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7 Best Hair Plopping Caps

by Gabbi

Hair plopping is a crucial step in many curly-girl styling methods. This method ensures your curls are lively instead of lying flat on your scalp. Hair plopping can be easily adjusted to fit your needs by choosing how long to plop and what to use.

Many individuals will reach for an old t-shirt to plop because the cotton fabric can help reduce frizz. However, you can elevate your hair care routine and standing of your curls by investing in a high-quality hair plopping cap. 

Hair plopping caps can be towels, wraps, and caps that aid in plopping. Various brands have crafted products, especially for plopping and curly hair care. It will also help you achieve effortlessly defined curls.

So, what are the best hair plopping caps? The best hair plopping caps are made of a soft material that nourishes your curls like cotton or microfiber. It’s essential to look at what style you think will fit best in your hair plopping routine.

Hair Plopping Caps – Buyer’s Guide


You’ll want to choose a fabric that nourishes curls and reduces frizz. For example, microfiber, cotton, and mesh/netted caps will keep hair soft and smooth.


Hair plopping caps are available in various styles. Most caps today are more of a wrap or offer a turban style to hold the plop easily. However, you can also choose a classic cap if you don’t want to fret about securing your plop.


Hair plopping caps can be versatile. They’re great for plopping but can also protect your hair overnight during sleep, hold rollers/hair products, or shield hair from skincare application.

Best Hair Plopping Caps 

Finding the best hair plopping cap can look different for every person. However, you can skim the various hair plopping caps below to see what fits your needs the most. 

RankProductKey Features
1.DevaCurl DevaTwist Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel WrapMicrofiber hair wrap for curly hair, absorbent, for hair plopping
2.SportMore Microfiber Hair Towel Cap Two bamboo microfiber caps, pink silicone brush, fights frizz
3.Conair T-shirt Towel T-shirt/towel hybrid, breathable cotton, weightless
4.Mayouth Microfiber Hair Drying TowelsTwo microfiber hair drying caps for plopping, soft, anti-frizz, weightless
5.Carol Wright Mesh Sleep CapMesh, netted cap, for sleeping and plopping
6.The Perfect Hair Care Store Microfiber Hair Towel WrapSilky, satin, microfiber wrap, seamless, anti-frizz, lightweight
7.XXOpen Microfiber Hair Towel Plopping Hair Towel WrapMicrofiber plopping wrap, wooden buttons, durable structure

1. DevaCurl DevaTwist Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel Wrap 

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DevaCurl is one of the leading brands in curly haircare. In addition, they specialize in all things curls, whether you have loose waves or tight coils.

Hair plopping can define curls and ensure they’re bouncy, frizz-free, and full of life. 

The DevaTwist Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel Wrap is the ideal tool for plopping.

It mimics the look and feel of a regular hair towel, but its high-quality microfiber material prioritizes the standing of your curls. Microfiber will eliminate the appearance of frizz.

Also, this plopping wrap is absorbent and can help style curls. The DevaTwist Anti-Frizz has a button on the back to quickly secure the cap into place. It’s ideal for all curly hair types, thicknesses, and lengths.

Because the material is gentle and comfortable, you can find it easy to sleep with overnight. Once it’s time to style, you can remove the wrap and reveal frizz-free strands.

2. SportMore Microfiber Hair Towel Cap 

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Are you looking for an affordable and complete hair plopping set? SportMore offers two hair plopping caps that will suit all your curly hair needs.

Each cap will cradle the hair into a comfortable position for a plop without sacrificing the integrity of the curls. 

These Microfiber Hair Towel Cap are crafted with Bamboo Microfibers.

This material feels south to the touch and is gentle on strands. It’s highly absorbent and won’t constrict the head. Also, Bamboo Microfiber will reduce the appearance of frizz.

You can easily pull on a cap to secure your curly strands into their desired drying position. Once it’s time to style, you can remove the plopping cap and toss it into the wash because it’s machine-washable and reusable. 

SportMore also provides a pink silicone brush suitable for scalp care, boosting circulation and invigorating the roots. 

3. Conair T-shirt Towel 

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Conair has any hair-related item you need, even dupes of your favorite high-end accessories. For example, old t-shirts are often used to plop the hair because brand-name hair plopping caps can run a higher price tag. 

The T-shirt Towel provides the best of both worlds because you can plop with a specialized hair towel, but it also mimics the effect of your t-shirt. This cotton material is soft and breathable, possibly better than an old tee, which can keep strands intact.

Also, the T-shirt Towel will work for all hair types regardless of density or length. This makes it the ideal hair plopping tool because Cotton will eliminate frizz while also feeling weightless on the head. This can help keep curls soft and defined. 

Conair’s t-shirt towel hybrid will ensure you can style your curls however you desire effortlessly. You can easily pack the strands into the towel and secure them in place according to the directions. Then, air dry your hair or keep it damp for heat styling.

4. Mayouth Microfiber Hair Drying Towels 

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Hair plopping can take some time to perfect, but you can get the perfect plop each time with Mayouth. This bundle ensures your haircare drawer is stocked and consistently achieves defined curls. You’ll receive two microfiber hair plopping caps.

These caps make styling a breeze because you don’t have to waste spare time and effort wrapping your strands in a harsh bath towel. Mayouth claims their microfiber hair plopping caps are multipurpose, like keeping hair intact during skincare.

The Microfiber Hair Drying Towel Caps can be worn overnight to protect your strands, aid in styling, and prolong your hairstyle. Because it has a gentle and flexible microfiber texture, it can be tossed in the wash to keep it soft and fresh.

This is an excellent option for reducing contact with hot tools or preparing for heat styling. The caps are undetectable, don’t put pressure or friction on the strands, and can fit long/thick hair types.

5. Carol Wright Mesh Sleep Cap 

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Hair plopping can be performed in various ways—one method includes wet plopping, which can easily be achieved with a net cap. Mesh or net caps can provide a seamless hair plopping finish. Carol Wright has crafted a seamless hair cap.

This Mesh Sleep Cap is made with Nylon to keep hair in place. It serves multiple purposes like securing rollers and offering protection during sleep, and many consumers find that it works wonders for hair plopping or wet plopping.

This is an excellent cap if you love to air dry your curls. The mesh or netted fabric is thin enough to let the strands air dry while keeping ringlets and coils defined. Also, it’s strong enough to hold thick and dense hair to achieve the perfect plop.

6. The Perfect Hair Care Store Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap 

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The Perfect Hair Care Store has the secret to acing the perfect plop. Microfiber hair towel wraps are a fantastic hair plopping cap for defined and bouncy curls. This silky satin and microfiber hybrid will ensure your strands aren’t hassled by frizz.

The Perfect Hair Care Store claims this hair plopping wrap will dry 70% faster than other brands while eliminating frizz. It can also help reduce the need for heat styling. It’s an absorbent fabric that’s flexible without causing unnecessary friction on the scalp.

It’s a versatile tool that can be wrapped in five ways depending on your curls, hair length, and density. The Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is seamless and will minimize the chance of unnecessary breakage.

It can plop hair with ease and keep strands looking lively until it’s time to style or it’s done air drying. The Perfect Hair Care Store provides multiple colorways of this towel. 

7. XXOpen Microfiber Hair Towel Plopping Hair Towel Wrap 

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XXOpen offers a hair plopping bundle that can revive your strands. Most hair wraps can feel loose, uncomfortable, or unfitted.

However, these from XXOpen have an exceptional drape to offer security without causing tension at the roots.

It has an absorbent microfiber material that can easily be draped for your hair’s needs.

This is ideal for styling or to help minimize the use of hot tools. XXOpen crafted these plopping wraps with wooden buttons to get a secure closure on the back.

You’ll receive two caps in a bundle that can easily be alternated. They hold up shape well thanks to the durable microfiber material. It’s not bulky and feels weightless on the head. Now you can plop with ease!

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