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How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Overnight

by Gabbi

Makeup trends come and go, but one cosmetic trend that will never go out of style are long, full eyelashes. Whether you’re aiming for a dramatic look with thick liner, or something more natural, doing your makeup never really feels complete until your lashes are as voluminous and lengthy as they can be.

But if you’re just looking to mascara to give you long lashes, you may be looking in the wrong place! Even the best makeup products can only help your eyelashes look thick by so much, so you may want to start adding more steps into your eyelash routine to ensure you have the healthiest lashes possible. 

So how do you make your eyelashes grow overnight? Unfortunately, the beauty world hasn’t figured that out quite yet. But for the time being, there are preventative measures, routines, methods, and products you can use in your daily regimen to grow your lashes over time. 

We promise that by the end of this article you’ll have a much better understanding of how to care for your eyelashes, and that you’ll be the subject of someone else’s lash envy in no time.

Preventing Lash Loss

Bad habits break us, and this is especially true when it comes to your beauty routine. You may not know it, but you may be doing some serious damage to your lashes by partaking in some unhealthy practices.

Read through this list to see if you’ve fallen victim to these beauty blunders, and we’ll give you some suggestions on how to move past them!

1. Lash Extensions

With the appeal of lash extensions only getting more and more popular, it’s only natural that you take the dive and get them done!

And while this may be among the fastest and most long-lasting ways to get your eyelashes looking luscious, there are some things you need to keep in mind prior to booking your appointment.

Make sure that your lash specialist is reputable and trustworthy. Look through their reviews (especially the negative ones), and try to find someone you know who’s gotten their lashes done themselves for recommendations.

When it comes to any cosmetic treatment, you don’t want to take risks, but this is especially important to keep in mind when the procedure is taking place so close to your eyes. After your lash installation, if you find that your eyes are especially irritated, or that you’re in any pain, this is not a good sign.

If it’s your first time getting your lashes done, then some slight redness or irritation is to be expected, but anything keeping you from opening your eyes entirely (like your extensions being too heavy or being applied in clusters instead of individually) is definitely a red flag.

And even if you’ve done your research and have found a reputable lash specialist, you’re not out of the woods yet! Now, the responsibility to take care of your lashes falls entirely on your shoulders. Proper upkeep is key to maintaining the health of your natural lashes.

At home removal is a definite no-no. If your lashes were applied correctly, that means they were applied to an individual eyelash. Pulling at your extensions, or rubbing them with a cotton pad or your fingers, puts your natural eyelashes at risk.

Your extensions will grow out with your natural lash cycle. It will take a couple of weeks for them to fall, but trust that they will do so on their own time.

If you’re in the awkward stages of the lash cycle, and would rather remove them before they get too patchy, go back to your specialist! A professional removal will keep the integrity of your real lashes in mind.

2. Strip Lashes

If you’re more of a strip lash type of person, being mindful during installation and removal is also important.

Unlike eyelash extensions, strip lashes are not to be applied directly to the lashes, as the adhesive is not safe for your natural lashes. While you do want to keep the strip lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, be mindful that you’re not getting any lash glue onto the root of your hairs. 

As for removal, the last thing you want to do is pull the false lash from your lid. Taking off your lashes using this (very unsafe) method, is a surefire way to rid yourself of lashes altogether!

Instead, soak a cotton pad in micellar water or any other oil-based makeup remover and saturate your falsies with them for at least 20 seconds. You don’t need to rub the solution in, just let it sit over your eye. This will help the glue loosen and lose its tackiness.

Once you’ve given the makeup remover enough time to work its magic, swipe the cotton pad from your eye. If the lash hasn’t already come off, you should be able to just lift it from your lashline with minimum effort, keeping your natural lashes intact!

3. Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are probably one of the most intimidating makeup products to use, especially for beginners. Because of that, it’s easy to handle them incorrectly, putting your natural lashes at risk.

Because it’s so easy to be trigger happy with your curler, you want to make sure you keep quality in mind. This is a beauty item that you should feel at peace spending a couple more dollars on.

A professional quality eyelash curler is much more inexpensive than you think, and will last you far longer than a cheaper quality device.

When curling, don’t use too much pressure. A good quality curler will be shaped to fit snugly against your lashline, meaning you don’t need to use a lot of force in order to get a great curl. Be slow and mindful with each clench of your tool. If you do squeeze to hard, you could very easily rip your lashes out.

Clean your lash curler in between each use. Eyelash curlers are magnets for makeup, dirt, or even eyelash glue. Any buildup could cling to your natural lashes, effectively plucking them from their follicle with each curl (not to mention the possible eye infections).

4. Mascara

Mascara is easily one of the beloved makeup products of all time, so it’s unlikely that you’ve ever stopped to think about how much damage you could potentially be causing to your lashes.

If you’re a waterproof mascara lover, you may have come across how much of a problem it is to remove your eye makeup at the end of the day.

What most people don’t understand is that the real damage isn’t so much the mascara, but the removal of it. Because waterproof mascara involves a touch more abrasiveness to remove, it’s not suggested for everyday use. 

The same goes for old mascara! Exposing your lash follicle to the bacteria that’s built up in your mascara tube could put the health of your future lash growth at risk, or worse, cause premature falling. 

5. Proper Makeup Removal

When removing your eye makeup, we recommend ditching makeup wipes (which are ineffective and uber drying), and picking up a good quality liquid makeup remover.

We’re big fans of the micellar water we mentioned earlier, but picking up any oil-based solution or face wash is great too. If you’re in a pinch, but need something effective, castor or coconut oil is a good choice too. 

The reason why oil is such an effective cleanser is because it can break down makeup to the point where you can easily wash it away with little to no elbow grease.

Take your time massaging your cleanser into your skin and be extra light-handed while you’re working it through your lashes. That way, you can keep your lashes strong and intact.

Constantly exposing your eyelashes to the incorrect eye makeup remover can leave your natural lashes dry, frail, and extremely brittle, making lash loss more prevalent, so be picky about what you’re exposing your lashes to!

6. Avoid Eye Rubbing

The eyes are the most delicate part of your face, which is why being gentle when touching them is important. Whether it’s makeup removal, or rubbing your eyes at the end of a long day- anytime you put your fingers near your lashes, you’re risking potential lash fall.

Lash follicles are super dainty, meaning you may only need to rub your eyes once to notice some lash fall. If rubbing your eyes is a habit of yours, try to keep aware of it, as having a hair fall out of a follicle one too many times could lead to permanent hair loss.

Ways To Make Your Lashes Longer And Stronger

Applying A Lash Oil

Keeping your lashes moisturized and healthy is an easy way to promote lash growth, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either! All you’ll need is an oil from the list below, as well as some disposable mascara wands.

You can find these online, like the affordable ones we’ve linked above, or you can even use an old mascara wand of yours – just be mindful to clean it in between each use.

  • Vitamin E Oil
    • Not only is it incredibly affordable but vitamin E oil is noted for repairing the oxidative damage done to your lashes over time. This helps turn back the time on any harm done on your lashes, and promote healthier growth in the future.
  • Coconut Oil
    • Coconut oil is a staple in any beauty lover’s arsenal, typically as an active ingredient in homemade hair masks. So, if this oil is beneficial for the hair on your head, it’ll only work wonders for your lashes as well! Containing a power packed combination of fatty acids, applying coconut oil every night can replenish protein loss, and moisturize your lashes over time.
  • Olive Oil
    • If you’re looking to encourage the growth of your lashes, and to repair your hair follicles from any damage done from poor makeup removal or stress, look no further than olive oil! Also rich in fatty acids, olive oil will condition your lashes and showcase its restorative properties after nightly use. 
  • Castor Oil
    • Castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties, which makes it a miracle worker for those with skin problems. But what a lot of people don’t know is that castor oil can be a lifesaver for your lashes too. Castor oil contains a special type of fatty acid, ricinoleic acid, which stimulates hair follicles and allows them to speed up the hair growth cycle. 
  • Argan Oil
    • If vitamin E isn’t doing the job for you, we suggest trying argan oil instead! This oil contains a potent combination of vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants, giving your eyelashes the drink of hydration you might not even know they need! This does wonders in keeping your lashes strong and healthy, so we recommend this oil for those with brittle or dry lashes.
  • Almond Oil
    • Almond oil is known for its restorative, soothing properties. Commonly used on nail cuticles or skin, almond oil can work wonders on new and current lash growth. Having miraculous smoothing properties, this oil can mend fraying hairs, as well as moisturize your hair follicles, ensuring that any new growth is strong as can be.

If you’re introducing any of these oils to your routine for the first time, we highly recommend doing a swatch test on your skin to see if you have any sensitivities or allergies.

If you’re good to go, be religious in your oil application! This is a great, inexpensive way to build up your eyelashes, but it doesn’t come without patience. Expect to see noticeable results between 6-8 weeks. It may seem like a while, but we promise that when you see the difference, you’ll never go back!

Lash Serums

If you’re looking for something that showcases fluttery lashes a little faster, you may be in the market for a good lash serum. Lash serums are specially formulated solutions whose sole purpose is to build and enhance your natural lashes – no mascara needed.

They may seem intimidating, but don’t be afraid! Lash serums are extremely safe when used correctly, and provide results that other, more natural options, can’t compete with. 

Most serums involve application three times every day on your clean, makeup-free lashes. That means you may have to give up your mascara use for a while, but you can rest assured that the results will be well worth it.

And if you’re a contacts wearer, be forewarned. Lash serums and contact lenses aren’t a good combo, so you may want to opt for a pair of glasses until you get your desired result!

There are over the counter options that do well, but if you’d rather something backed with scientifically proven results, then you can always ask your doctor about Latisse- which was approved by the FDA as a surefire way to assist your lashes in thickness, darkness, and of course, length.

This is a prescription only lash serum, so we suggest doing your research and talking to a specialist in which choice would be better suited for you.

But whatever product you end up with, there are some side effects that you should be aware of. Whether it’s prescription or OTC, if you notice any pain or redness around your eyes or lashline when applying your serum, stop use immediately.

The same goes for any unwanted hair growth, thinning of the skin of the eyelid, darkening of the eyelid (especially along the lashline), or any other changes you may be concerned about. All of these are signs that something’s wrong, so make sure you check in with a doctor before continuing usage.

As for results, it all depends on how meticulous you are about your application. Some serums claim you’ll see results in as little as 3-4 weeks, while others may take as long as 3 months. 

Diet And Supplements

While you can look to oils and serums to help your eyelashes grow, one of the most natural ways to maintain healthy lashes (and locks) is through your diet. Again, you won’t see tremendous growth after eating one salad, but you can trust that over time, you’ll notice a major difference in your hair growth and strength.

For your diet, you may want to introduce more protein and biotin into your diet. Of course, you can do this via supplement or shake, but it could actually be as simple as eating more eggs, spinach, berries, and fatty fish!

Vitamin C and zinc are also beneficial for hair growth, so you can treat yourself to citrus fruits, sweet peppers, seeds and nuts, as well as oysters! 

But if you’re not a fan of switching up your diet, you can yield the same results with something as accessible as a multivitamin. However, there are supplements out there specifically marketed for eyelash and hair growth; take the time to look through your options and see which is a better fit for you.

Related Questions

Does vaseline make eyelashes grow longer?

Applying vaseline, or any petroleum based jelly, onto your lashes is an old school beauty trick that claims to help lashes grow. The truth?

Petroleum jelly holds no nutritional or supplemental properties that aid in the growth of lashes, but rather keeps the lashes from expelling moisture – locking in any hydration. That means this cosmetic hack is better suited for those looking to preserve the health of their lashes, and not those wanting real growth.

Why are my eyelashes thinning?

Eyelash thinning can be blamed on a multitude of causes. From age, medical problems, stress, or even seasonal allergies.

It’s common for you to lose eyelashes on a weekly basis, as lashes hold the same growth cycle as the hairs on your head. But, if you’re noticing more fall than usual, it never hurts to express those concerns to a doctor who can help get to the root of the issue.

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