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7 Best Eyelash Extension Cleansers

by Gabbi

If you’re constantly checking out your gorgeous new lashes in the mirror, fluttering them away to admire their length and volume, then it’s safe to say you’ll want to make them last as long as possible.

Did you know that your regular beauty and skincare products might actually damage your eyelash extensions and cause them to have a buildup in oil and dirt and to fall out quicker?

It is so important to choose an eyelash-extension-safe cleanser to use, to clean your eyelash extensions to remove the buildup of dirt, oils, and makeup, and one which is gentle enough to not damage the adhesive bond of the lashes either.

Which are the best eyelash extension cleansers? The best eyelash extension cleansers will be oil-free and free from other harsh chemicals that might weaken the adhesive bonds between the lash extensions and your natural lashes. The cleanser should also be gentle enough to use on your lashes, to clear away dirt and oil buildup.

To make sure you have the best possible cleanser that will care for your eyelash extensions, keep reading to find out our recommendations and some tips on how to clean and care for your eyelash extensions.

Buyer’s Guide – Eyelash Extension Cleansers

You need to choose the right eyelash extension cleanser that will help care for your lash extensions, and not damage them. To do this, there are some important considerations to keep in mind in order to find the best one.

1. Oil-Free

It is essential to choose an eyelash extension cleanser that is oil-free. Oil-based cleansers can cause lashes to clump together and this can make them look dirtier, and make them fall off quicker too.

Oil-based cleansers can also clog up pores and cause breakouts too.

2. Glycol-Free

There are some cleansers that contain glycol, which is an organic alcohol compound that is included in cleansers as a skin conditioning agent. However, glycol can be irritating to the skin and cause allergic contact dermatitis.

When it comes to eyelash extensions, glycol can dehydrate the eyelash extension bonds and cause the lashes to feel dry and brittle, and then fall off prematurely.

3. Sulfate-Free

Look to see that the cleanser is sulfate-free as well. Sulfate can cause skin irritation and disrupt the skin’s natural oil balance. It can also cause eye irritation and eye damage when used close to the eye area. 

Sulfate will also dehydrate the hair follicles, which will cause eyelash extensions to fall off sooner. As there will be more dead skin cells around the eyelash extensions due to this dehydration, there is a possibility that there may be an increase in mites.

4. Safe For Sensitive Skin

As the eyelash cleanser would be used to cleanse your lashes, it needs to be safe for sensitive skin, and gentle and caring. You don’t want to be left with stinging, red, and burning eyes after washing your lashes. 

The cleanser should be gentle and soothing, and should not cause any irritation to your eyes or your skin.

7 Best Eyelash Extension Cleansers

For you to have the most beautiful, clean, and long-lasting eyelash extensions possible, take a look through the below 7 best eyelash extension cleansers to find one which would be best for you!

RankProductKey Features
1.Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension ShampooOil-free, non-irritating, gentle, cruelty-free
2.Lanthome Eyelash Extension ShampooDeep cleansing, non-irritating, gentle
3.Melao Eyelash Extension CleanserNatural ingredients, deep cleansing
4.Quewel Eyelash Extension CleanserFoaming, alcohol-free, gentle, natural
5.Higu Lash Cleanser For ExtensionsSoothing aloe, fragrance-free, oil-free
6.Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension ShampooOil-free, foaming, daily use, cleansing brush
7.Esthetic Eyelash Extension ShampooDeep cleanse, natural, includes brush

1. Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo

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The Stacy Lash Eyelash Shampoo is made with an oil-free formula, so it is ideal to use on your lash extensions.

It is a non-irritating, non-burning formula that is gentle and light when used on lashes. It is free from all the nasties that you would want to avoid – sulfates, phthalates, ethylene, betaine, parabens, and gluten. And, it’s cruelty-free! 

The eyelash shampoo comes with a 50ml size bottle and includes a brush that can act as a makeup remover and eyelash cleanser.

The Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension shampoo effectively cleans natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions, keeping them nice and luscious for longer.

2. Lanthome Eyelash Extension Shampoo

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This set from Lanthome includes the Eyelash Extension Shampoo, an eyelash brush, and an eyelash stick – making sure you have everything you need to get cleansing.

The eyelash extension cleanser gently and deeply cleanses extensions and causes no irritation or burning. It can be used as a makeup remover and routine cleanser for lashes, both real and extensions.

Using this shampoo, you will be able to extend the life of your lashes, as the cleanser will gently cleanse away oil and buildup and still ensure that the adhesive bonds are protected and kept in place, leaving your lashes voluminous and in great condition! 

3. Melao Eyelash Extension Cleanser

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The Melao Eyelash Extension Cleanser is deeply cleansing and nourishing and has been formulated to remove oil and makeup from both natural lashes and eyelash extensions, and it helps to keep the adhesive bonds stronger for longer.

With a gentle and natural formula, only pure, natural ingredients are used, and the cleanser is free from phthalates, ethylene oxide, betaine, sulfate, and other harsh ingredients.

The cleanser comes included with a handy brush to use to cleanse and care for your lashes, so you can routinely ensure your lashes are in the best condition possible.

4. Quewel Eyelash Extension Cleanser

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This gentle and foaming eyelash shampoo for eyelash extensions contains no chemicals and is fully natural. It is free from alcohol, dye, and other harsh chemicals, and is suitable for sensitive skin too.

The kit contains a 100ml bottle of the cleanser, a soft-bristled lash brush, and a water bottle used to clean and rinse eyelashes.

This is a great option for those who want a cleanser that is natural and completely gentle, but still want to ensure their eyelash extensions are cared for properly!

5. Higu Lash Cleanser For Extensions

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The gentle formula of the Higu Lash Cleanser helps to remove makeup residue and oil buildup, and deeply cleanses your eyelashes, both natural and extensions, to ensure that your lashes are in better condition for a longer period.

Using natural aloe extract, the lash cleanser is gentle and caring on skin and lashes, and the formula is free from fragrance and alcohol. It also does not contain oil!

To ensure you have everything you need to clean your lashes, this set comes with 2 bottles of eyelash cleanser, and 10 super soft silicone brushes to work the cleanser into the lashes properly.

This cleanser will effectively break through oil and dirt and deeply clean eyelashes, while still maintaining strong bonds.

6. Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo

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The Lyon Lash Extension Shampoo is lightweight, gentle and oil-free, to effectively remove eye and eyelash makeup and buildup without weakening the lash extension bonds.

The kit includes a foaming lash cleanser, a mascara brush, and a cleansing brush, so you can get cleansing straight away. 

This sensitive formula is natural and free from parabens and sulfates and is safe for all skin types.

It is great for everyday use or regular eyelash cleansing, and it will remove oil, proteins, eye makeup, and impurities from your lash extensions.

Being safe to use daily, you can keep your eyelash extensions in the best condition possible, without risking breaking down the adhesive bonds too soon, and ensuring your lashes keep their luscious look for as long as they should. 

7. Esthetic Eyelash Extension Shampoo

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If you are looking for gentle and safe lash cleansing, this is a great product to try! The Estestist Eyelash Extension Shampoo delivers a deep, refreshing and natural cleanse to eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

It is suited for both home and salon use and can give you professional results from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes the shampoo and cleansing brush, so you have all you need.

The shampoo is formulated to not cause any irritation or burning and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and eyes. 

Not only will the shampoo remove dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities, but it will also nourish and condition your lashes with a gentle and light formula, which is free from any chemicals that might cause harm or irritation.

The oil-free formula can be used as your routine eyelash care, and it does so beautifully!

Final Thoughts

With a proper eyelash cleansing routine, you will be able to enjoy gorgeous eyelash extensions that stay on for as long as they should, and you can ensure your lashes and skin are kept nourished, conditioned, and cleansed.

The above eyelash extension cleansers are all great options and will ensure your eyelash extensions are cared for and kept in the best condition possible.

Just the simple routine of cleansing your lashes will really make a huge difference in how long they last, and the volume and lusciousness that they have!

Related Questions

Why Do You Need To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Cleaning your eyelash extensions will go a long way to ensure they continue to look luscious and beautiful, and that they last for as long as they should too. Just like our skin, lashes gradually build up dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and makeup, and this can clump lashes together and cause the bonds to weaken.

Without removing all of this buildup, the lashes will appear dirty and clumped together, and as the adhesive bonds weaken, they will start to fall out before they should.

How Do You Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension cleaning is fairly simple. You will need an eyelash extension cleansing foam and a soft-bristle eyelash brush, and you should cleanse your eyelash every 3 days or so.

  • Wet your eyelashes with a small amount of lukewarm water.
  • Apply a small amount of the lash cleanser to the cleaning brush.
  • Gently lather the cleanser to your eyelashes, from the tip to the eyelid. Do this for a few seconds.
  • Rinse your eyelashes well with water to remove the cleanser and other buildups.
  • Pat eyelashes dry with a lint-free towel.
  • Brush eyelashes out with a mascara wand.

Do this every 3 days for clean and luscious eyelash extensions!

How Do You Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions?

Knowing how to wash your face when you have eyelash extensions is super important, as you would be washing your face often, and using the wrong technique, this could lead to your eyelash extensions falling out way too quickly.

Here is how to wash your face when you have eyelash extensions:

1. Remove Makeup

The first step is to remove any makeup from your face. You could either use makeup wipes that are safe to use with eyelash extensions or a makeup remover that is safe to use for eyelash extensions too.

Carefully wipe the makeup away from your face, and then gently use the eyelash extension-safe cleanser to clean the entire eye area, but make sure to avoid your lash extensions. Continue to remove the makeup from the rest of your face.

2. Wash

Once the makeup is removed, start by using your cleanser to wash the lower part of your face first, starting at the cheekbones and moving downwards. Washing from the cheekbones down means that water from your forehead will not drip down onto your lash extensions.

Next, apply the cleanser to your forehead, washing from the eyebrows up. Once you have cleansed and washed properly, use a damp face sponge (which has been squeezed of excess water) to sponge down your forehead, removing excess cleanser. This prevents water from trickling down to your lashes.

3. Cleanse The Eye Area

Lastly, use this sponge to gently wipe down the upper eyelid, moving down towards the upper lash line. Then do this on the lower lash line as well, making sure to not touch the lash extensions, but to remove any oil or dirt.

How To Wash Eyelash Extensions In The Shower

You should avoid getting your lashes wet within 48 hours of having your lashes done, but after this, it is fairly inevitable that they will get wet.

When showering after 48 hours, you can get your lashes wet, but there are a few things to remember to ensure your lashes last as long as possible.

First, you should not position your head under the full strength of the water flow. The strong water pressure can damage your lashes. Instead, let the water gently run down your face.

Secondly, it is not recommended to wash your eyelash extensions in the shower. There is too much of a risk that the strong water pressure from the shower could damage your lashes.

Instead, wash your lashes in the sink before or after your shower, to ensure they are kept protected and clean!

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions?

The best way to clean your eyelash extensions is to use an eyelash cleanser or shampoo. Using a brush, you would work this eyelash cleanser into your lashes, and then rinse off well.

This removes impurities and buildups that could damage the lashes and cause the adhesive bonds to weaken quicker.

Can I Use Micellar Water To Cleanse My Lashes?

Most micellar water is perfectly fine to use to cleanse lashes. It is gentle and contains no harsh ingredients, and can help to remove oils that could cause the adhesive bonds of the lash extensions to break down.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo To Cleanse My Lashes?

You would think that baby shampoo would be the gentlest product around, and therefore ideal to use to cleanse eyelash extensions, but this is not particularly true. Baby shampoo often contains colors, mineral oils, and fragrances, which can break down the adhesive bonds and cause your lashes to have a short lifespan.

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