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7 Best Oils for Human Hair Wigs

by Gabbi

Wearing wigs have been a staple in the hair care world for decades, whether it be for style or protection for one’s natural hair and scalp.

While wigs come in many different styles and types, synthetic and human hair wigs are the two most commonly sought out. Human hair wigs achieve the look and feel of natural hair, yet they still require their own specific maintenance to keep the strands looking shiny and healthy for as long as possible.

Human hair wigs are an investment, and in order to get the most use out of them they need to be properly well-cared for, as you would your natural hair and scalp. Human hair wigs need to extra moisture and nourishment to keep the strands feeling soft and detangled, as they lack the usual oil production from the scalp our natural hair receives.

When caring for a human hair wig, you may need to adjust or add in specific products, like a hair oil, to make sure they are getting taken care of properly.

What are the best oils for human hair wigs? To determine what type of oil you want to use on your human hair wig comes down to the style and texture of the wig, along with the main ingredients of the oil. Most commonly argan, coconut, and jojoba oils are used to hydrate the strands and leave a shiny appearance behind.

With the proper care for your human hair wigs, you can keep them looking and feeling their best while extending their longevity.

Below we discuss the best oils to use for you human hair wigs, as well as a product guide for the perfect oils for any human hair wig type.

Why Use Oil On Wigs

Much like with caring for our natural hair, wigs also need to be cared for to maintain their style, texture, and general appearance.

In order to get the most out of your wig investment, making sure to properly nourish, wash, and store your wig will extend its longevity. Based on what type of wig you are wearing, synthetic or human, will determine the best method for its maintenance.

Human hair wigs are made from natural hair, so they require a similar level of maintenance that we would provide for our regular tresses. Just as it is important to keep our natural hair well-hydrated, it is especially important that we provide additional hydration to our human hair wigs.

Because the wigs are not able to receive the natural oil production from our scalp and have a level of moisture naturally, as well as being chemically adjusted for style or color, the need for extra hydration is even greater in human hair wigs.

Using an oil on human hair wigs will deliver moisture and deeply condition the strands, while also providing a level of shine and luster, to avoid the appearance of brittle strands that would be prone to breakage.

It will help maintain the lifespan of your human hair wig, so you can get proper use and wear from it as long as possible.

Oils For Human Hair Wigs – Buyer’s Guide

Depending on the types of wigs your are wearing, the products used to maintain them will be different.

As synthetic wigs require a different level of maintenance, human hair wigs can be cared for with similar routines to your natural hair. Below are a few key factors to look for when shopping for the best oil to use in your human hair wig.


The ingredients are essential to finding the right type of oil to provide the proper amount of hydration and shine to the hair, without weighing it down or having it appear greasy.

The most common types of oils used for human hair wig maintenance are Argan, Jojoba oils, and Coconut oils, although Castor and Olive oils are sometimes used as well. While coconut oil is a popular choice, if you find that it is too heavy on the strands for daily use, it works perfectly for deep conditioning treatments.

All of the oils above are ideal to penetrate the hair shaft deeply to provide as much nourishment to dehydrated strands as possible. Both argan oil and jojoba oils are lightweight enough for frequent use, while still providing a healthy luster, making them an ideal styling choice.

Hair Style

As wigs are available in many different hair styles and textures, adjusting your products based on the wig’s texture will help to enhance its overall appearance.

For example, curly hair wigs would benefit from a lightweight oil, as not to add too much heavy product that could weight the curls down or stretch them out. Straight human hair wigs can benefit from most types of oils, as breakage or brittleness is more likely to show.

Human hair wigs that have been color treated can also be particularly prone to dryness, and may require styling products that include color protection benefits as well.

Since heat styling tools can also be used on human hair wigs, adding oils or serums to protect against heat damage will also help to benefit the hair’s texture and style.

The Best Oils For Human Hair Wigs

Below is a guide to the best oils to use for your human hair wigs.

RankProductKey Features
1.SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Oil Shine SprayTea tree and borage seed oils with shea butter; high shine finish; easy spray bottle application; free of mineral oil, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens; works on human and synthetic hairs
2.The Hair Shop Revibe Silk DropsFormulated with argan, macadamia, and safflower oils; color safe; thermal heat protection will leave a silky soft appearance; has multi-purpose use as leave-in treatment or daily styling oil
3.Molivera Organics 100% Pure Castor OilCold pressed, high quality castor oil; deeply conditions the hair; vegan and fragrance-free; rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E
4.VoilàVe Organics Argan OilCold-pressed, USDA certified organic argan oil; can be used on hair, skin, and nails; formulated without fillers or additives
5.Moroccan Argan Oil Silky SerumMoroccan argan oil; eliminates frizz; protects hair against heat styling tools
6.OKAY Coconut Spray Mist OilCoconut oil in an easy spray mist bottle; repairs split ends and brittle strands; paraben-free; made for all hair types and textures
7.PATTERN Argan Oil Hair SerumBlend of multiple oils, including argan, castor, and sweet almond oils; adds moisture and shine without leaving a residue; works for all types, but especially curly and textured hair

1. SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Oil Shine Spray

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This oil shine spray is perfect for everyday use, to deliver a high shine and frizz-free finish to human hair wigs. The oil mist works as a finishing spray without weighing hair down or giving an overly shiny appearance.

The spray is lightweight enough that it can work on any type of hair texture, and is formulated to work on both wigs and weaves.

The spray is created with tea tree oil and borage seed oils, which work to combat frizz and fly-aways. The formula is also enhanced with shea butter and aloe extract, which works to soften the hair to make for easy styling.

The combination of ingredients allow you to easily style your humanh hair wig, without the friction of knots or tangles, while adding a healthy shine to finish it off!

2. The Hair Shop Revibe Silk Drops

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The Hair Shop’s Silk Drops is a rich blend of oils that works on your natural hair, human hair wigs, or extensions.

It is formulated with highly concentrated argan oil, macadamia oil, and safflower oil to penetrate the hair shaft to provide intense hydration and illustrious shine.

The combination of oils also have scalp and hair growth benefits, if being used on your natural hair and scalp.

Argan oil is a highly nourishing ingredient, and this oil works to eliminate the appearance of frizz and split ends. The Macadamia oil works to soften and de-tangle the strands, while imparting a high shine finish while still feeling lightweight.

Finally, Safflower oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, which work to protect the hair against environmental aggressors while also providing shine and hydration.

The combination of oils works to stimulate and nourish the scalp, while promoting hair growth when used on the natural hair. This product can also be used in a multi-purpose way: as a leave-in treatment to deeply nourish the hair or a daily styling oil to combat frizz and fly-aways, while leaving your human hair wig looking shiny and healthy.

3. Molivera Organics 100% Pure Castor Oil

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This 100% Pure Castor Oil is of the highest quality and created in small batches to ensure consistency in the oil produced.

The oil is cold pressed, so there is no high temperature heat being used to interfere or alter the natural properties of the oil.

Castor oil has been known to deliver top results in beauty products, specifically hair care items, and this is an ideal oil to use on human hair wigs to nourish and hydrate them

Castor oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which will protect the strands from environmental damage, while being rich in vitamin E will ensure the hair looks and feels healthy.

It works to detangle and soften the hair, while also delivering high level shine.

4. VoilàVe Organics Argan Oil

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VoilàVe Organics uses 100% cold pressed, USDA organic argan oil for this rich and hydrating multipurpose oil.

The argan oil is an unrefined oil with no added fillers to alter the integrity of the product. Argan oil is richly hydrating for hair, skin, and nails, providing a luscious shine and softness to hair, while also nourishing skin and nails.

This argan oil works in human hair wigs is great for any texture, as it will soften the feel but will not weigh down the style. It is deeply hydrating to replenish the hair on the wig, and imparts a eye-catching shine.

5. Moroccan Argan Oil Silky Serum

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This silky oil serum is formulated with Moroccan Argan oil to leave the hair feeling silky smooth.

It is a perfect oil for wigs and extensions, as it hydrates and adds shine without leaving a greasy finish.

It smooths down frizz, while also protecting the hair against the heat damage from styling tools.

6. OKAY Coconut Spray Mist Oil

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A lightweight coconut oil that delivers the product in an easy-to-use spray mist bottle for a subtly application of product.

The coconut oil is derived from coconut palm, and also includes essential vitamins and nutrients to keep hair feeling soft.

It is an oil that is formulated to work on all hair types and textures, and the spray mist bottle delivers the perfect amount of product when using with human hair wigs.

This coconut oil is meant to replenish and nourish split ends, while also hydrating brittle strands. With human hair wigs, it is easy for the strands to dry out which makes this replenishing mist oil an ideal choice.

7. PATTERN Argan Oil Hair Serum

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PATTERN has developed an Argan Oil Serum that is formulated with a blend of oils.

The mix of argan, castor, sweet almond oils, along with sunflower, apricot, and shea oils works to promote hair’s strength and elasticity. It will deeply hydrate the strands, but is lightweight enough that it will not leave behind any type of residue.

While this is an oil that can work for all hair types, it works especially well on curly or textured hair as it will deliver the needed hydration without weighing down the curls.


When looking for a hair oil for human hair wigs, it is important to note what type of oil works best for you and your wigs to incorporate into your routine properly.

While the most common hair oils are typically argan, coconut, or castor oil, testing out different oils to see what delivers the results you are looking for the best will aid in taking care of your human hair wigs to extend their longevity.

It is also important to consider the texture of the hair you are styling, as curly hair can need a different type of product than straight hair and vice versa.

Although a hair oil may not currently exist in your hair care routine, incorporating one will have significant benefits to not only your human hair wigs, but your natural hair and scalp overall. The product guide of hair oils above includes many that can work on both wigs and natural hair, while there are also some that can work on the skin and nails as well.

Especially if you like to wear wigs as a protective styling measure for your natural hair and scalp, finding an oil to treat both your wig and your natural hair will be an ideal, multi-purpose addition to your hair care routine.

By using an oil that can work on both types of hair, your scalp and natural hair will be stimulated and encourage to strengthen and grow. The human hair wigs will be well-nourished and replenished of their missing moisture, while also shiny and smooth, being free of frizz, fly-aways and tangles.

Both your natural hair and your human hair wigs will benefit from the extra care taken to ensure they look and feel their healthiest.

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