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9 Best pH-Balanced Shampoos For Oily Hair

by Gabbi

Did you know that the pH of your shampoo can affect the health of your hair and scalp? Unfortunately, it’s not something people think about enough. Sure, we think about the smell, the claims, maybe even the ingredients, but how many people think about the pH? 

How can pH levels in a shampoo affect the hair? According to the International Journal of Trichology, “Alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical charge of the hair fiber surface that increases friction between the fibers.” 

What does this mean in layman’s terms? Having a higher pH that is considered to be alkaline can cause damage to the cuticle of our hair and increase the risk of the hair fibers breaking. You may even notice more frizz and an irritated scalp. Ultimately, this will also cause your scalp to overproduce oil.

So, what are the best pH-balanced shampoos for oily hair? The best pH-balanced shampoos for oily hair are formulated without any harmful or stripping ingredients, are cruelty-free, and are gentle on hair yet offer a thorough and effective cleanse.

Keep reading to find our top 9 picks for the best pH-balanced shampoos available on the market today!

Best Ph-Balanced Shampoos For Oily Hair

Our scalp also has a pH of 5.5, while our strands are 3.67. The International Journal of Trichology has concluded that “lower pH shampoos may cause less frizzing for generating less negative static electricity on the fiber surface.”

Now that you’ve had a little science class refresher, it’s time to talk about shampoo. pH is a factor that needs to be considered when choosing a shampoo, just like ingredients, surfactants, lubricating agents, and more. An imbalance of your scalp’s pH may not only be making it frizzy and dry but also oily or greasy.

No one wants that! So, let’s dive in.

RankProductKey Features
1.Klorane Shampoo Soothing ReliefSoothing, hydrating, protecting, gentle
2.Tree To Tub Soapberry ShampooMoisturizing, cruelty-free, sustainable
3.Phillip Adam Fragrance-Free ShampooSulfate-free, frizz-reducing, smoothing
4.SebaMed Everyday Shampoo Sensitive ScalpDermatologist-developed, cruelty-free
5.Crazy Skin Beers ShampooStimulates hair growth, moisturizing
6.Enough Project Scalp Care ShampooLightweight, sebum-controlling, cruelty-free
7.Ingreendients Vegan Shampoo and ConditionerFragrance-free, vegan, color-safe
8.Nature Sustained Probiotic ShampooNon-stripping, probiotic, soothing
9.Tree To Tube Moisturizing ShampooSoothing, moisturizing, sustainable

1. Klorane Shampoo Soothing Relief

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Klorane is known as a higher-end haircare brand. The number one place you should invest in your hair all starts with your shampoo. This one, in particular, is formulated with Peony and will provide immediate relief to your scalp and keep it that way.

The Peony Extract helps to naturally balance the scalp and soothe any flakes, itchy feelings, and even dandruff. The strands of your hair will also be left nurtured and hydrated. Peony also works to restore the pH of your hair and scalp. 

This shampoo is a superhero product because it will protect you against hard water, stress, seasonal changes, coloring and styling treatments, and even pollution. All of which can lead to scalp issues like dandruff or itchy and flaky scalps.

The Peony is sustainably sourced and helps to soothe and tend to sensitive scalps in particular. All you need to do is apply to wet hair, massage into the scalp, and rinse. You are now left with fresh and nourished hair without dandruff and grease. 

2. Tree To Tub Soapberry Shampoo

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Oily hair can be challenging to tackle. That’s why shampoo can change everything. This Soapberry shampoo from Tree To Tub gently cleanses the scalp and hair. It has a pH level of 5.5, just like our scalp and skin. 

Soapberry works to balance the skin and the hair, while other ingredients help combat oily hair. This shampoo is nourishing thanks to ingredients like Argan Oil, Chamomile, Olive Leaves, and Aloe Vera. In addition, this combination will leave you hydrated. 

Peppermint will be great at cleansing an oily scalp. It will leave you feeling invigorated instead of stripped. Tree To Tub ensures that you get a proper clean with every wash that will leave your scalp cleansed and hair moisturized. 

Tree To Tub also farms its Soapberries sustainably. Every Autumn, soapberries are harvested in the eco-reserves of Taiwan. The berries are harvested while the trees remain healthy and intact for the next season. Rest assured every part of the berry is utilized. 

Tree To Tub is Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Ecosystem-Friendly, and Fair Trade. There are no yucky ingredients like Sulfates, Silicones, DEA/MEA, Artificial Fragrance and more. It is gentle enough for everyone in your family, even your kiddos. 

You can kiss greasy hair goodbye! This shampoo is excellent for an everyday shampoo or even as a fresh cleanse whenever you need it the most. For an unstoppable duo, pair with their conditioner for shiny, grease-free hair. 

3. Phillip Adam Fragrance-Free Shampoo

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If your scalp is super sensitive to shampoo, it could be the fragrance. For some individuals, fragrance or parfum can be highly irritating and cause scalp issues. Even essential oils aren’t the best option either. Fragrance-free will be an amazing option. 

Not only is this shampoo fragrance-free, but it is also pH balancing that will effectively cleanse the scalp. There are no sulfates in the formula, and the scalp will be nourished due to other plant-based ingredients. 

Phillip Adam formulated this shampoo with Pea Protein, one of the plant-based ingredients, to keep your hair healthy and increase its shine. It will cleanse dirt and buildup with ease.

Apple Cider Vinegar also contributes to maintaining the health of your hair. It will reduce frizz and add extra sheen and smoothness where you need it the most. ACV is also effective at tending to oily scalps. 

Because of the pH balancing formula and the apple cider vinegar, you can finally treat troubled oily scalps, even those that suffer from dandruff. You will be able to receive the best of both worlds from this shampoo. 

It will work wonders for all hair types and all members of your family. Phillip Adams also made sure to leave out other potentially sensitizing ingredients like silicones, harsh preservatives, and dyes. This shampoo is excellent and well-rounded to use daily. 

4. SebaMed Everyday Shampoo Sensitive Scalp

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Another fantastic daily shampoo you need to get your hands on is this Everyday Shampoo from SebaMed. It’s highly effective without all the frills of a regular shampoo. It is the ultimate classic everyday shampoo.

What makes this one a little different from the rest is that this shampoo is 100% soap and Alkali-free. Therefore, this is the perfect choice if pH levels are the most important factor in choosing a shampoo for you.

This product was developed by dermatologists, made in Germany, and is against animal testing. SebaMed is formulated for all skin types and to help achieve healthy skin (that includes your scalp). 

It will maintain and keep the health of your strands and scalp intact, in addition to promoting shine. The sugar tenside formula is what will leave you feeling hydrated and help combat dry scalps.

SebaMed’s formula is very gentle, and it will be able to cleanse the scalp without having to strip your hair of natural oils. It can be used daily if needed. Your hair will be clean and soft with a beautiful sheen. 

So, if you are looking to control your hair and scalp health, this one is the pick for you. It’s a mild and classic shampoo that can do no wrong. All scalps will love it, even those who are very much oily. 

5. Crazy Skin Beers Shampoo

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Those who deal with thin and oily hair know the struggle. Once your hair produces a little oil, your hair has the chance to look stringy.

This shampoo from Crazy Skin will condition and cleanse the scalp while also volumizing and thickening the hair. This beer shampoo is also formulated to combat hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth. 

What ingredients are in this product? In this shampoo, you will find Selenium, Vitamin B, and Biotin, promoting healthy hair growth. In addition, it will tend to oily scalps without being overly stripping and will allow natural oils to stay put. 

An exciting component that the Crazy Skin shampoo has is that it’s formulated with 60,000ppm of beer yeast from Germany. This ingredient will provide moisture to the scalp that also contributes to healthy hair growth. So say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair. 

The pH of this shampoo is 5.5, perfect for nourishing the scalp. There are no harsh or sensitizing ingredients like sulfates and parabens. One thing to also keep in mind is the plant-based protein components. Too much protein can cause breakage. 

Everyone’s hair is different, but an abundance of protein can cause the hair to become brittle and break, so it may be best to use the shampoo as a treatment once a week rather than every day. This is important to consider, especially for thin hair. 

Lastly, this shampoo contains an FDA-registered ingredient to prevent hair loss, so if it interests you, it could be potentially beneficial for thin and oily hair. What you will get is an adequately cleansed and balanced scalp. 

6. Enough Project Scalp Care Shampoo 

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Another excellent shampoo that will get your scalp under control while tending to thinner hair. It won’t weigh you down, and it will strengthen the moisture barrier of your scalp. Enough Project pH Balance Shampoo will protect and supplement the scalp.

You don’t want to strip natural oils away. That will cause an overproduction of oil that your body needs to make, leading to even more oily hair. But, of course, no one wants that, and that is why having a pH shampoo that cares for the scalp will be beneficial.

The pH 5.5 will provide numerous advantages to the scalp. It will help to naturally balance the scalp while also removing impurities and excess sebum. There are also multiple nourishing and refreshing ingredients to protect the scalp and strands. 

First-brew Tea and Cooling Peppermint work to strengthen the hair roots and repair the moisture barrier. Meanwhile, Deep Sea Salt, Nettle Extract, Artemisia Vulgaris, and Houttuynia Cordata Extract will ensure any excess sebum is at bay. 

No fragranced shampoos don’t have to lead to stinky scalps. However, in most cases, fragrances and essential oils can be highly sensitizing, especially when it comes to caring for your scalp. This shampoo will keep odors at bay until your next hair wash day. 

Enough is Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free. There are no harsh ingredients like silicones, surfactants, mineral oil, animal-originated components, synthetic colorants, and much more. You are now on the way to a healthier and happier scalp. 

7. Ingreendients Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner

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If you are on the hunt for a Vegan shampoo and conditioner set, then look no further because Ingreendients has your back. It is a shampoo that can be used daily, fragrance-free, and even safe for color-treated hair. 

You will only get the most nourishing ingredients to care for your scalp and hair. Apple Cider Vinegar works to balance the scalp’s pH levels and remove unwanted buildup. Tea Tree Oil works to heal and improve the health of the scalp. 

Meanwhile, Jojoba Oil will reduce damage due to heat styling and condition the ends for the hydrating components. Finally, Shea Butter will improve the hair’s shine while reducing split ends and unwanted breakage.

This shampoo and conditioner set from Ingreendients is also 100% plant-based. So not only are they Vegan, but they are Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, and free of any potentially harsh and sensitizing ingredients. 

Since they don’t weigh the hair down, it’s perfect for thin and oily hair. 

8. Nature Sustained Probiotic Shampoo

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Sometimes, oily hair and dandruff can go hand in hand. The worst thing about using a dandruff shampoo, like Head & Shoulders, is that you feel it coming back once you stop using it. A shampoo should regulate the scalp and not mask any scalp issues.

Whether you are oily or dry, or you suffer from itchy scalp, eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff, this probiotic shampoo will come in and save the day. Nature Sustained describes this as kombucha for your hair. 

This shampoo won’t strip away all bacteria like most antibacterial shampoo. That’s because not all bacteria are harmful. Your scalp needs to keep good bacteria and natural oils to maintain a healthy scalp. 

The plant-based and vegan ingredients found in this shampoo work together to soothe itchy scalps and reduce dandruff. It also contains Soapberry that allows the shampoo to cleanse and balance the pH of the scalp gently. 

Ingredients are sustainably sourced in Thailand to harvest spring water, plants, and fruits. These ingredients are then left to ferment for 3 months to receive all their yummy benefits. Then, they are on their way to the bottles and your shower shelf.

9. Tree To Tube Moisturizing Shampoo

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Remember, moisture does not mean greasy! Another Tree To Tube shampoo because all their shampoos are formulated to deal with the scalp. Unlike the one mentioned earlier, this one is for itchy scalps and those struggling with dandruff. 

It’s formulated with their classic Soapberry ingredient that maintains the scalp and its moisture barrier. It will soothe any irritants that occupy the scalp and leave you feeling nourished and moisturized. 

Each Tree To Tub’s Shampoos are always formulated without harsh ingredients that can cause more inflammation or irritation. You will also find supplemental ingredients like Argan Oil and Chamomile. 

This shampoo will minimize and reduce your scalp issues without stripping natural oils from the hair. You can say goodbye to dandruff and oily hair with Tree To Tub, thanks to their beneficial ingredients. They are also sustainable and cruelty-free. 

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