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Can You Use Micellar Water To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

by Gabbi

Do you clean your eyelash extensions? Regularly cleaning your lash extensions can prolong their wear time and minimize the risk of spreading bacteria. It can be intimidating to clean lash extensions out of fear excess water can loosen them.

However, a gentle cleanse with water, and a lash-safe cleanser will ensure your extensions last as long as possible. While you can purchase a specialized lash cleanser, you can also use other skincare products like micellar water.

Can you use micellar water to clean eyelash extensions? Micellar water can effortlessly clean lash extensions, and it’s a product you could already have in your skincare routine. However, you’ll need to check the ingredients before application.

Various micellar waters can contain components that will break down your lash extensions and cause them to fall prematurely. Water-based micellar water will be the safest option for cleaning extensions without the fear of shortening their lifespan.

So is micellar water an effective cleansing option for lash extensions, and how can you incorporate it into your routine? Thankfully, micellar water is a gentle, easy-to-use product that can give lash extensions new life.

What Is Micellar Water?

Micellar water (we love this line from Bioderma) is a multipurpose skincare product that cleans the skin, removes makeup, and erases dirt and debris. It has a highly gentle formula, so it’s safer around the eye area.

According to Healthline, “It’s made using purified water, moisturizers like glycerin, and mild surfactants, which are compounds used for cleansing.” 

So, micellar water isn’t your average water and is packed with skin-loving ingredients. 

Can You Use Micellar Water To Cleanse Lash Extensions?

While eyelash extension cleansers are formulated to be gentle on lashes and minimize lash loss, micellar water can also do the trick! However, not all micellar waters are created equally, so using a truly water-based formula is crucial to keep your extensions intact.

Water-based micellar waters won’t harm your lashes or loosen the adhesive prematurely. Also, micellar water has a gentle, no-rinse formula that won’t irritate the eyes. 

What Ingredients Should You Avoid In Micellar Water?

It’s crucial to ensure your micellar water doesn’t contain any damaging components that can ruin the longevity of your lash extensions. For example, oils should be avoided at all costs when preserving eyelash extensions.

Oils can slowly break down the lash adhesive and cause your lashes to fall out faster than expected. Micellar waters can often contain oils to remove eye makeup but stick to a water-based formula to care for lash extensions. 

Benefits Of Using Micellar Water On Lash Extensions 

Micellar water makes a great alternative to expensive or inaccessible eyelash extension cleansers. It’s a common and practical skincare product that you can use for multiple purposes besides cleaning your lash extensions.

However, it’s gentle on your extensions, cost effective, and you don’t need to rinse it. Micellar water will quickly break down dirt, dust, and debris around the eye area. 


Micellar water generally contains well-tolerated ingredients. We listed earlier that micellar water has skin-loving components like moisturizers, glycerin, and mild surfactants. Most micellar waters are also free of harsh alcohol-based elements.

You can get a deep cleanse around the eyes without the harshness of a regular cleanser. Also, please remember to stay clear of micellar waters with oils.

Cost Effective 

Another benefit of micellar water is that it’s cost-effective. You can often buy micellar water in bulk and have it last a lifetime. In addition, we’ve mentioned earlier that you can use micellar water for other things like removing makeup or cleansing the skin.

Micellar water may be more affordable and accessible than specialized lash cleansers. Its gentle formula is abundant and keeps eyelash extensions intact. 


Finally, the last reason why many people gravitate towards micellar water is that it has a no-rinse formula. Because it doesn’t require rinsing, you can limit your lash’s exposure to water or moisture.

Micellar water will quickly dry on its own, leaving you a clean set of eyelashes. In addition, you won’t feel any stickiness or residue. If you use too much, you can feel the product, but you can lightly dab away excess micellar water.

Is Micellar Water Effective For Cleaning Lash Extensions?

As long as it’s water-based, micellar water makes an excellent lash cleanser. Its gentle formula won’t irritate the eyes, but it will still effectively cleanse the lashes. 

In addition, you can easily break down dirt, debris, and makeup to renew your extensions. It has a no-rinse formula so you can reduce the number of times your eyelashes come into contact with water and moisture.

How To Use Micellar Water To Cleanse Eyelash Extensions

So how can you incorporate micellar water into your lash cleansing routine? Thankfully, the process is simple and doesn’t require much work. However, you may need a high-quality eye brush to help distribute micellar water onto the eyelashes.

You can easily clean and revive your eyelash extensions with a few simple steps. It’s also crucial to take time to brush and dry your lashes, so they maintain their shape. 

Use A Water-Based Micellar Water 

The most significant step is using the correct micellar water. You can check the ingredients list to ensure you don’t have any components that cause harm to your lash extensions. Stay clear of micellar waters with oil-based ingredients.

Oil will quickly eat at the lash adhesive and cause the lashes to fall. So, stick to water-based micellar water. 

Remove Makeup With A Cotton Pad

Before you cleanse your lashes, you’ll first want to remove any makeup, sunscreen, or dirt from the day. The simplest way to wash your face with extensions is with cotton pads so you can reduce water pressure weakening the lashes. 

Cotton rounds will quickly cleanse the face and create a clean canvas for the rest of your routine. You can also opt for reusable cotton rounds. 

Use A Synthetic, Fluffy Brush For Eyelashes 

Now you’ll need to find the right brush to help distribute micellar water and clean in between the lashes. Their best option is to use a soft, synthetic, fluffy eye brush. You’ll need a tool that won’t shed hair or feel uncomfortable during application.

A fluffy brush can effortlessly disperse micellar water and reach all the crevasses within your extensions. It should feel gentle, and you should avoid applying pressure. 

Dispense Micellar Water 

You can apply a small amount of micellar water to your eye brush. Working in small sections makes it easier to control where to use the micellar water and how much. You can also find other ways to dispense micellar water.

It’s crucial to avoid using too much product because it can potentially leave a residue. Thankfully, micellar water is easy to dab or wash away, but usually, it doesn’t require a rinse.

Gently Swirl To Cleanse 

Once your brush and product are prepared, it’s time to get ready to clean. You can gently swirl the brush in circular motions on your lashes. Not using too much pressure is essential because it can loosen a few of your extensions.

The micellar can start to foam and slowly break down excess makeup, dirt, or dust. 

Dab Excess Product/Residue 

You may cleanse lightly until the micellar water disappears. However, if you find that you have excess product or residue, you can gently dab the lashes with an eyelash-safe cloth. This should clear out leftover micellar water. 

Once all the product is gone, you can prepare the drying process for your eyelashes. Taking the time to dry your lashes can help prolong their lifespan. 

Brush Your Lash Extensions 

The first step in drying your lashes post-cleanse is brushing them. Next, gently comb the lashes into place; you can take a clean mascara spoolie. This will ensure they dry correctly and in a flattering shape.

Brushing the lashes can loosen and eliminate any leftover dirt or dust and create a beautiful position for drying. 

Dry Your Extensions 

You can dry your lash extensions in a few ways. First, you can let them air dry if you don’t want to irritate the extensions with a small gust of air. However, you can also use a fan or a blow dryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying process.

It’s crucial to avoid applying any heat because it can harm your extensions and put eye safety at risk. 

Consult Your Lash Tech 

It’s always recommended to consult with your lash technician before starting any cleansing. Eyelash extensions require excessive care to prolong their lifespan. Ask your lash tech for help on how to clean the lashes.

They may also recommend the best micellar water to use so you can rest assured the type you’re using is safe for eyelashes. 

If you want more info on the best practices for eyelash extensions, take a look at this video from Alysa Fullona on YouTube.


Micellar water can be a great alternative to lash cleansers. They are generally formulated with skin-loving ingredients like mild surfactants and glycerin. However, stay clear of oil-based micellar water because it can weaken the lash glue. 

So, will you be using a micellar water to clean your lashes? 

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