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What Happens If You Cut Your Eyelashes?

by Gabbi

Eyelashes are crucial features that frame and shape our faces, so you’ll want to offer them nourishment and care to keep them long and fluttery. However, eyelashes can also be frustrating to deal with, and it can be tempting to cut them like hair. 

What happens if you cut your eyelashes? Cutting your lashes on purpose or by accident may be an impulsive decision in most cases. However, it can often lead to a direct and unnatural effect that ultimately needs time to grow out.

Also, cutting your eyelashes can be extremely dangerous, even with a small tool like manicure scissors. Any sharp object near the eye can put your safety at risk. Thankfully, your eyelashes will most likely grow back after an unexpected trim. 

Trimming your eyelashes may be similar to cutting your hair, but it’s not an activity that’s recommended to complete. You’ll want to ensure that none of the surrounding skin or follicles is damaged because it can lead to more severe complications.

It’s essential to seek help from a medical provider if the skin or lash line is damaged while cutting the lashes. You may also be wondering how long it will take for eyelashes to grow back or what you can do to conceal a bad trim job.

Can You Cut Your Eyelashes?

Eyelashes have a growth cycle and losing a few is perfectly normal. However, whether you accidentally cut your lashes or a beauty experiment has gone wrong, it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to recover from cutting your eyelashes.

It’s not recommended to trim your lashes, while many individuals believe it’s the same as cutting your hair. Therefore, it may be best to avoid trimming lashes altogether.

What Can Happen If You Cut Your Lashes

What can you expect to see after giving your eyelashes a trim? At best, your lashes may look blunt or unnatural, or have an inconsistent pattern. Thankfully, it won’t be too challenging to recover from this stage of eyelash trimming. 

More severe results can include damaging your lash line or the follicle and generally put your eye safety at risk.

Inconsistent/Unnatural Lashes

Most individuals may not know how to cut eyelashes, so it will make the most sense to cut them in a straight line. However, this gives you a bulky and square shape that won’t be flattering. Point cutting is what gives a feathered and wispy effect. 

So, this blunt cut can have an unnatural appearance and an inconsistent lash pattern.

Damaged The Lash Line

Cutting your lashes can cause some damage to the lash line if you aren’t careful. It’s crucial to have steady and stable hands otherwise you risk damaging the follicle. If you damage your eyelash follicles, there is less of a chance they will grow back. 

Damaging the lash line can have a long recovery with no promise of your eyelashes returning to their original state. 

Putting Eye Safety At Risk 

Finally, the worst outcome of cutting your eyelashes is accidentally hurting your eyes. You’ll want to avoid having sharp objects around your eyes because it can put eye safety at risk and cause long-term damage if something doesn’t go to plan. 

It’s too risky to have scissors near your eyes, so it’s not recommended to trim your eyelashes.

Are Eyelashes Permanently Damaged If You Cut Them?

Will your eyelashes be permanently damaged if you cut them? Thankfully, if no damage occurs to your eyes or lash line, you can expect your lashes to recover. They may not recover if the surrounding skin or follicles are damaged. 

It’s crucial to see medical help if you’re unsure if you’ve harmed the eye area while cutting your eyelashes.

How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes To Grow Back?

According to Healthline, “it will typically take about 6 weeks for the eyelashes to grow back in if it’s cut or burned but there’s no damage to the follicle or eyelid. But if you pull an eyelash out…It can take longer for the eyelash to grow back.” 

What Can You Do To Grow Back Your Eyelashes?

Is there anything you can do to supplement your eyelash growth journey? You might be able to implement a few habits into your daily routine to help grow your trimmed lashes.

It’s important to note that these tips will help lashes that have been cut with no surrounding damage to the skin, follicles, or eyes. Otherwise, it’s recommended to seek medical help. 

Invest In A Lash Serum 

An easy step you can add to your nighttime routine is applying a lash serum (like Latisse or GrandeLash). Eyelash serums promote and stimulate growth to achieve long and luscious eyelashes. In addition, they can help recover lashes that have undergone a bad trim. 

Always conduct a patch test before applying the serum to the eyes to avoid allergic reactions. 

Keep The Lash Line Clean 

Another simple and helpful tip is to keep your eyelashes and lash line clean. This step requires no additional products and is the most accessible. Keeping the lashes clean is crucial so no dirt, bacteria, or debris will hinder their growth. 

You may decide to use an oil-based eye cleanser or micellar water to remove daily grime from your eyelashes.

Eat A Balance Diet

Your hair will only be as healthy as what you put into your body. So, if you’re lacking certain nutrients in your body, it can affect your hair growth, including your eyelashes. However, eating a balanced diet and taking vitamins can help lash growth. 

You can consult your physician on which vitamins are vital for your body and promote hair growth.

Use Castor Oil 

Healthline states, “one 2015 study found that a predominant chemical in castor oil may inhibit the production of a protein that keeps hair from growing back. But there doesn’t seem to be a body of scientific evidence…” 

However, applying castor oil nightly may offer the lash line extra nourishment for potential growth. 

How Can You Conceal Cut Eyelashes?

What are some ways you can conceal poorly trimmed eyelashes until they make a full recovery? It can depend on how healthy your lash line is to sustain various methods like semi-permanent lash services or to experiment with makeup. 

It may take additional time to try various methods to see which works best at concealing your cut eyelash hairs.

Apply Individual Fake Eyelashes 

One way to conceal trimmed eyelashes is by applying fake eyelashes. 

You can opt for individual falsies because they can appear more natural than a strip of eyelashes. In addition, individual falsies allow you the freedom to apply wherever they are needed the most.

You can also customize your lash line with varying sizes and shapes to hide bluntly cut eyelashes. However, remove the lash adhesive thoroughly each night. 

Use A Gentle Mascara

What can you do if you don’t want to bombard your lash line with falsies and glue? You can also opt for fiber-building mascara with a gentle formula (like this one from L’oreal). Mascaras can be pretty harsh, so opting for a nourishing formulation is crucial. 

Mascara can be buildable, add volume or length, and potentially conceal blunt lashes.

Apply Eyeshadow To The Lash Line

Another helpful makeup tip is to apply eyeshadow to the lash line. This will act as a more natural eyeliner that can quickly help create the illusion of fuller lashes. In addition, you can opt for brown or black shadows to add dimension between your lash hairs.

Again, it’s crucial to remove all eye makeup thoroughly each night to avoid stunting lash growth.

Draw On Fake Lash Hairs

You can take inspiration from 60’s style eye makeup and draw on additional lash hairs. This is great for creating an avant-garde look while concealing any rouge lash hair post-trim. It also boosts your creative side with makeup. 

Drawing on additional lash hair is an excellent alternative to applying falsies.

Visit A Lash Technician 

Finally, you can visit a lash technician for help if your lash line is healthy. You may decide that a set of eyelash extensions can help grow out cut eyelashes, and it will reduce the time you need to get ready every morning. 

Lash extensions can last a few weeks with the proper care and conceal poorly trimmed eyelashes.

Seek Professional Help

Please seek professional medical help from a physician or an ophthalmologist if you have any damage surrounding your lashes. This will ensure you receive proper treatment and recovery without putting eye safety at risk any further.


Regardless if you cut your lashes on purpose or by accident, they can take some time to grow back. 

They can grow back within six weeks on average if there is no surrounding damage to the lash line or eyes. Please seek medical help if there is additional damage.

You can grow back your eyelashes by investing in a lash serum, eating a balanced diet, and keeping the lash line clean. Also, if the lash line is healthy enough, you may decide to experiment with makeup or fake eyelashes.

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