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11 Best Accessories For Thin Hair In 2022

by Gabbi

Thin, fine hair can always be a chore to style. It can be seriously frustrating when you don’t have enough thickness or texture to hold a hairstyle throughout the day.

Then, there is the problem of not wanting to weigh the hair down with too many hair products. If you’ve ever used slightly more product than you’re supposed to, you’ve probably seen your hair fall completely flat.

Thin or fine hair can easily slip out of any clip or ponytail and has the potential to lack volume. However, there are ways to work around these issues and create the hairstyle of your dreams – or at least learn how to style it effectively.

So what are the best accessories for thin or fine hair? There are many different types of accessories that work great for thin hair, but the best accessories create the illusion of thicker hair by adding volume or extra layers of high-quality human hair. Accessories should be lightweight and able to hold onto your hair without slipping out.

Why should you look into experimenting with hair accessories? Hair accessories will help you open up to a whole new realm of styling you didn’t know existed. They go beyond regular clips and hair ties. 

Best Hair Accessories for Fine Hair

RankProductKey Features
1.Drybar Hold Me Stying Hair ClipsEasy to use, durable, small or large sections
2.Scunci No-Slip Grip Small Jaw ClipsStay in place all day, multiple styles
3.Lacer Ponytail Extensions Clip Human HairHuman hair, dyeable, 12 colors, velcro tie
4.Kitsch Metal Hair Claw ClipsSeveral styles, adds texture, stays secure
5.Kitsch Micro Stackable Hair Clips6 styles, lightweight, mini
6.Clear Elastic Hair Bands Mini2000 pack, lightweight, clear or colored
7.Kenz Laurenz Hair Ties Ribbon ElasticsAnti-breakage, anti-crease, 100 pack
8.Beauty Rageous Super Grip Black Bobby Pins400 pack, super grip for fine hair
9.Urtheone Hair Brush Boar BristleSmooths flyaways & gently detangles
10.Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic HeadbandsEasy to use, lightweight, gentle hold
11.Goody Ouchless Value Pack Heather ScrunchiesNo pain, breakage-minimizing
Bonus!Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair Ombre5 colors, human hair, washable, dyeable

1. Drybar Hold Me Stying Hair Clips

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If you don’t have any styling clips to hold your hair in place while blow-drying, curling, or straightening, it’s time to level up your hair game.

These clips will make it so easy to separate your fine or thin hair into small or large sections to keep it out of the way.

Fine hair can sometimes be a pain to wrangle when wisps are flying everywhere and nothing wants to stay put, which is why these clips are vital for controlling tangles and frizziness.

These clips from Drybar are simple to use and their unique design prevents them from slipping out of your hair. Whether you’ve already blow dried your hair and need them for styling or just got out of the shower and want to dry your hair in sections, they’re perfect for the job.

2. Scunci No-Slip Grip Small Jaw Clips

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The 90s/2000s styles are coming back, and it’s not just about clothes. If you grew up in that era, you will for sure remember these baby claw clips. Well, now they are back and cuter than ever.

These small jaw clips from Scunci will work perfectly for anyone with fine or thin hair. Fine hair is soft with little to no texture, which can easily slip out of more extensive claw clips. If you also have thin hair, opt for smaller clips.

Scunci created these clips with no-slip grip technology to keep fine hair in place all day long. The teeth of the grip interlock and secure the hair exactly where you want it. They are there to hold your hair 24/7.

Because there are so many in one pack, you can have fun creating multiple styles. Whether you only want to throw your hair half up or make cute pigtails, the choice is all up to you.

If this is an option you are interested in, or if you’ve tried them out and fell in love, buy multiple packs. Nothing is more stressful than losing baby claw clips, especially when they are your favorite hair accessory. 

If bangs are lifeless or getting in the way, clip them back. If you are styling your hair and need something to section each part off, these little clips will get the job done and keep your hair secure. 

3. Lacer Ponytail Extensions Clip Human Hair 

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If you need a glam moment or you really want your ponytail to make a statement, then this clip in ponytail extension will be your new best friend. It will take you from zero volume to a luscious mane in seconds. 

So what do you need to know about this ponytail extension? It’s 100% healthy human hair, and it’s available in 12 stunning hair colors. These extensions can be colored and styled just like your natural hair.

It will take you seconds to apply your pony and instantly give you a full look. All you need to do is wrap it around the ponytail you created with your natural hair. This extension has a velcro hair tie to keep it secured.

Once you have placed the extension exactly where you want it, all you do is clip it in. It’s made to mimic the look and feel of your natural hair. Once you pick the right shade and clip it in, no one will know the difference. 

Another added benefit to these extensions is that they are much more lightweight than synthetic hair extensions. Human hair won’t be as dense as artificial or synthetic hair. 

These ponytail extensions from Lacer are 14 inches long so that you will be guaranteed a long celebrity-inspired ponytail. 

4. Kitsch Metal Hair Claw Clips 

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Kitsch created this claw clip with each hair type and texture in mind. It’s a one-and-done clip perfect for tossing your hair up on the go. One large clip like this will offer endless styling possibilities.

This clip, in particular, won’t damage the hair and will even add shine and texture to your hairstyle with no effort at all. It will keep your strands in place without straining your hair follicles. 

The teeth will intertwine closely together to ensure each piece of hair is up and out of the way. It’s 3 inches wide so that it won’t be enormous, and it won’t be teeny tiny either. 

We mentioned before the 90s/00s styles are coming back, including claw clip styles. Create a spiky look with your ends for even more texture to your fine hair. You can even create a half up half down style. 

5. Kitsch Micro Stackable Hair Clips

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If you are over bland, boring hair clips, check out these bold and bedazzled ones from Kitsch. They are tiny, and they are shiny. Perfect for fine or thin hair that needs a little something extra. 

In this stackable set, you get a little bit of everything to try out. You’ll find two mini snap clips, three mini rhinestone snap clips, and two mini rhinestone bobby pins. They all come in a shiny gold finish. 

They are the perfect mini accessory to bring attention to fine hair without weighing the hair down. You can mix and match them together to achieve your desired look. They can dress up any casual day or wear to an event.

You can snap them in along with other accessories like an extension ponytail. It will be easy to add volume to your hair without any product. Slightly push the hair up, clip it into place, and now you have volume.

While they are suitable for all hair types and textures, individuals with fine or thin hair will fall in love with them. They are mini and won’t be a huge accessory that strains the hair.  

6. Clear Elastic Hair Bands Mini

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This accessory may seem like the most mundane hair accessory, but it is honestly a game-changer for thin and fine hair. Clear hair elastics will help create any hairstyle without a hair tie weighing you down. 

Have you ever tried to braid your hair and secure it with a regular hair tie? If you have fine hair, this just won’t do; the bulky hairband will slide off.

That’s why clear hair elastics are so much better. They are invisible and secure.

One downside to these hair elastics is that they are disposable and not reusable. However, they blend into your hair and stay undetectable. They are even available in multiple colors if you want some pops of color. 

Clear hair elastics can open you up to a new realm of hairstyles. You can create all kinds of braids, bubble ponytails, space buns, and whatever else you can think of. 

You won’t break your hair either. These elastics will stretch with your hairstyle and maintain a long-lasting hold all day. They will arrive in a compact plastic container keeping all the elastics neatly in one place.

7. Kenz Laurenz Hair Ties Ribbon Elastics

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Not everyone will love scrunchies. If you still find scrunchies too bulky or they slip out easily, opt for these no-crease elastic hair ribbons. They are still a step up from regular hair ties and won’t cause breakage. 

They will hold your hair in place whenever you need them the most. Even after wearing them all day, they won’t leave a crease or dent in the hair where the elastic has been resting. 

These elastics come in various colors; however, this neutral batch will be the most versatile style for daily use. You will receive one hundred of them in a pack, so you will never be without a hair tie again.

Elastic hair ribbons will keep a loose but secure hold on your hairstyle, perfect for anyone struggling with thin or fine hair. They are soft but durable, so you don’t have to worry about them snapping on you. 

8. Beauty Rageous Super Grip Black Bobby Pins 

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Bobby pins don’t need much explaining. They are an essential tool that every girl needs in her hair routine.

Whatever you need to lock in place can be done so with these super grip bobby pins. Four hundred come in one pack.

Bobby pins are great to secure ponytails, braids, buns, and even curls. They are simple to use and easy to remove if need be. 

A great tip for using bobby pins, especially for thin or fine hair, is to spray the bobby pin with hairspray before pinning it into your hair. This will ensure maximum hold without the added damage. 

9. Urtheone Hair Brush Boar Bristle 

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A good quality hairbrush and comb is a significant investment to make regardless of your hair type, and this set, in particular, will work great for thin/fine hair.

It will smooth out any flyaways and detangle the hair with ease.

Your hair will love you in the long run. You’ll get a great scalp massage that will help stimulate your hair follicles. 

10. Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands

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Headbands are a no-fuss accessory that can easily be thrown into your hair at any point in time.

These skinny headbands from Scunci are great for thin and fine hair since they don’t take up too much real estate on the head.

They are a simple accessory to keep the hair out of the face, and it also works to keep fine, soft hair in place. It’s gentle, but the hold is long-lasting. There won’t be any headaches with these headbands. 

You will receive four headbands in one pack, which is great if you are prone to constantly losing your hair accessories. Throwing your hair back won’t have to be a chore anymore. 

11. Goody Ouchless Value Pack Heather Scrunchies

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When you wear your hair up with a hair tie, the worst thing in the world is the potential breakage just waiting to occur when you take your hair down. Especially when you don’t have any more hair to lose.

Scrunchies are the only way to go! Keeping your hair loosely tied with a scrunchie will minimize the amount of breakage.

This pack of twelve scrunchies will be great to have on hand, so that you can toss one anywhere you need. You won’t feel strained when you put it up, and you won’t be in pain when it’s time to take the scrunchie out. 

The best way to style it for fine or thin hair is to slick your hair into a low bun. Your hair won’t be in pain, and the scrunchie will, later on, slip out of the hair with ease. Minor hair pulling will allow you to achieve a fuller look. 

Goody also made sure these scrunchies aren’t abnormally large. The sizing is excellent, and if you are looking for a loose hold for your ponytails or updos, these scrunchies will be a great match. 

Bonus: Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair

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If you are looking to add thickness and dimension to the hair without damaging it further, these clip-ins are perfect. If you are also growing out a hair color or balayage, it will conceal and add fullness to your hair.

They are human hair extensions that make them easy to maintain. You are able to take care of it like your natural hair. They are 16 inches long, and they also are available in 5 different hair colors. 

Seven pieces come in one pack. An important reminder, you can’t wash the clip-ins if they are in the hair. If you wear them daily, wash them alone one to two times a week. 

After washing, use a leave-in conditioner to maintain the integrity of the hair extensions. Comb the leave-in through and leave them to dry naturally to keep their lifespan long. 

Suppose you sleep with extensions, ensure that they are covered with a protective layer like a pillowcase to avoid tangles. Be careful when coloring extensions at home. Avoid it if your hairstylist can color them.

Human hair extensions are more lightweight and natural in comparison to synthetic extensions. Clip-ins are great since you won’t be committed to wearing them 24/7, and you can let your natural hair rest or breathe. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are tons of options for those struggling to style and manage their fine and thin hair. Whether it be extensions, clips, claw clips, or a new hairstyle, you will find a solution quickly! 

Now is the time to experiment to see what works best for you. There are hundreds of options out there, so don’t give up. Also, all the products mentioned above are easily accessible through Amazon. 

Hopefully, now you feel a little more relieved that you’re not the only one struggling to solve their hair problems. You can add fullness, sparkle, and practicality to your looks with ease on a daily basis.

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