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Lash Retention – How To Make Your Extensions Last Longer

by Gabbi

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular semi-permanent beauty services because they look good on almost everyone, whether you love makeup or not. They can completely transform your lash line and eye shape.

Lash extensions are fantastic if you want to achieve a flawless and natural look. Most of us can agree we all want to wake up looking like a million bucks, and lash extensions can get us there. In addition, they are easy to maintain once they are applied.

However, one of the downsides of lash extensions comes towards the end of their life. For example, once it’s time to get a fill, you may notice multiple lashes will fall out before your appointment. This is natural to an extent since new lashes are continually growing in.

Unfortunately, it can look a little bit messy and chaotic when a few of your extensions start to fall and the new eyelashes are much shorter. Unfortunately, it’s impossible in some cases to keep every extension on until your next fill. However, you can prolong your wear time before the lashes start to fall.

How can you retain your lashes and make your extensions last longer? Thankfully, there are a few helpful guidelines that your lash tech will provide to take proper care of your lashes so they can last. This includes cleaning, avoiding water, and more. 

We’ll talk about everything you can do to keep your eyelashes looking full and fabulous for longer below, so keep reading for flawless lashes!

How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

Following these steps below will prolong the lifespan of your eyelash extensions until it’s time for your next fill. 

So while it’s inevitable that a few lash extensions will fall, you can make sure you aren’t left with bald and patchy lashes when in between your appointments. 

1. Clean & Brush Your Lashes 

One of the most underrated hacks to prolonging your lash extensions is cleaning and brushing. 

All you need is a lash extension-friendly or oil-free cleanser and a spoolie brush dedicated to your lashes. Then, gently brush and wash them daily for the best results. Be careful not to pull on your lashes and to brush slowly.

Lashes can pick up dirt, debris, eye crust, makeup, and more. So, it’s crucial to clean and brush your extensions daily to avoid unwanted crusts from forming on your lash line clumping your lashes together.

In addition, make sure your lashes are dried well because frequent exposure to water can eventually break down the lash adhesive. Finally, you can incorporate brushing and cleaning your eyelashes into your night routine, so you always have a fresh set.

This is a crucial step that you should never skip.

2. Avoid Water & Moisture 

For the first 48 hours after your lash appointment, avoid water, sweat, and moisture at all costs. 

The adhesive needs adequate time to set and stay in place, so your lashes last for weeks. In addition, limiting your exposure to these elements will be helpful no matter what.

Wash your face with a cloth or cotton round instead of splashing your face with water. This will ensure you limit your exposure to water and moisture. 

If you exercise, sweat, or do any physical activity that draws out moisture, you can dry your lashes afterward. All you need to do is gently pat them with a towel.

Overall, keeping the surrounding eye area clean and free of oils and heavy creams can ensure that your lash extensions will last just a little bit longer. Pair this with regular brushing and cleaning to have a happy and full lash set. 

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3. Sleep On Your Back 

Are you a back sleeper? If not, it may be time to train yourself to sleep on your back to prolong your lash extensions. We never know how uncomfortable our sleep is until we wake up, especially if we have a new piercing or lash extensions.

Sleeping on your side or stomach causes unnecessary friction for your lashes overnight. Likewise, constant tossing and turning or burying your face into a pillow can eventually cause your lashes to fall. In addition, you’ll be unaware of this tugging.

So, sleeping on your back ensures that your face won’t get smashed and your lashes stay in pristine condition. 

You can train yourself to sleep on your back easily by placing pillows under your knees, arms, back, and neck to ensure you are comfortable and can sleep through the night without turning. 

4. Avoid Applying Eye Makeup If Possible 

If you are an avid makeup-wearer or lover, this tip will be disappointing for you. While you can wear eye makeup and mascara with eyelash extensions, it’s better to avoid it. However, if you must, avoid applying waterproof mascara at all costs. 

Waterproof mascara has an extremely harsh formula that can cause lashes to clump together. In addition, waterproof mascara can only be removed effectively with an oil-based product, and oil can weaken the lash adhesive of your extensions.

Also, if you wear eye makeup daily, the constant tugging around the eyes and removing your eye makeup meticulously without disturbing your lashes can get exhausting.

While it’s not impossible to wear eye makeup and extensions together, it can definitely make life harder. So, whenever possible, skip the eye makeup so your lashes can rest. 

5. Apply A Lash Sealant 

One product you can incorporate into your routine is a lash sealant (we like this one by bl BL that you can get on Amazon). A lash sealant is a product specifically formulated to work with eyelash extensions and prolong their wear time. In addition, it’s a great replacement for mascara if you want to use one. 

Lash sealants are designed to protect and shield your extensions from external factors that will usually weaken them. For example, they can protect the lashes from excess moisture. 

In addition, lash sealants are designed to keep your natural lashes intact, so if you ever need a break from extensions, your natural lashes will be healthy. Another plus of a lash sealant is that it can even protect the lash glue from weakening.

Finally, your lashes will look full and flawless, so why not incorporate a lash sealant into your routine? 

6. Choose Extensions That Fit Your Eye Shape 

Eyelash extensions that are too short, long, or curly will not last. Choosing a length and curl pattern that will flatter your eye shape and natural lash pattern is crucial. In addition, if you select the wrong extension, it can cause discomfort for your eyes.

Nobody wants to spend money for their lashes to look the same, so it’s crucial not to choose ones that are too short. In addition, if they are too long or curly, it will be highly uncomfortable to grow them out until it’s time for your next fill.

So, it’s crucial to have an in-depth consultation with your lash tech. Discuss your needs and desired outcome, and your lash tech should help pick the correct lash extensions for you.

7. Opt For Oil-Free Makeup Removers/Products 

If you must use any facial products, make sure that they are oil-free. Oil, sweat, moisture, and more can break down the lash glue, and your lashes will eventually fall. Using oil-free products can help prevent this from happening.

If you don’t have any makeup or sunscreen to remove, gently cleaning with cotton rounds or a washcloth can ensure your lashes are happy. In addition, this would be a great time to do your daily lash cleaning routine to remove dirt, dust, and debris. 

Whether it’s a cleanser or makeup remover, opting for an oil-free formula will help your eyelash extensions last just a little longer than you would expect. 

8. Schedule Refills On Time 

For those who are master planners, scheduling your lash fill immediately after your lash appointment can help you stay on track. Scheduling fills on time will ensure that your next set is easy to manage, and you won’t be going bald in the meantime.

If you leave too much time between your fills, it can make the situation more challenging for your lash tech. At some point, there is no use in saving a lash set for a fill, and you may need to get a completely new set. 

This can be costly in the long run. So, scheduling your fill appointments on time will make life easier for you, your lash tech, and your lash extensions. 

9. Leave Them Alone 

Last but not least, don’t play with your lashes. Constantly tugging, playing, twisting, and touching your lash extensions will cause more harm over time. It can also cause them to fall out prematurely. 

Leaving your lashes alone will ensure that they will stay for as long as they are supposed to. You’ll also prevent more bacteria from forming around your eyes and lash line, which can help when cleaning them later on.

Overall, leaving your lashes alone will prevent unnecessary friction and pressure on your lashes. But, of course, we will all get an itch every once in a while, and that’s completely normal. You can also use a lash spoolie to gently scratch and move your lashes.

All these tips combined will help retain your lashes and make your extensions last longer. They will look healthy and full without compromising your natural eyelashes. 

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