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5 Best Mascara For Hooded Eyes

by Gabbi

Everyone’s eye shapes are different, and require varying makeup products and techniques to enhance them to look their best, which also can include what mascara you are using.

There are countless mascaras on the market, each offering different brush types, formulas, and claims to create luscious, long lashes. When it comes to hooded eye shapes, mascara is an important part of your makeup routine to enhance your eyes in an ideal way.

Hooded eye shapes are a common feature for many, especially as we get older. While hooded eye shapes can be a feature that some are born with, for some it can also develop over time as we begin to mature.

Essentially, hooded eyes refers to the excess skin from the area of the brow bone drapes over the crease of the eye, creating a “hood” over the lid.

With hooded eye shapes, there is no mark of a defined crease, as the excess skin and tissue cover over the lid from the brow bone to the lash line.

When the eye is open, the lid recedes behind the hooded skin, which requires certain makeup techniques to enhance the eye area to prevent them from getting lost behind the hooded shape, especially the mascara to draw attention to the lashes.

What are the best mascaras for hooded eyes? Looking for a mascara formula that will lift the eyes, as well as not transfer to the eyelid will help to counteract the hooded appearance, while a smaller or curved brush shape can provide more control for the product application.

Below, we discuss what to look for in a mascara for hooded eyelids, as well as include a product guide for the best ones for your eye shape! 

What To Look For In A Mascara – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for mascara to best suit hooded eyes, there are a few factors you want to look for in order to keep your eyes and lashes the focus of attention. Below is a buyer’s guide of what to look for in a mascara ideal for hooded lids.


When it comes to finding a mascara based on your eye shape, the formula plays a key part in what is going to work best to give you the lashes you desire while also complementing your features.

For hooded eyes, makeup such as eyeliner or mascara can easily transfer to the excess skin of the upper lid throughout the day due to the lid receding past the brow bone and crease. To prevent transferring from happening, using a waterproof formula is going to be the ideal option for your eye shape.

A waterproof formula is going to be the best option to work against potential smudging. It is also important to lift and open the eyes that have a hooded shape. Looking for formulas that are lifting or curling will help to open up the eye area.

Volumizing and lengthening formulas will also work well to define the eyes, especially if they are paired with a mascara that has a curling claim to it.


Along with formulas, the brush size and shape for a mascara can often come down to personal preference. Depending on how you want your lashes to look, though, different brush shapes will provide varying outcomes.

For hooded eyes, the brush shape is important to consider as you want to prevent any transfer onto the top of the eyelid.

Using a curved brush can help prevent any mascara from smudging onto the lid, as well as help to lift and curl the lashes. Brushes that have a small wand can also help to provide additional control.

Best Mascaras For Hooded Eyes – Product Guide

Below is a product guide to the best long-wearing, lifting, and volumizing mascaras for hooded eyes!

RankProductKey Features
1.Eyeko Beach Waterproof MascaraLifts, volumizes, and curls; contains coconut oil and additional fruit extracts to nourish; hourglass shaped wand to help enhance curl; vegan
2.Buxom Lash Waterproof MascaraVolumizing formula that also separates and defines; vitamin-enriched to nourish lashes; deep black pigment; clump-free formula
3.Grande Cosmetics GRANDEMascara Waterproof Formula Buildable formula for multiple coats; volumizing and lengthening; formulated with peptides to condition the lashes; clump-free formula
4.Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Waterproof MascaraVolumizing, lifting, and lengthening; double-curved brush to lift and define each lash; fiber-infused formula to build length and volume
5.Covergirl Exhibitionist Waterproof MascaraVolumizing formula; flake- and smudge- free; instant volume in one coat; hourglass shaped wand to lift the lashes

1. Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara

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The Eyeko Beach mascara is a waterproof formula that also works to condition the lashes.

It contains coconut oil as a star ingredient, along with 12 other fruit extracts that are going to help nourish the lashes as you wear the mascara.

Waterproof formulas can often be drying, so the conditioning properties of the coconut oil will help to prevent the lashes from feeling brittle.

The mascara is also a vegan formula that works to lift, volumize, and curl the lashes. The hourglass shape of the wand will also help to enhance the lifting and curling benefits of the formula, by hugging the lashes to easily boost their appearance.

2. Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara

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Buxom has created a vitamin-enriched waterproof formula that is going to keep lashes feeling soft and conditioned as it is worn. The pigment is a deep, rich black to add a sultry, yet dramatic effect to your lashes. 

Along with being waterproof, the formula is going to boost the volume of your lashes, along with lifting and defining each lash without the risk of clumping up.

The thin wand is full of rubberized bristles that are going to grab every lash to evenly coat the product, while also fanning out and lifting the lashes for a wide-eyed appearance.

3. Grande Cosmetics GRANDEMascara Waterproof Formula

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Grande Cosmetics has a variety of lash boosting products, such as serums, mascara primers, and mascaras to create healthy looking lashes.

This waterproof mascara formula is clump-free while still delivering dramatic volume and length to boost the lashes. The formula is also rich in peptides, which help to nourish and condition the lashes.

The peptide-rich ingredients will help to strengthen the lashes, as well as condition them, so your lashes can look and feel healthy both with mascara and without.

4. Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara

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Maybelline is a staple drug-store beauty brand that has a wide range of mascaras for every eye shape and lash style.

The Falsies Lash Lift mascara is a rich black, waterproof formula that is going to focus on volumizing and lengthening the lashes.

The formula is enriched with fibers to help boost the length of the lashes, as well as their fullness.

The double curved, hourglass shape of the mascara wand is going to grab each individual lash to evenly coat and lift the lashes to enhance the appearance of hooded eyes.

5. Covergirl Exhibitionist Waterproof Mascara

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Another main drug-store beauty brand with a wide variety of mascaras is Covergirl.

The Exhibitionist waterproof mascara is going to be flake- and smudge- free, so there is no risk for the product to transfer onto the upper lid or the undereye area.

The formula is focused on delivering volume and fullness to the lashes, which can be done effectively in one swipe.

The curved, hourglass shape of the wand helps to focus on lifting the lashes for a wide-eyed appearance.

It also helps to separate and grab onto every lash, so each one is coated evenly and delivers the full amount of volume the mascara has to offer.


Hooded eye shapes are a common feature, whether they are there from birth or develop over time as the skin around the eyes begins to change. As with all eye shapes, and general facial features, they require certain products and techniques to create the most flattering and dynamic appearance.

Not only is product choice an important factor, but how the product applies and how it lasts throughout the day is going to be indicator for how well it will perform for certain features.

As the shape of hooded eyes can tend to obscure the visibility of the eyelid, which can effect the open-eyed appearance, it is crucial that the eye makeup you are using is going to draw attention to the lid and lashes. By emphasizing the lashes with a mascara that if lifting and curling, the eyes can appear bright and wide.

Also, making sure the mascara is a waterproof version will prevent the transfer of product from smudging to the upper lid, which can further disguise the eyelid and prevent the eyes from appearing at their best and brightest.

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