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9 Best Mirrors To See The Back Of Your Head

by Gabbi
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All of us, even the most low-maintenance people, have to deal with hair styling on occasion. Whether it’s using a blow-dryer, dyeing your locks, or even something as simple as getting a trim, chances are you’ve spent time and money getting your hair to look exactly as you want it to.

It can also be said that you’ve paid someone else to deal with your hair at some point, whether it be styling it or cutting it, and depending on where you go, this can be a costly process!

Learning to style your hair at home can save you time and money, especially with the right tools: like a mirror that’ll help you see the back of your head!

What are the best mirrors to see the back of your head? When finding a mirror to see the back of your head, there are 3 different types of mirrors to choose from: one that allows you 360° views, a handheld model that mimics what you’re likely used to in the salon, and a handsfree option that lets you use both of your hands to get your hair how you want.

In this article, we’ll show you some different options of mirrors you can choose from, and delve into what makes them a great pick for hair styling and seeing the back of your head.

Options For Mirrors To See The Back Of Your Head

It’s important to understand the different types of mirrors that we’ll be showing you options from. This way you can break down what you really need and which type of mirror might work best for you!

Hands-Free Mirror

This type of mirror isn’t as popular when it comes to styling, but we think it’s only a matter of time until people realize how helpful they are!

Hands-free mirrors are held up by a support and are worn around the neck, allowing you views of the back of your head while also allowing you to keep your hands free for styling or trimming.

If you find yourself trimming your strands multiple times a month, but don’t have the space to dedicate to housing a 360° mirror in your home, this is a great alternative. They’re far more portable and are particularly great for super short or cropped looks.

We wouldn’t recommend it to those with long or dark hair since the mirrors typically aren’t big enough to see long lengths of hair and are held at a bit of a distance away, which means differentiating individual strands can be a little difficult.

A Truly 360° Mirror

These mirrors may seem a little hefty, and that’s because they are. However, we think this style of mirror is perfect for those who constantly find themselves working on their hair in some capacity!

This is great for those who need to trim their locks on a regular basis or need to line up the edges of their hairline, are sticklers on symmetry, or want to ensure that they’ve coated each lock of their hair with dye.

Not only do these mirrors allow you to see the back of your head, but they also allow you to see the sides of your hair as well. These mirrors are heftier than your standard mirror, but they’ll fold away and can be kept away until the next time you need them. 

Though a bit pricier than other tools, if hair styling is something you dedicate your time to on a weekly basis, we think this mirror style is well worth the investment! However, if you’ll only need to see the back of your head on occasion, we think other options would be worth your while.

Handheld Mirror

When you get your hair done at a salon, you’re probably familiar with them handing you a handheld mirror at the end of the session and rotating you in the chair so you can see the back of your head.

Though effective, this may not be an ideal method if you’re trimming your own hair since you have to focus on balancing a mirror in one hand and clippers or scissors in the other, but it can be very effective if you’re dyeing your strands.

Though it may seem easy enough to find a handheld mirror, there are qualities the mirror could have to make the process even easier. For example, the size of the mirror, whether or not it can be lit, and if the material is truly glass.

Taking note of the weight of the mirror is also important since you’ll be shouldering it on one hand while you’re styling. 

Best Mirrors To See The Back Of Your Head

RankNameKey Features
1Double-Sided Mirror By Grandeco360° swivel, ergonomic, 18-inch arm
2Rucci Round Portable MirrorAngled movement, 1x or 5x magnification, 16-inch circumference
3The Flexible Mirrorcle Real glass, flexible fit, wide views
4HIEEY 3-Way MirrorBarber quality, compact, 360° views
5The 360° MirrorLED lights, access to hair tutorials, adjustable
63-Way Mirror By BlueLilly Co.Portable for travel, LED lights, all angles
7Omiro Hand Mirror XLNo distortion, wide views, comes with freebies
8X-Large Barber MirrorErgonomic, can be hung up, free replacement
9Chiclew Makeup MirrorLED lights, adjustable brightness, angular

Hands-Free Mirrors

1. Double-Sided Mirror By Grandeco

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Not only is this mirror hands-free, but it’s also double-sided, so you can use it for more than just styling hair!

Thanks to its 6-inch diameter, it’s ideal for either styling long hair or trimming and cutting shorter locks.

It’s also super flexible, so you can wear it around your neck and adjust it to the exact angle you need it, stand it up on its own, fold it flat, and other things. That flexibility also allows you to store it with little issue.

This mirror is sized to fit all people, and it is lightweight and comfortable enough to use so you can wear it during long styling sessions without needing to worry about neck and shoulder pain.

2. Rucci Round Portable Mirror

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This hands-free mirror is also an incredible choice if you’re doing some mild styling. It’s also a double-sided mirror: one side with 1x magnification and the other with 5x magnification.

Instead of the support the mirror is on wrapping around your entire neck, it has a bit of a hook design instead, so you can angle it on your neck exactly how you need it to see the back of your head.

It also comes with two adjustable bolts so that once the mirror’s angle is exactly where it needs to be, it can be locked in place.

The holder of the mirror is plastic, while the actual mirror is glass, so you don’t have to worry about your reflection being warped.

3. The Flexible Mirrorcle

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In terms of hands-free mirrors, this product is in a league of its own! Not only does it have a super wide view, but it was actually manufactured for you to be able to see the back of your head.

It’s perfect for travel, and it has a wide neck support so you have the ease of angling the mirror exactly where you need it to be.

This is also an ideal mirror pick for those who have mobility issues and the like. People who have bought and tried this product love it — some of them use it to spray treatment on their alopecia spots, while others use it to maintain their independence and style their hair without needing to go to a salon. 

360° Mirror

4. HIEYY 3-Way Mirror

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In terms of 3-way mirrors, this option is definitely one of the most portable. It’s great for those who don’t want to invest in too expensive or hefty of a mirror.

It can hang over the bathroom door with ease, and it folds away so that it doesn’t take up too much space. It can stay in place for your convenience without impeding your day-to-day activities.

It has a 160° swivel and allows you to see multiple sides of your head at a singular time, and the durable material that both the stand and the mirror are made up of will last you for years at a time. 

5. The 360° Mirror

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If you’re serious about your hairstyling, you’re going to want a mirror that’s a little on the sturdier side — and this 3-way mirror is definitely it!

Similar to the mirror we just talked about, this mirror can hang over the bathroom door and allow you to see multiple sides of your hair at once, which means you can trim the back and sides of your hair with ease.

The biggest difference is that this mirror comes with LED lights, allowing you to see each of your hairs with absolutely no issue! They’re also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about switching out any bulbs.

The mirror itself is 100% glass, so your reflection is reliable, that way you don’t have to worry about trimming your strands unevenly.

For those who regularly travel, you’ll also be happy to hear that this mirror comes with its own carrying case that will keep it safe while you travel.

Not only that, but if you want some extra inspiration, you’ll also have access to a bunch of hair-cutting tutorials so you can try your hand at some new looks.

6. 3-Way Mirror By BlueLilly Co.

Check current price on Amazon

This 360° mirror is a beautiful blend between a hairstyling mirror and a vanity, making it ideal for cutting longer hair, doing makeup, and other beauty-related tasks.

The quality of this mirror is truly unmatched! It’s made out of ABS+ glass, which comes with a protective film upon delivery to protect it from scratches and shapes during shipping.

Once you remove it, you’ll be greeted with a true-to-life reflection that’s scratch-free and allows you to see yourself without distortion.

It comes with built-in LED lights, that can be adjusted and dimmed to the exact brightness you need them to. These lights won’t lose their strength over time, and are rechargeable. 

You can adjust the height of the mirror as it comes with a 36-inch arm you can hang it from. However, it can also be free-standing, so you can lay it on a tabletop or counter for ease of use, and it can also be permanently mounted if you’d rather it stay in a singular area instead.

For those who are more travel-oriented, you’ll be happy to hear that it comes with its own padded carrying case so you can bring it with you anywhere without worrying about damaging it. 

Handheld Mirrors

7. Omiro Hand Mirror XL

Check current price on Amazon

The OMIRO company is dedicated to providing the best quality mirrors that you can get your hands on, and this extra-large handheld mirror doesn’t fall short in that sense!

It’s super big, allowing you to see the entirety of the back of your head, and can even be hung on a hook so you can keep your hands free for styling.

You have the option of buying a medium or extra-large mirror. We would recommend the medium mirror for shorter styles, and the extra-large option for anyone who has hair longer than the shoulders.

This mirror is made of glass rather than plastic, so the reflection is true-to-life with no magnification and distortion. There are four different layers to the glass, protecting your reflection from scratches, oxidation, and other damaging qualities.

The storage holder that the mirror itself is in is also waterproof and anti-skid, so you can situate it in the shower if needed with confidence.

Not only that, but every order of the mirror comes with a freebie: either an eyebrow trimmer or a wide-toothed comb —perfect for use in tandem with your new mirror!

8. X-Large Barber Mirror

Check current price on Amazon

This is a handheld mirror that your barber would be jealous of! It’s made for use in a professional salon, so you can expect the best quality possible. 

Instead of a round shape, and instead of a handle, the mirror is a wide rectangular shape that comes with two handles on either end — it can easily be held up and used while styled, but the shape also makes it easy for hanging up parallel to your bathroom mirror for trimming and more precise styling.

Though it looks heavy, this mirror is actually super lightweight, durable, and portable! The shape also allows you to stand it up on its own without worrying about it swaying or moving around.

This mirror is 14-by-8.5 inches and showcases ergonomic handles, which makes it a top contender in terms of handheld mirrors — plus if it arrives damaged, you can email the brand and they’ll replace it for free!

9. Chiclew Makeup Mirror

Check current price on Amazon

The final handheld mirror can be used for so much more than just a haircut or trim, but we especially love it since it lights up, allowing for full visibility. It comes with a detachable base so you can hold it steady on a countertop, or hold it in your hand and angle it as needed.

It comes with two different types of magnification, 1x and 10x. The 10x magnification is a smaller, hand mirror that can be suctioned on and removed as necessary so it doesn’t impact the look of the entire mirror.

The mirror also has 3 different lighting settings, which can be dimmed and brightened as needed to best see your strands, and a single full charge can keep the mirror lit for up to 10 hours on its dimmest setting. 

The extra wide views make it ideal for seeing the entirety of the back of your head, and the minimalist design allows you to keep it out on your countertop without it looking out of place (plus, the base of the mirror doubles as a jewelry dish — talk about multifunctional!)

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