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Olaplex Vs. Ouai

by Gabbi

Finding the right hair care system is an important step in repairing and maintaining healthy, shiny, luscious locks.

There are countless shampoos and conditioners available on the market that promise instant results, or are formulating to suit any hair type, however choosing the ones that are right for your hair’s needs can be tricky. While we all have unique hair textures, the goal for smooth, soft, and strong strands all remains the same.

Two brands that are leading the hair care world are Olaplex and Ouai, and are both loved by professionals and consumers alike.

The two brands have a similar approach to treating the hair, aiming to repair any damage and nourish the hair with extra hydration. However, the methods in how the two lines go to achieve their results differ, although they both focus on the protein complex of the hair.

So, what is the difference between Olaplex and Ouai hair care products? Both hair care products are top of the line in the professional and consumer space, however how they treat the hair varies between the brands. Olaplex is going to focus on healing the hair from the inside out, while Ouai is going to nourish and hydrate the hair to repair the existing damage.

Below, we’ll discuss in depth the differences between the two brands, as well as how to determine which products are right for your hair type.

Intro To Olaplex

Olaplex has been a leader in the hair care world since it made its mark on the industry in 2014. It is the first bond-building treatment line that has countless patents to its unique, effective formulas.

The brand works to repair damaged protein bonds in the hair and has been praised for its instant and long-term results.

The main, patented ingredient that sets Olaplex apart is called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which focuses on restoring the hair’s structure from an internal level.

It works to repair the broken protein bonds that can be found in the strands, to help the hair look and feel healthy and strong.

Benefits Of Olaplex

The main benefit of Olaplex is the bond-building treatment that helps to repair hair damage from the inside out.

The products work to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to begin reforming and restricting the damaged bonds. It helps to improve the texture of the hair strands immediately and over time.

Olaplex adds shine while also creating smooth and luscious locks. It helps to restore the hair by focusing on repairing the broken keratin protein bonds on a molecular level. It adds much-needed hydration to the hair, resulting in strands that look and feel shiny, smooth, and strong.

The brand focuses on creating a system, with products that are coordinated and well-suited with each other to provide the best results possible.

Hair Types Suited For Olaplex

The system from Olaplex is ideal for all hair types, as it aims to restore and repair the hair from the inside out. It can work especially well for hair that is dry and brittle, as well as hair that has been damaged from color treatments like bleach.

While there is only one set of shampoo and conditioner, the brand also offers a set that is specifically for toning blonde hair. The products are ideal for color treated hair, as it can be more prone to damage and quickly breaking down the protein bonds.

Intro To Ouai

Ouai is a hair care line that was created and developed by celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin, that includes a range of products to suit many hair needs. The brand has also expanded into fragrance and body care products, to capture your favorite scents in various versions.

The brand is aesthetically pleasing and drive to invoke an emotional connection between the customer and the product, with its streamlined, colorful packaging and delicious fragrances.

The scents and packaging are exciting and reminiscent of popular getaway destinations, to inspire a mini vacation with each lather. The brand likes to focus on simple and effective methods to cleanse and treat your hair, which keeps the product lines easy and streamlined.

Benefits Of Ouai

Similar to Olaplex, Ouai focuses on repairing damaged hair proteins. It provides nourishment and hydration to the strands to minimize the appearance of any damage. Ouai has specific lines formulated for different hair textures, to allow for customization based on your hair needs.

It also has a popular detoxifying line, that is meant to deep clean the hair and scalp to promote healthy, strong hair. The brand is infused with aromatic scents to create an enticing experience with each wash. Ouai focuses on creating uncomplicated routines, so the hair lines are easy to follow.

The main focus of the brand is to lock in moisture while minimizing any present damage, while preventing future breakage.

Hair Types Suited For Ouai

Ouai products are ideal for any hair type, as the brand has created specific lines to address each hair texture. The product lines are broken down to suit thin, medium, or thick hair types, and each texture’s unique needs.

The brand focuses on restoring moisture and minimizing damage, throughout all the product lines. Most of the products contain ingredients such as amino acids and keratin, which work to repair the damaged strands by helping to add and rebuild the proteins.

Similarities Between Olaplex And Ouai

There are a few similarities between Olaplex and Ouai, but mainly both focus on smoothing and adding shine to the hair. Olaplex focuses on repairing the broken keratin bonds from the inner layer of the hair shaft.

Ouai is also focused on repairing those broken bonds, as most of their formulas contain proteins naturally existing in the hair, such as keratin.

They are similar in price point, as both are on the high end being professional quality products. They are each ideal for all hair types, although Ouai has different product lines to target certain hair textures. 

Differences Between Olaplex and Ouai

With their similarities, also comes their differences. Olaplex has one line of products that is ideal to suit all hair types.

The products within the line are also meant to be viewed as a hair system, with the best results coming from the line used together. Each product serves a different purpose in the hair care routine to repair the strands and reveal smooth, silky hair.

Ouai has different products lines for each hair type, that target each texture’s specific needs. It also has its own detoxifying line, that is suitable for any hair type. The difference in products allow for a customization of your hair care routine to find which items work best for you. 

Ouai is focused on replenishing moisture and minimizing existing damage, while Olaplex wants to repair and prevent damage from happening. Although similar in price, Ouai products are also available in refill sachets to help be environmentally conscious, which are also available at a slightly lesser price.

Ouai is more customizable to your unique hair texture, while Olaplex has blanket approach to all hair types.

Is Olaplex or Ouai Right For You?

While each brand is celebrated for the positive hair care results they achieve, there are options available for you based on your hair concerns and what you are looking to achieve. Both aim to create silky, hydrated locks that look shiny and feel strong.

However, if you are wanting to cater to your specific hair type, or customize your products to your preference, Ouai is the best option for you. Although the Olaplex formula will suit all hair textures, Ouai gives you the chance to mix and match products to find the right combination to suit your needs.

Both brands work to restore the hair, but Olaplex works to actively repair the broken-down hair bonds and prevent future breakage.

If your hair has become dry, damaged, or brittle from color treatments, especially bleaching, Olaplex will be the best choice for your needs. Both brands work to strengthen your hair and add moisture, but Olaplex will achieve the results from the deepest layer of the hair shaft.

Olaplex is a salon professional favorite, and can suit any hair type, however the best results are seen when the system is used as a whole. Ouai offers standalone products, as well as specific lines that can be worked into your existing routine.


Olaplex and Ouai are two separate lines that both focus on adding extra keratin and amino acid proteins back into the hair to minimize and prevent damage.

While Olaplex works to repair the keratin bonds from the inner most layer of the hair, Ouai focuses on smoothing the existing damage to create a healthy appearance.

Both brands work to nourish the hair in a streamlined, uncomplicated way, however Ouai offers more options to customize to find the perfect routine for your hair type.

Olaplex has been a leader in the hair care world for years and is still a top recommended product to repair color treated hair. While each hair texture is unique, both brands can work wonders on repairing your strands to be strong, healthy, and shiny.

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