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How To Remove Henna From Eyebrows

by Gabbi

Tinting eyebrows has become all the rage in modern beauty routines, from using men’s beard tinting kits to henna. There are a ton of ways to give your brows that beautifully full, bushy look that’s so sought after these days. 

With the latter of the aforementioned methods rising in popularity, it’s only right for us to discuss the best ways to remove henna from your eyebrows. A henna application does come with a learning curve, so needing to get rid of your henna staining at one point is only natural. 

So, how do you remove henna from eyebrows? There are several ways to remove henna from eyebrows, including using baby oil, oil-based makeup remover, exfoliating scrubs, lemon juice and baking soda, and many more.

Although there are a ton of ways to remove henna from your eyebrows, we’ve rounded up 11 of the most effective ways to get excess henna staining out of your brows fast. From at-home methods to some that prove a little more complex, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the best fit for your brow fiasco.

Whether you need your henna brows gone this instant, or you’re willing to wait a day or two, henna removal doesn’t need to be a lengthy or stressful process. Take a peek through these eleven methods so you can find the best one for you!

1. Baby Oil Method

This method is super straightforward. One of our favorite things about it is that it’s accessible- you likely have baby oil and cotton balls in your bathroom cabinets as we speak.

Depending on how recently you applied the henna to your brows, you may be able to get away with not soaking your eyebrows, but for added insurance and to be extra sure about pigment removal, we recommend the soaking method.

This method involves saturating a cotton ball or round with baby oil and laying them directly on top of your eyebrows. Depending on the length of your brow, you may need to use two saturated pieces of cotton- and that’s perfectly fine. It just matters that your brow is entirely soaked. 

Once your brows are covered, let the cotton sit for 20 minutes before swiping the henna stain away. It may be difficult to keep the cotton on your brows if you’re standing up, so we suggest doing this method while laying in the bath (the added heat from the bath may be beneficial as well).

If you’ve just applied henna to your brows and are changing your mind about it, simply pour some baby oil onto your hands and rub them through your brows- using a clean cotton ball to rub the oil away once the pigment has broken down enough.

2. Oil-Based Makeup Remover

Those who have been in the beauty game for a while know that the best makeup removers are oil-based. They break down makeup like no other, and with little tension to your skin too!

Since they’re so masterful at breaking down pigments, it’s no wonder that oil-based makeup removers are a great option for breaking down your henna brows.

You can go about this method in the same way as the previous one, by soaking multiple cotton rounds and letting them sit on your brows for 20+ minutes while the oil works its magic. This method can also benefit from being utilized while you’re laying in the tub, as the heat can further emulsify the henna pigment.

When you’re ready to remove the cotton pads, press down hard and swipe the pigment away to avoid smearing it onto your skin. 

For a more precise removal, soak the tip of some cotton swabs with your makeup remover and scrub it through the length of your brows. This procedure can avoid you staining the rest of your skin, though it may take a couple of cotton swabs for you to get the job done entirely.

3. Exfoliating Scrub

Another method of removing henna pigment is through exfoliation. As previously mentioned, henna is a stain that sits right on the surface of the skin. Due to it being a surface-level stain, using an exfoliating scrub can fade the stain, or get rid of it entirely (depending on how recently you applied the henna).

Make sure that you have a scrub on hand rather than a chemical exfoliator, as chemical exfoliants are meant to use gradually (plus, you can’t layer chemical exfoliants in the same way you can scrubs).

We wouldn’t recommend this method for those with sensitive skin, as an exfoliant could strip the skin or exacerbate existing skin concerns (acne, dry patches, rosacea, etc). 

This method also works best with recently applied henna, because the pigment hasn’t had time to truly stain the skin. The longer the henna has had time to set, the less effective an exfoliating scrub will be at removing the color. 

Use clean hands for this method and begin by squeezing out a fingertips-sized amount of scrub, gently working it through your brows. Massage this into the hairs, being mindful to focus the exfoliating beads on the length of the hairs rather than the surrounding skin.

Once it feels like a bulk of the beads have dissolved, go ahead and rinse the scrub out of your brows and access the remaining stain. If it’s still dark, repeat the process. Continue cycling through these steps until you have the desired result. 

If you feel your skin getting irritated or notice it turning warm and red, take a break to rest. It may be smart to not continue this method until the following day, or to switch to another one that’s less abrasive overall.

4. Lemon Juice + Baking Soda Method

This method also works as an exfoliant but is much less abrasive than a physical scrub. It also has the added benefit of being accessible, since lemon juice and baking soda are frequently found in your pantry already (plus, physical scrubs are becoming less and less popular in the beauty realm). 

Lemon juice has been revered as a natural way to lighten henna stains, but the added benefit of baking soda adds an exfoliating effect that can speed the process up even further. This is a handy concoction to keep in your fridge if you’re a henna novice as it can be used on stains on the skin as well.

You don’t want to mix plain lemon juice and baking soda together and apply the mixture to your brows as is- that could be a little too harsh of a combination for the sensitive skin underneath the hairs.

Make sure to dilute the mixture with a little bit of warm water. It won’t impact the effectivity of the stain removal, but it does make it gentler on the skin!

The golden ratio for this mixture is half a cup of warm water, a rounded tablespoon of baking soda, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix it well, and then apply it with a cotton swab throughout the brow.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a beauty favorite for being a natural, uber-gentle way to remove makeup. Since it’s an oil, it’s masterful and breaking down even long-wear beauty products- henna being no exception.

Just like with the aforementioned oil-based makeup remover, using coconut oil to deal with your henna stain may take a couple of rounds, but it’s extremely gentle- your skin will be able to withstand a couple of rounds of removal and show no signs of redness or irritation.

If you’re okay with looking a little silly for the night, you can always allow the coconut oil to sit on your brows for an elongated period of time, allowing it an 8-hour window in which it can loosen the pigment from your skin.

To do this, apply coconut oil liberally to the entire brow area, making sure to work it in through the hairs. Then, place cling wrap over the brows (this will trap in heat, making the process more effective). After that, hit the hay, and remove the cling wrap the following morning. We recommend hopping in the shower to effectively rinse the oil.

You can hold the cling wrap in place with a skin-safe adhesive, or even wear a bonnet to hold it down. 

6. Stain Remover

Sometimes, there are moments when we don’t want to experiment with at-home remedies that may or may not offer your desired results. You want to stick with the tried-and-true, professionally supplied remedies, and we totally respect that.

That’s why, to our friends who want some store-bought solutions, we offer you the MINA Stain Remover. It’s a super simple formula, which we love, that promises to lift and remove brow staining of both the hairs and the surrounding skin.

In fact, this stain remover is such a favorite that it’s beloved by brow tinters all over the country as their go-to product for stain removal (because even the pros make mistakes too). 

Its ingredient list is primarily based on Himalayan spring water and lemon peels, so you don’t have to worry about introducing your skin to too-harsh chemicals or formulations. Plus, the application process is so simple that there’s absolutely no learning curve – you’ll be able to use it as soon as it arrives.

To use, simply pour a couple of drops of the solution onto a cotton ball or round (we recommend 6 drops), and then swipe the saturated cotton throughout the length of the brow (swiping in both directions for maximum coverage). Repeat as necessary until all the stain is lifted.

Due to this product being most effective immediately after henna application, we recommend buying a bottle of this beforehand to ensure you have it at the ready!

7. Hot Shower

With all the stress over removing this henna from your eyes, a hot shower may be what you need- not just to relax you, but to break down the pigment on your brows.

We’ve been mentioning how using heat as a conductor can effectively aid in some of the methods in this list, but it can also do a knock-out job of its own accord as well. We’re not saying you need to dunk your brows in hot water, but to essentially steam the henna from your brows.

Of course, you could simply take a hot, steamy shower for 15 minutes and call it a day, but this may not be enough to break down serious staining. 

Instead, you could boil a pot of water on the stove, transfer it to a heat-safe bowl, and onto your kitchen table. Then, lean over it with a towel over your head. The steam from the water will be able to condense around your brows (and you’ll get decongested too – it’s a win-win). 

Repeat this process as needed- wiping through your brows with a cotton ball each time. You could also do this with a warm water humidifier and get the same results! You just need steam. 

8. Makeup Wipes

Here’s a quick fix if you’re in the process of henna application and aren’t liking the way things are turning out! Not only are makeup wipes a precise way to remove henna staining, but they’re almost always soaked in an oil-based makeup removing solution, so they have optimum stain removal capabilities.

Of course, in terms of true makeup removal, makeup wipes have started earning a bit of a bad rep, but it can be said that there are options out there that are less trouble-causing than more popular alternatives!

If you’re planning on keeping makeup wipes handy through your henna journey, we can only recommend the Honest Beauty Makeup Removing Wipes. They’re super gentle on the skin and brow hairs, are paraben and synthetic fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and nourished with grape seed and olive oil to be super moisturizing on the skin. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is mainly effective if the henna was just applied. If it’s had time to set, you may not find that it removes pigment at all. 

To utilize this method, rub through the length of the brow (or surrounding stained area), firmly but gently with a makeup wipe- using a singular finger under the wipe to guide it through the area precisely. 

9. Swimming

This method is definitely a bit unconventional, but it works so well that it’s earned a place on our list.

Not only will you get your daily exercise with this method, but it’s effective enough that your henna stain will probably be obsolete by the time you hit the showers!

The chlorine, and other chemicals, that keep the pool clean are actually quite the pigment-removers, so spending an hour swimming may be exactly what you and your brows need!

You don’t necessarily need to go to the public pool or your backyard pool for this to work either, as even the salt water you can find in oceans can remove henna stains.

Just make sure you rub the water through your brows every 5-10 minutes or so since it’s unlikely you’ll be dunking your head under the surface too often.

10. Micellar Water

There are a ton of beauty gurus out there who call on micellar water as their makeup remover of choice. It pulls pigments and breaks down tough impressions made by lip stains, so there’s no doubt that it can work magic on henna stains too.

We are big fans of this method due to its gentleness on the skin and general effectiveness. Simply soak a washcloth or cotton round with micellar water and work it through the brows. The formula should be concentrated enough to where you don’t need to let it soak to get the job done right!

This works because the micellar water actually bonds with the henna pigments themselves so that when you wipe the water away, the ink comes off with it. 

11. Isopropyl Alcohol

Using alcohol to remove henna from your brows is only viable if you have minimal staining, have just applied your henna, or are just looking to clean up your brows during application…

But if you’re thinking of using alcohol on your already-set stains, you may want to go for another option. Alcohol can be seriously drying to both your skin and your hair, so you don’t want to overexpose yourself to it!

To do this method, soak a q-tip with the product (cotton balls and rounds expose too much of the skin to the solution at a time) and work the alcohol through your brows or any henna stains you’re trying to remove. Don’t rub too harshly, and try not to repeat this process more than twice to protect your skin!

Related Questions

How do you fix henna eyebrows?

It’s likely that the reason you want to remove your henna brows is because they didn’t turn out quite right. So, if you want to fix them it’s best to remove them with one of the methods listed below and start fresh.

Here’s a great henna brow tutorial from Supercilium on YouTube if you’re ready to try again!

How long does henna last?

On the skin, henna stains only last 2-3 weeks. This is different than on actual brow hairs, which is why you have to go to a reputable henna artist, or be super precise if you’re doing it yourself!

How do I remove henna stains on skin?

Any of the methods from the above list can work to remove henna from the skin, as well! The most effective ones on the skin are the lemon juice+baking soda method, the swimming method, and of course, the professional stain remover. 

How long does it take for henna brows to fade?

Henna brows take much longer to fade away than henna tattoos on the skin. This is because your brows cling to the pigment, consequently being less susceptible to fading. Expect your henna brows to fade 6-8 after application with natural wear and tear. 

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