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7 Signs Of Bad Eyelash Extensions

by Gabbi

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular semi-permanent beauty services because they not only allow you to wake up looking put together, but they also enhance your eye shape. Lash extensions also eliminate the need to spend so much time in the morning applying fake eyelashes and mascara.

However, an eyelash extension service should only be performed by licensed or certified lash technicians. The process of applying these lash extensions is tedious and involves various chemical products like lash glue. It takes practice to master a set of lashes. 

Because lash extensions take a while to master, mistakes are bound to happen. Unfortunately, an improper application can put your health or sight at risk and even compromise the integrity of your lashes. 

So, what are the signs of bad eyelash extensions? A few signs of bad lashes are dependent on your personal preferences for length and density. Others, like irritation, clumping, and shedding, are sure signs that you need to start getting your lashes somewhere else.

We will touch on seven critical indicators that show your lash set was misapplied. Take a look below.

Good Vs Bad Eyelash Extensions 

A good set of lash extensions are tailored to your lash type and eye shape; no one size fits all. In addition, a professional lash extension application should be weightless and the perfect length that’s comfortable for your lash line to hold.

Good lash extensions will be easy to maintain and last for weeks on end. Towards the end of their life, they will fall, but it should still look natural until you go in for a fill. 

Bad lash extensions will look and feel uncomfortable. In addition, you might feel burning, itching, and flaking during or after the service. You may also notice your lashes are tender, or your extensions fall out within a week of your service.

What are the other signs of bad eyelash extensions? 

7 Signs Of A Bad Lash Extension Set

While there are more than just seven signs that help indicate a bad set of eyelash extensions, here are a few to keep an eye on.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to remove them with a professional as soon as possible to avoid any further risks. In addition, you’ll be a pro at spotting the proper technique next time you want to apply a set of eyelash extensions. 

1. The Length Is Too Short, Long, or Uniform 

Your lash extensions should, ideally, fit your eye shape. In addition, an array of lashes in various sizes should be applied to create a wispy and natural look. However, it can happen that lash extensions end up too short, long, or uniform.

One of the most unflattering looks is having lashes that are all the same length. Then, you’re left with a square, boxy-looking lash that is obviously not natural. In addition, our natural lashes aren’t uniform; the inner corner lashes are usually shorter.

Your lash extensions shouldn’t be overly long either. After the application process, your lashes don’t need to be touching your eyebrows. This will cause an uncomfortable feeling as they grow out because they are already too long. 

Finally, your eyelash extensions shouldn’t be too short. It can be frustrating to spend so much time and money just for your lashes to look the same. Eyelash extensions need to enhance your natural lash pattern and eye shape to provide a seamless finish.

2. You Are Unable To Brush Them

A crucial step regarding the aftercare of lash extensions is brushing. Brushing through your eyelash extensions ensures they are clean and removes daily residue like dust, oils, and eye makeup. Overall, it’s a practice of good hygiene.

However, if you cannot brush through your lashes, this is a red flag, especially if it’s irritating or painful to do so. All you need to do is brush your lash extensions with a clean mascara wand or spoolie. Then, you should be able to brush the lashes gently.

But if you are experiencing pain, burning, or tenderness, this is a sign they were not applied correctly. Brushing your lashes should maintain them and not cause additional harm. Another problem is your lashes sticking together. 

It can happen where the extensions are applied in stacks, or too much glue is used, and your lashes are stiff and un-brushable. If you are dealing with lash clusters that you can’t brush through, chances are they weren’t applied properly.

A professional set of lash extensions should be soft, plush, and brushable. In addition, it shouldn’t feel painful or uncomfortable maintaining them. 

3. Burning During & After Application

Something isn’t right if you feel burning, itching, or irritation during or after your lash application. Unfortunately, sometimes the lash tech can lie and say burning is normal.

Irritating products like lash glue are used during the application process. It’s possible to have an allergic reaction to the glue, but that is why a patch test is always necessary. However, if you know that isn’t the case, immediately remove the lashes.

In addition, a lash tech should perform multiple safety precautions and ensure your eyes are completely shut so no chemicals will irritate or burn you. In addition, this feeling can linger even long after your eyelash application is complete.

So, if your eyes and lashes continue to burn or feel itchy even after the application process, try to book an appointment with a professional lash tech to remove them safely. 

4. They Are Uncomfortable & Irritating 

Like burning and itching, if your lashes are twisted or poke you, you know that they were not applied with care. A good set of lash extensions should feel lightweight and as if nothing is on your lash line. In addition, lashes should feel soft and supple.

This sign goes hand in hand with your lashes being too long. If your set of extensions is already poking you, it will be hard to manage and become even more irritating as you grow them out. Also, lashes should be applied gently and individually.

Constantly scratching, brushing, or moving your lashes around can cause even more irritation for your eyes and lash line. So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to make an appointment to remove your lash extensions. 

In addition, the lashes should be applied individually. If they are applied in stacks or with multiple extensions at a time, the lashes will be more prone to twisting and clumping together. Overall, ensure your lash artist takes their time when applying. 

5. They Are Crusty and Clumpy

Most of us can agree that clumpy and crusty lashes are not a cute look. While it can happen to even a good set of lashes when you don’t clean them, your fresh set shouldn’t look like they have yellow clusters around them.

Lashes grouped into stiff clusters can be a result of applying too much glue. Inexperienced lash techs group extensions together and apply them at once with more glue, which can cause these clusters to form on the lash line. 

These clusters form a clumpy and unflattering look. In addition, you can even experience yellow residue forming around the extensions from the glue and other products used during the service. Clumpy lashes can look and feel uncomfortable.

Overall, your lashes should be free of residue, dried product or glue, and clumps. In addition, not taking care of your lashes can also lead to this, but these clusters or clumps shouldn’t be the final result after your extension service. 

6. Your Lashes Fall Out Immediately 

On average, a proper set of lash extensions should last for around 6 weeks. So, if your lashes fall out within a week, something isn’t right. Either the glue isn’t strong, or too little was applied. Overall, your lashes should last longer than a week.

In addition, another reason why your lashes could be falling out is that the extension is too thick or curled. Not many people know that various curl patterns of extensions exist for different types of eyelashes.

So, if the eyelash extensions are too heavy or don’t fit your lash type, there is a chance they will be more prone to falling out. In addition, your lash tech may not have applied the correct amount of extensions for your lash line.

A regular eyelash extension service should last around an 1.5-2 hours. Anything shorter than this time frame can indicate that your lash tech rushed your service or didn’t take the time to ensure your lashes will be long-lasting. 

7. Glue Or Blepharitis Is Visible 

As mentioned earlier, a high-quality lash extension service should look and feel as if nothing was applied to your lash line. 

So, if you see clusters of glue sitting on your lash line, ask for a removal or a correction, or schedule with a more experienced lash tech. 

Good lash extensions will not have any product sitting on the skin, so it’s wise to address it immediately if you see this issue. Also, lash techs need to understand the practice of good hygiene and ensure the lashes are properly cleansed for extensions.

In addition, blepharitis can hinder the results of successful extension services. Blepharitis refers to an inflammation on the eyelids that affects the eye’s lash line. It usually means the oil glands around the eyes are clogged.

So, if you see white residue, or experience itchiness, flakiness, or redness, this can all indicate blepharitis. Your lash tech should be able to spot these symptoms and refer you to a doctor to ensure the health of your eyes remains intact.

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