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5 Best Short Wigs For Men In 2021

by Gabbi

Baldness or hair loss does not mean you can’t enjoy a full head of hair. And even if you have a full head of hair but don’t feel like committing to a new style, there’s a simple way to take a new ‘do for a spin first. There are some amazing short wigs on the market that look perfectly natural and are meant for everyday use.

But if you are new to wigs, you might not know exactly where to start.

Which are the best short wigs for men? When it comes to wigs, the more natural-looking, the better. Most wigs take a good bit of styling to fit your face and look natural, but a good short wig should look completely real once styled properly. It should also be comfortable, stable, and easy to wear. Look for real human hair wigs.

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the best short wig for you, especially when purchasing one online. To help, we have gone over everything you need to consider when deciding on a short wig. We’ve also gathered a list of the best short wigs for men on the online market for you to consider.

Buyer’s Guide – Short Wigs for Men

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best short wig for your look. With such a wide range out there, knowing what you are looking for, and how to choose a good-quality wig, really does help you choose the perfect hairdo.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when looking at short wigs:

1. Material

There are two main types of wigs. Acrylic wigs and real hair wigs are the two most popular. Here is some information about each:

Acrylic Wigs 

Acrylic wigs can look natural and feel weightless when worn. The follicles are slightly stronger than normal hair and less likely to shed.

However, the problem some people have is that acrylic wigs can feel quite hot when worn and don’t have a lot of ventilation. You also cannot use a hairdryer for acrylic wigs, as the strands might melt.

Most acrylic wigs are pre-styled, and the hair says in shape after washing most of the time as well. They are also suitable to be worn in the rain without losing their style.

Acrylic wigs hold their color much better when dyed and will hold up well through parties, concerts, and other get-togethers with proper care.

Acrylic wigs are easy to get ahold of and are considerably affordable as well. A good acrylic wig that is worn often should last up to seven months.

Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are the better option for a more natural look, but they are quite a bit more expensive than acrylic wigs. They do last for much longer though, with good-quality real hair wigs lasting for over four years.

Not only do they look more natural, but they also feel soft as well. These wigs need to be protected from the rain and can be styled using special equipment. You cannot achieve a more natural look, and more comfortable wear, than when using a real hair wig.

However, remember that real hair wigs don’t often come perfectly stylized. You will likely have to do some careful trimming and brushing to get it to suit your face.

2. Texture

You will need to decide what texture you want the wig to be. It does help to choose a wig that closely resembles your own hair, but if you want a change, choosing something different is an option.

There are quite a few different wig textures to choose from, such as straight, curly, or wavy. Decide on the look you want and go from there. You may also want to pay attention to how it will feel when you touch it. Real hair wigs will feel like, well, real hair, while acrylic will feel more synthetic.

Some wigs can be styled in different ways, so if you want something that can be styled and adaptable to the look you want, make sure to look for a wig that will hold up to being styled.

3. Your Lifestyle

You need to consider your lifestyle when choosing your wig, and what you will be using the wig for.

If you spend most of your time indoors or just need a wig to wear out every once in a while, then you could get away with acrylic or synthetic wigs, as they aren’t really made for everyday use.

However, if you are more active and spend time both indoors and outdoors, or even play sports, a real hair wig would be best. It will last a lot longer and is made for more constant use.

4. Appearance

You will be buying a wig to give yourself a certain look, so be clear on the look you are wanting to achieve before buying the wig.

If you want something more professional for a work environment, consider a shorter wig that is easy to style.

If you want something that is more stylish or playful, a short curly wig might be better for you. Remember that it is not advised to curl your wig, as it could damage the hair, so if you are wanting curly hair, choose a curly wig.

Having a shorter wig does make it easier, and usually allows the wig to look more natural as well. However, the look you are after will be up to you, but make sure that the wig you choose is something that you would be happy to wear!

The Best Short Wigs for Men

With all of the above considerations in mind, here are some of the best short wigs on the market for men. They are all high-quality and will last you through many good hair days!

RankProductKey Features
1.Beauart Human Hair Men’s WigHuman hair, dark brown, two wig caps
2.STFantasy Men’s WigJapanese kanekalon fiber, natural two-tone
3.Gooaction Men’s Short Straight WigClassic style, dark, synthetic hair
4.Dreambeauty Men’s Toupee Virgin Human HairHuman hair, soft, great for styling, brown
5.Lordhair Toupee For MenHuman hair, thin cap, natural density variation

1. Beauart Human Hair Men’s Wig

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Made from human hair, the men’s wigs from Beauart are natural-looking, soft, and smooth. The wig does not tangle or shed, and can be styled, curled, and restyled whenever you want!

The short wig is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear daily, no matter the season. It does not cause overheating or sweat and feels just as natural as it looks.

You can use the wig daily, or for special occasions – it is easy to put on and easy to style to suit your face shape.

The color of the wig, being dark brown, suits many different people as well, and will easily fit into your natural appearance, without looking out of place or obvious at all.

With the natural hair wig, you will receive two wig caps that make wearing the wig more comfortable, and which help the wig stay in place throughout the day.

Not only does this wig look and feel natural, but it is breathable and comfortable to wear all day long, and can be worn every day too, without tangling, fading, or shedding. Style the wig to suit your look for the day!

2. STFantasy Men’s Wig

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This synthetic wig from STFantasy is made from Japanese kanekalon fiber, which not only looks natural but which is flame retardant as well.

It will not irritate the skin or cause your head to feel too hot when the wig is worn.

To make the wig look more natural, it is made with two-tone colors and is wonderfully soft to the touch.

The style of the hair, with the side part, makes preparing your hair in the morning much easier. The synthetic material moves like natural hair, and no one will be able to tell it is a wig!

Included with the wig is a wig cap, which allows you to wear the lightweight wig comfortably throughout the day and keeps edges neat and the wig in place.

The net and the wig are breathable, so you will not feel hot or restricted wearing the wig during the day. With two adjustable straps on either side of the wig, you can fix the wig to a position that is suitable for your head size and shape, helping the wig look even more natural.

3. Gooaction Men’s Short Straight Wig

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The short straight wig from Gooaction looks wonderfully natural for those who have dark hair naturally and can be used to hide balding or to give yourself a fuller hairline.

The black wig is parted in the middle and is made from high-quality, synthetic materials. While it is not made from real hair, it is still soft and natural-looking.

It is ideal for daily use, or for when you want a wig to wear out on a special occasion.

The cap and hooks that come with the wig help you adjust it to suit the shape and size of your head, which makes it more comfortable to wear and makes it look like your real hair too.

The wig is easy to style and works in a professional environment as well for when you want something that isn’t obviously a wig, and which can be styled to look neat and tidy.

There is also the option of a salt-and-pepper wig, which mixes some grey strands in with the black. This is a perfect solution for more mature men.

4. Dreambeauty Men’s Toupee Human Hair

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The soft toupee made from human hair from Dreambeauty is perfectly styled to be worn in the office and out at night while looking natural the whole time.

With no synthetic hair mixed in, the wig is made from virgin human hair which is soft and durable. There is a wave to the hair, which gives it a wonderful style that is suitable for all environments.

The length of the hair is between 5-6 inches, but you can trim it down to suit the look you are after if this is too long. You can also straighten the hair to achieve a certain style as well.

With a medium-brown color, the wig suits most skin tones, and the versatility of the wig makes it great for all different face shapes. However, there are several different colors available.

The wig has a medium hair density, which means that the density varies from place to place, just like natural hair, making the wig look as natural as can be.

Versatile and real-looking, this is the perfect wig to wear daily, and it is the ideal wig to make your own!

5. Lordhair Toupee For Men

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This high-end toupee and wig for men makes for the ideal cover for hair loss and thinning hair, and blends into your head and hairline seamlessly, looking natural and flawless.

Made from only human hair, you will love how natural the wig feels on your head, and you might not even notice it at all during the day!

The wig features the thinnest skin cap, so it is comfortable to wear for extended periods and feels more natural as well.

Using V-looped stitches, the wig simulates real hair growth direction and fits in well with your natural hairline, so there will be no telling where your hairline ends and the wig begins!

The density of the wig imitates the density of real hair, alternating from medium to light across the surface. The distribution of the hair closely matches that of the real thing, and really does help to give a more natural look to the wig.

Being somewhere between dark brown and light black, the wig compliments most skin tones, and easily blends in with darker natural hair. It is a durable, long-lasting wig that will be ideal to use daily!

How Do You Attach and Style a Short Wig?

Don’t fret if you open up your package and find a wig that looks nothing like you expected it to when you put it on. Everyone has a different face shape and head size. It will take a bit of adjusting to get it just right. Even natural hair looks like a mess when you first get out of bed!

Because it’s so important to know how to apply and style your wig once you choose the best one for your needs, we’ve found a handy tutorial from Lordhair explaining how to do just that.

What Type of Wig Looks More Natural?

When wearing a wig, you want to choose one that looks as natural as possible. Some wigs look incredibly obvious when worn, and then there are those which look as natural as can be.

If you are wanting your wig to be very realistic and look like your own hair, then you should choose a wig made from human hair. This is obviously going to look more realistic than synthetic fibers.

Real hair wigs also feel like the real thing, because technically they are. They act much the same way your own head of hair would, and this makes them easier to style and wear daily.

Wigs made from natural hair also fall and swing very naturally, whereas synthetic wigs might be stiffer, and move differently to how real hair does, which can sometimes give away the fact that you are wearing a wig.

Choose a real hair wig over a synthetic wig if you are very concerned about the wig looking as natural as possible, and if you want a wig that will last for longer as well. It is a bit of an investment, but you will be happy that you purchased a real hair wig!

Related Questions

What Type of Wig is the Most Comfortable to Wear?

The most comfortable type of wig to wear would be a hand-tied wig that is made from human hair. A hand-tied wig or cap is made from a soft and flexible material, which just makes wearing it that much more comfortable.

Using a hand-tied wig allows the hair to fall more naturally and evenly, which just gives the wig a more realistic look overall. Every single hair on a hand-tied wig is placed onto the soft material one by one, so the time and effort taken to make each wig is quite incredible!

What Is the Best Type of Wig for Beginners?

If you are new to wearing wigs, you might want to go for a lace front wig. These are hand-tied and have a delicate finish. This allows you to part the wig any way you want, and style it to suit the look you are after.

The front section of the wig is superfine, which means that the hairline is almost undetectable. So even if you are unsure how to properly place and wear a wig yet, this wig will still look natural and flawless!

Can I Sleep With a Wig on?

It is not recommended to sleep with a wig on, but if you fall asleep with it on, it will not be an absolute disaster. You do need to take special care of wigs, and sleeping with one on could wear it overtime.

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