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7 Best It’s A 10 Dupes

by Gabbi

When it comes to hair brands, one of the most popular ones is undoubtedly It’s a 10! Promising ultra-nourishing, beneficial formulas, there’s no surprise why the brand is so beloved, and why their products keep people coming back for more.

From conditioning sprays to hairbrushes, the brand carries a variety of items that people all over the world consider their holy grails. But in spite of their popularity, there are a ton of other different products on the market that work just as well and may come at a more affordable price point!

So, what are the best It’s a 10 Dupes? When you’re looking for the best It’s a 10 dupes, you’ll want to find products that have hair safe ingredients, come with multiple benefits, and that are complimentary to your hair type and texture. The multipurpose function of It’s a 10 products are truly what make them stand out from the rest, so a worthy dupe should have the same strength!

But whether you’re looking for a shampoo or texture spray, we’ve rounded up our favorite It’s a 10 dupes that you can add to your haircare collection today! They’ll keep both your wallet and your tresses happy, and you may end up liking them more than the real deal! Let’s break it down. 

Features Of Great It’s a 10 Dupes

Hair Safe Ingredients

We know that it may sound strange that a hair care product may not have hair safe ingredients, but it’s far more common of an occurrence than you may think!

Not only do some hair products contain drying ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and silicones, but they’re marketed under the guise that they’re good for your hair, when in fact, they’re the exact opposite!

Look for haircare products that are harsh chemical free, and we promise you’ll feel and see the restorative, nourishing effects they have on your hair (something that harsher products would never be able to mimic). 

Multipurpose Functions

If you don’t know why It’s a 10 products are named as such, it’s because they hold 10 primary functions: repairing damage, adding shine, promoting silkiness, detangling, controlling frizz, protecting color, preventing split ends, preventing breakage, enhancing body, and being a heat protectant. 

We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s what makes It’s a 10 products so well-loved. It’s also what makes finding a worthy dupe for their items so difficult, but not impossible! All of the products we have listed have multiple different uses and benefits, making them fitting dupes!

Complimentary to Hair

Your hair is super unique; it’s just as unique as you are, and that one-of-a-kindness needs to be treated with a complimentary formula!

Looking for a product that works great on your hair type can prove to be difficult, which is why finding universal formulas that benefit all types of hair, from oily to dry, and straight to super coily is always a great choice. 

Best It’s a 10 Dupes

RankProductKey Features
1.Argan Magic Color 10-in-1 Multipurpose SprayDamage repairing, safe for colored hair, deeply moisturizing
2.Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair MaskCertified vegan, non-toxic formula, deep conditioning
3.Dove Ultra Daily Moisture ShampooLathers fast, smooths in 30 seconds, concentrated formula
4.RUSK Designer Collection Styling CremeWeightless lift, shiny finish, pliable style
5.BOLD UNIQ Volumizing Hair Thickening Texture SprayGreat for fine hair, non-sticky, extremely volumizing
6.Pacifica Beauty Hair Styling BalmDe-frizzing, nourishing, harsh chemical free
7.KTUDY Detangling BrushCan be used on wet or dry hair, great for blow drying, good for all hair types

1. Argan Magic Color 10-in-1 Multipurpose Spray

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By far the most popular It’s a 10 product is their Miracle Leave-In Conditioner.

It’s been known to transform even the dullest, driest locks, bringing them back from the dead and making them look salon fabulous with just a couple sprays.

It’s a lot to live up to, but we think that this dupe from Argan Magic may just be the next best thing.

Not only is it more affordable, but it also has 10 different benefits you can gain from use (which is a miracle in and of itself).

Great for color safe hair, this spray uses naturally harvested products like Argan oil sourced straight from Morocco, to bring your hair back to it’s original vibrancy, with added bounce, shine, and color-safe technology!

2. Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

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When your hair is need of some serious TLC, It’s a 10 lovers will find themselves reaching for the Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner, which enriches the hair with some serious hydration, regardless of it being color-treated, fine, or over-processed. 

Our pick for a worthwhile dupe? The Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask, which is appropriately named, because this product can definitely get your mane through hell and back!

This deep conditioning treatment contains the same plant extracts that It’s a 10 uses, and is just as safe for all hair types, including if your hair is Keratin or Brazillian treated.

You’ll feel the serious difference it has on your locks after a single use, and because it’s vegan, and chemical and cruelty-free, you’ll guiltlessly reach for it whenever your hair needs a little life. 

3. Dove Ultra Daily Moisture Shampoo

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If you’re only relying on your conditioner to give your hair that silky soft feeling, you’re not doing enough!

For super dry locks, a moisturizing shampoo can give you that extra boost of hydration you need to give you the shiny, glass-like hair of your dreams. 

Sure, you can reach for It’s a 10’s Miracle Moisture Daily Shampoo, or you can pick up Dove Ultra Daily Moisture Shampoo and get double the product for a cheaper price!

But not only is it cheaper, it keeps your hair feeling just as nourished and hydrated as it’s pricier competitor. With an ultra concentrated formula, you can use less product per wash, and have the same amount of moisture and rich lather you’d want out of your shampoo. 

4. RUSK Designer Collection Styling Creme

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Finding your go-to hairstyle can be a trying process, but once you achieve the look you’re going for, there’s truly no better feeling in the world. Why risk losing that style due to humidity or the lack of a good styling creme?

It’s a 10 fans may rely on the Miracle Styling Potion in instances like these, but we say that the RUSK Designer Collection Styling Creme is just as impressive!

Suitable for normal hair types, this styling creme seamlessly holds your hairstyle in all day while keeping your mane touchably soft and pliable, so you can enjoy the look of thick locks without the weight!

You can use this creme on wet or dry hair and get the same results, making it a must in everyone’s hair care routine.

5. BOLD UNIQ Volumizing Hair Thickening Texture Spray

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With a blowdryer and a volumizing spray, you can bring your locks to unbeatable heights, but it has to be a good quality product, or else your strands won’t make it past liftoff. 

The It’s a 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer is a fantastic pick for situations like these, but in our humble opinion, the BOLD UNIQ Volumizing Hair Thickening Texture Spray is just as reliable of a product!

In just a couple of sprays, you’ll notice how much thicker and texturized your locks are, but the product does it all with no residue, no sticky feel, and absolutely no harsh chemical ingredients!

This spray is a fantastic choice for all hair types and textures, the payoff being the exact same no matter what kind of hair you have on your head!

It’s also filled with nourishing ingredients like Chia Seed Oil, that not only moisturize your hair and ensure the health of your follicles but help hold your style until you’re back from your night out.

6. Pacifica Beauty Hair Styling Balm

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A styling balm can be a godsend, especially if you like blow drying your hair during wash days.

Not only will a balm hold your style in place, but it can increase texture, lift, and shine, making your hair look salon-fresh, even if you’re styling your locks from the comfort of your own home!

The Miracle Blow Dry Styling Balm from It’s a 10 can leave your locks looking runway ready, but there are also products like Pacifica Beauty’s Hair Styling Balm, that are not only banana scented, but have the added benefit of giving your hair that ocean-swept look that only a day at the beach can gift you with!

This balm is 5-in-1, so it’s texturizing, hydrating, nourishing, protecting, and anti-frizz, making it a win in our books.

7. KTUDY Detangling Brush

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Perhaps one of the most accessible forms of self-care you can do every night is brushing through your tresses and the experience is even better if you have a good hairbrush to do it with!

A ventilated, boar-bristle brush (like the Miracle Smoothing Brush from It’s a 10) can make all the difference in your care routine and we think this Detangling Brush from KTUDY is definitely one of the best representations of that.

Affordable, but made with quality in mind, this brush can be used on both wet and dry hair without worries of breakage or fallout, and the ingenious design of the brush and the bristles make it fantastic for hair of all types.

The ventilated design also make this a great brush to pair with your blowdryer, speeding up your drying process and keeping frizzy hair from ruining all of your hard work. 

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