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How Often Can You Use Nair?

by Gabbi

Many people trust Nair, and other depilatory creams, as a form of hair removal. Instead of waxing or shaving, the cream dissolves away hair from a targeted area, and if done right, leaves skin smooth and soft without nicks and burns.

However, there is some concern around using Nair often, as it is made up of a few chemicals that have the potential to irritate your skin, they’re certainly strong enough to weaken the keratin bonds in your hair follicles.

So, how often can you use Nair? It is recommended that you wait 72 hours between applications of Nair, to give your skin a chance to rest and recover. Using Nair or other depilatory creams too often could lead to irritation and redness. This is especially true for those with naturally sensitive skin.

Knowing how often you can use Nair for different areas of your body will help you achieve the best results with this easy-to-use and convenient product. Read on to find out more about using Nair properly so you can go all summer with baby-smooth skin!

How Does Nair Work?

Nair and other depilatory creams are formulated with chemicals that break down the keratin bonds in hair follicles so that the hair is easily removed with the simple swipe of a washcloth.

Some of the chemicals in Nair cause the hair shaft to open or swell up, which helps other chemicals enter into the hair shaft and break down the follicle bonds.

Unlike waxing, these chemicals dissolve the hair above the root, just below the surface of the skin, and do not remove the root itself. Because of this, the hair can start growing back immediately, and you will notice regrowth quite quickly.

This is similar to the results you achieve with shaving but lasts slightly longer, as the hair is broken off just below the surface of the skin, whereas shaving cuts the hair above skin level.

All these chemicals work well to remove any unwanted hair from a targeted area on the body, but these chemicals can also harm and irritate the skin if the product is left on for too long or your skin is too sensitive.

Can Nair Burn Your Skin?

As gentle as Nair can be, yes, it can end up burning or irritating your skin.

Some of the active ingredients in Nair are potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide, and these work by entering the hair shaft and causing it to swell and break the hair, but this could also cause the skin to become irritated.

Those with sensitive skin might find that the use of Nair cream burns and irritates their skin even more. In severe cases, Nair can cause blisters, rashes, skin peeling, and burns, but this is usually caused by an allergy, overuse, or instructions not being followed properly.

When using Nair, it is so important to do a test patch 24 hours before a full application. This gives you a good idea of how your skin will react, and if there is any irritation or redness, you know not to go forward with the hair removal.

Always stay cautious with products like Nair. Even though they are perfectly fine to use most of the time, if warning and recommended usage is not followed, it could cause pain and damage to your skin.

The best Nair product to try out if you know you have sensitive skin is the version with aloe vera and lanolin, which is meant to calm your skin and prevent irritation.

How Often Can You Use Nair Face Cream?

You can use Nair on your face, but be aware that your face is more sensitive than other places on your body, like your arms and legs. For some people, using Nair on the face may cause a breakout, burns, or redness. Follow the directions carefully and remove the cream at the first sign of burning.

Nair cream removes hair by dissolving it away with chemicals, and in the process, it exfoliates the skin of dead skin cells and other build-up. While exfoliation is great for the skin, when done too often, it can leave the skin raw and irritated.

This, in conjunction with the different chemicals contained in Nair, can cause redness and pain if used too often.

Your skin will need time to recover and heal after each use of Nair. It is recommended, especially for the face, that you wait at least 72 hours between applications.

Nair Face Cream is slightly gentler than the normal Nair cream you would use on the rest of your body, but it does still contain chemicals that, if used too often, can harm the skin. It is best used on the mustache line, chin, and cheeks, areas found on the lower part of your face. Keep Nair away from your eye area.

When using Nair close to your mouth, be careful to not let any get into your mouth. The chemicals are not safe to consume. The same goes for your eyes – avoid using Nair on your eyebrows or near your eyes, as it can cause severe pain if it gets into your eyes.

Waiting 72 hours should give your skin enough time to recover, but the longer the wait, the better chance your skin will have at not becoming irritated and inflamed.

However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid using Nair on your face, and instead use another form of hair removal suitable for sensitive skin, such as sugar wax.

How Often Can You Use Nair on the Bikini Line?

Nair is safe to use on the bikini line if it is applied properly. Nair does have bikini-line-specific creams.

The bikini area is a notoriously sensitive area when it comes to hair removal. When waxing or shaving, the risk of ingrown hair increases in this area, and the skin is quite thin, which could make the hair removal that much more painful.

For these reasons, many people choose to use Nair to remove the hair around their bikini line. You might want to remain completely hair-free and not wait for regrowth to remove hair, but you should be careful how often you use Nair in this area.

To be safe, you need to wait 3 days, or 72 hours, before using Nair on your bikini line again. Remember this is the minimum amount of time you should wait before applications, and the longer the wait, the better chance your skin has of recovering.

Using Nair on your bikini line too soon after your last application can lead to irritation and pain, which could cause the area to turn red and be more sensitive than normal.

If you follow the proper instructions and do a test patch on your skin 24 hours before, Nair is safe to use. Remember that you should not use Nair near your genitals or other sensitive areas, as this could cause pain and irritation, so avoid doing this and rather choose a safer hair removal technique such as waxing.

Is Nair Bad For You Long Term?

Nair is not necessarily bad for you long-term, but there are some side effects you might experience when using it to remove hair.

When it comes to the negative side effects that could be caused by Nair, here are some of the most common:

1. Skin Irritation

The ingredients contained in Nair can cause quite a varied amount of skin irritation. How much irritation you might feel does depend on how sensitive your skin is, and where on your body you are using Nair.

Irritation can range from a mild tingling to a burning rash. If this does happen, a soothing lotion or aloe vera could help to calm the skin. (Bonus tip: aloe vera is great for helping heal sunburns quicker as well.)

2. Allergic Reactions

There is a chance you might experience an allergic reaction when using Nair. Your skin might react negatively to the chemicals contained in the product, and this could cause either a mild or severe reaction. 

An allergic reaction such as this could cause swelling, welts, hives, rashes, and in serious cases, difficulty breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms when using Nair, seek out medical attention immediately.

3. Chemical Burns

In severe cases, chemical burns can happen from the use of Nair. The chemicals might be too strong for your skin, or you might have left the Nair on for too long. Chemical burns most often need to be treated by a doctor.

Related Questions

Does Nair Last Longer Than Shaving?

Nair and other depilatory creams do last a few days longer than shaving, as they break the hair just below the surface of the skin, rather than just above the skin like shaving does.

Does Nair Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Nair does not cause hair to grow back thicker. It might make the hair seem thicker as it grows back, as the stubble appears darker and thicker, but Nair does not change the actual composition of the hair. Hair will appear the same once grown back, whether you shave or use a depilatory cream.

Can You Use Nair in the Shower?

Some Nair products have special shower-use formulations which allow you to use them in the shower. The cream is water-resistant so you can apply it in the shower, without it washing away. This saves you quite a bit of time!

Should I Exfoliate Before Using Nair?

A build-up of dead skin cells and other grime can block hair follicles, and this could prevent Nair from breaking hair further down. You should exfoliate a day before using Nair. Do not exfoliate just before using Nair, as it will leave your skin sensitive and more prone to irritation.

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