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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

by Gabbi

With a global pandemic still lingering in the air, you’ll never know when you need to become your own at-home salon. Nails, hair, lash extensions, waxing, and various other beauty services can be put on hold, and nobody wants to be left stuck.

Lash extensions are a tricky service that only a licensed and professional beautician should perform. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a pinch and have to take matters into our own hands, especially for high-maintenance beauty services.

Ideally, a professional beautician should remove and apply lash extensions in a controlled and hygienic environment. However, what do you do if everything shuts down, you can’t get an appointment on time, or you’re low on extra cash?

How can you remove eyelash extensions at home? You’ll want to use a gentle and safe method to loosen the glue of the lashes, like using steam, so that you can follow it up with an oil-based product for left over lashes. You’ll also need a few tools like makeup remover pads and mascara brushes.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to handle the situation at home with care. However, it’s important to always proceed with caution when removing lash extensions at home because you may not be able to keep the integrity of your natural lashes like a pro can.

Is It Dangerous To Remove Eyelash Extensions Alone?

Thankfully, removing your lashes won’t be as complicated or dangerous as applying them by yourself at home. When removing lash extensions at home, the main mission is to ensure you don’t rip or pull out your natural lashes during the process.

That’s not to say this will be easy; proceed with caution and research as much as possible.

While there are methods you can use at home to remove your lashes safely, it’s crucial not to make light of the situation. The last thing anyone wants is to damage their eyes or their lashes. You’ll want to keep your sight and the integrity of your lashes.

With that being said, how can you remove lash extensions at home? 

1. Avoid Pulling, Picking, & Plucking 

For starters, whatever you do, avoid pulling out your lashes. It’s best to put away the tweezers. In addition, cutting your lashes off isn’t a good idea either. Any of these harsh removal methods will only risk more damage to your eyes and natural lashes. 

Avoiding these convenient but harmful removal methods will save you a lot of heartbreak in the long run. You will want to keep your lashes healthy, long, and strong, and you also don’t want to risk causing unnecessary damage to your eyes.

In addition, improper removal methods can halt the growth of new eyelashes, and it will take some time to nurse them back to health. So, patience is vital when removing lash extensions at home. 

But, it will save your eyes, lashes, wallet, and heart in the long run.

While this step may seem like common sense, you never know who needs to hear a basic word of advice to avoid acting on impulsive decisions. Trust us; your lashes will thank you for it!

2. Steaming Your Lashes

First, you’ll want to loosen up the glue as much as possible for the lashes to fall on their own naturally. Any lash tech will tell you when you get a fresh set to avoid water, steam, and sweat. All of these elements can weaken the glue over time.

Each step should still be performed with care to ensure the health of your natural lashes remains intact. So steaming your lashes can work to remove your lash extensions over time, or it can prep for other safe removal methods. 

For example, you can steam your lashes every day until they naturally fall out, or you can steam your lashes and follow up with an oil-based cleanser or lash glue dissolver. These steps can be used separately, or they can be combined.

3. Hot Shower

The easiest, most accessible, and cost-effective way to steam your lashes is to turn up the heat in the shower. Sometimes nothing feels as rejuvenating as a hot, steamy shower. In addition, the steam and water can loosen the glue for your extensions to fall out.

However, it may take a while for all of your lash extensions to fall out if you only use the shower steam method. But, if you aren’t in a rush, this method isn’t invasive; it’s safe and gentle. You will need to take a few showers to get the job done.

4. Hot Water Bowl

A common treatment for colds, allergies, and congestion is to pour hot water in a bowl, cover your head in a towel, and let your face soak up all that steam. Surprisingly enough, this is another effective method to remove your lash extensions. 

This steam trick will be more potent and in your face. In addition, the steam will be hitting your eyes more directly, so you can loosen up that glue at a quicker pace. It can also quickly be done with household items you already have at home.

5. Facial Steamer 

Finally, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a fancy facial steamer, now is your chance. Not only will you have a luxurious device to remove your lashes with, but it can also take a permanent place in your skincare routine to keep your skin glowy.

While this can be a pricer option for some, facial steamers can last a lifetime, especially if you take care of them. Some steamers can even allow you to add essential oils to the machine so you can even relax with aromatherapy. 

6. Lash Glue Dissolver 

Like most semi-permanent beauty services, whether it be gel nails, or lash extensions, there is a product on the market that can safely remove your lashes. For lash extensions, you’ll want to purchase a lash glue dissolver.

Researching everything you possibly can on lash dissolvers will boost your confidence in your removal process, and it will allow you to become an informed consumer. In addition, you’ll be aware of the do’s and don’ts to keep your eyes safe.

When lash glue dissolver is used correctly, it can be the safest and least damaging method of removing lash extensions at home. However, research, proceed with caution and be patient with every step of fake lash removal.

In addition, for the best results, follow the step-by-step instructions given to you by the manufacturer or brand of your lash glue dissolver. Each glue dissolving formula can vary, and it can also work differently. When in doubt, follow the directions.

7. Use A Cotton Pad 

One of the easiest ways to dispense and apply your lash glue dissolver is with a cotton pad. Cotton pads are a common beauty tool that you most likely already have at home. If you don’t, they are inexpensive to purchase and not hard to find.

You can dispense the product on the cotton pad and press gently on the lash extensions. This will ensure the fake lashes are loosened with glue and that you can wipe them away with ease. It may take some time or a few tries to remove them gently.

8. Avoid The Eyeballs

Proceed with caution when using a lash glue dissolver. This method will only be the safest if you can effectively avoid any product or irritants from seeping into your eyes. In addition, you’ll want to protect your eyeballs and sight, so work in small sections at a time.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable or safe with using a lash glue dissolver, avoid it at all costs and opt for a natural lash removal method. It will take time, but it will pose less risk of irritating your lashes or eyes. 

9. Oil-Based Cleanser 

Another tip that your lash tech will always tell you when you get a fresh set is to avoid oil-based cleansers. So, if you’re looking to remove extensions easily, it’s time to bring out the oils! Oil-based products will loosen the glue and allow fake lashes to fall.

Whatever you would normally avoid to prolong the lifespan of your lash extensions like water or oil-based products, will be your best friend for removal. They are elements that you will most likely come into contact with on a daily basis.

However, the more lashes you have leftover, the longer the removal process may take. Therefore, a good piece of advice is to expect this removal process to last for a couple of days. In addition, avoid forcing the lashes to fall off. They will do so on their own. 

Oils are something that you most likely already have in your kitchen. If you love to cook with olive or coconut oil, these ingredients can double as beauty products. In addition, if you’re a skincare fanatic, chances are, you double cleanse nightly.

Double cleansing involves using an oil-based product to break up dirt, bacteria, makeup, sunscreen, and other impurities on the face. If you are new to double cleansing, this method can help break down lashes and improve your skin.

10. Purchase An Oil-Based Cleanser

Thankfully, the skincare community is growing, and there are multiple oil-based cleanser options to choose from. In addition, you can find one of these cleansers for every budget, from drugstore brands to high-end names.

First, you can choose from an oil cleanser. These cleansers have a similar texture to olive oil, so they are very liquidy and runny. In addition, they can seep into hard-to-reach places within your lashes to break down glue because of their liquid texture.

Next, you can opt for a cleansing balm which is more thick in texture, similar to a cream. However, once you emulsify the balm in your palms, it will turn into an oil consistency and offer similar benefits. 

Finally, emulsify your oil-based cleanser of choice and gently cleanse your lashes with your fingertips. Then, massage the product in circular motions with light pressure, ensuring you get deep in those extensions to loosen up the glue.

It’s crucial to avoid getting any product in your eyes to avoid unnecessary irritation. Thankfully, most oil-based cleansers can easily be rinsed from the eyes, but it’s the glue that you should worry about irritating your eyes. 

11. Opt For Coconut/Olive Oil 

You can use coconut oil for just about anything. While it’s tasty to use in the kitchen, it can also help break down the glue of your lash extensions.

For example, you can quickly soak a cotton pad with coconut oil and place it on the lashes to dissolve the leftover adhesive.

Olive oil is another oil alternative that you can find in your kitchen. However, the downside with olive oil is that it can be challenging to wash away its oily and sticky residue. But, if that doesn’t bother you, then by all means, use it.

You can also soak olive oil on a cotton pad that can then be placed on the lashes. 

Overall, oil-based products or cleansers can be an effective lash removal method, especially if combined with steam. However, depending on how many lashes you need to remove, it can take a couple of days to repeat these removal methods.

Finally, remember patience is key. Even if you have to repeat these removal steps for seven days in a row, it will be worth it to keep your lashes and your eyes healthy. 

In addition, once your lashes are finally removed, it’s important to nurse and tend to your natural lashes to ensure they can continue to grow long and strong. 

Post Lash Removal Care

Once your lash extensions are finally removed, you will probably feel a great deal of relief. However, what do you do next? Well, it’s now time to nurture your natural lashes back to life, especially if the removal process caused slight damage. 

Now is the perfect time to let your lashes breathe a little. They’ve gone through a lot, and they need some TLC. Aftercare is crucial for your real lashes to return to their natural state, or you may want to increase their strength for a new set of extensions.

As tempting as it may be to pop on a pair of false lashes from the drugstore, allowing this time for your lashes to recover will help you out in the long run. Thankfully, there are various methods you can choose from to repair and revitalize your eyelashes.

1. Avoid Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are scary enough. You don’t need them when you have lash extensions, but it can be tempting to use one if you miss the volume and lift that you had before. However, eyelash curlers can cause unnecessary damage to fragile lashes.

2. Use A Lash Growth Serum

There are various lash growth serums on the market that come with a hefty price tag. Some people think it is worth it; however, you can opt for something more natural and strengthening like castor oil. Also, you can easily DIY your lash serum at home.

3. Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

The number one way you can strengthen your lashes is from within. Ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet and incorporating hair-loving foods packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Your lashes will be long and strong in no time!

4. Leave Them Be

Finally, leave your lashes to rest! The chances are that they are already in a fragile state and the last thing anyone wants to do is annoy them further. In addition, you may be unaware of how specific products or tools can affect your lashes.

In some cases, it can worsen the situation to incorporate something new into your routine immediately after a lengthy removal process. When in doubt, let your lashes breathe, and they will be flirty and fluttery in no time.

Helpful Lash Removal Tools

1. Existing Beauty Lashes Eyelash Extension Remover 

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Existing Beauty created a safe, effective, and high-quality lash extension remover. A little bit goes a long way with this product, so it’s advised to work in small amounts at a time. However, this glue dissolver will eliminate glue within a few minutes. 

In addition, Existing Beauty includes detailed and simple instructions to follow to achieve the best results with this product.

Lash glue dissolver is a serious tool that needs to be handled with care, and the correct use will offer your ideal outcome. 

This lash glue is designed for licensed lash techs, so you may need a friend or family member to help apply and remove the glue. Overall, do your research and follow the instructions so you can safely remove your lash extensions within minutes. 

2. Nano Ionic Hot Mist Face Steamer 

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If the shower isn’t cutting it for you, it may be time to invest in a facial steamer.

This Nano Ionic Steamer will produce an extremely fine mist of steam within seconds. Not only will it loosen the glue more directly, but it will also purify your skin.

This particular facial steamer will allow you to get 15 minutes of facial steaming in one session.

However, any longer than this set amount of time can cause uncomfortable side effects like dehydration or other skin issues.

However, you can now have a luxurious spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. 

3. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 

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Suppose you’re looking for a high-quality cleansing oil to help break down stubborn lash glue.

This one DHC is a fan-favorite cleansing oil that will eliminate dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, glue, and more. In addition, its formula offers versatility.

This cleanser is the ideal product to use for the first step in your double cleanse routine. You can gently massage the cleanser over your lashes to slowly loosen the glue over time. In addition, you will reveal more youthful-looking skin. 

This formula is packed with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients that will leave you feeling nourished and hydrated. Even though this is an oil cleanser, it’s also water-soluble, so you can rinse it away without leaving behind a sticky residue. 

In addition, this cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types. 

4. Chloven Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

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You will need a tool to help dispense all of your lash removal products, and what better to use than a cotton round?

Disposable cotton rounds can be pretty wasteful, and this lash removal process can take a couple of days to finish.

So instead of wasting hundreds of cotton rounds, these reusable cotton rounds are eco-friendly and washable, so that you can use them time and time again.

In addition, they are perfect for helping distribute your oil-based cleanser or lash glue dissolver. 

Then, when you are done, you can toss them in the wash, so they are ready to use again. In this set from Chloven, you will receive 30 organic reusable cotton pads. 

5. Cuttte 100pcs Disposable Mascara Brushes 

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Mascara wands are a must-have product when dealing with lash extensions, especially for the removal process.

A mascara wand can gently wiggle and brush out loose lash extensions. In addition, they are gentle enough for your natural lashes too.

Even though these are disposable, these wands can easily be washed with soap or makeup remover so you can produce less waste.

So not only will it help with removal, but mascara wands are incredibly versatile and can reuse them for other beauty needs.

In this set from Cuttte you’ll receive 100 pieces of mascara wands that can be used time and time again. 

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