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5 Best Sugar Wax Kits Of 2022

by Gabbi

Sugar waxing is ideal for those who have sensitive skin. There is less chance that the wax will burn the skin, and being made of primarily sugar, the wax is water-soluble and washes away quite easily.

If you are wanting to wax at home, but are looking to use a gentler option, a sugar wax kit would be best for you.

What are the best sugar wax kits? The best sugar wax kit is one that contains non-harmful ingredients, is effective, and most importantly, is easy to use at home. The right sugar wax will be gentle on the skin and will not burn or irritate the skin as normal wax might.

To ensure that you choose the best sugar wax kit to use at home, we have rounded up some of the best, and listed some things to look for when choosing the right kit for you!

Sugar Wax Kits – Buyer’s Guide

Below are the things to look for in a sugar wax kit, to ensure that it will be the best wax kit for you!

Wax Ingredients

It is important to have a look at the ingredient list when choosing a sugar wax kit. The ingredients should not contain any harmful chemicals and should be made mostly of water, lemon juice (citric acid), and glycerine.

There are many sugar wax kits that contain only natural ingredients. Look to choose one of these, as they will be gentler on the skin and reduce the chance of irritation from any harmful chemicals.

What Comes In The Kit

When buying a sugar wax kit, you need to make sure that the kit includes everything you need to wax at home.

Most importantly, your kit should contain at minimum:

  • The sugar wax itself
  • Waxing strips
  • A spatula (or wide popsicle stick-lik applicators) to make applying the wax to the skin easy
  • And maybe even a post-wax gel to soothe the skin

Some sugar wax kits come with more accessories, but make sure that the one you choose at least has all the basics that you need to wax at home.

Different Size Wax Strips

If you are going to use the sugar wax for different areas of your body, then it is worth choosing a kit that comes with different wax strip sizes.

You wouldn’t want to use large wax strips suited for your legs to wax your eyebrows, and vice versa. Having a range of wax strip sizes means you can use the sugar wax for more than one area.

Try to find a wax strip that has reusable wax strips unless you know you only want to use the kit for one part of your body. As sugar wax is water-soluble, you can pop the wax strips in the wash and use them again as long as they are cloth. This saves you having to buy replacements if you run out!

The 5 Best Sugar Wax Kits

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a sugar wax kit, here are the 5 best to choose from for home use:

RankProductBest Features
1.Sugaring NYC Hair Removal Kit100% certified organic
2.Smooth Lab Sugar Wax KitOrganic + reusable materials
3.Shobha Sugaring KitWide reusable denim strips
4.Nad's Natural Sugar Wax KitComplete kit with soap
5.Sugaring at Home KitJust the basics

Each sugar wax kit has its own benefits. Let’s look at each more closely:

1. Sugaring NYC Sugaring Hair Removal Kit

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The Sugaring Hair Removal Kit by Sugaring NYC is 100% organic and is as gentle on your skin as a sugar wax can be.

Made only of water, sugar, and lemon, the sugar paste is natural and gentle on your skin, while still effectively removing hair.

The kit is incredibly easy to use at home, and you don’t need a wax heater to use the sugar wax, it can simply be slightly warmed in the microwave.

Included in the kit are 12 oz of organic sugar paste, 2 easy-to-use applicators, and 4 nitrile gloves. The sugar wax adheres to the dead skin cells on your skin, and therefore does not tear at the top layer of skin like normal wax and does little damage.

The sugar works to exfoliate the skin as it removes hair and the same bit of wax can be applied to the skin numerous times during the waxing session.

Due to the unique formula and applicators, you do not need any strips to use this wax, so you can get started straight away with this kit. The sugar wax will leave your skin healthy, refreshed, and beautifully smooth after each wax.

2. Smooth Lab Sugar Wax Hair Removal Kit

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Smooth Lab’s Sugar Wax Kit has been professionally developed and specially formulated with only organic ingredients, making it an ideal option for sensitive, soft skin.

You can enjoy pain-free waxing and smooth results time and time again with the sugar wax kit. The organic formula can be applied to almost any area of the body, from your underarms to your bikini line, and even your upper lip and eyebrows too.

The sugar wax is gentle and versatile, so can see to almost all your waxing needs. It is made with a simple formula of organic sugar, lemon juice, and water. 

Included in the kit is a jar of organic sugar wax, which can be warmed up in the microwave, wooden spatulas to apply the wax to your skin, and woolen wax strips to remove the wax and hair.

Smooth Lab has created this sugar wax to give you the option of having smooth, hair-free skin in a natural and organic way, and it does so wonderfully.

3. Shobha Sugaring Kit

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The professional-grade sugar wax kit from Shobha allows you to have a salon experience at home, with effective and gentle hair removal.

The sugar wax is made from all-natural ingredients and contains sugar, water, lemon juice, and glycerin. This makes it gentle and kind to skin.

There is less irritation experienced when using the Shoba sugaring kit compared to other wax kits. The natural sugar wax causes very little irritation and has reduced reactions when used on sensitive areas, such as on the bikini line or on the face. 

Being free from dyes, parabens, fragrances, resins, and wax, your skin will thank you for the gentle ingredients used instead.

Included in the kit are the sugar wax, reusable denim wax strips, and reusable spatulas. The spatulas and the denim wax strips can be used over and over again to reduce waste.

Follow the simple instructions in the sugar wax kit to get smooth and soft skin at home.

4. Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax Kit

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You can enjoy everything you need to get sugar waxing at home with the Nad’s Sugar Wax Kit. With all the accessories and items in the kit, you just need some clean skin and you are ready to get waxing.

The kit includes a pre-wax soap, to prepare the skin for a perfect wax, the soft sugar wax, a wooden spatula, and reusable cotton strips.

Nad’s Sugar Wax is incredibly easy to use, with the wax softening with body heat, so there is no microwave or heater needed. The sugar wax is water-soluble as well, so clean-up is a breeze

Suitable for all skin types, the dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic sugar wax is 100% natural and perfectly suited to be used on soft and sensitive skin.

5. Sugaring At Home Kit

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This 100% organic product is easy to use at home, and can easily be heated up in a wax heater or in the microwave. 

This simple kit comes with the sugar wax, which can be applied to the skin once heated slightly, and 15 wax strips to use to remove the wax from your skin. So if you’re not one to pay for frills or extras, this is a great option.

It is gentle, organic, and perfect to use on sensitive skin, and on all areas of the body. A small amount of the sugar wax goes a long way, so this kit should last you quite some time.

The organic formulation of the sugar wax helps to improve skin tone and texture and leaves skin smooth and refreshed.

Related Questions

Is Sugaring Less Painful Than Waxing?

Sugaring is generally considered less painful than waxing. This is because sugar wax does not adhere to the whole skin like wax does, instead it adheres to the dead skin cells. Sugar wax is also removed in the direction of hair growth, rather than against it.

This all makes pulling off sugar wax less painful and less damaging to the skin. Although most experience some pain or discomfort, most sugar wax enthusiasts report finding the process less painful than waxing, particularly with time and improved technique.

Sugar wax is also less likely to irritate even sensitive skin types, unlike regular waxing, causing less pain after application as well.

Does Sugaring or Waxing Last Longer?

Many people report that sugaring lasts longer than waxing and that their skin stays smoother for longer after sugaring than waxing. There is also less redness after sugaring too.

However, not everyone is convinced this is true. As both methods remove the hair completely, you can at least expect both to have similar results in terms of the time it takes for hair to grow back.

Does Sugaring Cause Ingrown Hairs?

Sugaring itself does not cause ingrown hairs. Not preparing the skin properly, removing dead skin cells and other impurities before waxing, could cause ingrown hairs however.

Proper care after you wax also helps to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. Regular exfoliation helps to prevent ingrown hairs as the hair begins to grow back.

Sugaring itself will not increase your chance of ingrown hairs as long as you practice proper pre and post-wax care.

Where Can I Use Sugar Wax?

You can use sugar wax almost everywhere on your body. It is suited for use on sensitive skin, so it is fine to use under the arms, on the face, and on the bikini line. The natural formula does not contain harmful chemicals, and as it does not need to be hot, it cannot burn the skin either.

However, it’s a good idea to try less sensitive parts of your body first, such as your leg, especially if you have never waxed with any method before.

Improper technique can irritate your skin and by testing on your less sensitive limbs you can gauge your own pain tolerance. Beginning on your underarms, by contrast, could be a rude awakening.

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