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5 Best Purple Shampoo Bars

by Gabbi

The beauty industry is rapidly evolving and striving for a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable future. People are consuming less by switching to zero waste and plastic-free beauty products like shampoo and conditioner bars.

These bars act like soap and usually arrive in biodegradable packaging to use less plastic and stop excess waste from entering our oceans. One of the most popular shampoo bars is purple bars that soothe the scalp and tone your hair. 

What are the best purple shampoo bars? The best purple shampoo bars will cleanse, moisturize, or tone your hair without unnecessary plastic packaging and harsh cleansing agents. Both your hair and the environment will love these bars. 

Shampoo bars are usually formulated without harsh and sensitizing ingredients like chemical dyes, sulfates, parabens, and more.

Whether you need to maintain your gorgeous blonde or silver strands or want to switch to a soothing and eco-friendly shampoo, make sure to follow along to see the tips and tricks to purchasing your first purple shampoo bar. 

Purple Shampoo Bars – Buyer’s Guide

1. Purple Toning Bar Vs. Purple Bar

There is a drastic difference between purple shampoo bars that tone blonde and gray hair and purple shampoo bars that are just the color purple. Toning purple shampoos bars are ideal for blondes and gray haired people that want to eliminate unwanted yellow strands. 

Instead of using a purple shampoo full of harsh chemicals to tone blonde hair, many people opt for a purple toning bar. However, regular purple shampoo bars will only cleanse the scalp and are usually made with essential oils like lavender.

So while you’re shopping for a purple shampoo bar, evaluate your needs and double-check the labels to make sure you are purchasing the right bar. 

2. Zero-Waste Or Eco-Friendly 

Most shampoo bars are produced by beauty companies that are pushing for sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetic products. These bars are made with nourishing, hair-loving ingredients and leave out harsh cleansing agents.

In addition, their packaging is compostable and biodegradable. The whole mission with shampoo bars is to create less waste. Plastic is quickly filling up our oceans, and a simple switch we can all make is using plastic-free and zero waste shampoo bars. 

If you’re ready to be more environmentally conscious but don’t know where to start, switch out your shampoo bottle for a bar. 

Best Purple Shampoo Bars 

RankProductKey Features
1.Superzero Purple Shampoo BarVegan, sulfate free, eco-friendly, toning
2.Ethique Purple Shampoo BarToning, waste-free, sulfate-free, vegan
3.Ma’na Organix Purple Shampoo BarWaste-free, nourishing, vegan, toning
4.Cleansing & Co Natural Bars6 piece sampler, toning, shampoo + conditioner
5.Miztag Home Shampoo Bar2 pieces, shampoo + conditioner

1. Superzero Purple Shampoo Bar 

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Superzero is a beauty company that is leading the industry into a new era of sustainable cosmetics. Its mission is to produce cosmetics with high-performance and zero plastic. The Blondest Blonde Purple Shampoo Bar will be a blonde’s best friend.

This purple shampoo bar is formulated to work for natural blonde hair and color-treated blondes. In addition, the purple pigments will neutralize any yellow or brassy tones within your strands and leave you with cool/white-toned blonde hair.

Superzero states that one shampoo bar from their company is equivalent to 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo. In addition, this shampoo bar has vegan/clean ingredients. It’s free of soap, sulfates, silicones, and more. It truly is the ultimate shampoo bar. 

Also, it’s certified climate-neutral, and no plastic is used to produce these bars. So what will you be getting in Superzero’s shampoo bar? For starters, you’ll receive a beautiful blend of nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and chamomile extract.

This shampoo will still lather just like a regular shampoo and without all the yucky cleaning agents. In addition, this shampoo bar is pH-balanced, so you can rest assured your scalp will remain healthy and happy. 

Finally, there is a guilt-free shampoo to tone your brassy ends. 

2. Ethique Purple Shampoo Bar 

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Ethique is another beauty brand striving to save our planet while also producing high-quality and clean beauty products. Their #giveupthebottle movement is fighting for all of us to go plastic-free. Start simple by switching out your shampoo for a bar. 

The Purple Shampoo Bar for Blonde Hair will eliminate any signs of brassy, orange, and yellow tones within your strands. It’s formulated with hair-loving ingredients like Babassu and Jasmine Oils for shine and Beetroot Extract for extra color power.

This bar is free from potentially sensitizing ingredients like sulfates and petrochemical-derived dyes. Ethique is Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and all their packaging is compostable. In addition, this shampoo is ideal for all shades of blonde and silver.

Because this shampoo is free of cleansing agents, it may be challenging to get a good lather, so Ethique recommends shampooing twice. For the best results, you can pair it with the Tone It Down Conditioner. 

Ethique states that each shampoo bar is equivalent to three plastic bottles and saves 2.7 liters of water. In addition, 20% of their profits go to charities also working to clean up the planet one plastic bottle at a time. 

If you’re ready to invest in making a change, start with this shampoo bar. In addition, you’ll never have brassy hair ever again!

3. Ma’na Organix Hemp Oil & Rhassoul Clay Purple Shampoo Bar

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Ma’na Organix is also on the journey to promote a zero-waste lifestyle, and they are taking the first step by producing shampoo bars that both you and the environment will love. The Hemp and Rhassoul Clay Purple Shampoo Bar is a must-have for blondes.

This shampoo bar, in particular, is packed with nourishing and nutritious ingredients that your hair will love. Hemp Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, and E and minerals like Potassium and Calcium. What not to love in this shampoo bar?

In addition, this bar is formulated with Castor, Olive, and Coconut Oils alongside Tea Tree and Mint Oils. Ma’na Organix states that this bar is specially formulated for blondes, both natural and color-treated. In addition, it will condition and eliminate brass instantly.

Once you’ve lathered the bar in your hair, you can let it sit for 3 minutes and see your hair transform into a clean, crisp, and cool blonde tone. It’s an easy step to produce less waste without compromising high-quality cosmetic products for your hair. 

Ma’na Organix is Vegan and Cruelty-Free, so you can rest assured no animals were harmed in making these shampoo bars. In addition, their packaging is biodegradable and will help save up to four plastic bottles for every one shampoo bar.

4. Cleansing & Co Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

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If you’re ready to make the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, but you don’t know where to start, Cleansing & Co has made the process easy and convenient. Their six-piece sampler set has every shampoo or conditioner bar you need. 

In this set, you’ll receive three shampoo bars and three conditioner bars; each one has its own purpose. The three shampoo bars consist of lemon, coconut, and purple, while the conditioner bars consist of coconut, orange, and purple bars. 

The purple bars are ideal for both color-treated and natural blondes and those with gray/silver hair. In addition, these purple bars are formulated with violet mica coloring so you can quickly eliminate unwanted brassy and orange tones within your strands.

You can use these shampoo bars just like your regular shampoo. In addition, you’ll get double the action to reveal balance and cool-toned blonde hair because you will receive both purple shampoo and conditioner bars. It will neutralize in minutes.

These Cleansing & Co bars are handmade in New Zealand, and all their products are entirely plastic-free. They are ideal for traveling, and the packaging is 100% biodegradable. Purchase shampoo bars that your hair and the planet will love.

5. Miztag Home Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

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Miztag Home is also crafting shampoo and conditioner bar sets that are convenient to shop and help you produce less waste in your home. In this set, you’ll receive a purple lavender shampoo bar and yellow chamomile conditioner bar. 

While most purple shampoo bars are formulated to tone brassy blonde hair, this one is made with lavender to soothe your scalp. So if you want a purple shampoo bar that doesn’t tone and only cleanses the hair, you’re in the right spot.

The shampoo lavender bar and chamomile conditioner bar will work together to reduce dandruff and scalp issues while also increasing softness and shine within your strands. They cleanse and moisturize without harsh and sensitizing ingredients.

Miztag also provides some extra goodies within this set, like two storage and travel tins and a double wooden soap holder. So now you can travel on the go with ease and feel like you’re in a salon right in the comfort of your own home.

These bars are safe for men, women, and children alike due to their gentle formula. Once you use them up, there is no plastic leftover to recycle. If you’re ready to make the shampoo bar switch, now’s the chance. 

Purple shampoo bars are accessible and straightforward to use. If you want to soothe your scalp, this lavender bar is all that you will need.

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