination of bacteria, we don’t blame you! Thankfully, using a disposable mascara spoolie is arguably a more effective method of application. A bag of spoolies is not only incredibly affordable, but it’s also a surefire way to know you’re using the cleanest applicator possible on your lashes.

To apply, simply clean off your lashes, dip your spoolie into the petroleum jelly, and run it upwards through your eyelashes just as you would a mascara. Because the bristles of the spoolie are so fine, you’ll actually be able to get a more even application than you would with your finger.

But whatever method you choose, you’ll be able to see a difference in the shape of your lashes in no time flat.

Because you’re effectively massaging your lashes, you’re improving the circulation of blood to your follicles, assisting in the growth of your hairs. Doing this nightly will allow you to train your eyelashes from the minute they come in, and your hairs will stay evenly curled.

Manual Curling

Of course, one of the most effective ways in training your lashes to curl is by, well, curling them!

If you have seriously stubborn lashes, you may think that using an eyelash curler won’t help, but the truth is, your hairs have memory; you just have to use a little repetition to get through to them.

We suggest investing in a good quality tool, like this award winning eyelash curler from Brilliant Beauty on Amazon.

We also recommend doing the research to figure out which style of curler is most effective for your lashes. For example, if your growth pattern is stubbornly straight, try finding a tool made specially for your lashes.

From this point, it’s simple. Throughout the day, use your lash curler to give your hairs some lift as needed. Like we mentioned earlier, it may take a couple of times throughout the day in the beginning, but after some time, you’ll come to notice that your lashes are growing used to the curl, and take longer to straighten out or for the curl to fall.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not safe to do this method if you’re a regular mascara user. Curling lashes and applying mascara afterwards is one thing, but repeatedly curling mascara-filled lashes can lead to premature lash fall, which is the last thing we need.

A simpler method that doesn’t involve a lash curler is using your fingers! Make sure your hands are squeaky clean if you choose this method. 

Throughout the span of the day, simply lift your lashes using your fingertips. Press them against your eyelid, and hold them in place for a couple of seconds at a time.

This works especially well if you have warm fingertips, so you may benefit from rubbing your hands together to generate warmth. This method, while helpful, will generally not be as effective as a true eyelash curler, but it is much more gentle!

If you’re looking for natural ways to curl your lashes simply because that eyelash curler is looking like a torture device, you could maybe use a little guidance.

We’ve found the best tutorial for curling your lashes with an eyelash curler from NIkkiTutorials on YouTube. Check it out below!

How To Curl Lashes Without An Eyelash Curler

Maybe you want to give your eyelashes a break from harsh tools, or maybe you forgot to slip your curler into your makeup bag before leaving for vacation. Whatever the reason may be, any makeup artist can attest: finishing an eye look without curled lashes is honestly impossible.

Thankfully, there are different methods you can try out to give your lashes that lift they need, whether it’s for a makeup look or just to train your hairs to stay in place.

Mascara Method

  • If you’ve ever wondered about the legitimacy of the “lifting” claims your mascara has, now might be a good time to test them. For this method, all you’ll need is your favorite mascara. If it claims itself as lifting, that would be better, but this should work with any mascara you have handy.
  • Also, opting for a waterproof formula will ensure that any curl you do achieve stays put all day. Just make sure you have a great makeup remover.
  • This method is all in the intricacies of your mascara application. Typically, after curling, you’d just comb the spoolie through your hairs. But if you’re without a lash curler, you’re going to want to wiggle the brush through your hairs in a zig-zag motion; this will ensure the most clump-free lashes possible (as we know, clumps will make your lashes droop).
  • Once your lashes are coated, run your spoolie through the hairs one more time, but this time hold them up in place at the very tip of the hair. Let your mascara dry completely before removing the spoolie.
  • This method effectively immobilizes the lash, locking it in an upwards position.

Spoon Method

  • Amongst the more popular methods of curling your eyelashes without a lash curler is definitely the spoon method. This is a great pick of you’re looking for a deep curve in your lashes. 
  • Grab a clean spoon. If it’s been sitting in your drawer for a while, or if you’re doing this at a restaurant, you may want to swipe it with an alcohol pad or give it a wash if you can. This is just to ensure there are no traces of bacteria that could potentially harm your eye. Make sure the size of the spoon corresponds to the size of your eye. For smaller eyes, use a tea spoon, for bigger eyes, a table spoon will work well.
  • Warm the spoon. This is the key to ensuring the curl lasts all day or night. You can achieve this by simply running the spoon under hot water, or even by holding the spoon in between your hands and letting your natural body heat warm it up. If you warmed it using water, make sure you dry it off when warm.
  • Then, position the spoon to rest horizontally against your lid. The convex part of the spoon should be facing out. Try to get the edge of the spoon flush against your lash line to make for the most natural curl possible.
  • Using your other hand, press your eyelashes against the spoon. Hold them in place with your fingertip. Don’t press or use too much force, or you might rip your lashes out from the follicle. Simply hold them up until the spoon cools – about half a minute. Repeat as necessary for desired curl.
  • Make sure you warm the spoon again before repeating the process on the other eye.

Hair Dryer

  • If you wear contacts, or suffer from dry eyes in general, this next method may not be for you! 
  • All you’ll need for this method is your favorite mascara and a blow dryer. You’ll need to work fast, so keep your blow dryer plugged in and ready to go on the counter. 
  • Apply your mascara as you usually would. We recommend working in light layers so as not to end up with smudges on your lid. Make sure you’ve coated each lash, or else you’ll be left with very obvious inconsistencies in your curl. Do not wait for the lashes to dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Using the lightest possible setting, direct the warm air of the hair dryer to blow your lashes upwards. Keep the nozzle about half a foot away from your lashes so you don’t hurt your face. 
  • You don’t need to keep steady heat, and if you feel more comfortable blasting your hairs with cool air, by all means do it! Continue blowing air against your eyes until the makeup dries, and you’ll be left with beautifully curled lashes. 

How Do You Curl Your Lashes Permanently?

The treatment may not be permanent, but you’ll be able to skip the eyelash curler for a couple of weeks if you ask your esthetician about an eyelash perm! These are different from eyelash extensions, which involve using an adhesive to add faux lashes to your hair line. 

Instead, this method uses a chemical to perm your natural lashes (in the same type of method used to perm the hair on your head), to stay in a curled position. People love this method as it gives them a natural looking lift, unlike extensions that can look costume-y when done incorrectly.

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