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3 Best Lip Stains For Dry Lips In 2022

by Gabbi

If you often find yourself in that annoying situation when you want more than a lip balm and less than a lipstick, this article is for you. Today, we will talk about lip stains.

So what are the best lip stains for dry lips? The best lip stains for dry lips can hydrate your lips while providing a lovely color. Not only you will look like you just ate a popsicle, but your lips will also stay hydrated and plump.

If you have dry lips and don’t like wearing lipstick but still want color on your lips, opt for a lip stain. That being said, let’s review some of the best-rated lip stains for dry lips.

How to Prep Lips for a Lip Stain

Prepping your lips is something you should do every time before you apply any product on your lips. This will keep your lips hydrated and help your lipstick or lip stain stick longer.

Step 1: Moisturize your lips

Apply a lip balm before you apply a lip stain. A layer of moisture will keep the dryness at bay and provide a smooth and soft surface to work with. Opt for a transparent, hydrating lip balm.

Step 2: Don’t forget the lip liner

A lip stain is made to stick around. However, it’s not going to apply as accurately as a traditional lipstick with a pointed bullet. This is why you need lip liner.

Buy a lip liner in a matching color if you want a more natural look. And don’t forget to blend the lip liner so there’s no apparent outline. 

Step 3: Pick the right color

Consider your skin tone when shopping for lip stains. Cool tones make a great option for people with fair skin. Warm tones like red and orange suit individuals with olive or darker complexions.

Top 3 Best Lip Stains for Dry Lips

A single drop of lip stain goes a long way. These products won’t mark your teeth or go away after a meal. They’re called stains for a reason. Consider the following 3 lip stains and make a wise buy.

RankRecommended Lip StainBest Feature
1.Revlon Moisturizing Balm StainOne-of-a-kind pearl shine
2.ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel TintHydrating and long lasting
3.L'Oreal Paris Matte Lip StainComes in a wide range of colors

1. Revlon Moisturizing Balm Stain

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The Revlon moisturizing balm stain comes in different shades with pH reacting pigments for a perfect lip stain. They’re infused with a triple butter complex for balm-like moisture.

This product is very easy to apply. One swipe and you’re good to go! Apply to clean and bare lips for the best results. Then, build color and coverage as desired. The stain is super pigmented.

It goes on very smoothly and does hydrate and lasts all day. If you’re looking for a moisturizing lip stain for comfortable wear, look no further than Revlon. It’s a lightweight and retractable crayon.

Sharpening isn’t required. You can choose from 8 different shades. They’re all gorgeous! The best part? They’re infused with a triple butter complex of coconut, shea, and mango butter.


  • One-of-a-kind pearl shine
  • Vibrant colors infused with a triple butter complex


  • Gritty texture and bad taste

2. ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

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The ETUDE HOUSE dear darling water gel tint comes in lovely shades. They were inspired by the beauty of summer and ice cream and provide refreshed, moisturized, and juicy lips.

The soapberry extract has rich minerals and vitamins providing refreshing and nourishing lip makeup. It will hydrate your lips like no other lip tint. Avoid this product if you have damaged skin.

The best part about this gel tint is that you can control the amount of product on the tip. It’s long-lasting and easy to use. No matter the shade you choose, it will enhance both your lips and skin.

We like this product because it’s water-based and boosted with vitamins and minerals to keep your lips hydrated. It applies smoothly on the lips and doesn’t transfer once it dries down.


  • Tastes like a dream
  • Hydrating and long-lasting
  • Gives a nice wash of color


  • Sticky
  • It doesn’t provide intense color on the first application
  • Weird smell

3. L’Oreal Paris Matte Lip Stain

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If you’re searching for a weightless matte lip stain that will keep your lips hydrated, then L’Oreal has the perfect option for you. Their matte lip stain has a rich smooth texture.

It’s available in various shades including purples, plumps, pinks, nudes, and bold reds. You can easily find the perfect shade. The precision applicator shapes and lines lips for a flawless look.

It goes smoothly on the lips and lasts all day. The best part? It’s cheap and effective. You will get a matte finish and lasting color impact. It’s unquestionably the best lip stain EVER.


  • Feels great while wearing it
  • You don’t need to apply a thick layer on
  • Cute colors with a light formula


  • It goes on very “wet” and the color fades quickly

To see how all of the L’Oreal Paris Matte Lip Stain colors look once they’re on your lips, watch this swatch video by Kristina Aranilla.

Wrap Up

Overall, lip stains come in handy when you’re sick of wearing lipsticks that dry out your list but still want that color. They’re affordable, easy to apply and come in any shade possible.

Hopefully, this buying guide can help you find the best lip stains for dry lips and spend your hard-earned money wisely. What’s your favorite lip stain? Let’s have a chat in the comments.

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