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7 Best Too Faced Lip Injection Dupes

by Gabbi

Never underestimate the power of makeup. Though you can use it to make minor changes to your appearance, a blemish here or an eyebrow hair out of place there, you can also use products to change your appearance a little bit more drastically!

In terms of makeup tools that can do big things, there’s nary a product that can provide more striking results than a good lip plumper.

The cult favorite lip plumping product is definitely the Too Faced Lip Injection gloss. If you’ve ever tried it out, you’ll understand the hype behind it. In spite of its popularity, there are a number of reasons why you might want to find a dupe.

Maybe the formula is a bit too intense, or you want something with a different type of glossy finish. Whatever the reason, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when looking for an alternative.

So, what are the best Too Faced Lip Injection dupes? The best Too Faced Lip Injection dupes will be sensitive skin friendly, have nourishing ingredients, and come in the right color and finish. These factors are what will keep you reaching for your gloss again and again. 

We’ve rounded up the best dupes for the cult favorite lip gloss here, so you’re sure to find the perfect substitute for your personal style! Let’s get into it. 

Qualities Of A Good Lip Plumper

Sensitive-Skin Friendly

Something that tends to stray people away from using lip plumpers is that they can be a bit abrasive. Even if you have particularly resilient skin, the feel of a lip plumper can catch you off guard!

The swell that you experience from lip plumpers comes from irritation. The more plumping the gloss, the more irritating the formula.

This can be particularly rough on sensitive skin types, which is why so many people who have them note that the Too Faced gloss is just too much. Thankfully, there are formulas on the market that provide the same results with significantly less irritation, so you can keep your lips healthy and full.

Nourishing Ingredients

With the amount of stress you’re going to put your lips under with a plumping formula, you’ll want to compensate by finding a formula that has beneficial ingredients in it.

Ingredients like vitamin E, soothing oils, and hyaluronic acids ensure the moisture of your lips, so that while they’re being plumped, they’re also being softened.

We’ve linked a couple of plumpers on this list that have a serum or lip-mask feel, so while they amp up the volume on your pout, you can also feel them softening your lips. Upon removal, you’ll be left with a super soft, pillowy set of lips!

Gloss Finish

We all have our own preferences when it comes to what we look for in our lip glosses. Some of us like a super intense shine, some of us like a little sparkle, and some of us are okay with a little bit of stickiness.

Since you’ll be wearing and reapplying this product throughout the day, you have to find a gloss that you’re totally okay with the finish of. 

Since you want a volumizing effect, finding a gloss with a light-refracting finish or a little bit of sparkle will work with the plumping extremely well. Not only will these finishes catch the light of the club lights, the sun, or even fluorescence, it’ll bring extra attention to the pout you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

Best Too Faced Lip Injection Dupes

RankProductKey Features
1.Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip PolishNourishing, comes in multiple shades, shimmery
2.Physicians Formula Plump PotionInstant plumping formula, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved
3.Osmotics Lip PlumperHyaluronic acid, moisturizing, serum-like feel
4.VIOLA HOUSE Lip Plumping GlossGood for sensitive skin, lasting moisture, light feel
5.KISSIO Lip PlumperSuper nourishing, promotes collagen production, natural ingredients
6.NYX Filler InstinctLight-reflecting, lots of sheer shades, cruelty-free
7.Irreshine Lip Plumper Set24-hour lip care, deeply nourishing, natural plump

1. Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

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With a wide variety of shades and finishes, there’s no doubt why this plumping lip gloss from Buxom is such a well-loved formula. You could be in the mood for a clear finish, something slightly colored, or even glittery, and this brand has got you covered!

The tingly sensation that comes with the gloss isn’t something that’ll bother or anger your natural lips, but give an almost refreshing feel overall.

The formula is also rich in peptides (which help boost natural collagen production), and natural vitamins A and E that enrich your lips with long-lasting moisture that’ll keep your pout kissable for hours on end. 

You can rock this gloss on its own, or pair it with your favorite lipstick for a whole new look with the same voluminous finish!

2. Physicians Formula Plump Potion

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Got super sensitive skin? If that’s the case, you’re probably well versed in finding the safest possible products to use on your skin.

And whether you’re looking for powders, foundations, or lip plumpers, Physicians Formula is a brand you can count on.

This lip plumper is, not only effective, but actually one of the few plumping formulas out there that’s dermatologist approved, so you can rest assured that your lips and surrounding skin will be happy with your choice of product.

The secret ingredient in this lip plumper is definitely the hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture into your lips to ensure they’re plump with, not only the non-toxic formula but with hydration!

3. Osmotics Lip Plumper

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If you deal with super dry and chapped lips, you may have heard people tell you to stray far away from lip plumpers, as the irritating formula could draw moisture even further away from your pout.

The truth is, those people probably haven’t heard of Osmotics Lip Plumper!

What if we told you that this volumizing gloss will keep your lips plush, as well as restore them to their natural health? Osmotics is founded on the idea that beauty should be simple and effective, and that there’s no need to compromise one for the other.

This plumper is made of all-natural, deeply nourishing ingredients that draw in and lock in moisture to rid your lips of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great pick for more mature skin, aka those who have less collagen production!

4. VIOLA HOUSE Lip Plumping Gloss

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Some of us aren’t fans of the sticky, almost thick appearance that lip glosses can sometimes give.

If that sounds like you, you may want to take a look at this lip gloss from VIOLA HOUSE, a Korean brand that strives to give you the most natural-looking pout possible.

The super-light feel of the gloss, plus the sheer tint of the shades you can opt for, leaves you with that “just bitten” look that’s been taking over the beauty world!

VIOLA HOUSE also uses natural organic ingredients, making it a super safe formula for sensitive skin types, and also comfortable enough to be used multiple times a day without irritating or compromising the health of your lips.

5. KISSIO Lip Plumper

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Looking for nourishment? This lip-plumping oil from KISSIO feels incredible on the mouth, volumizing your lips with all-natural ingredients that make it great for all skin types.

The powerhouse cocktail of ginger (which plumps), vitamin E (for softening), and white mineral oil (for hydration) will gift you with a whole new look.

The ginger in the formula will cause a bit of an irritating, tingling sensation upon first application, but it won’t last long! What will last long, however, is the notable swell that the product leaves you with. 

This gloss/oil combo comes in a cute and portable pill-shaped bottle, so it can fit perfectly in your makeup bag or pocket if you ever need a touch-up during the day.

6. NYX Filler Instinct

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Plump lips will leave you turning heads wherever you go, but if you’re not afraid of a pout that’ll have you feeling like you have a personal spotlight on you wherever you go, then look no further than NYX Filler Instinct, a gloss that should be a staple in everyone’s makeup collection.

The secret? Light refracting emollients in the formula make your lips sparkle and shine without glitter or shimmer.

Pair that with the hydrating and conditioning plumping effect (that you can achieve with just a single swipe of gloss), and you’ll have lips that anyone would be envious of.

There’s a clear gloss, but if you grab one of the tinted options, don’t expect too much pigment! The focus is on the volume, so you’ll be left with a healthy-looking flush rather than a rich swipe of color. 

7. Irreshine Lip Plumper Set

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Sleep is a time of rejuvenation, but who knew that it’s also the optimum time to work on your beauty routine? That’s right, with this lip plumper set from Irreshine, you can have a fabulous, full, and nourished pout 24/7.

Each set comes with two different formulas, one for the AM and one for the PM.

In the morning, reach for the oil with ginger essence, which naturally pumps up the volume on your lips and leaves you with a healthy pout.

At night, reach for the restorative lip oil. This minty, refreshing formula softens lips and locks in moisture so that they’re in the best possible state for the plumping formula the following morning!

When used in tandem, this duo can change the overall health of your lips for the better in just one month. 

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