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5 Best Hair Fiber Applicators

by Gabbi

Hair fiber applicators are used to distribute hair fibers evenly and in areas where they are meant to go, to make the most of the fibers, and to give an even, natural-looking hairline. They are attached to the hair fiber bottles to make using them that much easier.

Using a hair fiber applicator is quite important to ensure that working on the hairline and edges of the scalp is more precise and even, as most of the time the hair fiber bottle alone does not do a good enough job.

What are the best hair fiber applicators? The best hair fiber applicator should be easy to use. Otherwise, you will battle to achieve ideal results. It should also be compatible with different bottle sizes and give a precise application that creates a natural and even look.

If you are in the market for a hair fiber applicator, keep reading on how to choose the best one for you and to see our top picks of hair fiber applicators on the market.

Buyer’s Guide – Hair Fiber Applicator 

There are certain factors to consider when choosing the best hair fiber applicator. Keep the below considerations in mind to ensure you pick one out that will give you the best results.

1. Bottle Compatibility

Some hair fiber applicators come with an empty hair fiber bottle, where you place the hair fibers to be sprayed through the applicator, and other hair fiber applicators fit over the hair fiber bottle itself.

If you pick an applicator that fits over a hair fiber bottle, it is important to ensure that the applicator will fit on the bottle you are using. Some are able to fit different size bottles. If you haven’t picked out your hair fiber bottle yet, it is worth buying one that can fit a few different sizes.

2. Ease Of Use

It is so important to choose a hair fiber applicator that is easy to use. Otherwise, you won’t be able to properly apply a neat and natural-looking hairline.

An easy-to-use applicator can give you the best results, as it will give you better control of where and how you spray the hair fibers.

Most work with a pump-action, which is easy enough to work with.

3. Accuracy

You will need to choose a hair fiber applicator that gives even coverage, or you could land up with a very unnatural-looking hairline. It should give an even and natural spray so that some areas do not land up with noticeably more hair fibers than other areas.

An accurate hair fiber applicator is essential to a decent hairline, and to be able to complete the application with ease.

4. Weight

When using a hair fiber applicator, it does help to choose a lightweight one, as you do not want your arm to become too tired or too sore during the application. A lightweight applicator allows you to do most of the application in one go, instead of having to take breaks in between!

The Best 5 Hair Fiber Applicators

Below are the best 5 hair fiber applicators on the market at the moment. There is a mix of applicators that can be attached to a hair fiber bottle, and those that have their own tank that you can fill with the correct fibers.

Have a look through these 5 to pick out the one that you think might suit your needs best!

RankProductKey Features
1.Toppik Hair Fiber Spray ApplicatorPrecise application, pump, even finish
2.Jargod Hair Building Fibers Spray ApplicatorEasy application, precise, portable
3.Adevina Hair Fiber ApplicatorAtomizer, protective nozzle cover, small
4.Hair Illusion Inc. Spray ApplicatorSample fibers, interchangeable tip
5.Eclipse Spray Applicator PumpEasy to use, fits 14g and 28g
Bonus!Immetee Hair Fibers Pump ApplicatorUniform, fits average bottles, lightweight

1. Toppik Hair Fiber Spray Applicator

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This applicator was designed for Toppik’s hair building fibers specifically, but it is one of the best ones on the market and certainly our favorite.

This applicator is super easy to use. Just screw it onto the bottle and pump the fibers out onto your thin spots.

It will help the fibers disperse evenly and creates a perfectly natural and believable finish.

It works particularly well for disguising thinning parts, blending hair extensions, and defining and filling the hairline.

2. Jargod Hair Building Fibers Spray Applicator

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The Jargod Hair Building Fibers Spray Applicator allows for the flawless application of hair building fibers, whether for home or professional use.

This applicator makes the whole process much easier, and makes covering thinning or balding areas a breeze.

The applicator is easy to use and gives an even, fine spray that gives precise results, which look as natural as the real thing. The precise spray also means that you use fewer hair fibers, while still giving good coverage, saving you money on wasted hair fibers.

You are also able to use the applicator on the go, as it is lightweight and portable, and is suitable for high volume use or even just for now and then.

Being lightweight, the applicator can be easily held and operated in one hand, which makes getting ready and applying a fuller hairline easier and more accurate.

Use this applicator to thicken a hairline, cover up roots, and blend in hair extensions!

3. Adevina Hair Fiber Applicator

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This hair fiber applicator has been specially designed as an atomizer to precisely apply fibers to thinning areas of hair, but it can be used for covering hairlines and roots, and blending in extensions too.

The atomizer can be used time and time again and gives a natural and uniform effect.  It is also wonderfully simple to use. You need to attach the nozzle onto the hair fiber powder bottle, point the nozzle towards your hairline, and then pump down the spray nozzle with your thumb.

The special raised surface design on the top of the pump helps for better grip when spraying with one hand.

There is an included plastic cover that fits over the spout when not in use, protecting the nozzle and the spray until used again.

Small and so effective, this is a great option for home use!

4. Hair Illusion Inc. Spray Applicator

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The Spray Applicator by Hair Illusion Inc. comes with trial-size black fibers to test out, so you can get started straight away!

The interchangeable tip allows for either a wide-angle or precise hairline, so you can alter the spray to suit the area of your hair you are working on.

With this applicator bottle, the fibers will be spread equally and naturally, and there will be no clusters or unnatural-looking areas. It allows for a more precise, exact aim, that effortlessly builds your hairline and gives your roots a thicker, deeper color.

As it has a directed hair spray nozzle, all the fibers will be concentrated in the right area, which means there will be less waste.

5. Eclipse Spray Applicator Pump

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The Eclipse Spray Applicator Pump is ideal for thickening and improving hairlines, for creating natural-looking sides, and for filling in lines and beards.

It is wonderfully easy to use; you simply twist and pull off the sifter and screw the pump onto the hair fiber bottle. It is made to fit the Eclipse Fiber Spray bottle, both 14g, and 28g.

The Eclipse hair filler pump spreads fibers naturally and evenly with a single pump, and with the applicator being so easy to use, you will make quick work of your hairline.

 Achieve natural-looking, full hair with this handy little pump that is accessible and easy to use!

Bonus: Immetee Hair Fibers Pump Applicator

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This hair fiber pump applicator sprays hair fiber powder accurately and evenly throughout the hairline and other areas where needed.

The sprayer mouth is 2.16-inches and can fit onto average size hair fiber bottles. With the aimed nozzle, you can pinpoint the sections that you need to, and the nozzle will disperse hair fibers in a uniform manner, while still giving a natural look.

Being so lightweight and efficient, using the pump applicator is easy and effortless, and it can be used daily with no fuss!

Final Thoughts

A hair fiber applicator will make applying hair fibers so much easier and will help to give you an even and natural-looking hairline, as well as filling in roots and blending extensions in better. You could even use the applicator to create a fuller-looking beard!

All of the above hair fiber applicators are great to be used at home and will help you achieve the look you are after easily and comfortably.

Related Questions

Do hair-building fibers work?

Hair building fibers will not help to solve the problem that is causing balding and thinning, but they can act as a concealer. The hair building fibers help to build up a natural hair-like texture and can work to cover in thinning and balding, building up a stronger, more defined hairline.

Can you swim with hair fibers?

You should avoid swimming or showering with hair fibers, as this could cause them to run off and not be as clear or full as you would want.

How long will hair fibers last?

Hair fibers will only last for a day and can last overnight if you do some touch-ups in the morning. You will most likely have to reapply hair fibers each day if you want to maintain the appearance of a fuller hairline.

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