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Touch Up Makeup Kit (The Essentials You Need)

by Gabbi

Applying makeup can increase self-confidence but also create an overwhelming fear of how it will last throughout the day. Mascara smudging, bleeding lipstick, or crease under the eyes can occur while we are out. 

However, having a touch-up kit handy will ensure you can keep makeup malfunctions to a minimum. Also, a touch-up kit is a makeup artist’s secret weapon to maintaining a flawless complexion for hours, whether for red carpet events or tv/film. 

What are the essentials you need in a touch-up makeup kit? Essentials can vary on your makeup preference, but some key products to keep on hand include powder, q-tips, and lip liner. You can also have travel-sized brushes. 

Touch-up makeup kits can be customized to your skin type and makeup style. You may also switch out your products depending on what event you’re attending or if you need a kit for daily use. 

Regardless, touch-up makeup kits can keep our complexions and makeup looking refreshed for hours at a time. You can also learn to touch up makeup without adding more products which can help avoid looking cakey.

Why Have A Touch Up Makeup Kit? 

Is it necessary to have a touch-up makeup kit? This kit can be helpful for anyone who loves to wear makeup while on the go. It’s great to keep your complexion and eye makeup fresh and minimize the amount of smudging or fading. 

Touch-up makeup kits are easily customizable and can be as small or large as you like. Most kits can fit into your bag.

When Can You Use A Touch Makeup Kit?

A touch-up makeup kit can become an everyday item to reach for or be tailored for a special occasion. In addition, you can adapt or edit your kit to fit your makeup look of the day or if you need to make a quick change from day to night. 

Sometimes, makeup touch-up kits can come in handy for weddings, photoshoots, events, and even everyday.  

Daily Use 

You can create a base-level touch-up makeup kit. This can include powder and a lip product to minimize daily messes. Thankfully, these kits don’t have to be overly complicated.

Bridal Edition 

Another time a touch-up kit will come in handy is for weddings. Regardless if you’re the bride or guest, you can expect to have your makeup on for hours. A touch-up kit can help keep a flawless appearance for photos and stay budge-proof.

For Special Events

Do you have a special event coming up? Sometimes you’ll wear makeup that looks like a smokey eye that you wouldn’t normally wear every day. So, a touch-up makeup kit can ease your fear of raccoon eyes for your special occasion.

For Photos/Film 

Finally, touch-up kits are necessary for photoshoots, filming, and long days on set. You’ll likely have more frequent touch-ups in front of the camera than on an average day. 

So, having a kit on hand can minimize the need for editing or photoshop. You may also adjust what’s in your kit, including camera-friendly products.

Touch Up Makeup Kit Essentials

What are some go-to products to have in your touch-up makeup kit? Of course, you can customize your kit, including what bag you’d like to store everything. However, a few essentials everyone can benefit from, like powder. 

Touch-up makeup kits can also include various tools to prolong the wear time of your cosmetics.


Finely-milled setting powders will be a go-to for all touch-up kits. They can quickly minimize oil and shine without altering your makeup. In addition, these powders are fine in texture, so they don’t create a cakey appearance. 

Also, a translucent powder will ensure it won’t change the colors of your complexion products like foundation or concealer.


A helpful tool to keep in your touch-up bag is a mirror. A small compact mirror will allow you to address what makeup needs to be touched up quickly. In addition, you can do so flawlessly and ensure you’re happy with your fresh makeup.

Mini Brushes

Travel-size mini brushes can be handy to keep in your touch-up bag. They can help you apply powder with ease or blend out your eyeshadow. You may also reach for a lip brush to keep your pout pigmented. 

Mini brushes can also have a cap to keep sanitary in your kit.

Mini Makeup Sponge

You can also keep a mini makeup sponge on hand if you prefer them over brushes. A damp beauty sponge can effortlessly touch up makeup without adding any additional product. It can minimize shine, creases, and patchy foundation. 

This is a great option to refresh the face with less product.

Facial Mist 

A facial mist or setting spray can also revive your makeup. Facial mists can add hydration to your skin and dampen your beauty sponge. A setting spray is formulated to lock in makeup which can help prolong its wear time. 

These sprays are great if you only have seconds to touch up your makeup.


Spoolies can keep unruly hairs in place. For example, your lashes may appear clumpy, but a quick brush through with a spoolie can create a fluttery finish. Spoolies can also keep eyebrow hairs in place and nicely shaped. 

Q-tips are universally helpful to get something out of your eyes or to fix smudges.

Lip Products 

You can always have a few lip products in your touch-up makeup kit. Lip glosses, liners, lipsticks, and balms can be helpful to keep on hand. Lip color can quickly fade throughout the day, so keeping it on hand ensures a vibrant pout. 

Lip balm or chapstick is essential to promote supple lips whether you wear makeup or not.


A mini sharpener can keep pencil products looking their best. It can be quite challenging to apply lip liner, eyebrow pencils, or kohls with a dull point. Also, frequent sharpening can reduce bacteria and keep products fresher.

Makeup Removing Wipes

You never know when you’re going to need to remove your makeup. For example, you could remove your eye makeup to transform into a night look. Also, you can be caught somewhere without an accessible method to remove cosmetics. 

Makeup wipes can clean up an eyeshadow look or switch up your bold lip colors. 


A concealer can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. This tip is great for oily complexions that struggle with long-wear makeup. Also, you may need extra coverage for special events or photoshoots. 

You can reinforce coverage with concealer and powder regardless of where you are or the occasion.

Hand Sanitizer 

Finally, hand sanitizer is essential for all touch-up kits. You’ll want to ensure your hands are clean before touching your face. Sometimes you may not always have access to a sink and hand soap so that hand sanitizer will kill germs and bacteria.


You can incorporate additional products in your touch-up kit. For example, you may decide to switch up the products based on what eye or lip look you’re wearing. Here, you can personalize your kit to match your needs or lifestyle. 

Other helpful products include stain remover, mints, and lash glue.

Eye Products 

You may keep additional eye products on deck, like mascara or eyeliner. Sometimes you may wear a bold eye look. Whether it is a neon hue or black smokey eye, keeping eye products on hand can keep your look fresh and flawless. 

So, always keep products with you for special eye looks. 

Stain Remover

Makeup can quickly stain fabrics. So, you may want to have a stain remover on hand. For example, a foundation can quickly transfer to neck collars, especially if you’re wearing a light-colored top. Or, you may smudge your lipstick by accident. 

Stain removers can keep your clothes looking renewed, so you don’t have to sacrifice your makeup or outfit.

Mints or Gum

Mints can also freshen up your breath and staple in any touch-up kit. So you can keep mints handy even if you’re not an avid makeup wearer for a midday pick-me-up. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to revive yourself.

Lash Glue 

Do you wear fake eyelashes daily? A common fear is having your lashes pop off and holding onto your lash line. So, keeping lash glue in your kit can ensure you can quickly adhere your falsies back into place.

Also, you can accompany lash glue with tweezers or a lash applicator to get a secure finish. Now you can have a mini lash application kit! 


Overall, touch-up makeup kits can suit everyone regardless of how much makeup you wear. However, you may decide to focus on skincare and have an SPF-based powder to control shine and offer protection. 

Likewise, you may love to wear a complete glam look and keep lash glue, liner, and eye products on hand. Touch-up kits are also great for those with busy lifestyles looking to transform their makeup from day to night.

What items are you looking forward to adding into your touch-up makeup kit? 

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