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Can You Use Hair Glue For Lashes?

by Gabbi

Makeup addicts everywhere will agree that no look is complete without the right set of eyelashes. Fake eyelashes allow you to transform your appearance and enhance the features you love the most. You can apply them daily or for a special event. 

It can be tricky to learn how to apply fake eyelashes, but practice makes perfect. Once you nail your lash routine, it will be a breeze to pop on your falsies. The right lash glue will ensure they are secure and won’t unstick.

Most people have struggled to find the right lash glue, and most formulas aren’t long-lasting. It can be scary to be out and about while half of your lashes are hanging off your eyelid. So, hair glue became a popular alternative to lash glue.

But, can you use hair glue for lashes? Hair glue, or hair bonding glue, is mainly used for wigs, weaves, extensions, and more. While it may provide a long-lasting hold for your falsies, or even a set of lash extensions, hair glue shouldn’t be placed on the eyes, as it can cause various issues.

In this article, we’ll explain why using hair glue on your lash line isn’t as good an idea as it sounds.

Lash Glue 

What is lash glue? It’s also an adhesive that’s used to apply fake eyelashes to the lash line. While most people find that lash glue doesn’t have a strong enough formula, it is safe to use around the eye area, and it can be removed easily.

However, lash glues can also be filled with unknown chemical ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction, so conducting a patch test before applying the bond is always wise. 

Lash adhesive is specifically formulated for the eye area and the lash line.

Hair Glue 

As mentioned earlier, hair glue is an adhesive that’s used to apply various hair enhancements like wigs, weaves, and extensions, or aid in braiding. Hair glue needs to be strong and budge-proof to last until it’s time to change your hair enhancement. 

However, just because hair glue works for the hair on your head doesn’t automatically mean it’s safe to use on other places with hair. Hair glue or hair bonding glue is specifically formulated to secure and hold hair enhancements.

Why did hair glue become a popular lash glue alternative? 

How Did Hair Glue Become A Makeup Product?

So how did people get inspired to use hair glue instead of eyelash glue? For starters, some may think that glue is glue, but not all products are versatile. Both of these adhesives work the best for the area intended and crafted for.

However, Beyonce’s Makeup Artist, Sir John, has held multiple masterclasses and shared numerous Youtube Videos on his best-kept secret. His most shocking tip was to use wig glue as an eyebrow gel because it’s waterproof and won’t move all day.

So, if you can use hair glue on the brows, why wouldn’t you use it on the eyes? Unfortunately, the eye area is sensitive, and our skin is the thinnest around the eyes. So, applying products that aren’t intended for the eye area can be risky.

According to one news story by WDSU, one woman had applied hair glue on her set of lashes, resulting in her having to rip her eyelashes out because there was no way to remove the hair glue.

So it’s crucial to read the directions when purchasing any adhesive to avoid casualties. Hair glue is not safe to use around the eyes and can ignite multiple signs of irritation.

Why You Should Avoid Using Hair Glue On Lashes 

Hair glue or hair bonding glue should be used as directed by the manufacturer. Applying hair glue on the eyes can lead to adverse side effects like allergic reactions, coming into contact with harmful chemicals, and even damaging your eyelashes.

What are some other reasons to avoid using hair adhesive on the eyes? 

Toxic Chemicals

While both hair and lash glue contain toxic or irritating chemicals, one is formulated to use on the eyes, and the other one isn’t. As mentioned earlier, hair glue can contain ingredients like latex, formaldehyde, ammonium hydroxide, and even lead.

Unfortunately, the FDA has little to no regulations regarding what ingredients are safe to use in cosmetics. So, our job as consumers is always to read the ingredients list and perform patch tests for both hair and lash glues.

Patch tests are the safest ways to avoid allergic reactions. 

Not Formulated For The Eyes 

Hair bonding glues will usually have a disclaimer on the packaging that it’s not safe to use on the eyes. Hair glue can have a vastly different formulation than lash glue, resulting in using chemicals the eyes can’t handle.

Always read the ingredients list and directions, or contact the manufacturer for information when in doubt.

Hard To Remove

The following reason why you shouldn’t use hair glue on fake lashes is that it’s challenging to remove. Lash glue can easily be removed with an oil-based product. On the other hand, hair glue is meant to last weeks or even months.

Also, you won’t be able to remove hair glue like you would with lash glue. That’s you may be left with no choice but to rip your falsies off entirely, and all your natural eyelashes with them.

Professional Use Only

Licensed and professional hairstylists and cosmetologists should be the only ones using hair glue or hair bonding glue. This product is not to be messed with and requires in-depth training in applying and removing hair glue without damaging the strands.

Using a professional-grade product at home as a consumer can come with some risks. Unless you’re a licensed hairstylist, it can be challenging to understand the stakes at hand when you misuse a product, and by the time you do, it can already be too late.

Risks Of Using Hair Glue On Eyes

So, let’s say you do end up using hair glue on your lashes, or you still want to try it out for yourself. What are the potential risks and side effects when using hair glue on your eyelids? Unfortunately, they can possibly create a lasting impact on the eyes. 


You can get severe irritation both in and around the eyes, for starters. This includes redness, puffiness, itchiness, watery eyes, and more. These signs can result from the hair glue reacting negatively on your lash line.

Allergic Reactions

Similar to irritation, you can create an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions share similar signs like irritation, but they can also be more severe. For example, you can have a skin condition flare up like eczema or have a painful stye. 

Eyelashes Can Fall Out 

Another risk of using hair glue for your falsies is potentially damaging your natural lashes. Hair glue will be extremely challenging to remove from the lash line, so you can either risk ripping out your lashes or have them potentially fall out.

Overall, you can ruin the integrity of your lashes by applying hair glue on your fake eyelashes. Opting for a regular lash glue will be less abrasive, and it can easily be removed with an oil-based product.

Putting Your Sight At Risk 

Lastly, the most impactful side effect is potentially putting your sight at risk. If you apply various chemicals frequently around the eyes, there is a slight chance it can affect your sight. Products can easily slip into the eyes and irritate them.

Following the manufacturer’s directions and using the hair glue as intended will offer the best results. Most manufacturers will direct you to rinse your eyes immediately or seek medical help if the product has seeped into your eyes.

The Takeaway 

The moral of the story is to only use lash glue to apply your fake lashes. 

While there are some risks of irritation when using lash glue, it won’t be as severe as hair glue. Lash adhesive is intended for the eye area, and it can easily be removed with oil-based products.

While you may not get as strong of hold with lash glue, it’s not worth risking your eyes and your natural lashes to test out hair glue. 

This type of glue is strong because it needs to hold hair enhancements, and the label should state to avoid contact with the eyes.

When going in for a set of lash extensions or to get your makeup done, double-check with your beautician that they’re using the correct glue for your eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone will be a trained professional, and they can apply hair glue to your lashes and put you at risk.

We also recommend stashing a bold, lengthening mascara in your makeup bag. That way, if you ever realize you only have the lashes and no glue, you can still get the dramatic look you were going for without having to resort to taking the risk of using hair glue.

It just isn’t worth it!

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