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11 Best Straightening Hair Oils

by Gabbi
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Are you looking to achieve salon hair at home? Anyone can get frizz-free and sleek hair with straightening hair oil. Hair oils offer endless benefits for the hair, and they can even double as a heat protectant.

Sometimes it can be challenging to straighten your hair, especially if you have unmanageable strands. However, straightening hair oil can do all the heavy lifting while styling and even cut down on the time and effort you put into your hair care routine.

So what are the best straightening hair oils? The best straightening hair oils should be formulated with an easily absorbable oil like Argan. You’ll also want to look for an oil that offers heat protection to shield your strands from potential flat iron damage.

Most hair oils on the market are suitable for all hair types, but you can also find ones that cater to your specific needs. However, almost everyone can benefit from hair oil, especially if you straighten or plan to flat iron your hair frequently. 

Hair oils can aid in heat styling and flat ironing, promoting healthy hair growth, strengthening the strands, and boosting shine. Straightening hair oils will instantly eliminate frizz and flyaways so you can have the sleek hair of your dreams.

Choosing A Straightening Hair Oil

Heat Protection

A heat protector is necessary for all heat styling, not just straightening. If you straighten your hair frequently, you’ll want to stop breakage and heat damage in its tracks. So, when purchasing a hair oil, make sure it offers heat protection.

Then you’ll be able to achieve straight and smooth hair that’s also healthy. 

Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most popular oils used to formulate hair care products. Argan oil is lightweight and works for every hair type and texture. It can provide other benefits like conditioning, shine, and heat protection. 

Argan oil can usually be applied to damp hair before styling or dry hair before flat ironing, or as a finishing product. It will instantly tame frizz too. 

Formulations & Packaging 

Hair oil can be packaged in multiple ways. 

First, you can find oil with a dropper to dispense easily. Or hair oils are often packaged as sprays or serums for even distribution, and it’s mess-free. Oil sprays and serums can also be more lightweight.

What packaging or formula you choose will be based on your personal preferences. 


Lastly, straightening hair oils can offer more than just a sleek finish when paired with a flat iron. They can also act as a leave-in treatment, be formulated with keratin to strengthen, and even be used as a mask.

So if you love a product that can do multiple things at once, look for a straightening hair oil that offers heat protection along with other benefits. Also, if you don’t like straightening hair oil for one purpose, it can work as something else. 

Best Straightening Hair Oils 

RankProductKey Features
1.Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Argan oil, linseed extract, strengthens
2.Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil pH balanced, vegan, anti-frizz, universal
3.Rusk Designer Collection Argan Oil Thermal SerumLightweight, argan oil, softening and nourishing
4.L’ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil Keratin, strengthening, healthy and shiny finish
5.OGX Extra Strength Renewing + Argan Oil UV protectant, absorbs easily, lightweight
6.JuniorLabs Straight Silk Spray With Moroccan Argan Oil Distributes evenly, detangles, for C types
7.Premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protectant SprayCoats evenly, detangles, leave-in treatment
8.Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector Holds hair straight up to 48 hrs, frizz-free finish
9.Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair SilkFor curly and coily hair, repairs breakage
10.HerStyler Marula Oil Hair Serum For Straightening Argan oil, shielding, aloe vera, adds shine
11.OGX Frizz-Free + Keratin Smoothing Oil Miracle Gloss SprayArgan oil, ceramides, anti-frizz

1. Moroccanoil Treatment Oil 

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Are you looking to invest in your hair oil? Well, this cult-classic product will tame your mane in a flash. It works well with heat styling so that you can achieve silky straight hair with your flat iron. So say hello to the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil.

Most hair straightening oils on this list will contain argan oil because it’s lightweight, absorbable, and works with virtually all hair types. The Moroccanoil Treatment Oil has been a fan-favorite for a reason; you’ll instantly achieve healthy and smooth strands.

So, not only will this hair oil aid in styling like blow-drying or straightening, but it will also improve the integrity of your hair. 

The Moroccanoil Treatment Oil contains argan oil and linseed extract to nourish, protect, and strengthen your strands with every use.

Moroccanoil even claims this product will cut your blow-dry time in half so you can use less heat on your hair. You can apply this oil to both damp and dry hair. Using this oil on damp hair will prep the strands for heat styling or straightening.

However, you should use this oil on dry hair if you want to eliminate frizz daily, add extra shine, and shield the hair against environmental factors. Both methods will help you maintain sleek, straight, and silky hair. 

The Moroccanoil Treatment Oil will be worth every penny. 

2. Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil 

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Straightening your hair can be a daunting task, specifically if your hair is damaged, fragile, or over-processed. 

However, opting for a repairing hair oil that also protects against heat will help you get smooth and straight strands without unnecessary breakage. 

Let us introduce you to the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil. Olaplex is a salon brand known for saving strands while bleaching your hair. Nowadays, they offer so many more products and benefits accessible to everyone.

The Olaplex Bonding Oil is ideal for compromised hair. Olaplex describes this product as a reparative styling oil that will boost softness and shine while maintaining your color. It will seamlessly reduce the appearance of frizz and flyaways.

The most crucial component of this hair oil is that it offers heat protection up to 450°F. So next time you want to straighten your hair, you can combat damage or breakage with this oil. It’s vegan, pH-balanced, and suitable for all hair types. 

You can apply this product to damp or dry hair before styling with a flat iron or blow dryer. You’ll notice with consistent use that your hair will achieve a healthy texture, it will be more manageable, and it’ll have an incredibly glossy sheen. 

3. Rusk Designer Collection Argan Oil Thermal Serum

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Do you find that hair oil on its own can be too heavy? 

Well, a hair oil serum can remedy all your worries! Of course, a hair oil serum is much more lightweight than a pure oil, but this serum gives you all the styling benefits you need while you are straightening your strands.

The Rusk Designer Collection Thermal Serum with argan oil gives you all the benefits of an oil with a lightweight texture. This argan oil serum is ideal for dry, brittle, and damaged hair that needs hydration without feeling greasy. 

A few drops of this argan oil serum will completely transform your hair while straightening because it’s also a heat protectant. Argan oil will instantly tame frizz and flyaways while leaving the strands soft, nourished, and strengthened. 

The Rusk Argan Oil Thermal Serum can be applied on wet and dry hair. It’s ideal to apply this product to wet hair before blow-drying and flat ironing to strengthen and protect the hair against heat damage. All you need is to add a few drops to your hair.

You can seal in your silky straight results by using this serum as a finishing product. Add this oil-serum hybrid to dry hair to reduce excess flyaways and lock in your straight hair post flat ironing. You’ll notice soft and smooth results. 

4. L’ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil 

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Does your hair feel particularly brittle or lackluster? Opting for a hair oil infused with keratin can build proteins back into the strands for resilient and healthy hair.

The L’ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil will achieve healthy and straight hair. 

Not only does this healing oil infuse the hair with proteins, but it also acts as a heat protectant so you can flat iron or heat style with ease.

Keratin treatments are popular at the salon and offer a sleek finish, but this oil can achieve similar results at home.

However, use this product sparingly. While your hair needs proteins, it can also get overloaded, and too much protein can still cause breakage. However, the correct dosage provides excellent results. The Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil offers other benefits too.

For example, this oil will add volume, boost shine, strengthen strands, offer flexibility, and straighten the hair with ease. The keratin protein will instantly revitalize and smooth lackluster strands so you can finally have healthy, smooth, straight hair.

It also contains a blend of other oils like acai fruit, coffee seed, and babassu kernel. You can add this oil to wet or dry hair right before styling to protect your hair before flat ironing. So say hello to silky, smooth, and strong strands!

5. OGX Extra Strength Renewing + Argan Oil 

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OGX is an affordable drugstore hair care brand that creates products as effective as salon lines.

Hair oil is essential for every hair care routine, especially for heat styling. OGX’s Extra Strength Renewing + Argan Oil is ideal for straightening the hair.

Argan Oil will lock in moisture and fight frizz so you can achieve a flawless and sleek finish. The Extra Strength Renewing + Argan Oil is ideal for all hair types, but especially for hair that is overprocessed, dry, or brittle.

OGX ensures that this oil will keep your strands hydrated, revitalize and strengthen sparse hair, and protect your hair from UV damage. 

It’s crucial to opt for a hair straightening oil that will protect your hair from hot tools to reduce damage or breakage. You can use this product in multiple ways. 

First, OGX recommends applying a few drops to damp hair before styling. However, if you need extra nourishment, you can pair this oil with a hydrating conditioner for a smooth and silky finish. 

Argan oil absorbs beautifully in the hair and will prepare it for straightening. It will tame flyaways and frizz without weighing the hair down or leaving you greasy. 

The best part is that the Extra Strength Renewing + Argan Oil is accessible and affordable. It also pairs well with other OGX products. 

6. JuniorLabs Straight Silk Spray With Moroccan Argan Oil 

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Oil sprays are a unique and mess-free way to saturate the hair before straightening.

Sometimes, oils can spill, but creating an oil spray will help evenly distribute the product through your strands, which is precisely what JuniorLabs wanted to develop.

The Straight Silk Spray is a straightening protector and detangler made with argan oil that helps achieve smooth strands.

This oil spray will cut your styling time in half, and it’s a gentle formula that is fragrance-free and does not contain irritating components. 

The Straight Silk Spray is suitable for all hair types, but it will work exceptionally well for textured, curly, coily, natural, and keratin-treated hair. 

Finally, the Moroccan argan oil will provide nourishment and protection while detangling the strands. JuniorLabs recommends following three steps if you want to achieve silky straight hair that lasts. 

First, shake the bottle and spray the oil throughout damp hair. Next, they recommend blow-drying to work in the oil—finally, flat iron your hair in small sections.

The Straight Silk Spray with Moroccan argan oil was explicitly made to straighten hair with ease and cut down styling time. This argan oil spray will protect against heat styling up to 450°F, and it’s a non-irritating, alcohol-free formula.

7. Premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray

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Another high-quality argan oil spray is this one from Premium Nature.

We mentioned earlier that sprays are easy to coat the hair evenly in oil and prep for heat styling. The Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray will effortlessly straighten the hair.

What makes this argan oil spray stand out from the rest? 

Well, Premium Nature created this product to provide multiple uses. For example, not only will this argan oil spray straighten and shield against heat, but it’s also a detangler and leave-in treatment. 

So if you find that your hair is unmanageable, you can use this argan oil spray to detangle or add it to your strands as a leave-in conditioner. However, its primary purpose is to protect against heat and provide smooth straightening results.

Premium Nature recommends applying this product from root to ends and allowing it to sit for five minutes. During these five minutes, your hair will soak up all the benefits that the argan oil spray has to offer. Then, you can style and straighten as usual.

Overall, Premium Nature’s Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray is an affordable and versatile oil that all hair types will love. 

Regardless of your hair needs, you’ll find a place for this product in your routine. It will also aid in straightening by keeping your strands healthy and resilient.

8. Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector 

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Garnier is another drugstore hair care brand that has graced the shelves for decades.

They have created so many product lines throughout the years you’re bound to find something that will fit into your hair care routine.

If you’re looking for an oil to help flat iron your hair and achieve silky strands, look no further.

Meet the Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron! This oil spray will keep mess to a minimum and nourish your strands so you can straighten them with ease.

Garnier claims that this Flat Iron Perfector will hold your straight hair finish for up to 48 hours. Like most hair oils on this list, the Flat Iron Perfector also contains argan oil to create a healthy and sleek result. It acts as a heat protectant.

Not only will this hair oil spray produce straight strands, but it will also add shine, eliminate frizz or flyaways, and condition the hair to get a soft texture. The Flat Iron Perfector will cut your hair routine in half because it styles and protects! 

Garnier recommends spraying this oil onto dry hair before flat ironing to achieve the best results. The oil spray will ensure the hair is evenly coated and saturated, so you don’t have to worry about heat causing unnecessary breakage. 

The Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector also works wonders when paired with other Garnier products. 

9. Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk

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Cantu is a haircare brand that caters specifically to curly, coily, textured, natural or damaged hair. 

However, sometimes natural hair needs extra love and products formulated for that hair type, which is exactly why Cantu created the Super Shine Hair Silk.

The Super Shine Hair Silk is also suitable for relaxed, colored, and permed hair.

Because it repairs breakage and combats split ends, this product is ideal to use right before straightening your strands. It’s formulated with shea butter.

Shea butter will also help achieve smooth strands in seconds. For example, the Super Shine Hair Silk will seamlessly add shine and tame frizz to help achieve a sleek finish. 

It’s a lightweight oil-serum hybrid texture that’s undetectable and hydrating.

You can apply this product to dry hair to aid styling or as a treatment. If your hair needs extra love, Cantu recommends using this oil on damp hair and wrapping your strands in a warm towel for 20 minutes to achieve nourished and silky hair.

You can add this oil serum into your hair daily to combat split ends. While this product works for all hair types, it is especially beneficial for curly and coily hair. 

Cantu creates high-quality products with high-quality ingredients so you can achieve healthy and smooth hair with every use. 

10. HerStyler Marula Oil Hair Serum For Straightening 

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HerStyler has also created an oil-serum hybrid product to aid in flat ironing the hair. 

While most straightening hair oils on this list are made with argan oil, this one is formulated with marula oil. This marula oil serum acts as a heat protectant.

HerStyler states that this marula oil serum will shield the hair against heat from flat irons, other hot tools, and other environmental factors like the sun. 

Heat can be brutal to your hair if it’s unprotected, which is why this serum will promote healthy strands. 

This smoothing hair oil serum is formulated with marula oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E so you can finally eliminate frizzy and dull hair. Marula oil will also add shine, luster, and gloss to the hair while also keeping your hair moisturized. 

Herstyler recommends applying this marula oil serum to wet hair to create a seamless and smooth finish. Then, you can follow it up with a blow dryer and flat iron. 

This serum is made specifically for hair straightening and is suitable for all hair types.

11. OGX Frizz-Free + Keratin Smoothing Oil Miracle Gloss Spray

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OGX has another hair oil product to help achieve smooth, straight hair.

So how does this hair oil compare to the one we listed earlier? The first oil is just a multipurpose argan oil, while this is a Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray.

Keratin is a repairing element that builds proteins within the strands. However, the smoothing spray also contains argan oil and ceramides to lock in moisture without leaving the hair oily or greasy. 

Keratin can help produce silky straight hair. 

OGX claims that the Keratin Smoothing Oil provides five benefits. These benefits include eliminating frizz, strengthening strands, increasing flexibility, combating humidity, and adding shine. Also, argan oil helps make it a great heat protector.

The Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray can be applied to wet and dry hair. For damp hair, mist the strands with oil and proceed to style. You can also spray the Keratin Smoothing Oil for heat protection and get an extra straight finish on dry hair.

Lastly, this spray has a tropical scent that will transport you to a beach. You’ll be revitalized thanks to notes of pineapple, amber, and orange. Overall, this product will strengthen and straighten with just one bottle. 

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