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Zig Zag Hair Band Benefits

by Gabbi

Similar to other beauty and fashion accessories, hair accessories change frequently as trends move quickly from season to season.

In the past few years, we have seen hair accessories change from blinged out clips, bejeweled, puffy headbands, and rhinestone adornments all the way up to the trend we’re seeing now: the zig zag hair band.

The zig zag hair band is not a new style, as it was a popular hair accessory during the 1990s and early 2000s. However, with the rise of y2k beauty and fashion trends, along with the clean and minimalist aesthetic on social media, the zig zag hair band is making a resurgence.

However, while in the 90s we might have seen the zig zag hair band paired with butterfly clips or pencil-thin eyebrows, this take on the trend we are seeing now is more high-fashion and edgy, while adding a unique interest into a minimalist look.

So, what are the benefits from wearing a zig zag style hair band? The zig zag hair band can help you instantly achieve the “clean” beauty aesthetic while still creating an interesting hair design. The zig zag hair band feels comfortable on the head and is a budget-friendly way to tuck back flyaways.

Below, we’ll discuss what the zig zag hair band trend is, what the benefits of wearing this type of hair band are, and how to style your hair by incorporating the hair band.

What Is A Zig Zag Hair Band?

Zig zag hair bands are hair bands that have “teeth” that grip the hair in a zig zag shape. They push the hair back from the face with a zig zag design, rather than a straight line.

They are a sleeker and thinner version of a hair band that is still able to keep all of the hair out of your face, without needing to be big and bulky.

The zig zag hair band was a popular trend in the 90s that is having a resurgence in popularity, along with several other beauty and fashion trends from that decade.

It is a hair accessory that can work for any hair type, but works particularly well with sleek, straight hair. There are several styles of the zig zag hair band that are available, from ones that can wrap around the entire head to the regular comb style with the zig zag shape.

Regular Vs. Zig Zag Hair Band

The biggest difference between a zig zag hair band and a regular hair band in the shape. As opposed to the standard, push-back style of a regular hair band that only works at the front of the hairline, a zig zag hair band can wrap around the entire head.

The elastic, wrap-around style has zig zag teeth that can grab and hold hair all over the head. This can be particularly effective when pairing the hair band with a ponytail or bun, as it can control the flyaways.

The zig zag hair bands are also often thinner and sleeker than the regular hair bands. Especially as the style of hair band that has been on trend for the past few years has been larger, adorned, or puffed to create a statement in the hair.

The difference in the style of these hair bands allows the zig zag hair band to make an edgy, intriguing hair style, as opposed to the highly feminine, girly style of the standard hair band.

Benefits Of Zig Zag Hair Band

Much like with regular hair bands, one of the biggest benefits of the zig zag hair band is its easy ability to keep hair and flyaways completely out and away from the face.

Especially with the popularity of the “clean beauty,” minimalist aesthetic that focuses largely on a no-makeup makeup look, glowy skin, and the hair pulled back from the face, the zig zag hair bands can fit right into the overall look. 

Not only has this resurgence of the 90s style hair band been popular on social media, but it is also a trend that has made its appearance on television and many high fashion runways.

The interesting and fun designs the zig zag shape creates in the hair is an effortless and effective way to accomplish a unique hairstyle with minimal products and time.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to try out some new hairstyles, or an expert who wants to stay on top of all the popular hair trends, incorporating a zig zag shape hair band into your hair accessory collection will be a staple for any of your hair looks this year.

The versatility of the zig zag hair band and how it can be styled with hair that is any texture, or incorporated into both up and down ‘dos makes using this hair accessory easy for any level of hair expert.

Adding this revived hair accessory into your hair care routine is also budget-friendly, which is a perfect way to test out if this trend is right for you.

The style of zig zag hair bands are available in many different forms, yet all are cost-effective and can even be available in a multi-pack to offer versatility on the color and design. If you are looking for a standard, comb-like zig zag hair band, an option like this will keep hair pulled back without adding any extra strain to the locks.

If you are wanting to revisit the elastic, wrap-around version of the zig zag hair band, this multipack offers three different neutral colors options, with 12 hair bands in total. The soft plastic is comfortable and flexible to fit with any hair types or head shapes.

Best Ways To Use Zig Zag Hair Band

There are a few different ways to style this zig zag hair band which all create an interesting and unique hair design. The ideal method, and the method that is seen most popularly, is paired with sleek, straight, and slicked back hair.

The best way to achieve this look is by first blow drying the hair in a backwards direction to begin to mold the hair into the proper shape.

In order to prevent the hair band from sliding backwards too far, or losing its grip throughout the day, after blow drying the hair it is best to add a generous amount of styling mousse at the root.

Although the zig zag teeth of the hair band are able to effectively keep the hair and flyaways away from the face, without enough grip at the hair’s roots, it is possible to have the hair band slide back as it wears.

By applying a generous amount of styling mousse before applying the hair band, the zig zag shape is able to grip and hold onto the hair.

Using the mousse to create texture at the root will also help the zig zag shape of the hair band be noticeable in the hair and create the fun and unique design. Having the product in the hair will help the zig zag “teeth” grab on and divide the hair easily, ensuring the zig zags can be well defined.

Once the hair band is in place, the zig zag shape defined, and the hair falling straight back, you can use hairspray to further hold the hair and the accessory in place.

Spraying the root with hairspray, as well as the hair overall, will work together with the styling mousse to keep the zig zag lines defined and the hair band from sliding away.

This method of styling the hair with the zig zag hair band can be used whether you are styling your hair in a ponytail, bun, or maintaining a down ‘do.


Zig zag hair bands are rightfully receiving their praise as the ultimate hair accessory that is as functional as it is stylish. Not only does it fit in with the resurgence of early 2000s beauty trends, but it has fit perfectly into the minimalism aesthetic while still creating an edgy twist.

As opposed to the highly feminine bejeweled, puffy, or playfully colorful headbands that have been the main hair trend for the past several years, the sleek and thin design of the zig zag hair band is taking charge in both social media, entertainment, and high fashion trends.

One of the best perks of the zig zag hair band is how easy it is to style, while also achieving an interesting appearance in the hair.

Whether you want to style the hair band with your locks hanging straight down and sleek, or pair it with a fun updo or bun, the zig zag design will look more advanced and intricate than is actually required.

As long as the accessory is paired with a generous amount of styling mousse and hair spray to keep the band in place all day while creating the fun zig zags, you and your hair will be right on trend.

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