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11 Best Ball Shavers – Manscaping Made Easy

by Gabbi

While some may find this a taboo subject, many people out there genuinely want to know the best solutions for shaving below the belt. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be awkward trying to find advice on issues that a huge portion of the population faces in their lifetime.

Body hair is quite a controversial topic for both men and women. However, everyone has their preferences on how they like to groom their bodies. In addition, not all men feel comfortable enough turning to a friend for body trimming advice. 

Thankfully, if you like to be trimmed and well-kept, we have your back. Finding a ball shaver can be intimidating, especially when you’re shopping alone. In addition, women can also use men’s trimmers for intimate areas if they don’t like to be bare.

So what are the best ball shavers? The best ball shavers are gentle and care for your privates without snagging, nicking, or cutting. In addition, the trimmer should move with the contours of your body to achieve a smooth finish without breaking a sweat.

One of these ball or body shavers can be the ideal Christmas gift for yourself or the man in your life. At the end of the day, a razor is a razor no matter what body part it’s made for. However, with tech these days, you’ll be surprised what razors can do.

4 Things To Look For In A Ball Shaver 

1. Flexibility 

You’ll want a trimmer that can move with your body. For example, your privates are a delicate area that can constantly move, and working with a flexible blade can help reduce shaving mishaps. 

Look for a narrow blade, pivoting head, or a trimmer specifically for the groin for the best results.

2. Gentle Blades

Blades should be gentle around the ball area, and they should be detachable and washable to make cleaning a breeze. You’ll definitely want to keep the razor clean for your below-the-belt area. Also, look for rust-free blades; hygiene is essential.

3. Battery Life

Most razors are cordless or wireless, and their charging can be too. Sometimes, lithium batteries have a longer battery life of 60-150 minutes, while ordinary batteries can last 40-60 minutes. 

Battery life and charging capabilities will be up to your personal preference.

4. Versatility 

Other features to consider will be based on your lifestyle. For example, do you need a shaver that you can use wet and dry? In addition, do you want a trimmer for only the balls or the balls and the body? Most shavers are incredibly versatile.

In addition, some shavers will provide the bare essentials for shaving, while others will be tricked out with different bonus features. Also, some are more travel-friendly than others. So, assessing your lifestyle needs will help determine the best fit for you.

Best Ball Shavers 

RankProductKey Features
Happy Nuts - The Ballber Groin Hair TrimmerSafe pivoting blade, waterproof, nick-proof
Vikicon Electric Groin Hair Trimmer for Men Detachable blade, safety guard, cordless
Areyzin Body Hair TrimmerCeramic rust-proof blades, LED lights
Mangroomer Electric Body & Ball GroomerTwo trimmers in one, eight settings, cordless
Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer for Men Hypoallergenic, comb head, small for precision
Zpstrong Body Hair Trimmer for MenRust-proof ceramic, comb attachments
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500 Shower-proof, pivoting head, 3 guards
Mangroomer 2.0 Professional Ball GroomerDouble sided blade, pivoting head,
Meridian Electric Below-The-Belt TrimmerWaterproof, cordless, guide combs, anti-nick
Manscaped Electric Trimmer - Lawn Mower 3.0Soft ceramic blades, cordless, waterproof
Manscaped Groin Trimmer - Lawn Mower 4.0 Charging dock, waterproof, rust-proof

1. Happy Nuts – The Ballber Groin Hair Trimmer

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Happy Nuts is another men’s grooming company pushing for an easier way to trim your groin. While most people tend to shy away from taboo topics like ball-shaving, Happy Nuts makes light of the situation with their trimmer, The Ballber. 

The Ballber is such a genius design it actually makes you look forward to shaving your groin. The Ballber has a dual-sided ergonomic design and two cutting edges, so shaving below the waist will become a breeze.

In addition, the Ballber has a slim and sleek design, so it can easily fit in your hard-to-reach areas. Trust us; nobody wants to get any cuts down there. Happy Nuts states that their blades are 100% Nut-Safe thanks to their 30 degree pivoting blade.

The Ballber has a lithium-ion-powered rechargeable battery that is meant to last. While most rechargeable trimmers have a 90-minute battery life, this one from Happy Nuts has 150 minutes of battery life. In addition, this trimmer is also waterproof.

Thankfully, Happy Nuts provides everything you need for a successful groin shave. You’ll receive The Ballber, four trimming guards, a USB charger, a wall plug, and a cleaning brush. Finally, you can say goodbye to nicks, cuts, and tugging for good!

2. Vikicon Electric Groin Hair Trimmer for Men 

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Vikicon is also offering a simple solution for your hairy situations. The Body Hair Trimmer for Balls and Bodies will ensure that you’ll never have to break a sweat shaving below the waist ever again. In addition, this can even work for beard hair.

This trimmer has all the standard features that you would typically find on a body trimmer. For example, you can use this trimmer wet or dry; it has a washable and detachable blade and an ergonomically correct handle for a comfortable grip.

However, Vikicon recommends avoiding using this trimmer around the groin when wet. On the other hand, their below-the-waist features include a wrap-around safety guard with rounded edges to prevent snagging from taking place down there. 

It’s also powered by a lithium battery that offers 60 minutes of use before it needs to be charged again. It will take 1.5 hours to charge fully, but it has a standing recharge deck, so you never have to think twice about your battery running low.

You’ll also receive a charging cord, cleaning brush, attachments, and travel pouch in case you’re on the go. Overall, Vikicon offers simple shaving solutions without bells and whistles. They also recommend shaving steady, slow, and flat for best results.

3. Areyzin Body Hair Trimmer

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If you’re looking for a regular ball trimmer without any fancy features, this one from Areyzin will get the job done. In addition, this trimmer is marketed for men and women; who says women can’t use men’s razors? They’ve always been better.

Like most groin trimmers, this one from Areyzin also features rust-proof ceramic snap-in blades to offer a clean and crisp shave with every use. In addition, the trimmer is crafted to tackle every hairy area of the body, like armpits and chests. 

However, one stand-out feature of this trimmer is the LED light for Blind Spot Lighting. Nothing is more frustrating than spending all that time and effort trimming the groin area only to find out you missed a spot later.

It’s USB rechargeable with a Type-C USB cable, and it offers a 90 minutes battery life to your cordless trimmer. In addition, this trimmer is waterproof and has a washable head to ensure you have a clean and hygienic shave with every use.

You’ll receive the trimmer, charging dock, USB cable, guard attachment, and cleaning brush. Areyzin provides all the essential tools you need for a successful and cut-free shave. Your groin will thank you.

4. Mangroomer Electric Body & Ball Groomer

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Mangroomer has another ball groomer if the last one didn’t cut it for you. The Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus has a little more action and bells and whistles to ensure you get a heavy-duty shave. This groomer has two shavers in one tool.

Double the shavers offer double the power. The first side is a body and ball groomer with a double-sided trimmer head. Similar to the previous Mangroomer trimmer, this one also shaves in one fluid motion and follows the contours of your body.

The second side is a body and ball trimmer with eight settings that allow you to customize your shave to be as precise and detailed as you want. Mangroomer says that this trimmer side will shave as close as 1/16th of an inch to keep hair in check.

However, they recommend that the trimmer side should only be used on dry hair. In addition, the other side can be used wet/dry, and this shaver is safe to bring into your shower.

It’s rechargeable, and it has a Lithium Max Plus Battery that Mangroomer claims lasts up to 5x longer than standard batteries. In addition, you’ll receive a charging cradle so you can always keep your electric body shaver ready at total capacity.

5. Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer for Men 

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Panasonic is offering a different approach when it comes to grooming the groin. Unlike most trimmers, this one from Panasonic resembles a comb. This body trimmer is crafted to tackle every delicate area like the groin, armpits, and even the chest. 

Panasonic crafted this trimmer with Skin Protective Blade Technology to reduce skin irritation, cuts, nicks, and more. So, if your skin is sensitive, this is the razor for you. In addition, the blades are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Because this trimmer resembles a comb, its I-shaped body and V-shaped head give it a slim look so it can reach every nook and cranny. With this narrow design, you’ll be able to cover everything from your chest to your groin to your bum.

In addition, this trimmer is cordless, so you can shave wherever and whenever you need it. Panasonic also states that you can manscape with this trimmer, wet or dry. You’ll also receive an AC wall adaptor to charge up your trimmer when you’re not using it.

The battery life lasts for 40 minutes until it’s time to charge it again. Panasonic also provides three attachments for different body areas and hair lengths so you can get the customized shave you desire. Finally, replace your blade when you find it dull.

6. Zpstrong Body Hair Trimmer for Men

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Zpstrong is another brand that will only provide you with the trimming basics.

So, if you’re not in the market for anything high-tech, then make sure to check out Zpstrong’s Body Hair Trimmer. This trimmer is the only one you’ll need for the whole body. 

This trimmer comes with a standard safe ceramic blade that is rust-resistant. In addition, Zpstrong ensures their blades are ready to tackle your below-the-waist area, regardless of how sensitive you are or how coarse the hair is; it’ll get the job done.

Zpstrong recommends using a guide comb to trim the ball area because the skin is soft. Other than that, you can use the trimmer directly on the skin in other areas, or you can add one of the two attachments included with the trimmer.

Also, you’ll receive a charging cable, cleaning brush, and travel pouch, so your trimmer is ready to go whenever you are. The battery life can last for up to 60 minutes, so you can always put it to charge after every use until it’s time to store it away.

The handle also has a rubber base paint shell in a black colorway, providing a clean and comfortable grip. In addition, the curves of the handle will fit into the contours of your hand, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping while shaving.

7. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500 

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Philips knows household electronics, so it makes sense that they would produce a men’s trimmer.

If you’re looking for a versatile trimmer that will work for every area of your body, look no further! The Bodygroom Series 3500 will trim every strand of hair. 

The blades of this trimmer are rounded, so you can have a smooth shave and help you shave in any direction you desire. In addition, this trimmer will work for the groin area, the back, chest, shoulders, and more. It also has a shower-proof design. 

Philips is powering this trimmer with a lithium-ion battery that will last for one hour of usage, and it has a one-hour charge time too. The blades are detachable, making them easy to clean, and you’ll receive three guards to suit all of your trimming needs.

In addition, the trimmer includes a back attachment to get into hard-to-reach areas. Finally, the handle has an ergonomically correct design to fit right in the palm of your hand to help make the shaving process even more of a breeze.

Its rubber grip is easy to grasp, and you’ll be able to shave within seconds. No matter what area of the body you need to trim, Philips ensures this trimmer will get the job done. So even for delicate areas like the groin, you can rest assured they’ll stay safe.

8. Mangroomer 2.0 Professional Ball Groomer

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Mangroomer is coming in clutch with a trimmer that does it all. Yes, they know the groin is essential when it comes to manscaping, which is why they manufactured this trimmer to work delicately down there while also trimming other areas of the body.

Similar to The Ballber from Happy Nuts, this trimmer from Mangroomer has a double-sided foil blade that will tackle any length of body hair. In addition, one swipe is all you will need to trim the balls, chest, underarms – you name it. 

The Mangroomer 2.0 has a propivot flexing and pivoting head so it can adjust and move with all the contours of your down-there area. If there is one thing you need to shave your groin, it’s flexibility. In addition, this shaver can be used wet or dry. 

You’ll receive the Mangroomer 2.0, three trimmer attachments, and a bonus foil. In addition, the trimmer itself has a rubberized grip, so you can rest assured this shaver will never slip from your grasp. The rubberized handle is also ergonomically correct. 

Other key features include a rechargeable battery, a charge light indicator, a charging stand, and a cordless trimmer. Now you’ll be able to take your trimmer with you anywhere without worrying about battery life, extra cables, or a lack of blade support.

9. Meridian Electric Below-The-Belt Trimmer

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Trimming your down-there area just got easier. Shaving the groin area is challenging, especially since it can be hard to get a good angle, which is why Meridian crafted a trimmer that’s meant to handle all your business around your groin and delicate area.

This Electric Below-The-Belt Trimmer is waterproof. So, whether you need a quick touch-up in the middle of your shower or at the sink before you leave the house, this trimmer can do it all. It’s versatile and easy to use.

This trimmer is also cordless, and it has a rechargeable battery that lasts 90 minutes, so you aren’t restricted in any way. While it is specifically manufactured for your groin area, it can also be used on the back and chest.

Meridian’s trimmer can be used as it comes or you can add one of the two attachments included when you purchase this shaver. In addition, you’ll receive a cleaning brush, a USB charger, and charging indicators with your two guide combs.

The Electric-Below-The-Belt Trimmer also has an anti-nick guard and sensitive shave technology so that you can get a clean and crisp shave with every use. 

In addition, the body is sleek, has a comfortable ergonomic handle, and is available in a black colorway.

10. Manscaped Electric Trimmer – Lawn Mower 3.0

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Manscaped is one of the most viral brands to offer an efficient solution for shaving your groin area. In addition, Manscaped is one of the few companies working to reduce the stigma of men’s grooming, self-care, and hygiene regimens.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 has soft ceramic blades with SkinSafe technology, so you’ll never have to hold your breath shaving your groin. Manscaped said themselves that this trimmer is the easiest way to keep your manhood clean, shaved, and well-kept.

In addition, The Lawn Mower 3.0 has all the bells and whistles. You’ll receive a cordless trimmer that is waterproof, a rapid charging USB dock, and an adjustable guard that will trim to your desired hair length. The blades are also rust-proof.

Manscaped recommends charging your trimmer fully before you use it for the first time. The charging indicator will blink while the battery is filling up, and once the light is solid, it’s ready to use. The battery life is 90 minutes until it needs to charge again. 

Overall, Manscaped offers the most convenient and hygienic way to tame your below-the-waist area. In addition, they recommended changing out blades regularly, so you don’t cut yourself with a dull blade, and it will keep your shave routine clean and pristine.

11. Manscaped Groin Trimmer – Lawn Mower 4.0 

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Another Manscaped trimmer? Well, they are just that good. So let us introduce you to The Lawn Mower 4.0. When we said Manscaped offers variety and solutions, we weren’t kidding. The Lawn Mower 4.0 is the newer generation of the 3.0.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 still has your favorite features from the 3.0. It has soft ceramic blades with SkinSafe technology and is cordless and waterproof. So what are the main differences between the 4.0 and the 3.0?

For starters, The Lawn Mower 4.0 got a considerable facelift. It’s more futuristic in design, and the charging dock is actually wireless itself. In addition, you receive multiple trimming guards in sizes 1-4. Finally, the blades of the 4.0 are also rust-proof.

The charging is similar; just the dock and trimmer have a few more buttons and indicators than the previous generation. In addition, the 4.0 has a travel lock feature. All you need to do is press three rapid clicks of the on/off switch for safe travels.

You should care for the 4.0 just like you would the 3.0 by changing your blades regularly for efficiency and hygiene. Overall, The Lawn Mower 4.0 is very similar to the 3.0; it just has a few more cosmetic upgrades that are eye-catching. 

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