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How Long After A Lash Lift Can I Shower?

by Gabbi
Lash Lifting Procedure

Lash lifts are stunning semi-permanent eyelash services. They enhance your lashes by adding volume, curl, and length. Lash lifts can also be paired with other services like a lash tint to offer more saturation, pigment, and fullness. 

However, lash lifts will only look as good as your aftercare routine. It’s crucial to maintain your lash lift in between appointments to keep them looking their best. This includes cleaning or brushing your lashes and even sleeping on your back.

You’ll want to avoid any contact with water and moisture once your lash lift is complete. Also, avoiding water will ensure that your lash lift will hold its shape for weeks until it grows out or it’s time for your touch-up appointment. 

So, how long after a lash lift can you shower? It will be wise to avoid showering or coming into contact with water and moisture for at least 48 hours. However, this can depend on what aftercare instructions your lash tech provides.

Overall, aftercare is essential to prolong the life of your lash lift. On average, lash lifts can last for six weeks. It may last four weeks for some people, and others eight. That is also determined by the aftercare or how fast your lashes can grow.

What Is A Lash Lift?

As we mentioned earlier, a lash lift is a semi-permanent lash service. It will add more curl, length, and volume to your natural lashes. A lash lift is similar to a perm because solutions are applied to reshape your eyelashes’ curl pattern.  

A lash lift can last around six weeks on average, but it may vary by person. We mentioned how vital an aftercare routine is to maintain the longevity of your lashes. It’s also often paired with a lash tint to add definition.

Lash lifts should also be touched up every couple of weeks or as often as directed by your licensed lash tech. 

When Can You Shower After A Lash Lift?

So you’ve finished your lash lift service, and you love the results. However, what are the immediate aftercare steps? Your lash tech will provide you with some guidelines and instructions. You’ll need to avoid water and moisture.

Water and moisture can weaken your curl and cause your lash lift to fall. So, you’ll want to avoid showering, sweating, or coming into contact with moisture for at least 24-48 hours. This timeframe will allow the lash lift to set and keep your lift fully.

You may shower after the first 24-48 hours, but you still want to proceed with caution. You may not realize how many shower habits can reduce the longevity of your lash lift.

How To Shower With A Lash Lift

It might be time to adjust your shower routine if you have a lash lift. Showering can cause your lashes to fall or droop if they are exposed to hot water, pressure, and steam. This is especially true if you don’t brush or wash your lashes after a shower. 

Thankfully, these tips won’t cause too much of a hassle, and the rest of your body might even thank you for it. Some of these tips include avoiding water pressure, steam rooms, and even washing your face with varying methods. 

So how can you shower while maintaining a lash lift?

Avoid Harsh Jets

Water pressure can cause some damage to your lashes, especially to semi-permanent services like lash lifts or extensions. Harsh jets or water pressure can slowly diminish the curl of your lash lift. 

So, if you’re looking to shower with ease, and keep your curls, avoid harsh jets. Washing your face in the shower may not be the best idea, especially if your shower has intense pressure.  

Invest In A Hand-Held Shower Set

Investing in a hand-held shower set may prolong the life of your lash lift. Hand-held showers are incredibly convenient because you can control precisely where you want the water to flow. You can keep water and pressure away from your face.

You’ll notice it’ll be easier to shower without loosening the curl of your lashes. A hand-held shower head is helpful for anyone who doesn’t like to wash their face in the shower or needs to preserve a lash service. 

Some hand-held shower heads even offer different settings so you can pick the correct pressure and flow of water that feels the best for you.

Wash Your Face With Cotton Rounds 

After 24-48 hours, you can wash your face as you normally would, except you’ll want to be more gentle around the eyes. Product overload can also cause the lashes to fall, but if you want to clean your face carefully, try using cotton rounds

Cotton rounds or reusable cotton rounds can ensure your face is thoroughly cleaned while keeping your lashes intact.

For example, there will be less tugging around the eyes, and you can clean every corner of the face without overloading it with skincare.

This method will minimize contact with hot or pressurized water and keep your lashes looking lively. 

Wash And Brush Your Lashes With Care

Again after the first 24-48 hours, it will be safe for your lashes to come into contact with water. You should clean and brush your eyelashes daily to maintain their beautiful shape. 

As instructed by your lash tech, cleaning your lashes will ensure that all dirt, debris, and makeup is removed from your eyelashes. After you wash and rinse your lashes, you’ll want to brush them back into place to maintain their shape.

This daily practice of cleaning and brushing your lash lift will help prolong your results. 

Avoid Hot & Steamy Water 

Water won’t cause your lashes to fall because you still need to clean them daily. However, hot water is not ideal because the high temperature can produce steam, and exposure to hot water may cause your lash lift to fall. 

With consistent exposure to hot water, you can risk the steam deflating your lash lift.

How To Prolong Your Lash Lift

Now that you know these tips to help shower with a lash lift, what are some other ways you can prolong their life span? 

Depending on how fast your lashes grow and how well you take care of them, your lash lift can potentially last for up to eight weeks.

So, what are some other ways you can prolong the longevity of your lash lift? These methods will point out what may deflate a lash lift or things that you can avoid if needed. Combining these tips will ensure your lashes stay lifted, happy, and healthy! 

Avoid Saunas and Steam Rooms

Just like hot water, saunas and steam rooms can also disrupt your lash lift. We mentioned earlier how hot water could disrupt your lift and cause them to droop. Saunas and steam rooms can also cause a similar effect.

Steam rooms, saunas, and hot water produce high temperatures and excess moisture that a lash lift can’t withstand for an extended period.

Minimize The Use Of Eye Makeup 

While you can wear mascara 24-48 hours after a lash lift, it’s not always recommended. Wearing eye makeup while having a lash lift is not the main problem, but how you remove it can be challenging. 

You’ll want to avoid waterproof formulas because they can be difficult to remove. Wearing eye makeup will increase friction and tugging around the lashes, disrupting your curl. Also, some ingredients in eye makeup can weaken the curl.

Sleep On Your Back 

Surprisingly enough, sleeping on your sides or stomach can disrupt your lash lift. So instead, try sleeping on your back. This will ensure that your lashes don’t come into contact with excess or unnecessary pressure during the night.

Sleeping on your sides or stomach may increase the chances of tugging or adding friction on your lashes, deflating the lift. They may even look uneven or clumpy depending on how long they have been moved.

Brush Your Lashes Daily 

We mentioned that cleaning and brushing your lashes once a day can help prolong their lifespan. You’ll want to remove daily dust, dirt, and debris with water and whatever method your lash tech recommends.

Brushing your lash lift will keep its shape. You can brush your lashes whenever they are wet or come into contact with moisture to ensure they stay in their curl pattern. 

Get Touch-Ups On Time 

Another crucial step is going in for your touch-up appointments regularly. Touch-ups are mandatory to keep lash lifts alive. If you let your lash lift grow out for too long, you will need to redo the service rather than get a touch-up. 

Frequent touch-ups will keep your lash lift looking fresh and perky. This will also prolong their lifetime along with the other shower tips listed earlier.

Proper Aftercare

Here’s a helpful video from Elevate Esthetics on YouTube all about the best ways to care for your lash lift and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

You can safely shower 24-48 hours after a lash lift to maintain your results. It’s ideal to wash and brush your lashes daily and avoid hot water, pressure, or steam.

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