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How To Make Matte Lipstick Creamy?

by Gabbi

Matte lipstick looks boom but feels kind of uncomfortable. If you share this feeling, read on because we will share tips on how to make matte lipstick creamy and comfortable to wear.

Every lipstick has key ingredients such as pigment, oil, and wax. However, the ratio of these components is changed to determine whether a lipstick will be glossy or matte. Matte lipsticks contain more pigment and wax but have less oil which makes for a deeper color and long-lasting effect.

The lack of oil makes the whole texture of matte lipsticks drier. This is why matte lipsticks usually settle in the cracks of your lips. However, you can prevent this from happening with lip balm.

So how do you make matte lipstick creamy? Just apply a creamy lip balm on the surface of your matte lipstick. Creamy lip balms aren’t clear because of their ingredients. Since they’re not transparent, you will need to experiment with different balms and mix various balms with your matte lipsticks.

Below, you will find a list of the best lip balms. If you want to learn how to make matte lipstick creamy, read on. The following article includes a few tips and tricks on how to make your matte lipstick less dry and add moisture to your lips.

How Do You Make a Matte Lipstick Not Sticky?

If you want to make your matte lipstick creamy, just apply your matte lipstick as usual. Then, add a layer of quality lip balm on the surface for a creamy appearance. It will moisturize your lips.

We recommend going at least one shade darker for your matte lipstick. If you’ve ever used this trick, you probably know that creamy lip balms lighten the shade of the lipstick a little bit after mixing.

For the best results, opt for lip balms that contain beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, or kokum butter.

Let’s talk about why these ingredients work best for making your matte lipstick creamy:

Lip balms with beeswax feature a creamy texture with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.

Shea butter lip balms provide vitamins E and A which help to moisturize and soothe lips. They also smell great and provide excellent results.

Cocoa butter is a creamy emollient that helps to protect your lips by creating a barrier on the surface. It also contains antioxidants like vitamins E, C, and A.

Kokum butter helps to hydrate lips. It features a creamy texture that works to hydrate lips by locking in surface moisture.

Extra tip: If you want to make matte lipstick creamy without making it sticky, apply a layer of translucent powder on the surface of your matte lipstick.

The powder makes a dry barrier on the surface of your lips. This helps to prevent the matte lipstick from sticking on anything else. Utilize your foundation brush and take a small amount of translucent powder. Apply the powder on your lips and require a second layer if necessary.

We recommend translucent powder because it will blend in well with your lipstick. You can also utilize baby powder for lighter results

How to Make Matte Lipstick Glossy?

You can easily make matte lipstick glossy. You can either use clear lip gloss or Vaseline. Apply your matte lipstick as usual. Then, apply a layer of Vaseline or clear lip gloss for a glossy look.

How to Prevent Matte Lipstick from Cracking

Although many companies claim that their matte lipstick won’t dry out your lips, you can still experience dryness. Luckily, you can banish the drying elements of a matte lipstick with the next tips:

  • Exfoliate your lips

As we stated before, matte lipsticks tend to settle into the cracks and imperfections of lips. This happens because of the lack of oils in matte lipsticks. However, you can prevent it.

You can prevent your matte lipstick from cracking by preparing your lips and creating a smooth surface where no settling can happen. Use a natural lip scrub to exfoliate your lips once a week.

Mix honey with olive oil and gently massage your lips for a couple of minutes. Then, wash off the scrub with water. This will provide a soft base and keep your lipstick from cracking.

  • Apply moisture

After you strip all of the moisture in your lips, you will want to immediately add moisture with a quality moisturizer. You can also hydrate your lips with coconut oil, argan oil, or regular lip balm.

Avoid lip balks with components like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. They can dry out your lips instead of adding moisture. The components pull moisture out of the lips providing even drier results.

  • Don’t apply too much moisture

You don’t want to overdo moisture. Otherwise, you will compromise the matte effect. The greatest way to maintain the smooth, hydrated look you made exfoliating and hydrating is to apply a lip primer. It will make the lip color stronger and bolder. Apply a lip primer before you apply lipstick.

This entire process will prevent your lipstick from cracking. The final step is applying lipstick as usual. In case, these steps don’t work and your lipstick betrays you again, apply the next tips.

I love this tutorial from Simply Faith by Annie because she shows us how to apply matte lipstick without it looking too heavy. For those of you who love a natural look, this is the video for you!

  • Utilize a lip liner

Always apply a high-quality lip liner before applying matte lipstick. This product will provide yet another barrier on your lips so your lipstick can glide on easily. It will also prevent it from cracking.

  • Maintain your look

Unlike gloss lipstick that you can just set and forget, matte lipstick requires maintenance. Always wear a compact with a mirror to keep track of your matte lipstick throughout the day. You will want to touch it up after kissing, drinking, or eating. Apply a layer of lip balm to make your look last longer.

How to Soften Dry Lipstick?

You can hydrate your lips and soften dry lipstick utilizing your favorite lip balm. Or natural oils like argan oil or coconut oil. Avoid lip balms with ingredients like glycerin which can dry out your lips.

Why is Matte Lipstick so Dry?

Matte lipsticks have extra pigment and wax than regular lipsticks but less oil. This gives a rich, deep color and long-wearing. However, the lack of oil makes them dry and uncomfortable to wear.

How Can I Make my Lipstick Matte?

If you can’t afford a matte lipstick or prefer to spend your money on something else, you can make your old favorite lipstick matte. All it takes is translucent powder and some tissue paper.

You can also use a mattifying product, baby powder, or oil blotting tissues to achieve that desired matte look. They will not only make any lipstick matte but also provide a long-lasting effect.

How Do You Keep Matte Lipstick From Drying Out?

If you’re not a big fan of matte lipsticks but prefer that matte look, opt for a liquid matte lipstick. It won’t dry out and provide the same results.

If you want to prevent your favorite matte lipsticks from drying out, add a couple of drops of almond oil. It will change the wear and help you drain the tube.

Once you add a bit of natural oil to your matte lipstick, you will never go back to the old dry formulation. Don’t worry because this won’t change the look or lasting effect of your matte lipstick. It will only make it more comfortable to wear and prevent it from drying out.

Add a layer of lip balm before applying your matte lipstick. It will keep your lips smooth. To ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed, give your lip moisturizer some time to soak in entirely before you put your lipstick on. This will keep your lips soft, smooth, and adorable.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these tips can teach you how to make matte lipstick creamy every time. As we already stated, you can apply a layer of lip balm or natural oil such as coconut oil.

This way, you will keep your lips moisturized since matte lipstick can be extremely drying. Applying balm before the matte lipstick instead of after will keep your lips looking fully matte.

What tips do you have for wearing matte lipstick? Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below! We would love to get your 2 cents on this topic.

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